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This is probably the best way to make Money online with canva as a complete Beginner without actually investing a Single dollar and the reason it's Probably one of the best ways to make Money online with camera is because you Don't need any social media followers And you don't need your own product or Service in order to make money online With this strategy I'm gonna walk you Through the entire process and show you Exactly how it works in the step-by-step Tutorial so drop a like down below and Let us begin with a full breakdown just A quick disclaimer here if someone Replies to your comment like this Claiming they're me just know it's a Scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never tax you for Money you can check their accounts they Don't have a verification badge they Don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can check their Posts the engagement is fake their new Accounts and just know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them all so first things First what you want to do is you want to Go over to and you want to Register an absolutely free account and

As you probably already know canva is a Graphic design platform with a lot of Different features during proposal and Thousands of different templates for you To generate documents whiteboards Presentations social media posts videos And more you can even generate websites With canva now there is one specific Feature of canva that we're going to be Using today in order to make money Online but before we get to that I do Want to give a quick shout out to RX7 Which is one of the best fractional real Estate investment providers out there Where you can invest in real estate Without having to spend millions of Dollars in fact you can even get started With 20 a share so you don't necessarily Have to be a rich person to invest in Real estate and earn passive income from It because this tool this app allows you To invest from your phone and earn Passive income with fractional real Estate so you can own fractions of a Particular real estate property and you Can buy shares and you can make passive Income if the value of that property Goes up so you can either sell right Away where you can hold as well and play The long-term game or just resell right Away you can create an absolutely free Account or just install their free app And as I said you can pretty much earn Passive income from your phone by

Checking out all the different real Estate that are available right now and As you can see they have about 25 000 Active investors at the right now and 15 Million dollars in property value funded Just right now on the platform so that's Going to be you can find it in The first link in the description box Down below or just by going over to anyways back to the canvas Strategy now this doesn't necessarily Mean that you will have to post any YouTube videos or whatsoever but I do Want to show you one channel that is Doing the strategy that we're gonna be Doing but we're gonna be doing it Outside of YouTube so you don't have to Post any videos or whatsoever so what I Did is I just searched for futuristic Gadgets on Amazon and there's no Shortage of these channels that are Posting future lists of futuristic Gadgets and they just showcase them and They leave affiliate links in the Description for people to buy those Gadgets on Amazon as you can see all of These different links are taking people To different platforms so they can buy These products and if you search for it You can find a lot of these a lot of These different videos where they talk About new gadgets and once again all of Those different links lead to either Amazon or some other platform where

People can buy them and those are Affiliate links meaning that a person Earns an affiliate commission when Someone buys this product through that Link so what you can do is you can do The same but outside of YouTube so what You can do is you can just go over to Kitco over the which is a Platform that will allow you to build Your own store without even signing up To Amazon affiliate program you can Create an account for free as a Creator And you can create a new kit which is Only going to be about for example Futuristic Gadget and then you can Search for different products and you Can list them out here so you can just Go back and you can see which products That these guys are talking about in Their videos and you can search for them So I'm gonna go with this one and I'm Gonna paste that name here and now that Product is going to show up and I can Add it to my store and I can click add To kit and then I can go back and I can Go to the description and I can copy Pretty much everything they talked about In this video and I can use the same Products and add them to my store and Earning affiliate commission whenever Someone buys one of these products Through my link so I can basically just Search for it here as it's going to show Up from the search bar and I can add it

With one press of a button I can click On add to kit and you can add all the Different products as I said from their Description boxes of these YouTube Videos and you can perhaps go only with The most popular videos talking about Futuristic gadgets and then just copy And paste the names of those because Obviously people are mostly interested In such products and they're really Appealing to them so you want to add at Least 10 to 15 products to your store Because the more of them that you have The harder chances of making more money You will have because if you have like 10 different products someone can come In someone who is really passionate About futuristic gadgets and they can Buy all of those gadgets and you're Going to earn an affiliate commission Each time that happens so what you can Do next is you can view your kid by Pressing on view kit you can share it Later but this is how my store is going To look like it pretty much says Futuristic gadgets and I'm gonna be Earning affiliate commissions from these Links so whenever someone buys these Products to my link I will earn a Commission and they can buy these Products on Amazon even if you don't Have an Amazon affiliate account so now What you want to do next is you want to Copy the link that takes people to this

