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hey john christani here and in this video i'm going to be showing you how you can advertise dentists and get paid as much as 300 a month and if you're a dentist and you found this page congratulations i'm going to show you step by step by step how to set up google ads that are going to get you clients for your business and if you're a marketer you're fortunate because i'm going to show you how you can work with dentists around the world and get paid to set up their ads and you're going to have everything you need from this video step by step by step to actually go out there and start earning money and charging for this new skill that you're going to learn in this video so if you're excited to learn something new if you're a bit confused and frustrated when you're doing internet work and you're looking for something that's step-by-step give this video a big like subscribe and prepare for some sick content let's go [Music] this is a little bit of a different video i'd love your feedback on how you like this because i'm going to go deep and i'm going to be showing you some skills here of how to make things happen in advertising land now the first step is you need to uh you know go to google ads right and you just click the sign in button up there and you will be in and here we go over to the campaign screen you'll see it'll look something something like this you know google has different screens for different people but you either want to select this blue plus button or just select the new campaign button to set up the ads for dentist now i'm going to go through this and that after this i'm going to show you how to find dentists to be your clients and how to collect money so first we want to set up a new campaign and we really want to focus on create a campaign without guidance now the next thing is we want to do we want to focus this on search so we're going to select search and we're going to focus on phone calls for this example i'm just going to use a random dentist uh just malibu dental group right here i'm just going to copy their phone number just using them in our example so then we're going to click continue and we will start moving forward now what you enter as a campaign name it doesn't matter you can misspell this all you want it won't really affect it won't affect anything in your ad what you do want to do is you want to get rid of display network because you want to target it a different way leave the search network search network are sites like and other partners now an important thing here is the actual location options so you want to actually enter in a location and you want to click this button that says advanced search right there now within advanced search you want to select radius targeting right there and in our case we're going after malibu now you also want to set a radius that you're willing to advertise in you generally speaking for a dentist 10 miles is going to be a good side good range of locations especially in malibu you know we can zoom in on the map and kind of get an idea okay yes we're heading western malibu we're heading eastern malibu we're in the mountainous areas kind of around where i live in there and we're hitting some of the nice communities around so we'll click save right there english is good and then we want to set a daily budget now generally speaking a thousand dollars a month is a good budget for any business um to advertise in this case we want to select a bid strategy directly we want to select maximize clicks because most local business owners don't have conversion pixels and optimized websites for taking leads in generally marketers do but not actual dentists right we can select more options here but we don't really need to care about any of those okay so let me just click continue next step again it doesn't matter what you enter in here this can all be mixed and matched but we're going to go back to our dentist example and we're going to use this person's website right malibu dental group we're just going to copy that in this case their website now for dentists and dental stuff when you're doing location targeting the location targeting is most important the keyword targeting is not as important so what we're going to do here is we're going to just select a few keywords dentist dental and i'm going to show you why we are copying and pasting these words multiple times anybody who's having problems with their teeth if it's within a 10 mile radius it's fairly targeted so here we're going to add in some brackets this is called exact match within google and this gives us another layer of optimization to allow us to target now in this case we're not going to use teeth in exact match we want it in phrase match only okay and that's what the quotations are is phrase match as you see we have dentist and fray exact phrase and broad match same thing with dental let's save and continue now here's the next step sometimes google suggests some headlines for us based on the website in our case we're just going to actually use use some ad copy great value great dentist now i'm putting this in quotations because most human beings look for external validation in order to select a service they're working with um so putting it in quotations makes it appear like it's a quote from somebody without actually quoting somebody best dentist in malibu my kids teeth look great so right here i just used some basic ad copy i found some other folks using from around the internet you can't get none of this is going to be like copyrighted like material so we're just going to click save and continue and we're going to see if there are any errors here so we have one error so we just click fix it and the final url oh we forgot to use the url here and we just enter that in okay say and then we click done and we click save and continue let's see if there any other errors that are going on here one error punctuation and symbols okay so we can't use too much punctuation and symbols and in this case we're going to delete the exclamation mark oh and i guess this is the problem okay now we set up our campaign here but there's one thing we want to change which is going to get us a lot of better results for dentists most people don't have high converting websites i mean it really takes advanced marketers to do that but once we're in the campaign we want to go down here and you can see kind of slide down here and you'll see there's this more button it's kind of hidden right and hide these things we click more and then we can go down here to select for devices okay we have some important things here we have devices and we also have add schedule these are really important if you're running a local business and you want to see results um do you want people contacting you outside your business