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we spend the majority of our free time on internet and all we do is scroll through apps like instagram facebook youtube and other social media sites according to a survey an indian on an average spends 2.5 to 3 hours a day scrolling through various social media platforms currently india has forced 67 active social media users and this number is definitely going to increase this increasing use of social media is providing opportunities for businesses to create awareness about their brands sell products or services and be in the minds of consumers regularly so we are here today to tell you about the jobs and career opportunities available in the social media marketing hi my name is sanheeta menon i am the founder of a parenting blog called bums and baby i am also the digital marketing trainer at iide india's leading digital marketing training institute wherein i train and mentor students on seo blogging content creation and social media marketing this video is a part of social media marketing playlist and here we talk about jobs and career opportunities in social media marketing if you want to know what exactly social media marketing is and what the day in the life of a social media marketer looks like do check out our video on the same the link for the video is in the description box if you're someone who wants to start working as a social media manager then there is a good chance you might need to start working as an intern at some agency or for a brand to gain some practical knowledge and with time you can move towards job loads which we are going to discuss in today's video social media manager as a social media manager at any company your responsibilities include strategizing creating designing posting and analyzing the content you might also need to manage a team of content writers designers and editors for regular content creation you might have to manage various social media platforms for which you need creative as well as managerial skills the average salary for a social media manager can be anywhere between 25 000 to 30 000 depending upon the experience and expertise online community manager many big brands have a community of millions of users there may be some questions reviews and updates that need to be shared and responded to on behalf of the brands apart from this many other things are done to manage and build a strong community of online users so big brands have a special online community manager who responds and interacts with such communities on behalf of these brands if you're someone who loves socializing then this could be a career choice for you the average salary of an online community manager in india can be anywhere between 30 000 to 35 000 based on the experience and the expertise social media analysis if you're someone who's very good with numbers and wants to pursue a career in social media marketing then this job is for you the results of social media campaigns are examined using analytics software or the built-in analytics available on each platform in this position you will assess each campaign's efficacy and return on investment you might be requested to share this data with the top management so that they can make decisions about the budget and the marketing plan the average salary of a social media analyst in india can be anywhere between 30 000 to 35 000.


These are the major roles companies hire for when it comes to social media marketing but over time when you have a good amount of knowledge and experience in this industry you can also provide consultancy services to companies with your expertise you can help brands in creating their content calendar analyze their data and giving them insights if you want to make a career in social media marketing but don't want to get into the posting managing and analyzing the content but use the skills you have here are some career opportunities for you content writer or copywriter if you're someone who has a knack for writing then this job is for you as a content writer you can help brands in writing scripts copies and blog posts thus making a career in social media marketing graphic designers and video editors all social media team requires editors and designers to make post creatives and videos for various social media platforms if you're someone who's good at editing and designing then this is a good option as the demand for the same is continuously increasing influencer marketing your responsibility as an influencer marketer is to get in touch with various influencers and make a deal with them to get your products or services promoted via them these are the few job roles that you can get into as a social media manager but directly jumping into the market without proper knowledge and education is not advisable by experts that's it for the video guys if you like this video do hit the like button and for more such content around social media digital marketing and business do subscribe to our channel let me know in comments which role would you like to apply for in social media marketing [Music]

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