Kitco store and you can just press these Three buttons and click on copy link to Share these three dots and you can copy Link to share and the next thing you Want to do is you want to go over to Media Journey which is an app that will Allow you to generate futuristic gadgets With one press of a button you can Generate images with one press of a Button so just join the bat on and join their Discord Server and once you join the Discord Server you just want to go to some of These rooms which are going to be listed In the left side we're going to join a Newbies room and then you just want to Enter a prompt which is going to be Slash imagine and then you want to enter The prompt something along the lines of Weird futuristic Tech Gadget and then You can enter extreme details for the Picture and then also ultra realistic so We want it to look ultra realistic and Then AI will generate 100 original Unique content unique image for you and We're gonna use that image that Gadget Image of a single Gadget in order to Make money online so we're just gonna Have to wait for Mid Journey AI bot to Generate that image for us and as you Can see it is being generated as a right Now you could also enter more details Like perhaps if you wanted to look like A gun if you wanted to look like a watch

If you wanted to look in a certain way I Literally just answered the most basic Uh words it was like weird futuristic Tech gadgets but as I said you could put A little bit more time and effort into Your prompt and it would generate Something that would look like an actual Gadget from the future and let's search And find it so here here are a couple of Those that I can use so perhaps I'm Gonna go with a second one I like the Second one the most and it does look Pretty weird like people will think like What is this all about like how do you Even use this so it really grabs tension So all you gotta do is press on YouTube Because it'll like the second design and They're gonna upscale that so U stands For upscale so they're gonna upscale the Second image and they're gonna make Higher quality of that higher quality Design and now I can use that design I'm Going to show you exactly how and here It is now you can just click on it right Click on and open new image in a new tab And now I can just right click on that Image and save it to my computer I want To have saved it to your computer you Just want to go to to remove The background and now this is how my Design is going to look like so now it Doesn't have any background so I can Download it to my computer press Download and it's going to be downloaded

In my computer background free and now The next thing you want to do is you Want to go back to and you Want to search for Pinterest templates Or you can just start with a blank Template you can start with a Pinterest Pin as an example and then you can Either choose from one of these Templates or you can begin from scratch And you can begin with a blank template I'm just going to begin with a blank Template from the left side and then I'm Going to upload that design and I can go To the background section and I can find The suitable background to use so I'm Going to use this background and I'm Also going to add this in the background As well and I'm gonna go to my uploads I'm going to select this design which is Going to look something like this but I Will increase the size of this and I'm Going to put it right over here I'm Gonna add a headline which is basically Going to be 10 futuristic gadgets you Should know about and you can of course Play around with your designs on canva That's going to be basically the fun Part creating the design in canva then You can of course customize everything With all of these different effects Which you can add if you want to remove The roundness you can easily do that if You want to remove the spread a little Bit if you want to change this to

Perhaps or a different color and maybe a Different font as well if you don't like That one I'm just going to leave it like This I'm going to duplicate it and I'm Going to say click the link to see all And then I'm going to download this to My computer and I'm gonna download it as A PNG or JPEG file now once you have That design downloaded on your computer And it showcases one of those products You can go to which is a Platform that is being visited by Millions of people and you can get a lot Of free traffic even if you don't have Any followers so you can just click on Create a brand new PIN you can even Create a brand new board just for this And I can call it futuristic Gadget you Can create and then upload that design And pretty much just enter the same Title and then the destination link is Pretty much just going to be the link to Your Kitco store so you're gonna copy That link again and you're gonna paste It over here so that when someone sees This design they can click on it and They will be taken to the store where They can buy why all of those different Futuristic gadgets and you're gonna make Money each time someone buys one of Those products so you want to publish This to Pinterest and you can create as Many of those different designs on canva And promote all sorts of different

Products because canva is free and it Allows you to generate unlimited design So yeah that's how you can use canva for Completely free to make money online as You can play beginner I hope you got Some value out of this video and Everything that I mentioned in this Tutorial will be linked in the Description box down below thank you so Much for watching and I will see you Next time

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