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What if there is an easy skill, with low competition and high demand money and only money Assallam o alikum, Welcome to your channel HBA services In today's video we'll discuss about Social Media Manager how you can earn online as a Social media Manager Its an easy and most demanding skill and you can easily learn it In today's video of Youtube freelance services, we'll talk about this service today that how you'll find jobs as a social media manager and which skills do you have to initially learn? Which tools are going to help you in the future? And how you are going to find the clients I am going to tell you all this in today's video so watch the video completely So let's talk about what you have to do as a Social Media Manager and what are its basic requirements As the name suggest, Social Media Manager means that you have to handle Social Media accounts, whether yours or your client's you are a social media manager The basic requirements to do this job is very simple, Firstly, if you have a best knowledge on any of the one platform whether it is Instagram, Facebook or YouTube Linkedin, Pinterest, or any other platform If you have a complete knowledge about that platform and you know how to grow your audience in that particular platform, which tips and tricks can be applied to grow on that platform Organically or through ads or through any other means If you know how to grow on that particular platform you can do this for that particular platform Means you can become YouTube Manager if you know about YouTube Seo and You Tube ads and know how to run a YouTube channel and you have ample knowledge about YouTube then you can only provide YouTube services that I can manage your YouTube channel Or if you have enough knowledge of Instagram or Facebook then you can provide services related to that particular social media platform It's not necessary that you must have knowledge about all social media platforms If you have a firm grip on a particular social media platform then you can give its services too But if we talk about a basic social media manager job, then at least you should be able to handle 3,4 social media platforms Which consists of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter, like Pintrest or Youtube And all platforms like these Atleast you must have a basic knowledge for all these Now, how you'd know, which platforms do you have to learn.

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It depends on which country's clients are you targeting If its US, UK india or Pakistan whatever country it is If If you want to sell this service there Then first of all examine, in that particular country which social media platforms are widely used for business purposes then you will get an idea and you can easily find this out in Google that which social media platforms are widely being used in which country and you'll get enough idea that if i want to target US clients then i need to know these particular platforms And in basic knowledge, you should be aware of which features works on which social media platforms for instance as the trend of video is increasing on Facebook but Facebook was once known for pictures and posts and YouTube for videos You should know, that videos works perfectly on YouTube and images get more acceptance on Facebook So you should be aware of the basic knowledge like this Secondly you should have some basic knowledge of graphic designing If you don't have any Th en i'll recommend you a website Its so much useful If you don't know how Photoshop and illustrator works Then by using you can design post or make stories for YouTube Instagram Facebook or for any other social media platform even you can make a whole Social media designing kit using now why is this important because when you are handling any social media account of a client or handling 3 to 4 accounts then obviously he's hiring you to save his time he can do all this himself just because he's busy, and can't have extra time for that that's why he is hiring you, that you have to post regularly you have to reply to a comment, schedule posts and each post should be uploaded at a particular time that's why he's hiring you, because he's saving his time and buying your time, and you are getting paid for this that's why you should have atleast basic knowledge that how it works, and how to create a post and canva have template which you have to only edit a bit a nd you can use it without any copyright issue thirdly, here i can recommend some of the tools, if managed to grow in this field and if you guys get enough sales then you can buy and use these tools like Hootsuite MeetEdger, buffer these can help you to manage social media platforms in which you can plan schedule and create a social media posts which makes it so easy for you if you just started then its not recommended to invest here because these are paid tools but once your earning start to flourish then you can buy these tools So what's the benefit? Suppose if you can manage 4 social media accounts of your client, like Instagram, Facebook YouTube, Twitter Pinterest any 4 to 5 social media platform that you can handle at a time then it'll be tough for you to handle all these at the same instance you have to login separately, and have to create post one by one then you upload your post, and schedule it replying to each comment and managing it its quit a time consuming task You can only manage this for only one client at a time But If you want to handle 4 to 5 clients at a time, then you can use these tools Now what's the benefit here you can link your accounts and after that you can do anything like you can create a post, schedule them You can reply to comments , and can check engagements etc you can find any data here, but these are paid tools but yes, atleast you should know how to use them You can easily learn it from YouTube because it can be possible that client may provide you these tools he may ask, that my accounts are linked Here and you just have to manage them properly you can find these types of clients too So you should have at least some basic knowledge of using these tools you can easily learn these tools from YouTube Fourthly, the question arises how can you find clients? if you consult fiver then i'll recommend to do a good keyword research find some good keywords for social media manger if you don't know how to do keyword research on fiver and you struggle there with no gig ranking then i am giving you a link in the 'i' button, which is hardly 20-25 min long along with a live stream link if you watch these two videos then there'll be no issue in ranking your gigs Now if you are an expert on any of the platform Like If you are giving service as a YouTube channel manager you can establish a separate gig, that i can manage you YouTube channel but if you can handle 4-5 social media accounts, and have ample knowledge then you can directly create a social media manager gig There you have to describe, which social media platforms you can handle and what will be your charges for 15 days or for 10 days whatever your pricing is I'll recommend that you should maintain minimum for 15 days not like after 2 to 3 days Set your prices like client can hire you for at at least 2 weeks the reason for this is it'll be difficult for you to handle for such a short period of time for any platform or for any client to get used to it therefor i'll recommend to take it minimum as long as for two weeks after this, it's up to him whether he'll continue or not You'll get an idea too that I may have some weaknesses that's why he's no proceeding any more So at least your pricing should be for 15 days else its up to you , you can extend it for month or a two that's upto client he can hire you again but minimum i'll recommend your order should be of 10 to 15 days package that you can hire me for 10 to 15 days Keep your prices low in the beginning that i'll manage for 100 $ or 150 $ or as much as but don't overcharge and when you managed to retain that client then you can ask, that this was my basic package if you want me to continue you have to increase Besides the amount, let me give you some tips on how to approach the client Find some YouTubers, or some social media influencers those who have Instagram, Facebook or YouTube find those influencers having good engagement on Youtube or Facebook but not regular on Instagram or twitter now what will be the benefit of this Approach them And tell them you're doing a great job Give them a little compliment that you make a great content but I have noticed that you are not that much active on Instagram like you are on twitter or you are not that much active on twitter or linkedIn like you are on Facebook If you give me an opportunity then i 'll create a post on your social media accounts and will manage them then chances are high that you'll get a job because its difficult for them to manage their time and are unable to manage different social media plat forms So this creates an opportunity for you to access them tell them your main point tell them how much good a researcher you are tell them that you are good active on Facebook but not that much active on Instagram and Twitter for that reason your e ngagement is getting low so i can help you to manage these platforms this'll increase your chances to win a job from any client as a social media manager so this was today's video, i hope you like it Give this video a thumbs up if liked it new at the channel then subscribe will see you in the next video till then Allah hafiz

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