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– Hello and welcome to Behind The Unicorns where we're going to be getting to know some of the faces from behind
the scenes here at PLT. My name's Nat O'Leary,
and today we are joined by not only social media manager, but my manager as well, Beckie Turnbull. – Hi, thanks for having me. – It's so nice for you to be here, Beckie. Today's all about you. So we're going to start with your job. As I said, you're a social media manager, but what does that mean? Tell me about your job.

– So I manage the global
social media strategy across all the social channels at PLT ranging from TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, the
podcast, everything really, and all the content
creation within the team. – So what does your actual
day-to-day look like? Because I know that people automatically think social media is Instagram, is posting on Instagram, but you don't do any of that, do you? – No, I don't post anything at all. I think a lot of people
think I post on Instagram, I post on Twitter, post on
Pinterest, but it's not me. It's everyone else in the team. Amazing team that I've got. But a lot of my day-to-day is reporting and the analytical side of social, and listening in to what
people are saying about us, how we can listen to our
customers more on social, and how we can adapt and be
really reactive as a brand. – And what is your day-to-day like? So how many people have
you got on your team now? – 11. – 11 people in our team. I'm saying is that if I'm not part of it. how many are in your team? – Nat helps me a lot with my team.

Our team. – Our team. So there's 11 people in your team. What does your day-to-day look like? I know you said you do
a lot of analytical. There's a lot of reporting, but from coming into the office at 9:00 AM and leaving at let's say
six, whenever you leave, what is that day-to-day like? Is it the same every
day or does it change? – It's very different
every day as you know. You're the same. I normally come in,
have a look at my emails because there's a lot
of stuff that happens in the US because we're a global team. I have a team member in the US, so there's a lot of stuff
that happens in the US and internationally as well, so we pick over loads of emails from what's going on in
night when we've been asleep and the activity there, so then I'll review in what's
gone in the day prior as well and anything that's
going to happen that day like recording, or podcast stuff, or whether it be campaign, new
campaigns that are coming up.

We're working with the contracts, working with PR on the
contract side of things and all of the assets
that they're creating, like trips and stuff, when
we do influencer trips, and when we do trips for
campaign shoots and stuff. I'm organizing that with the relevant members of the team as well. – And so social media manager. I mean, it's a big title, and you're your own person. How does one get to such
level at such a young age? How did you do it? Did you go to uni? – So I went to uni. I think that was essential. I think sometimes, well, it is essential, and it's non-essential to some things, but for me and my journey, university was massively essential for me.

I actually didn't live in halls. I made the choice not to, and I commuted. I went to Liverpool Uni
and Liverpool John Moores. We both did. – Both did. – And both Liverpool JMU. So I commuted from Nantwich every day. And then every break that we got I went and did as much experience as I could lend my hands to
all across the Northwest. And anything that I could
do, I tried my best, and I did loads of stuff in London. And when we had the big
breaks and stuff like that, so that massively helped me in terms of localizing what I wanted
to do within my degree. So my degree is business and PR.

And so I was going down the PR angle, but then at the time, social
was just coming about. Twitter was just coming about, and I've luckily now been
doing social for 10 years now, so I've been at it from the creation, and when you're an intern, they just give you a social
as like an add-on thing, and they'll be like, "Oh alright,
she can just do Twitter." Where now I've been doing
Twitter for so long, I've really experienced a lot
on like being able to do it from the creation of those channels. I've been able to kind of
grow with that as well. And I liked that they gave
me that as an ad hoc job and just a side piece
to do when I was there, but I think it really
focused me in my degree and gave me like a lot of understanding into how I can really develop the skills that I was being taught at uni and taking them into a career.

And as soon as I left uni, I went into a social media
manager job straight away. And it was in automotive stuff. Servicing cars, and I was driving R8s and reviewing them on social media and doing stuff on that, which
I think if you look at me, know me, you wouldn't
think I would do that, but I was just lending my hand to anything that was a
social job at the time because I just wanted to
get into the industry. And I think what advice
I would give to anyone is that if you, whatever like vertical that you want to get into, if you want to be in social,
if you want to be in PR or anything marketing
wise, just try anything. And albeit automotive career wasn't the career that I wanted to go into. I didn't really like cars. That wasn't that much a
perpetual head at the time. It did interest me slightly, but I was reviewing R8s one
day and Volvos the next day. So it wasn't really something that I was passionate about Tweeting about every day, but it did give me that experience, and then from them, I went into the whole
group and did like loads of different beauty brands,
Myprotein, loads of different, I worked in the likes of
GHD from a value engage and like worked with them
on massive campaigns.

