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What's up everybody my name is Puneet 
Tandon and this is Young Urban Project   Today i'll be talking about what are the 
most popular digital marketing jobs out   there, what skills do you need to get those 
jobs, and what salary can you get for those   jobs. Make sure you watch this video till the 
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and SUBSCRIBE to my channel if you are new here.   It would really mean a lot to me. Digital marketing 
is a super hot space to be in right now. Every   business is going digital and there is so much 
opportunity in this space that it is unbelievable.   Don't believe anyone who says this industry is 
so crowded and so competitive because that's   just not true.

And i will prove it to you later in 
this video. Anyway, let's answer the first question.   What are the most popular digital marketing job 
roles out there? Ideally there are two types of   digital marketing companies that you can join. 
The first is a 'digital marketing agency' which is   also called the 'agency side' and the other is 
when you work with a 'brand' which is also known   as working on the 'client side'.

The core difference 
is that when you are on the agency side, you become   the service provider or the vendor. The client will 
tell you their pain points or goals in form of a   brief and then the agency has to come back with a 
plan and then execute the plan after it's approved   On the client side you are the one who needs 
to set the company's digital marketing goals,   understand the business, understand customers well, 
and finally create a brief to be shared with the   agency.

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The client side job roles also require 
you to approve plans and content that the agency   makes. You have to give feedback on it, monitor the 
performance by scrutinizing the reports, and then   deliver the results to the brand's management. 
Sometimes it also happens that the client side   does not have an agency onboard. Instead, all the 
execution is also done by an internal team on the   client side. If you are thinking about whether an 
agency side is better to work or the client side   is better, I will make a separate detailed video on 
that because I worked on both sides in my career   so i kind of have a pretty good idea on both the 

But it's safe to say that both sides have   their pros and cons and it depends from person 
to person on what they like. Now i wanted to   make a small announcement before we go ahead. The 
applications for our advanced practical digital   marketing course are now live. It's a one-of-a-kind 
course where you will learn the skills and apply   them to projects with top brands and agencies 
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in the description below. If you're interested, go   there click. And if you have any questions feel 
free to ask me in the comments I'll be happy   to answer. The next question is: what kind of 
job roles are available for digital marketers?   Now digital marketing encapsulates a lot of 
channels under it and that is why there is a wide   range of job roles available both on the agency 
side and the brand side. I will list some prominent   job roles for you. Number one: an Account Manager. 
This role is found on the agency side.

The account   manager is responsible to take care of the digital 
marketing strategy and execution for a brand which   is also known as an account. The account manager 
makes monthly, quarterly, annual reports that are   shared with the clients. If you like the planning 
parts and operational parts of the business,   this could be a good role for you. This requires 
three to four years experience in digital space.   Number two: Client Servicing Manager. Again, this is 
an agency role. This role is the interface between   the agency team and the client team. The client 
servicing manager gets the briefs from the client   decodes them and then shares with the 
strategy team and the account management team   inside the agency in some new age small 
and mid-sized agencies account managers   also do client servicing but this varies from 
agency to agency this role also requires three   to four years experience in digital space number 
three social media manager this is also sometimes   known as a community manager the responsibility 
of a social media manager is to manage a brand   social media assets like facebook instagram 
twitter etc this will also include creating a   platform specific content strategy responding to 
incoming queries and engaging with the followers   if you have a creative bent of mind and love being 
on social media this could be a great fit for you   number four paid marketing manager or performance 
marketing manager this role is responsible for   designing and managing paid ad campaigns these 
paid ads could include facebook ads google ads   twitter linkedin ads programmatic ads and even ad 
inventory purchase from ott platforms like disney   plus c5 etc these roles can be based in both 
agency and the client side you can start off as   a paid marketing executive and grow to the manager 
level in around two to four years number five seo   manager this role can be both in an agency side 
and on the client side this role is responsible   for getting organic traffic on the website this 
will include doing on-page optimization keyword   research creating high quality content creating 
relevant backlinks and so much more and at the   end of the month the seo manager is also expected 
to create a report on which activities were done   what worked and what didn't work apart from the 
seo skills this role also requires a good command   on language generally it's english but if you are 
not very good with english that's okay you can   still do seo another thing that you really need 
to be good at is understanding the audience well   so when you understand your audience well you'll 
be able to create seo tactics and strategies that   really work for them number six analytics 
manager this role is again found in both   agencies and brands the responsibility of this 
role is to identify the patterns and trends   that are not visible to the naked eye the 
analytics manager creates reports of variable   digital marketing activities and then decodes 
this data to find patterns that can improve   performance and roi if you have an analytical bent 
of mind and are interested in math and statistics   this could be a great role for you number seven 
influencer marketing manager this is relatively   a new role and this is like the 2021 version of 
a pr manager instead of traditional media this   manager creates and manages relationships with 
various influencers that are relevant to the brand   when a brand activity requires influencers this 
role activates those influences gives them briefs   approves the content and finally manages payments 
if you have great interpersonal skills and are   great at striking relationships and friendships 
this could be a great role for you apart from this   there are roles like content writer email marketer 
graphic designer animator copywriter you might   already know what these roles do now if you're 
wondering whether you should become a specialist   in one channel or become a journalist by learning 
all the skills i would suggest you look up   something called a t-shaped marketer what it means 
is you learn and practice all the skills under   digital marketing like social media paid media seo 
email marketing everything but you mastered like   truly mastered one or two skills out of them this 
will allow you to create 360 degree strategies   but you will still have a speciality over a couple 
of skills better than anyone else in our advanced   digital marketing course this is what we prepare 
you for the link is in the description or the bio   you can learn more about the course or apply for 
it now comes the final part of the video which is   what salary can you expect in a digital marketing 
role in india i want to be honest here the salary   you get depends on a lot of factors like how 
skilled you are what kind of a company you are   applying for what is your educational background 
even though this one is getting less and less   important over time but what i did was i went to 
naukri.com which is like the biggest job portal in   india and i did a quick research on the salaries 
that were being offered by companies i will tell   you the average salary is being offered of course 
there are some openings that are paying more than   this some paying less than this but for the sake 
of this video we will look at the median range   rather than looking for the outliers so when 
i chose the range of professional experience   between zero to two years most of the digital 
marketing job openings were offering a salary   in the range of three lakhs to six lakh rupees 
but there were also a lot of openings in the   range of six to ten lakh rupees this is actually 
more than what a four-year engineering in india   from a normal college would get you when i 
increased the experience up to five years   a lot of openings were there in the range of six 
to ten lakhs but when i increased the experience   to ten years there were a lot of mid to senior 
level openings that were paying in the range   of 10 to 25 lakhs some senior openings were also 
paying up to 50 lakhs but obviously they look for   extremely talented and skilled digital marketers 
this shows that digital marketing is a well-paying   profession where you will get your worth if you 
are skilled and there's enough opportunity out   there and if you have the practical experience 
and if you go for the right companies   nothing can stop you when you do this right with 
the right mentorship trust me sky is the limit   and that is all for today i hope you found this 
video very informative if you did please smash   the like button and comment here to tell me what 
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tandon and i wish you a pleasant day ahead bye bye

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