15 Work From Home Jobs for 2022 (NO EXPERIENCE/PAID TRAINING)

although we are still in a recession in 2022 
there are still so many companies that are   looking for people to work full-time and part-time 
and totally remote this means from home or while   you're traveling and the truth is it's never 
been easier to get a job and start getting paid   for pretty easy work from wherever you want 
in this video i'm going to share with you 15   work from home jobs that you can get and these 
can be full-time or part-time with a company   or you can do it as a freelancer where you are 
your own boss and you pick your own hours my name   is rachel s lee and on this channel you can find 
all things about making money online so if you're   into that kind of stuff be sure to like this video 
and subscribe so youtube shows you more of this so   let's get into the first opportunity and that is 
a customer service representative customer service   representatives are typically handling phone calls 
emails and live chats some of these positions pay   more than others depending on the difficulty 
of it such as if you're helping a customer   with tech issues and the good news is is that most 
of these companies provide training so if you want   to do something really simple like helping a 
customer process a return or answering basic   questions those types of positions are available 
or if you're a little more techy and want to do   some more advanced things then you can look for a 
position where the training is included typically   with these jobs you will have a set schedule 
oftentimes companies are looking for full time   and they're also looking for people to work 
the night shift but you can definitely find   a nine to five or a part-time job with this and 
you can move up with a company if you get good   ratings and the customers are leaving you good 
reviews there's lots of room for promotions and   if you build up your experience with one company 
then you can put it on your resume and get a   higher paying job with another company the next 
work from home job that is highly sought after   is a medical transcriptionist now these jobs also 
can come with training in the job or you can do   a separate training online and then put it 
on your resume and be more likely to get   hired for this job medical transcriptionists 
help maintain patients accurate records they   often listen to recordings and then type it up 
in a report so you have to be fast at typing   there's also opportunities in medical billing and 
coding and these jobs really require you to be in   a quiet environment so working from home when the 
kids are at school is a great opportunity as you   become better and better and faster at these 
jobs there's opportunities for promotions and   being promoted to management the next 
work from home job that i have for you   can be part-time or full-time with a company but 
can also be freelance and you can create your own   business out of it where you have clients versus 
someone as your boss and that is a web developer   slash web designer designing websites have never 
been easier there are so many websites that   provide templates and you learn on the job you can 
learn everything that you need to know on youtube   or with the trainings that come with these website 
platforms and the better you get at it the more   you can charge you can also build up a team so 
you can be the front-facing person in your company   and get usa based clients and outsource a lot of 
the work overseas so really you're just managing   the project web developing is a higher skill than 
web designing typically unless you're designing   really high converting sales funnels that can 
also be really high paying and there's just tons   of opportunity in this you could find clients 
on websites like upwork or fiverr or again look   for companies that are hiring someone full-time 
or part-time because you can outsource a lot of   the work this type of position is super scalable 
meaning you can basically make unlimited income   the next opportunity that i have for you is being 
a graphic designer now you don't have to go to   four years of college to learn graphic design 
although if you already have design experience   it is going to be helpful but there are so many 
design websites out there that come with templates   and companies and business owners are just looking 
for someone to help save them time companies are   looking for full-time and part-time graphic 
designers and they're looking for freelancers   graphic designers can design logos social media 
graphics even websites you can also create your   own graphic design agency where you outsource 
the work to other designers and you're just in   charge of communicating with the clients graphic 
designers are often using softwares like photoshop   and indesign but canva.com is another website 
where it makes it really easy to create graphics   the next job is a social media manager now this 
also ties into graphic design because if you're   a social media manager your boss or your client is 
going to want you to create graphics but they will   also want you to post these graphics and written 
posts on platforms such as twitter instagram   facebook youtube and more there are always 
companies looking for full-time and part-time   social media managers and this is something that 
you can do freelance or create an agency for   you get paid even more if you are an ad manager 
if you're running paid ads on social media versus   just the organic posts for these companies that's 
an even higher paid skill also with social media   managing many of the posts can be scheduled so 
you can do this during the hours that you choose   if you're a freelancer and this is also super 
scalable if you are outsourcing the work overseas   and you're just managing everything and coming 
up with a strategy the sixth job that i have for   you today is a virtual assistant or a virtual 
administrative assistant or a virtual executive   assistant now a lot of virtual assistant jobs are 
outsourced to the philippines or india or pakistan   but companies are looking for virtual assistants 
in all countries if you are a virtual assistant   your boss may have you doing some graphic 
design some website management some social media   management so you want to make sure that you are 
getting paid a fair rate for the work that you're   doing virtual assistants also help their clients 
with emails and scheduling booking travel virtual   assistants may be doing data entry oftentimes your 
boss or your client will want you to work a set   schedule but other times they just want you to 
work a few hours a week if you are a freelance   virtual assistant you can pick up multiple clients 
you just want to make sure you don't pick up too   many clients and drop the ball and disappoint 
your other clients virtual assisting jobs are   often confused with online business manager jobs 
so if you're an obm and online business manager   make sure that you're charging more the next 
work from home opportunity or remote opportunity   is a content writer this person has to be good 
at writing if it's an english job you must have   perfect english perfect grammar it helps to use 
softwares like grammarly companies hire full-time   content writers part-time and freelance it's very 
important to do research and make sure that you   get the facts straight in the pieces of content 
that you're writing a lot of companies are looking   for seo search engine optimized content and this 
can be a really highly paid job if you're good if   you're going to do content writing you also want 