Benefit was a massive
one for me cause I was, I saw them in terms of social at time, they still are now. They're one of the like the
pioneers in terms of social and in beauty as well, they were really good at what they did, and I played a lot parts
with working with them on their new campaigns and working with how the brands that I was working for could work with them, which
helps me with this job as well because now we've got beauty as well. So it's nice to bring that
kind of experience back. But I think that really gave me the experience that I needed, and I got to work with
loads of different verticals as it was within the whole
group, which was good and gave me experience
to where I am today.

And then they offered me the job at PLT. And I've not looked back since. Yeah. – Wow. So you actually had quite a
lot of experience beforehand. – Yeah. – In different sectors
within social media, but different brands. And then how did the actual interview process happen with PLT? Because I think everybody wonders, you know, "Do I tweet for a job? Do I just DM the account?" Like how did it happen for you? 'Cause I know everyone's
story is different. – Yeah. I think at the time, well
I just got headhunted by the HR manager at the time, and he just called me up and said, "We've got a job going at PLT." So I really was like not sure whether to go and went
in for an interview.

I ended up sitting with Umar. On the off chance, he was in his office. Got dragged into his office
by my hiring manager. And I was like very nervous. I was going to say something else. I was very nervous. Ran into the office. He quizzed me over many,
many things about social. And I think for me and what attracted me to the job the most was he got social. And he still does to this day. He's amazing on social. And I think a lot of CEOs, a lot of senior people within
businesses don't get social and don't get the potential of it. Where here obviously, it's a massive potential to the businesses.

It's centric to everything that we do. And he really gets it and lets us do what we want to do with it, and I think that was what
sold me the job really. And then I've not looked back since. – And the rest was history. I think that's a really interesting point. You say that when you
were kind of interning at these other businesses,
social was a bit of an add-on. Whereas at PLT, it is a driving force. We are a huge driver of the business. You know, a lot of
things are socially led. How have you seen social media change in those years that you've been here? – God. Oh God. I mean, the platforms
look completely different. It'd be crazy to look at what
Instagram used to look like. – Oh my God, remember
the old Instagram logo? – Yeah. Mad. – And the interface. – Remember when we didn't have stories? Remember Snapchat? Remember that thing called Snapchat? – Remember Snapchat, anyone? – Yeah. There's loads of, like
it's been massive changes. I love that about social. That's one of my favorite things about the team, about what I do, is the reactiveness of social and how we can be, as a company, so adaptive to everything that
those channels throw at you.

And nothing's ever the same. I mean like reels came about recently. We were all like, we knew about it, but we didn't know when it was coming, and it was like on a weeknight, and we're all just like
getting on with it. And we just reacted to it. Got a post out there, and it's got nearly 3
million views already. And that's what we do. That's our bread and butter.

That's what I'm ever. . . I got a buzz off those moments
that we have for the teams. And you're like, it goes off in the group chat when we saw. All that buzzing off there and be like, "All right, what do we do? What would we do?" – And we just figure it out. – We smash it every single time. And I'm very confident when it comes to the team and comes to our social because we are always there to
do the most proactive things, most reactive things, and be there to be to watch everyone else follow us really. – And do you think that comes a lot with, I mean, with the social media team, it's kind of 24/7 in a sense. It doesn't kind of stop. Do you think that is because, you know, we've obviously
got a strong team, and you're obviously very
passionate about what you do? So you kind of don't switch off. Do you think that's like a key point? – Yeah. Definitely. I think if you were looking for a nine to five job
in social, good luck.

(laughing) Really, good luck. – Just find something else. – Yeah. I mean, it depends what
vertical you're going into and what kind of brand you're working for, but for us, it's like you said, it's in the center of everything, every marketing decision, every like campaign that we work for, it's what kind of Instagram
followers do they have? What kind of impact
will it have on social, and every viral campaign,
it's with that in mind. So I think you have to be 24/7. We're a global company. It's global strategies. It's obviously global name. A lot of our activations that we do aren't in nine to five hours. – Yeah. – It's not that that way, but I like that I love doing it. I'm obviously eat, sleep,
live and breathe PLT and social media, but
you have to be like that, but it doesn't feel like work. I love what I do. And I've got such a passion for it, which I think comes off in
that I talk about it so much.

