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I am going to give you the same standard answer that I give to everybody else Shipra, whether you are 32 years old, 42 years old, 52 years old, 60 years old, 70 years old, 90 or even 100 years, It does not matter If you do not have any relevant work experience in digital marketing then you are a fresher Whether you have 20 years of corporate sales experience even then you will be considered a fresher And of course, if you do not have any work experience then you are a fresher This field Take for instance…. Hello ladies and gentlemen, how are all of you? I had promised to you that We now have the questions with us And today I will be answering Shipra's question Because many other students like Shipra have been repeatedly asking the same question If my age has crossed 30 or 40 Should I consider switching my career into digital marketing? Will it be worth it for my career growth? Should I finally take the plunge in digital marketing? Because there are a lot of people who come from electronics background Or they come from engineering background or a technical background And they do not have any experience in the field of marketing as such But they have obviously heard from their social circle – which is true by the way That you can earn a lot of money by working from home But this entire WORK FROM HOME concept has been greatly exaggerated Working from home does not mean that you are not supposed to grind or work hard It only means that you do not have to travel to office for work So you will decent flexibility to carry on with your work from home But if your work is substandard or not of higher quality, then you will be shown the way out So please do not fall for the gimmicks and listen to what I am saying carefully Working from home does not mean a chilled out life with tons of money flowing in or LESS WORK for MORE MONEY Ok? So before answering Shipra's question Today I will be giving you a LIKE target for this video Why? Because a lot of people watch the video but are not liking it If we as creators are working tirelessly to bring to you high-quality content Work so hard to edit videos and then finally bring them to you So I would request you to please support us by liking the video as it boosts the algorithm and increases the reach of the video I would be highly grateful to you if we can achieve 50 likes on this video The moment we reach 50 likes, I will release another video on this topic I know you must be thinking – How can you ask us to like the video before even watching it? Please like ONLY if you found some value from this entire video series It helps YouTube to strengthen the reach and performance of this video and help other people in this community to gain more knowledge Your engagement helps to keep this channel alive and gives me the motivation to help you even more! It really doesn't matter if you don't want to buy my course.

But your 1 LIKE can change someone's LIFE! So let's head straight to Shipra's Question on my screen *Reading out Shipra's Question from the screen* Ok! So! Shipra I will not sugarcoat my response You are 32 years old And you mentioned that you are heading for a divorce and I am truly sorry about that I can only imagine what you must be going through But The question I want to ask you is – How bad do you want it? How bad do you want to earn money legitimately online from home? If the answer is I need it very badly Then you will find the way And you will do all the hard work But if you are complacent and are ready to compromise with whatever you get Then I don't think that you need that badly enough So! If you need it very very badly So what will you have to do? Number 1 You will have to do a digital marketing course Whether you do it through YouTube or anywhere else It does not matter Why am I encouraging people to do a course when I used to say do not enroll in a program is Because I have realized that whenever you do a course under someone's mentorship (like I still have 200 to 300 people connected to me on various platforms) I get at least 50 to 60 queries on Instagram every month or LinkedIn And I have realized that whenever I respond to messages People get motivated and they also get guidance and direction to at-least start working towards their desired destination Sometimes it also helps people to not invest in stupid schemes that will cost them much more than just money under the garb of digital marketing So choosing the right program comes with a host of advantages You get the right guidance, motivation, direction, and assurance that you have someone to go to if you are stuck Otherwise, if you keep watching videos on YouTube and, do not have anyone to get your queries resolved in my opinion is the most foolish thing to do Platforms like Udemy are just another video hosting platform.