hours probably not okay now we're going to click in devices right here and what we want to do is we actually want to select a bid adjustments for mobile computer for computers and tablets and to get a local business if you're a dentist the best results is you want to put a neck decrease the bid by a hundred percent okay now remember most of your advertising probably isn't being tracked so you're not really losing out on much and also you you're just gonna waste money on desktop um if you don't have a high converting website with a mobile phone you have the opportunity you're hitting 85 percent of the market and you're getting them to call you well what good is that if they're calling you outside of business hours okay we're going to go into the ad schedule right here and i'm going to change the ad schedule to whatever whatever it is that the actual ad schedule is the schedule is for your company right so we go down here and we click edit add schedule and this allows us to say that we are open maybe monday through friday from you know 8 30 to you know 6 30 right uh whatever your business hours are you want to click save right here a lot of businesses don't do this start time so now look at that folks look at this for a second the typical business is open five days a week business hours look at all this junk now i've worked with over 10 000 local businesses and what i've seen is that you know of course you can have lead forms you can have voicemail but a lot of the customers that come in and click on ads outside of business hours don't get responded to it's just a sad fact of running a business you want customers calling you during your business hours that's going to be where you create your most effective advertising so do this and there we go now we can go back to our campaign look at our ads if you want but really that's all we need to do at this point and we are set up now you might be wondering john how do i make money how do i reach how do i find dentists who want to pay me money to set up their ads for them to help them get new business well first off have you ever used a dentist before chances are if you live in america or western country you've seen a dentist before contact them ask them if they'd be interested in having their ad set up let them know that you recently learned how to set up ads for a dentist and you are interested in setting up their ads for free eve or just for a minimal expense it doesn't matter just let them know as a customer you've already been there you can reach out to them and you can ask them very simple questions like that another way is using our software marketing tech now you see marketing tech when we log in i'm gonna switch the screen right back here when you're logged in as a client you can actually find clients through our software okay and if you want to sign up for marketing tech marketing tech is free to sign up for and we give every user free credits to actually go and find local businesses okay you can get started for free as an agent i'm going to show you how to get paid as well okay and we have get started right up here now in our client finder you can go in here and you can click find a client right there and here we're just going to click search for clients right there let's say we want to find dentists right dentists in malibu then we just click search make this kind of big so you all can see it nice and we get a number of different dentists showing up right here malibu dental group and we can click this we can click any one of these and unlock their contact info to contact them let's go as you see here we have you know some of this information is public but we also have their other websites we have his facebook page bob perkins it looks like phone number business info okay we have a lot of information here we have multiple ways we can contact this is bob perkins character right here okay so here's how you can find clients and leads you can find lots of different people's information right here through our lead finder and uh once you're signed up to marketing tech you get five credits for free okay just so we you can see how it works now if you actually want to sign up clients for if you actually want to handle their advertising for them and get paid one method is you can just ask them to pay you via venmo or paypal or something like that but an easier method is actually to use our software and have not only our software take the payment for you but have our software do the marketing and do the work that i just showed you for you so literally all of the work is done for you and here is an example of the landing page you get when you sign up for marketing tech this is actually our cto and he's uh one of our examples here and you just send them this page and you say and it will have your local information and you just click when the business owner gets on they just they'll just sign in they'll just start they'll log in they'll create an account they'll create an account and they'll get to see a actual preview of how their ads show up as you see our tool our software automatically figures out where advertising is placed all we need is a few pieces of information and we can set up all the ads do all of the settings just like it would be in google ads except we're not just setting up google ads for these folks we're setting up we're setting up all the ads facebook google and instagram and you see we work with a ton of different local businesses we have vegan restaurants we do videos for all of these businesses and we customize all of the videos for these local businesses marketing tech will take payment for you as you see when when the local business owner selects how many people they would like to view their ad and we have a very high converting form high converting website right here that will take their payment info okay and if you are a dentist i have a link where you can sign up for us to handle your marketing for you thanks for watching i hope you got some value from this video seeing step by step how to set up some google ads um google ads is a very powerful and complex tool it is amazing it has made me tens of millions of dollars by being able to personally run a business where i advertise and i make money and when you figure out the equation of spending a dollar to make back two three four five then you figured out the way wealth and you this can be happen for any business whether you're a dentist whether you're a marketer whether you are any sort of local business owner spend a dollar get more customers and all you need is a thousand dollars a month to spend and you your business can be broadcast to everyone in your local area and you can get new customers coming in like clockwork thanks for watching hope you have a good day all the best bye

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