Whenever anyone talks to me about working, I could go on for ages
about PLT or social, but I think you need to
be like that to be able to bend over backwards for
what we do, and yeah. – Beckie, I know you love social, and I'm sure it's clear
to everybody watching now just how passionate you are about it, And that is obviously a
huge part of social media. How long have you worked
at the business now? How long have you worked for PLT? – Just over three and a half years now. – Three and a half years. And do you think that the
passion ever like fades out, or is it literally like, "Oh my God, I can't wait to get to work." Is it like that every day? – I mean, there are days
when it's a bit like meh, and I think you're going to be like that.

I feel like you're going
to be like that anyway. But I think the majority of the time, there is something crazy going on. On the days where you do
come in a bit like meh, by the end of the day, something else has been thrown at you, and you know fair well. Like I'll come in and
be like just plod on. Normal day. It's not a meh day. It's just like a normal day. And then we'll get something thrown at us, and it would be like wow. Like, oh, this campaign's happening or we've got this person signed up or we've got to go viral this or we've got to.

. . Umar will get me in the room and be like, "We need to trend with this." And I'll be like, "All right. Fine, yes I'll promise that." And then we will make it happen. Or we'll be like given
an idea and be like, "Right, so how does social twist that? And how does social light really use that to their advantage?" And then we really make the massive clout about it on social. We do do it. I get a buzz off that. And then when we're given
these little nuggets of tasks every now and again, we'll read mail and be
like, "I want to do this." I'm like, "Fine, right,
we'll get the team to do it." And the team will just all
come together, and we'll do it.

We'll smash it every single time. Every single time. – I mean, it is an amazing team. – It is. That's what I've realized. – Well you said that you said like oh, you know, some days might be like a meh day, whatever. We've recently, we're
still going through COVID, and through COVID, you'd
imagine that we'd slow down. – No, not at all. – But did we slow down? – Did we? Helen's like, "No, no." But I think, oh God, the team through COVID have been
absolutely phenomenal like if I thought our team
was amazing before that, I'd guess again. They've been absolutely amazing. How we've all like come together. We've worked so much
harder even though the work is such a hard working
scene, which you know, but over COVID, we've all been apart, and we're so used to being together, and doing stuff together,
and collaborating on ideas, and we've smashed
targets out of the water.

Like it's been amazing from a stats and an analytical point of view. What I'm looking at. It is stunning to see, and it's good to see that
everyone just comes together. I've been able to lean on absolutely every single one of you. And they've all, again, been
able to lean on each other, and we've all grown and developed through this really hard time,
especially through social. There've been so much
they've been throwing at us, and we've just come out
of it in an amazing way. And I'm really proud of them. – And so having the team that
you have, what would you say, like what are the key attributes someone needs to work
in social media at PLT? 'Cause I feel like it is
different at different places. – Yeah. Oh God, I kind of worked in a few places and with a few different
people within social media.

It is different kettle of fish in terms of a company to work for in social because of how much of the
business is based around social, which is great. But that does mean that
comes with a lot of pressure. That comes with a lot of eyes on social. That comes with a lot
of opinions on social, but you have to be resilient in that. Resilient and reactive I
would say the two things you need to be if you want
to be a part of the team. – And what about to, if
somebody's watching now that's interested in a
career specifically at PLT, specifically in social media, what do they need to bring to you? What do you need to bring
to the interview table? – I think they just need
to set themselves apart and not just come in with,
"I know I've got Instagram.

I've got X amount of
followers on Instagram." So you think that you're
going to be good on social. There's more to that than, more to social than meets the eye. You need to come across as very creative. You need to come across as
someone that is very ambitious. My whole team is extremely ambitious and want to push themselves at all times and want me to push
them, which I love doing. And I think you have to just be someone that you would be, yeah, would bend over backwards for us, and you can spot that
out from a mile away. – And is there any skills like I know that obviously like with some. . . I know that obviously with some jobs, you might need let's say Excel experience.

You might need Microsoft Word experience. Things like that. Is there any actual like
technical experience that you require with a job like this? – Not really. I've recruited people within the team which I've not even, I
have looked at their CV, but it's not much of the CV that matters. It's not what's on that
paper that matters. It's you and social. You can train a lot of it, or obviously the senior levels of the job, I've needed certain characteristics and certain qualification. . . not qualifications, but
different technical skills. – Yeah. – But if you want to
break into social media, it's normally about them and how I can see if you're confident with going
into a room with a celebrity or a key member of, key influencer. You want to get content with them.

