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this video i will show you social media jobs that are currently active and which of course you can do from home given that the most of the audience watching my videos is between 18 and 30 years old most of them will surely enjoy this video if you are ready like the video and let's get started [Music] hello friends welcome to the new video on the passive income academy channel my name is boris welcome to my channel where you can expect 4 weekly videos on passive income methods and making money online strategies we'll talk about affiliate marketing dropshipping cpa marketing nfts crypto forex and investing in index funds and shares of companies if this is the content you are interested in like the video and subscribe to my youtube channel today we are talking about a brand new remote job opportunity social media manager the first company for today is a company called the clooney foundation for justice as always all the links from websites and platforms will be pinned in the first comment of this video so you don't have to waste time looking for the websites now you will find their jobs when you scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the job opportunities button in the footer of the website as you can see they have three open positions we will choose the media and communications associate for today we will click on the click here to read the full description button and the pdf file will open in it you can read what skills you need to have what's expected from you what are the benefits and what will you do more specifically you will create content for social media publish the content write blog posts upload news to the website participate in editing videos and so much more what's important to emphasize is that it's a global position so you can apply for any country what interests you even more certainly is the data on the amount of salary the annual salary for this position is between 50 and 65 000 send your cv and three references to employment at cfg.org the deadline for submitting applications is march 18.

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if you are interested in more jobs on this topic you can visit indeed.com and see other companies that have posted this job description i will leave you a link from the website in the description itself if you still didn't like this type of job or it's simply not for you i will leave you a playlist of other companies that hire you to work from home where i'm sure you will find a certain job that will attract your attention with both a job description and a good salary that would be all for this amazing video i hope you learned something new and useful and that you will at least take a closer look and consider these jobs if you enjoyed the video be sure to like it subscribe to my youtube channel and turn on the notification bell you also see this number of 1000 subscribers when it comes to 5 000 i will do a 50 giveaway and a couple more nice prizes i will leave your playlist with other remote jobs of orion companies if you want to see another tutorial on this topic also if you want to find out how i earned over 100 000 dollars in two years with the help drop servicing you have the first link in description of this video until the next video new education and earnings online big greetings from my youtube channel cheers [Music] you

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