Best Networking Tips: How to Make a Connection

Networking, it's a skill
that comes easy to some. But for tons of people,
myself included, it's a skill that's acquired. Research shows that referrals
are a top source of hires. Meaning those personal
relationships, they can really pay off. So we're revealing the
secrets of networking and answering the question
we've all asked at some point. Is who you know more
important than what you know? For years, athletes have used
science and data analysis to improve. Now, we are doing the same
for job seekers everywhere. This is job science. When it comes to networking
and social events, there is nothing wrong
with going alone. Putting yourself in a position
to talk to new people, it's actually a good thing. You never know who you'll
meet, who they might know, or how they can contribute
to finding your next job.

Meet Jess, a retail
sales associate. She's attending her first
ever fashion career expo. A cool way to break the
ice in a group setting is by wearing
something that pops. It makes for a good
conversation starter. Hey. I love your shoes. Thank you. I just got them. I'm Jess. Ria, nice to meet you. Be yourself. That is the most
important thing here. There's no need to try to be
someone else or someone you're not. If you're looking to start
an authentic relationship, it's key to ask about
the other person first. So what brings you here? I'm actually a buyer. I'm a sales associate.

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Cool. So– Ah, the head tilt, this is
the universal sign that says, I'm listening, purely
through body language. And while you are listening,
do so empathetically and with curiosity about
the other person's career. Ben– Oh, Jess recognizes someone. That is what happens when you've
researched your connections. This can help you
focus your energy on talking to the right people. I haven't seen you since
we worked together. How are you? I'm great. I'm actually managing another
boutique not too far from here. Once you've made a
genuine connection, feel free to bring
up the topic of jobs, even if it doesn't come up
naturally in the conversation. Hey, do you happen to
need any sales associates or stylists even? Let's pause here. The brain can actually detect
confidence in another's voice. Jess, she's definitely
feeling herself. Smooth. I'm looking. Oh, yeah. I'll pass along your info. Do you have any business cards? Yeah.

It's always good to
have your business card and resume on you, especially
at these kinds of things. But only give them
out when asked for it. Ria. Ben, this is Ria. Nice. Once in a while,
think of people you know who should know each
other but don't, and then introduce them. Follow up to see if they're
meeting was worthwhile. This one's all about
paying it forward. This was the breakdown
of networking. Till next time.

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