I need to be confident that
you can go up to someone, and be like, to Hailey Baldwin and get. . . Baldwin, Bieber. Hailey Bieber and get her. . . – She's married. – I know. Hailey Bieber and got a story and be like, "Can I get this and this?" And not care who you're taking a picture or taking a story of. I've got to see that
confidence in someone. And we can obviously help
them develop that confidence, but you can see when
you're interviewing people, who is gonna fit into that role and who's going to fit into the team as seamlessly as possible. – And a question, I think people talk a lot at the minute
about CVS and it's all, you know, does it need to be an owl flying through your window? Has it got to be sent on a plane? Would be really interesting, but you know, do you think the days of black and white CVS are dead? – For social, yeah.

pexels photo 6483622

– Wow. – And for me, it has to be creative. You have to set aside. I can't tell you how many CVs I get through my DMs, my LinkedIn,
my email, all the time. People find my contact, my number somehow. And they'll send it, and
the black and white ones, the box standard ones that
just say little experience, we look over, I don't even open. I don't even look at it. Whereas like there are ones that I've had unicorn pencil cases sent to me with CVs rolled up inside of and one of the newest
newest team members, Stacey, she sent me a massive portfolio which was really like textile interactive and very impressive.

And it did set her apart
from anyone else at the time, and that got you the door open. That got you into a room with me. That got you into a conversation,
and it was intrigued me. And I think you have to be intriguing. 'Cause it's so is such a competitive job to try and go for, especially with PLT is competitive anyway, but trying to get into the social team. I'm not just saying this,
but everyone wants to be part of our team because it does
look fun, it does look. . . It is fun. It is creative.

But you've just got to
set yourself apart really. – Definitely. So it's got to be eye catching, so if you're worked on a CV at the minute, make it eye catching. Yeah, definitely. – Any unicorns. I don't get bribed, but anything unicorn-y, anything pink. I would, just yeah. Make it set aside from any other CVs that I'm going to get on my desk, yeah. – And okay. So the social media world sounds, well, I know it's wild. It's actually crazy. But what is your favorite
part of your job specifically? – I like, well, I like the numbers. A bit of a number's thing. Good to know this, and
I like my stuff there. – But that comes with being a manager. – It does, yeah. – That does come with it. – Yeah. I do love that.

But then I think, the moments
that I literally buzz off, which I said before was like
the reactiveness of social and being like put on your toes a bit, and there's loads of new stuff
that happens all the time. and Instagram are fantastic for it. They won't tell you when summits come in, and when platforms arise, like Tiktok is a massive example of it. Umar, I'll have my hands up, I wasn't that forced
on TikTok at the start.

– And now. – And now I am. I am really. And Umar suggested like TikTok, you should try it, Beckie. We need to get on it. And we were one of the first
fashion brands on there. Definitely the first fast
fashion brand on there. And now we're one of
the biggest fast fashion fashion brands on there in the world with close to a million
followers on there. And it's growing exponentially. The content on there is second to none. I've got a team member
that manages it in the US, team member in the UK. We work with influencers
all over the world on it. And it's incredible. Like not that we've had
to be reactive with that. We'd had to be responsive to what new stuff comes about social. Now we could have never predicted what has happened with
TikTok, maybe what will happen with TikTok over the next few months, but I love the unpredictability of it.

And I love that you have to be
like kept on your toes a bit. – Nothing's like set in stone, is it? So it keeps it really fun and active. – Nothing's ever permanent,
so you just have. . . – That's very true, very true. And okay, proudest work achievement today. I'm ready for this one. I'm going to take a seat back here. – I'm going to be a bit
soft on this answer. – Come on. – My team like has to be
my proudest achievement. I started, and you were on my team. – Just me and you. – Me and you together forever. And, yeah. I started with a really small team three and a half years ago, and we've grown it to be a huge team and a massive part of
the marketing decisions, massive part of marketing as a whole.

– Yeah. – And I've got our team
members are part of naming off, are a part of every shoot, are a part of every activation that we do, and the team have developed themselves. I've developed them, pushed them, and they've push me to
be better as a manager. I've developed myself over the
last three years as a manager because of the team that I've had to manage and be responsible for. And I couldn't be more proud of the team that we've created together. And the friendship that we all have like we've literally ride
or dies for each other.

And like, yeah, it's encouraging like
across the different levels within a team, you don't
have to be a senior person to suggest like the newest campaign face or how we deal with the
newest campaign face or I try and push every single member at every single level to do new things. So Stacey is going off to do, who's the most junior member of the team, she's going to go off and do
a first campaign this week. And you would never normally have that in another social team situation. You'd be just giving out to the senior. Except some senior
members of the team and I make sure that they were,
everyone's got equal opportunity. I'm very proud that I can give that, and there's no one holding
us back or them back to try new things and be a
part of the bigger things that are happening. – It's nice to hear that the team is like your proudest achievement.

