A Day in the Life Working in Marketing as a Foreigner in Japan

so when you're working for a japanese 
company or a company in japan   it's a little bit different than your own country   how many other videos have you seen out there 
of foreigners working in a japanese office   none it's really rare so i'm a pr coordinator and i'm 
promoting this hotel right now   and i just want to show you a day in the 
life of an office worker let's take a look it takes me about 35 or 40 minutes 
to get to work which isn't too bad   it's a lot worse for a lot of people in tokyo 
a lot of people are doing two hours one way oh that's nothing you haven't seen 
anything like you'll be on that train   and you can't even look at your phone or 
move your arms because it's so crowded in the morning you have to say ohaiyogo 
zaimasu to all of your colleagues if you see them for the first time even if it's 
afternoon or evening it's always ohaiyogozaimasu   and then if you see them again in the hallway or 
wherever you have to say Otsukaresama desu and if you don't say it like me 
and maybe during the first week   then they'll tell you they will tell you this is what we do at work all day it's 
important work very important work.

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Work! yeah and i got my co-workers here today my 
co-worker is helping out hey guys I'm Sachin I'm from Sri Lanka. enjoy your life enjoy your 
life that was a good one   we're gonna give you an academy award 
for that you get the academy award this is not the first time that 
I've brought a giant camera to work   no in fact i have to do a lot of filming and 
taking pictures over here and it's kind of fun   oh my gosh she brought the gun 
boom terminator is in the house   thank you at our company it doesn't matter 
what your position is everyone has to sanitize   once a week and guess what today is wednesday so 
it's my turn whoa this is heavy duty there you go good job undefeated champion this counts as work we're 
also doing work right now so don't misunderstand   this is part of the job no it's lunchtime so 
during lunch time you can do what you want   yeah i got you our company is a 
little bit different than most   japanese companies in fact you can't have 
piercings tattoos anything like that even   a beard is not normally allowed 
at a traditional japanese company   but hey we're a little different here so you can 
have all those things but that's pretty unusual i'm learning so much gosh using japanese and   also not just normal japanese you're using 
japanese sonnkeigo and kenjogo you have to   talk to people differently when you're here in 
japan it's not just this casual language like um so that's important to be aware there's a whole 
nother category to learning japanese and all   this formal business language especially typing 
i remember one time i kind of got in trouble here   because i wanted to tell them i could do something 
anytime like it probably should have been but i said something like um and 
i got scolded for that You can't say that that sounds rude and to me 
i don't know as a foreigner i didn't know   so i'm learning a lot and i think that this 
is a good place to make a lot of mistakes another task that i have every time i come 
in is i have to post something to our social   media accounts and it has to be in japanese so 
that's pretty difficult for me to try to use   marketing language in japanese but i always 
have my colleagues look at it before i post it yeah it's it's a little different but i'm 
learning a lot and i'm enjoying it so just  understand you know when you come to another 
country and you work especially japan you're   going to be the idiot for a while and that's 
just how it is but hopefully you'll learn from   your mistakes and not get too frustrated and just 
become better so i would love to do lots of videos   about business culture in japan working in japan 
working in an office in japan and if you'd like to   see more of that like this video and subscribe 
and i could make a whole series out of this my cheeks are all red why they 
all red we worked hard that's why   and it is not easy to find a marketing job in 
japan basically the four main categories here are   english teaching and then maybe IT HR and perhaps 
real estate is the next one it's very hard but not   impossible to find a marketing job in japan i was 
a marketing major in undergrad so it was really   important to me to work in this field and i got 
lucky lucky to find this place i'm only at this   location maybe two days a week but i like coming 
out here it's a lot of fun and there's a   fun atmosphere so come and visit anytime you 
want go into the lobby have a drink and make   sure you follow moxy follow moxy tokyo on 
instagram i wonder how traffic's looking right   now is there going to be a lot of people you're 
going to find out here we go now the commute home time to listen to some japanese audio lessons

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