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you are preparing to interview your next social media manager in this video we will leave you three questions to prepare your interview a social video manager is the professional who formulates and implements the social media strategy of a brand his responsibility is to find a social network that is compatible with the organization and with the audience you are looking to reach to find the best I am a friend manager we recommend these three questions first question what social network would you use to promote our brand among our clients a social call me there identifies the target segment the channels they use these people and what type of content they like to consume so they are able to identify the social network that is most suitable for the brand to achieve its objectives a good answer would include a social network or as a medium in which many people related to the brand participate target group and consume content that is comp atible with the brand a typical side is to recommend a social network that is in fashion without considering all these factors second question what tactics implemented to promote a brand in social networks supports known practices are the publication of content pay for banners generate communities and the agreement with influencers a bad answer would consider only the publication of content on social networks and not the social dynamics of these platforms promoting interaction between users and validation between them is as important as keeping them updated third question what challenges have you faced in management of social networks some typical challenges of the management of social networks are the optimization of the format that improves the results within the other form the negotiation with influencers brand workers and the quick reaction before events or occurrences that can affect the public image of the organization in social networks a bad answer would not consider typical challenges or problems showing that there is not enough experience in the position if you want to know two more questions to evaluate your next partner and manager we invite you to enter our blog at aire academy thank you very much for joining us today fabián la barca que have a great day and see you in a next video [Music]

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