– Definitely, without doubt. Like throw a Kourtney Kardashian
shoot with me any day, but I think the team. – Which have been there. – Which have been there to do that. (laughing) The team, yeah. Team is what I wake up and go to work for. The team is literally what
if I'm having a crap day at work, and something's not going right, or there's something
that's not gone off right, or it's not hit like certain numbers, I'll just be like, "Well, it's fine. I've got a sick team. I don't need to worry about it." – But that is the thing I
think like we've always said. We all say PLT is one huge family. And I guess we are. We are literally. I'm looking around at
everyone in the room. We're one big family, and you know, your little sub teams within
PLT are like families also.

– 100 percent, yeah. – For sure. – I mean, through COVID, we
will leaned each other loans. And I mean this, I
wouldn't have been able to survive COVID without the team. Without no doubt at all, but I think, and then vice versa for that like you guys as well, they
won't be able to survive COVID within PLT if it wasn't for the other members of the team. And it's because we're so close. Because we're so
intertwined with each other, and like we are very creative as a team, but it's very collaborative as well, which is really, really good. – Well, listening about your. . . Like listening to you
talk about your journey and everything you've kind of done to get where you are and where you are now, is really inspiring and
amazing to hear, Beckie.

And if you've got any more questions, make sure you drop them
down below on YouTube, and we will make sure to get back to you, but I want to know more about you. Personal level time. Do you have any hidden talent? – Yeah. – Oh, wait. She didn't even have to think about that. She was just like, "Yeah. Yeah, I've got a hidden talent." – Wait, watch me. No. – Come on. Oh, I thought it was a big performance. – No. There's no performance. I can't sing or act or anything like that. – I've heard you in
the office a few times. – Yeah, you have at the
desk on the off chance. I was in the Sea Cadets for nine years. – No way. – Yeah, so from the age of 10 to 19, I was in a Sea Cadet call, which is like, if anyone doesn't know that that is like the essentially
cadets junior version of the Navy, and my whole career plan at the time was to go to be in the Navy and blah, blah blah.

That was my path. I changed it to PR. This is where I am today. – And into social. – Yeah, but I was in the
Sea Cadets for nine years, so I did loads of random,
not random things, but like things that were related to that. So I can shoot an L98 rifle, and I can shoot pretty well as well, So if anyone needs to have my back. – I thought we shouldn't
mess with BT beforehand, but now definitely not messing with BT. – So there's different light, yeah. – I swear I did not know that about you. That's insane. I love it. – Different rifles I can. . . – She a boss. – Yeah, I am. Yeah. – Yeah, I am. I'll take it. I'll take it. – I can work with many
different types of arms. I can do that, so yeah, I
did that professionally, not professionally, but for
Cheshire and for the division, and you competed for nine years with it, so I mean, it's funny how
they gave a 10 year old one.

Well, yeah, we did. I've worked with guns for a while. And then I also do a lot of like, I did wind surfing and
sailing for Cheshire and did that like quite a lot throughout my whole childhood. Throughout my whole kids. Throughout my whole childhood, I did a lot of water sports, so I would say like they're
my hidden talents really. – Do you think that like, kind of like the Sea Cadets, and you know, the other kind of sports and things that you did, did they like give you or
help build any key skills. . . – Without a doubt. Without a doubt. Like I went in all girls school through high school and sixth form, and I wouldn't have
been, I was quite timid. I was quite shy, and I went to Sea Cadets just on the off chance with my twin, and we both went there,
and we did it together. And I don't think I'd be half
as confident as I am today. I need, you need that social.

Like we said, I've been on shoots with Kourtney or Little Mix, and I've been able to run
up to them and ask them and not even give a second thought to it. And you wouldn't think the Sea Cadets has let me help me do that, but it has. It gave you constant confidence and self-discipline within your job, which I've had to have
with being a manager. You need a lot of self-discipline. and yeah, I think it's been vital. I wouldn't say that you need to do. You need to be in the
Sea Cadets to get. . . Yeah, but for me, it's
definitely shaped me who I am today without a doubt, yeah. – And you also dropped
there that you are a twin.

