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so it's a common misconception that crypto 
only hires technical people short blockchain   developers are some of the most sought after 
and highly treasured talent in the ecosystem   listen i don't know anything about computers it 
actually takes a host of diverse talents from   many different backgrounds to make an ecosystem 
thrive no i don't know what the future holds   i just wanted to have i was given a 
purpose i can do something with my life hello and welcome to the exodus channel your home 
for the best crypto videos don't forget make sure   that you do hit those like and subscribe 
buttons and we will keep the videos coming   if you're watching this video you're probably 
already curious about working in crypto and   are wondering how you can get your foot in the 
door maybe you're still at university finishing   your studies or maybe you're considering a more 
exciting mid-career change well then this video   is certainly for you any sizeable company needs 
talent across the board in divisions including   human resources accounting and payroll marketing 
business development social media community   management pr and communications and even some 
that you might not even be aware of such as meme   generator or even twitter influencer maybe six 
to eight months ago i can't remember exactly when   i tweeted out and i said if you send me fire 
memes i will have no choice but to share them   there was some random kid who kept sending me fire 
memes and i kept posting them and the memes were   things like me carrying peter schiff around like a 
baby and i finally said to myself this kid has too   much time on his hands who is he so i messaged the 
person back and i said hey what do you do all day   you got a lot of time for memes what do you do and 
that person was colton we eventually got on a call   and i pitched him on starting a company that 
i had an idea for but i didn't have time to do   and so that's what we did and somehow colton now 
has quit his job he still has fire memes and we   work together on the entire employment business 
to help uh what 10 000 people get a job in crypto   this year whether it is building and engaging with 
a cryptocurrency community via twitter and reddit   producing crypto media content or ensuring the 
mental health of crypto employees as a welfare   officer there are many ways you can add value 
to this industry the crypto market is growing   and you need to get a slice of the action as the 
world's largest revenue intelligence company we   influence revenue decisions of multi-billion 
dollar companies across the globe so according   to markets and markets of research the global 
blockchain market size is expected to grow   from 3 billion in 2020 to 39.7 billion by 2025 
at an impressive compound annual growth rate of   67.3 from 2020 to 2025 absolutely insane for 
cryptocurrencies the global crypto market cap   hit a high of over 2.3 trillion dollars in 2021 
dominated by bitcoin ethereum and tether the   major cryptocurrency exchange coinbase actually 
went public in 2021 and was valued at nearly 86   billion dollars during its first day coinbase 
actually has over 1 200 employees on its payroll   beaten only by buy nuts which hires more than 1 
500 employees and nasdaq listed bitcoin mining   companies like riot and marathon payton group 
are also currently valued at over 3 billion   user adoption is also growing and in some 
areas like deepai it's growing exponentially   so the number of global crypto users crossed 100 
million in january 2021 due to factors like paypal   and venmo opening up to cryptocurrencies as well 
as the massive influx of traditional institutional   interests and adoption from companies like 
greyscale and microstrategy coinbase alone   serves more than 13 million active users today and 
el salvador's recent legislation to make bitcoin   legal tender will only push further user adoption 
given the shared numbers pouring into the industry   it is evident that crypto is not just trendy 
anymore but it's actually here to stay i'm   very pro innovation i think it helps the economy 
grow i think more people get access to finance   and access to good medicine access to good jobs 
working in the crypto space is not just limited to   your favorite blockchain projects you can also 
work for crypto wallets like exodus or treza   or exchanges like coinbase or sushi swap or even 
be a part of research teams and media publications   like coindesk or missouri and it's not just crypto 
native organizations that are hiring here's where   it gets interesting traditional finance companies 
like visa and jpmorgan are also building up their   blockchain capabilities with strategic crypto 
hires for the imminent future the best part is   you can work in crypto from anywhere in the world 
from your home from the beach whichever you prefer   as long as you're not getting distracted by the 
way we at exodus are always hiring and you can   actually check out our current vacant positions at careers just by clicking the link above   there are also a handful of job search sites that 
are dedicated specifically to crypto including and and the idea was   just to consolidate you know all the jobs 
across all the top companies in one space   we've got what companies like coinbase gemini 
block fi who else anchorage kraken i mean all   the big players in the space and then tons of 
startups too oh and did we mention that you   would actually probably get paid in crypto too so 
coinbase employees can choose to receive their pay   in usdc and at exodus you get paid in bitcoin 
working for any of the numerous networks will   likely get you paid or rewarded in their tokens 
for being a contributing member of the team this guy white hat i built our network 
security myself bugs they could destroy   you're a white house i have something for you help 
us help you once you know that i'm mighty proud to   be a part of your team my first payday is so good 
to finally be validated never ever ever give up so   what are you waiting for if crypto is a passion of 
yours there's no better way than getting paid for   your passion with a job in crypto join the crypto 
revolution and let's help the next 100 million   people exit the world of traditional finance 
and gain true financial sovereignty and freedom

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