Calendar Management as a Real Estate Virtual Assistant | How to Manage Your Client’s Calendar 2022

For today's video, we have a very special guest at super excited ako to meet her. And maybe you are because you are here in Zoom talaga personally to meet Nina. So Nina is a teacher by profession and a non-uniformed personnel and now she is a social media manager. So sabi niya, freelancing is not for a faint of heart. Ata out there or for aspiring VA. So if you are one then this is a good topic for you. So our topic for today is calendar management. Okay. Again this is a skill na makikita ninyo most of the time required sa mga job posting. Ah required sa mga VAs especially if you are you know ROI that your clients can get from the precious limited resource that we them to share their calendars to you so you can have a better idea or bird's eye view as to when should you set up an appointment for them and the clients to meet. Oh diba? During the during the call you can easily set up an appointment para so they can meet with the client.

Kasi if you don't have access to their calendars. A appointment. Bakamaya. The appointment or the time that you are given to or a calendar link to page from your SOI. Di ba? So something that you can let them know as well. Collaboration because you can share your calendars to other people as well. And it helps you ah it helps without missing meetings, double bookings, and or overlooking opportunities. Di ba? So kapag naka naka block na yung time na yun and you share them AM, it does not repeat what else say yes, no, I'm not going to be able to attend.

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Maybe I will attend, etcetera. So another thing is one nine nine nine. We totally understand. You can .

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