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They will never resolve your doubts or evaluate assignments. So, first of all, you must finish your digital marketing course, no matter where you decide to do it from It will obviously be better to do a paid program because then your trainers will be accountable to you personally If you have budget constraints, then I invite you to check my program as well in the description of this video In just Rs 2500+GST, I am providing industry premium benefits with doubt support Ok! So these are some of the options that you have Otherwise, if you want to explore free options then you can look into some certificate programs from Google Skillshop You can check Hubspot Inbound Academy You should go through each of the FREE courses that are available and then make a decision whether you like working on the things discussed in the program Am I liking it? If someone asks me in the morning to work on a 500-word blog on a product that you've been meaning to promote Do I feel challenged and willing to work on that task? Number 2 All these activities like writing a blog, or designing an advertisement Writing content pieces All these tasks are not mundane These are not mechanical or cut-copy-paste tasks These are strategic tasks Strategic tasks directly imply that your actions have a bearing on a business's sales And your salary/commission is directly dependent on the sales or revenue generated from your campaigns So, do not be under this illusion that you are supposed to work as per specific instructions with no creativity Sometimes you will have tons of work, whereas sometimes the load will be less For example: Recently, I do not have enough work on my plate, but a few weeks back I was overloaded with deadlines Like when my clients had some offers or promotions or they were running a sale on their website and apps These are some crucial moments when you have to work really really hard Number 3 Do you like selling? The reason why I am asking this question is that the ROI generated by marketing campaigns must translate into sales If you do not like to sell then you will never like to market a product as well Although, I am aware that I have mentioned in some of my videos that sales and marketing are different But if your marketing activities are not resulting in sales or generating enough leads or inquiries Then your marketing efforts are essentially useless Irrespective of your mode of engagement with any company, you will only be allowed to work if your marketing efforts yield revenue and sales Any company in this world is only investing their precious dollars/rupees into marketing because they are hopeful to get a profit out of the entire process Your salary is also dependent on the revenue generated from your efforts Are you willing to take that pressure? Do you have what it takes to To explain to people about your products, to talk to people, to convince people, and to reach out to the masses in your target market through creative efforts? And are you willing to learn technical things irrespective of your background? If you really have what it takes Then you will be able to get a great headstart in this field I am going to give you a standard answer that I mostly give to everybody starting out Shipra Shipra, whether you are 32 years old, 42 years old, 52 years old, 60 years old, 70 years old, 90 or even 100 years, It does not matter If you do not have any relevant work experience in digital marketing then you are a fresher Whether you have 20 years of corporate sales experience even then you will be considered a fresher And of course, if you do not have any work experience then you are a fresher This field For instance, if someone is coming to for a job from a chemical engineering background – a recruiter might not even look at his resume But if the same chemical engineering person can prove to the recruiters that he can do whatever it takes to finish the job And if he/she is able to express their thoughts confidently He/she will be selected for the job and start their career as well as paid handsomely Companies are always looking for self-motivated, highly knowledgable, and go-getters who can function with minimum training and guidance But above all, they are hands-on with their work and are able to work as per the company's requirements and demands Let me also tell you that there is no digital marketing fresher in India who is perfectly knowledgeable just by finishing a course All companies train their employees and equip them with the real-world problems But training does not mean spoonfeeding For example: Teaching you every tool step by step Theoretical, as well as conceptual knowledge, should be clear before you join any company The company will give you challenging problems and goals to figure out the process yourself and give creative solutions and inputs This is what is required This is why doing a course is important as it prepares with you with the fundamentals and technical know-how So the absence of technical knowledge is not tolerated anywhere If you tell your recruiters that you do not know how to run Google ads in an interview You are likely to get rejected If you tell your hiring manager that you are not well versed with SEO basics You are in all likelihood, REJECTED Not only should you need good technical knowledge, but you also need to show a sample of the work that you have done by yourself Companies value people who have taken the effort to create something out of their own personal brand Companies love people who built following on their own social media handles and generated traffic & results on their websites/blogs For themselves alone, not other people Companies love people who don't give excuses for not building their own stuff simply because they are freshers Companies greatly admire people who acknowledge their lack of opportunities but turn to their skills for building their audience base through their own work I hope this video was useful for you I have tried my best to give you an honest and non-sugar coated version of my answer to your question It will take a lot of hard work, struggle, and a series of disappointments.

But it will all be worth it towards the end You will have to accept free internships in some cases which will later be converted into WFH offers. It is all dependent on how badly you want to get a career in the field of digital marketing 90% of people quit within 6 months to 1 year. But those who stay shine! Do not be afraid of failures or setbacks We are also not perfectionists and therefore ego has to be completely eliminated I have personally experienced a lot of failures and setbacks even after working for more than 7 years in digital marketing All the best and take care!

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