That's an interesting fact. – Yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah. – I mean, I'm just going
to let everyone know, it's just a fact you're a twin. I mean, you don't meet many twins, so I just, I thought we've
got to talk about that. – No. – Okay, now with this job,
there's a lot of celebs. You've mentioned Kourtney. You mentioned a Little Mix. What's been your best celeb
spot since working at PLT? – Well, when we were on the
Kourtney Kardashian shoot, which was amazing and one
of the biggest campaigns I did in my career at the time, Kim just popped in just on the off chance.

– The KKW? – Yeah. – Kim K herself. – Kim Kardashian at the time. I don't think she was Kardashian-West. – Oh. – Maybe she was. Yeah, she was. – Yeah, she was. – Kim Kardashian-West came
through the door, but yeah. She was blonde at the time. She just turned blonde, and I
was a massive fan obviously. I knew I was going out to
LA to shoot with Kourtney. I couldn't tell a soul
and couldn't tell anyone. Couldn't tell my mom in the morning that I was going to go shoot with her, And I was absolutely so nervous so, so nervous, but then as soon as I got in the room
with her, she was lovely. And yeah, it was like, Kim came through and everyone just started changing. I didn't really know what was happening.

And everyone was like, do you
know what that is, Beckie? And obviously me being
the only social person on the set at the time, I was like, "Ooh," turned around and realized it was Kim, but she was amazing. Amazing, really, really good on shoot. She helped Kourtney throughout the shoot and was like directing
her behind the scenes with Warner and Tony, and it was amazing. It was really, really good. – And favorite collab to date. I know there's been a lot for you. – Yeah, God. – What's been your favorite collab? – I think for me, Little
Mix was really fun. We spent a lot, like it was
a really, really long shoot.

Spent till like 3:00 AM
in the morning in Paris, and it was just like the
location that we shot in with the girls was amazing. They're so hard working
like they stayed up till like really early hours of the morning straight after doing a gig
the prior day in Paris. And they were, their team, and their like glam team,
their security team, I got on really, really well with. Love them all. And I think we were all just like, we just all had a really good time. The girls were amazing. And I think that the campaign
and the production team, I was blown away by, like I love the BTS, and the stuff that happens production side and the direction side of social. The stuff that everyone else doesn't see. – Yeah. – And I was literally
blown away by the scene that basically we use the
same team that they use for shooting their music videos. – Wow. – So I was there watching those people, and like the director was amazing. Like the kind of equipment that we had on set was a joke. The locations that we were
at was in a massive hotel.

It was amazing. And yeah, you can't
help but be blown away. And like, it was very much
like a pinch me moment. – Yeah. – Although Kourtney was, and all the campaigns I worked on, but I think that one because
it was such a long shoot and PLT had also developed
loads since then, since Courtney and since we started at PLT. It was one of the biggest
ones that we've done today.

And like, the girls were
all amazing, and yeah. And the clothes were amazing. I loved it. Yeah, everything about it. I was like, "Yeah, wow." – That's a lot of young
people's dream right there. Just being in a room with
Little Mix as it is, you know? How amazing. – Yeah. Every single one of them
were so hardworking, so lovely to work with, and yeah. And then the party was amazing as well. But yeah. – That was a good night. Let me tell you. We had a good night that night. – It was good. It was really good. – Well, Beckie, it's been
amazing chatting to you today. Now before you go, last question. Where do you see yourself in five years? – Oh, I didn't know it was a question.

– [Nat] Surprised you. – Surprise question. I'd like to say I'm still here. I would love to say I'm still at PLT. A bigger team. Yeah, and just stick with PLT and be a part of the bigger team, and flourish the team more. – Bigger, badder, and better. – I'd like to be like director of social media or something like that. No. I think head of social is my dream, and yeah, just be part
of the big campaigns that we've got coming up. We've got some amazing things
coming up this year, and yeah, I'm just so grateful to be part of.

. . Be the manager of the team that we have and be a part of the bigger
team that we have at PLT anyway. I'm grateful to be part of the mix, and I'm grateful to be
given the opportunity to be part of this, like it's crazy. I wouldn't ever have said when I finished the Sea Cadets years ago that I was going to do this and be a part of this, and it is amazing. Like I'm so thankful for
what I do every single day. Every single day. – Well, we're thankful for you, Beckie. – Thank you. – You smash it every day. You're killing it. You're killing it. You're doing so well. I mean, I've loved having your here today. Thank you so much for joining us. If you want to know more about Beckie, drop some comments below
on the YouTube channel. You can come over to
Instagram and find her there. This has been Behind
the Unicorns with PLT.

We will see you next week. – Thanks for having me. (cheering).

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