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This is probably one of the easiest ways That we can make money online from your Phone and you literally just need a Smartphone device you don't have to show Your face you don't have to record any Videos you don't have to create any Unique content or whatsoever and you Also don't need to invest any money Because this method is completely free And you also don't need to sell any Products and do affiliate marketing or Whatsoever so here's the app as you can See so far I made a couple of thousand Dollars I actually withdrew 1.9 a Thousand dollars from this app and in Total I can also withdraw another 1.2 Thousand dollars from this app also Without actually selling anything so I'm Gonna show you exactly how to actually Promote the offers from this app in Order to make money online without Actually having a YouTube channel Whatsoever just a quick disclaimer here If someone replies to your comment like This claiming they're me just know it's A scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't Have Telegram and I would never tax you For money you can check their accounts They don't have a verification badge They don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming

You asking for for money you can check Their posts the engagement is fake there Are new accounts and just know that I Would never text you like that so just Stay safe and report them all so this App is called tap mob and in order to Install tap mob or in order to actually Get accepted for tap Pub you need to be Using a special code which I'm going to Leave in the description box down below In order to actually sign up for this App but once you sign up for this app You will be able to see all the all These different offers that you can Promote which will pay you about five to Six dollars when someone enters the Remote address from your referral link So for example this is like a door Dash 100 giveaway where people have a chance To win a hundred dollars doordash gift Card and you're gonna be paid five Dollars per person that enters their Email address and the more emails that You collect the more money will make as You can see these are all the different Emails that I've been collecting and I'm Making like five to six dollars per Email collected which is pretty cool Because we don't have to sell anything And you don't actually have to make People pay for something in order for You to get paid from this app so what I'm gonna do then is you just want to Find the offer what you want to promote

Let's say for example I want to promote This go 4-100 giveaway all I gotta do is Copy my link and I can start sharing That with other people now here's the Genius method that one account is doing Or one person is doing on Instagram it's Basically this account called Peter Griffin with Simpsons and all they're Doing is finding Islamic shows in this Case the Family Guy show and they're Just finding the most interesting and Funny clips they're adding captions About these videos and they're getting Tens of thousands of views even though They started pretty recently as you can See they only have 29 posts so they Started like lasting a month ago and They already have like 3.7 000 followers And some of their videos as you can see Have almost a million views this one Half a million views this one 280 000 Views uh this one almost 200 000 views a Hundred thousand views sixty thousand Views a hundred thousand views seven Hundred thousand views six hundred Thousand views that's a lot of views and As you can see they have this this call To action in their bio claim a 750 cash App so that's basically something that You can also do like claim a 100 Door Dash gift card or whatever and then Leave your link in the in the bio of That account and for example check out One of these videos this one that got

Almost a million views it basically just Shows the scene from that from that TV Show it also sometimes has captions and Sometimes sometimes it doesn't and they Just have this claim 750 cash app in app In BIO and basically a million people Saw this call to action and even though It has nothing to do with this TV show People will watch entertainment will Most likely be interested in winning Something for free it doesn't cost them Anything all they got to do is submit The email address so you can get Millions of people seeing these shorts Or reels on Instagram and they can Potentially click the link in BIO so What you can simply do is you can just Go over to YouTube and you can search For funniest scenes you can just install The YouTube app on your phone like the Funniest scenes from some particular TV Show like for example funniest scenes From the friends or funniest scenes from The Simpsons or funniest scenes for Literally any popular TV show and then You just find some of these videos then You click on share you want to copy the Link for that particular video and then You can just go over to Google and you Can download that video onto your Computer so you can earn to your phone You can search for YouTube to MP4 and You can find some of these different Software and all you're going to do

Pretty much is avoid these ads because They do get kind of spammy face the YouTube video link right over here and Then wait until that loads and then you Can download it to your to your device To your phone now once you have the Video downloaded to your phone what you Want to do next is you you just want to Add simple captions to these videos to Make it more engaging so what I mean by Captions is basically if you take a look At this video for example they do have Captions they have this text showing up On the screen so it makes the Reel a Little bit more engaging and it's going To keep people longer on the video which Is obviously kind of boosted watch time And get even more reviews this is an Optional step but I do highly recommend It and there's a lot of free apps where You can just upload your videos and They're going to generate automatic Captions for that video one one of those Apps is clip champ so you can install Clip champ for free and it's basically This app over here you can just search For captions app as well that one works Pretty well as well but I think that one Is paid but this one is for it's Completely free you basically just click On the plus icon over here and you can Just upload that video which you Downloaded from YouTube and it's going To automatically add captions then you

Download it to your device and then you Upload it to your Instagram page and Because this doesn't really require more Than two minutes of your time and you Can do it from your phone and you can do This literally from anywhere wherever You are if you're waiting in line Literally just downloaded five videos Add automatic captions boom and upload Them to your Instagram page and you can Potentially get tens of thousands of Views on those videos and if you have a Link in BIO you can get a lot of clicks On that link but actually earning you Affiliate commissions now one of the Problems that you might come across is Sometimes Instagram doesn't like when You put a referral links in BIO Sometimes they might remove that link so What you can do in that case if they Remove your referral link you're just Gonna make a landing page a Squid's page In between and you can do that with get Response or and then just linked tree or Some free app where you can just create A landing page for free add an affiliate Link add a button and then basically Just put the link through the link in Your bio and then then Instagram is not Going to have any problems with that and You can just leave the link over there And people can sign up quite easily and If you think about it this page has Gotten millions of views even if they've

Gotten like 2 million views and you're Being paid five dollars or six dollars Per email collected and people don't Actually have to spend any money a huge Percentage of those people actually Signed up for that particular offer Because they have a chance to win Something and all they gotta do is Submit their email address which is Pretty pretty crazy and this is kind of A genius strategy to promote one of These offers from a from an app like tap Mob and you can do all of this just from Your smartphone device which is also Pretty cool and this is just an example Offer you don't necessarily have to Promote this one door Dash 100 giveaway You have other ones but I do recommend You promote once where people have a Chance to win something like for example 750 gift card here 750 gift card as well Amazon 750 and I'm sure it's something That everyone knows about like for Example Amazon or cash app or PayPal so That a lot of people will then resonate With it and they will be like okay I do Want to sign up and for a chance to win Something of course I'm going to enter My email address it's like the intro Email address you're being paid five or Six dollars per email collected and I do Recommend you like start multiple of These Pages like start five different Accounts for five different TV shows and

See which one is the most popular one See which one works the best for you and Which one goes viral the easiest on your Instagram page even if you started Organically from zero followers you Literally just start posting those reels You start using hashtags in those Instagram reels you do have a potential Do you have some of those reels go Extremely viral and get thousands Hundreds of thousands in some cases Millions of views and all of those People can see your call to action make Sure to add a call to action pretty much Just like this have the call to action Which says like claim and then that Whatever gift card you're promoting and Tell them that the link is in BIO so That those people can actually go ahead And click on that and sign up for your Free giveaway making you affiliate Commissions and earning your passive Income once again this is something that You can do just from your phone it's Absolutely free you don't need any Social media followers from the start or Anything like that so there should be no Excuses for you to go out there and try This method to potentially make money Online I really hope you get some value Out of this video if you did make sure To drop a like down below and I will see You in some of the next ones

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