CreditRepairCloud Review & Overview (Best Credit Repair Software?)

CreditRepairCloud Review & Overview

hey guys welcome back to the channel this is eddie with the credit hype and today we're going to be going over credit repair cloud which is a credit pair software that allows you to start grow and scale a credit per business from your home or office okay let's go and get started okay so before we continue i just want to remind you guys to leave a like comment and subscribe on this video and let me know about your thoughts on this video as i keep making more content for you guys uh regarding credit repair credit per hacks and softwares so let's go ahead and continue so again credit repair cloud is a credit per software for businesses and professionals to automate most of the credit pair process now who is credit pair cloud made for basically credit per cloud is made for anybody who is in the real estate or car sales field loan officers entrepreneurs and financial counselors that want to get more income coming in on a monthly basis so about anybody can really use this software for their business and again if you're an entrepreneur you can use this software to start a credit per company from scratch okay so who am i and why can i speak on this topic and the software because i know that's going to be money you guys questions so again my name is eddie i started a credit repair company with my business partner roger and we use credit repair cloud but for the sake of this video and the sake of our clients i went ahead and created a free dummy account on credibre cloud so i can show you a little bit of the ins and out of credit per cloud and we can go over the process together how you can automate the dispute process and the one-click import and audit so we'll go over that as well and some of the free training that they provide so the cool thing about crc credit per cloud is that this is the home page it's going to show you basically some generic information also it's going to have a checklist for starting your credit repair business making sure that you have all the information that you need in order to run a successful business so just a quick overview of this obviously having the credit for software then it's going to inform you to go to the credit card training and certificates as creditor per cloud does have certifications for your disputes and all that information next you're going to want to get your actual crc certification and it's completely free that would be your credit repair cloud software certification where you you'll be completely certified for this software now they also have free software training sessions i believe it's once a week or every day where they actually have a different topic related to crc and you guys can go hop on live with them so the next thing is it's going to be providing you with a free version of how to start a credit per business also if you don't have a website or if you don't know how to create one they do provide you with a professional website and you guys can get it up and running with your credit repair cloud also informs you to get your professional email like a g suite we use g suite for ours and so forth you know setting up your fees setting up your client agreements having the correct gateway and merchant account for your credit per business also with your reoccurring payments this is just information that they provide you and a checklist to help you get set up properly all right so let's move on to the one click import and audit this is a lifesaver for us now this is something that's going to help you guys and benefit you like crazy when it comes to auditing and importing and sending out the disputes for your clients so we'll go over that together and i'll show you an example perfect okay so we're gonna go ahead and i already did the import for the pending report so i'm just going to go to show me the pending report and this is a just a dummy account so just so you guys for security purposes so once you guys upload the credit report when you get it from identity iq or smart credit or one of those that you work with you're gonna see the entire credit report here and it's gonna tell you experian equifax and transunion which is the three main credit bureaus now once you uh get to this part of the process with your client and after the consultation call you're going to go want to go over all the information with them making sure that the date of birth the current employer and address is all correct then you're going to want to move over to the credit inquiries and you're going to want to make sure that all these inquiries were made by them because a lot of the times there will be companies and car dealerships where they run their credit report multiple times so if you want to like let's say as an example dispute and inquiry you just click here you choose the reason and it would be you know the following is not mine please remove this inaccurate information from my credit report that easy now let's say there's a bankruptcy you just want to make sure that it is correct if it's past the time the legal time frame then you want to dispute that as well and just other examples of collection accounts like this is closed there's going to be more information all you need to do is just add the reason and add the instruction and it creates the dispute letter for you so that's a good way for you guys to literally automate eighty percent of the dispute process so as you can see this is a really important tool for you guys in order to start sending out dispute letters now that you've seen how that works you're probably wondering okay so what kind of letters do i send and this is where it gets even easier so credit repair cloud provides you with the default letter templates that you need to send out and it's going to be the same almost 99 of the time for each client now we sent out the same letter for each of our clients and we've never failed to see results for our clients and that would be the default round one letter it's literally the first one that they provided with and it works every time now sometimes of course depending on the creditor you might receive some kind of a response from you know a validation or information like that or verified then you would just send round two round three and so on that's how easy it is to use the dispute letter generator with credit for cloud and again you guys i just want to remind you i do have the links for credit per cloud software in the description below it is my referral link so if you do click on that i do receive a commission when you use the software but that doesn't change the difference between that i'm actually using it as well in my business all right so let's move on to the credit repair cloud pricing and i want to just go over that very briefly so the first plan that comes with credit for cloud is the start plan which is for 179 and you can add up to three team members it has unlimited storage unlimited affiliates and leads so you can add as many affiliates and partners into your crm system and it does of course have the private label client portal when your clients log into their client portal because each client gets one of those the next will be grow which is for 299 dollars a month and that is when you have up to 600 active clients so bravo to you if you have that many clients the next would be the 399 plan which would be the scale and that is for up to 1 200 active clients now the next would be for enterprise which is really cool about credibility cloud because they're very upfront and transparent with their pricing so you can see that it is 5.99 a month for up to 2 400 clients so a lot of you may be thinking you know it might be a little expensive for software but again this is a software that basically automates about eighty percent of your credit repair dispute process and allows you to add multiple affiliates multiple uh leads and a lot of active clients so it will be beneficial for you at the end of the day um so i want to show you guys how much money that you can actually make in the credit per cloud software so you guys can have an idea of how good the software is so now we're here at the calculator and this is honestly why i love credit per cloud so much because they offer so many different things and they show you a legitimate profit calculator to see how much money you can make now on average uh most credit companies charge 99 a month which is the start of the service and then typically 99 as a reoccurring fee um and to be completely honest with you in our credit per company we charge 79 a month um and a 99 down so we don't charge until we actually send out the first round letters remember that it is uh important that you understand that so let's say that you get 30 clients in your first month you your projected revenue would be an average of three thousand dollars now let's say you keep hitting that momentum and you hit another 30 clients your revenue potentially for the second month would be 5900 and then again 8700 and so forth so you could be making a very good profit margin with credit repair and starting a credit per business but this is why it's so important to understand how great credit per cloud is and how you can automate most of the process because we typically only take about 30 minutes to an hour on each client a month so that's credit per cloud and that is the calculator okay guys well that basically sums up the credit per cloud review and overview of this video i'm really happy for the ones that stated to the end of the video because i wanted to give you guys a bonus so after i'm going over this you know training and review i wanted to give my viewers uh you know a better chance of winning when it comes to credit repair so if you guys use my affiliate link in the description below or if you sign up for the credit hero challenge which is a 14 day credit repair business startup training i am going to be providing with you uh some bonuses so some of the bonuses will be uh social media ad templates for your credit per business so i'm going to be providing you templates for your instagram facebook and linkedin now i will also be giving you a one-on-one coaching call regarding uh just a overview and mapping of your business plan for your credit per business and the last and best thing i want to provide you with is helping you find your first five clients in the first week so i wanted to give you guys that bonus so when you start your credit per business journey you'll have a better understanding of how to start your credit for business and how to get more clients alright guys so don't forget to leave a like subscribe comment below what you think of this video and i'll see you next time


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