to make sure that you actually really like writing   it's not a mindless job you need to be creative 
and have a lot of attention to detail also   be sure to have example work sample work when 
applying for these jobs because these companies   are going to want to see your past work not only 
would you be writing content for websites and   blogs but also landing pages and even advertising 
campaigns if you can write direct response   email sequences or emails that sell products and 
sales copy you'll get paid even more the next job   that i have for you is a little more mindless 
and it is similar to the content writing but   that's just proofreading proofreading is where 
you read someone else's copy and make sure that   it sounds good that the spelling's right that 
the grammar's right there are softwares to help   with this but proofreading also can include 
fact checking you can find proofreading jobs   on upwork or flex jobs the proofreading jobs 
are oftentimes freelance jobs and not full-time   i don't mean to say that it's a mindless job 
but it doesn't take much creative effort on   your part which could make it the perfect job 
for you now this next job you do need to have   a special skill and that is knowing at least 
two languages and that's being a translator   translating jobs are often taking a written piece 
of content and then translating it into another   written piece of content but it can also be taking 
audio content and translating that into written   content or audio while there are softwares that 
do translating they typically don't get everything   right especially the grammar so if you're fluent 
in two languages this can be a really highly paid   job there are some full-time and part-time jobs 
but this is also a great freelance opportunity   sometimes translating jobs are also live so you 
need to attend a meeting between multiple people   and translate right then and there now this 
next job is kind of like a translator but you   only need to know one language and that is 
being a transcriptionist this is where you   listen to what words are being said and type it 
really really fast you also need to be accurate   now it doesn't have to be live where you're 
listening live and typing it can also be listening   to a recording and then typing and if it's a 
recording you can pause it or replay it and if   you're transcribing legal or medical conversations 
or interviews you can get paid even more there are   lots of free trainings online on how to get into a 
transcription based job or your own home business   my number 11 job for you working from home you 
will need some training and you will need to   invest in your own training typically and that 
is being a bookkeeper you don't need to have a   four-year college degree for this but it's 
good to take an online course to learn how   to properly be a bookkeeper there are companies 
looking for full-time bookkeepers or part-time or   freelancers this is the type of job where the more 
experience you have the better you're going to be   at it but if you ever run into a bookkeeping 
question while you're doing a company's books   the answer is usually online with this type of 
job you need to actually like numbers and not be   frustrated by them you need to be good at math and 
you have to have a really good attention to detail   there are no room for mistakes when it comes to 
bookkeeping this next job is typically a freelance   job and that's being an online tutor now to be 
someone's online tutor you already need to be   knowledgeable in the subject so this might be in 
math it might be in a certain language it might be   in science it might be in reading or writing your 
job is to help the students with their homework to   help them prepare for tests and to help them raise 
their grades so if you're not actually helping the   students raise their grades you're not going to 
keep the job for that long but also if you do help   the student raise their grade then your job might 
be over so that's why this really is a freelance   job where you'll be working with multiple students 
there's websites like schooly or tutor me where   you can find tutoring jobs this is typically 
done over zoom so also you need to be skilled at   helping that student pay attention if you don't 
like working with kids then it's probably not   the best job for you the 13th work from home 
opportunity that i'm going to share with you   is being a travel agent now this is typically 
where you're self-employed but there are companies   that are hiring travel agents major companies like 
american express global business travel are hiring   work from home travel agents but they typically 
like you to already have some travel experience   your job is to help companies and families and 
individuals get the best deal on travel but also   you do want to upsell them a bit because a lot 
of your pay will be from commissions so if you're   passionate about traveling and passionate about 
helping people then this could be a great job   for you typically you would be on the phone with 
your clients during working hours daytime hours   so this isn't really a job that you would 
be working on in the middle of the night   or if you're already traveling in another country 
and your clients are on a different time zone   you'll need to work in their time zone this next 
work from home job is a real estate researcher   this is where you help real estate investors find 
deals now you can do this from home and online   researching what properties are for sale it may 
be pieces of land it may be apartment units it may   be office buildings and what you do is evaluate 
and assess if it's a good deal you'll need to do   research and you'll need to have training so some 
of these investors will train you but you can also   train yourself online and this can be a highly 
sought after highly paid job you might not have   your own money to invest in these deals but you 
can help the investors decide if a deal is worth   it or not you need to be good at numbers with this 
you need to be good at spreadsheets it's typically   easiest just to work with one employer or one real 
estate investor and do all your research for them   and this can be a great part-time opportunity 
sometimes the investor may ask you to fly out   to the property so this is also a very interesting 
job if you're looking to travel you'll also need   to make phone calls and speak to buyers speak to 
sellers so you want to make sure you have a quiet   working environment for this type of job and 
finally number 15 which is a virtual recruiter   this is where you help companies find employees 
typically companies are looking for full-time   virtual recruiters but you can also find part-time 
opportunities and you'll be using video calls   phone and email to talk to the potential employees 
it's your job to pre-interview them to make sure   that they would be a good job for the company 
that you're matching them with although this   is a work from home job you do have to be on lots 
of calls so you want to make sure that you have a   quiet environment for this and that you can set 
aside the time to do a good job with this job   if you match up the wrong person with the 
wrong job too many times you're not going to   keep your job and you'll end up being the one 
needing a virtual recruiter to find a new job   but don't worry these jobs also come with 
training let me know in the comments below   if you're interested in any of these jobs or 
if you've done any of these jobs or if you   think i missed any i want to thank you so much for 
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