Digital Nomad Freelancing Option #4 – Project Manager – Dreams Around The World

In this lesson we're going to talk about
being a project manager or virtual assistant now these are two different
professions I'm including them together because there's some overlap and mostly
because I want to give you the most value I can for this course and I really
have about 15 different professions I wanted to include so I'm condensing some
two into one video so hope you'll forgive me for that now you're probably
familiar with virtual assistants and the general discussion around them is often
about hiring overseas people a lot of digital nomads or online entrepreneurs
hire an assistant from the Philippines for a few dollars an hour and have them
do sort of busy work now the other side to this is that there are a lot of
entrepreneurs who work online and need an assistant or a project manager most
of the time they more want a project manager because they don't have that
much busy work they're not sending their wife flowers or making an appointment
with the dry cleaners but they really want to get stuff done and they don't
want to send it to the Philippines or to India they want to deal with someone
where they can have a proper conversation
there's no cultural barriers there's not as many time zone issues and there's
more kind of consistency and reliability you know how good things are in terms of
education or cultural training there's still a difference between working you
know as a Canadian if I'm working with a fellow Canadian or a Brit or an American
or working with someone from somewhere like the Philippines in terms of our
ability to communicate really quickly and fluently so someone who's struggling
online was probably going to look to hire someone for a few dollars an hour
but someone who has a good business online is okay to pay 30 40 dollars an
hour for their project manager because they're valuing their own time maybe at
a hundred or two hundred dollars an hour and they want a really good project
manager to take it on so to be a good project manager you need to be good at
organizing things taking charge of things and having that drive so often as
a project manager and entrepreneur might give you sort of the overview for a
project and what needs to get done and it
expect you to then go out and hire the right people put together the team kind
of set up the plan for it all and run with what was basically a loose vision
for that so you need that drive and ambition and ambition that's what one of
the big differences between a virtual assistant where a virtual assistant
you're more just getting things done for people helping them stay organized maybe
doing light accounting invoices setting up calendars helping with email things
like that you you know you don't necessarily need experience for this but
if you do have past business experience or school experience you know in terms
of like a Business Administration degree or something like that it will obviously
be helpful but the biggest thing is gaining that experience so you might in
this case start off as a virtual assistant where you're doing easy stuff
kind of no-brainer work and you get good at it you be consistent you'd be
reliable and proactive this is a big thing I hear from entrepreneurs is we
want someone who's proactive working with us the reason we want to outsource
is to save our own time and kind of mental space so we can focus on the
bigger picture stuff or creative projects and so the more you can be
proactive and sort of say okay here's the problem why don't I try to solve it
myself and as long as I'm not gonna you know destroy anything there's not a lot
of harm that's that's very popular that's a well desired desire to probably
the right word not the right word trait in hiring a project manager or a virtual
assistant so you could start off as a virtual assistant and then build your
way up to more of a project manager role taking on big things overseeing the
whole project and really having the trust of your employer this profession
can be great in terms of transitioning into your own business down the road and
potentially doing so as a partnership there's a lot of entrepreneurs who are
on the opposite end a project manager there are sort of visionaries they're
creative they're very good at coming up with a concept but they're very poor at
executing it and they love to work with a great project manager who can take a
concept help execute it and make it and rather than getting paid what you
could always do is do some projects on like a profit share and gradually build
your own business that way where you're either as a profit share or an equity
share and you partner up with people and transition into having your own passive
income streams and your own business that way all right so that's it in terms
of being a project manager or virtual assistant hope you've enjoyed it see you
in the next lesson

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