Earn P20,000 as Social Media Manager (2 to 3 Hours per Day na Work)

It is ranging and starting between 3 dollars this the super basic one and super simple task as a socia media manager 30 dollars 3 to 30 dollars But the 30 dollars this one is you will have bunch of tasks including FB Ads reaching out to influencers but to the beginners that are aspiring the salary is starting from 350 dollars per month Okay Home mates this is one of the nice online job that I will be going to share this one of the in demand on job on the market so many clients are hiring Okay Ma'am Sue What is social media management work? what task are you doing on this kind of Job? Actually the social media management you literally managed social media accounts of your clients and then when we say manage literally means creating a post for them You can also schedule it the posts and then you can also you can engaged on followers and audience like that and actually you have so much responsibilities under social media manager task You are going to do the posts for your client Ma'am right? yeah what is that are thinking what post to be published? or the client give some Okay, so it all depends some clients give some copy meaning copy is the given captions and then you will just get or make an image for them some clients also you yourself will create the contents like captions images even video clips you are personally the person to think it's up to them if what they will ask you to do and on that situation the rates will vary of social media manager you mention the rates how much is the salary range or the range of the salary on social media manager Ok so, uhm as what I have said earlier it all varies it depends on your tasks as a social media manager so sometimes there are others ranging and starting on 3 dollars you will do some basic stuff here and super simple task as a social media manager there are also, until there are ranging 30 dollars 3 to 30 dollars but that 30 dollars this rate is you would do so many tasks like marketing and then consultation You will also think about strategies and campaigns that you will implement on client account basically it depends on the task that they will ask you to do from 3 dollars to 30 dollars per hour that's per hour others have that they will some service that is packaged already so that is different if per package they have different ranging the per packaged range 3,500 to 4,500 dollars per month that they will pay on their clients but again, the higher rates it involves a lot like FB ads reaching out to influencers and the likes But the beginners and for aspiring starting from 350 dollars per month is the packaged for them If we say packaged is like, for example per month like 10 posts or like 20 posts like that? they have like included person services there? Yes, for this is the example for packages let say 15 posts every month for two socia media sites for example for Facebook and Instagram only including the graphics and social analytics report that they will do per month because they have to send reports on what's going on or what is the engagements of social media handles that they are handling replying in DMs and comments are included in packages so ma'am maybe our viewers were not able to relate when we said social media and posting so let's give an example of posting can I actually give example based on my social media accounts for them to better understand they have this little company BossedUp PH We are posting contents about how to become social media manager how to become a freelancer all of the posts there our target audience is the aspiring and newbie freelancers also, we have Instagram that they can check what is the meaning of a post that I mean so basically what can be seen in your post is that's what you do like a social media manager the post includes the graphics the caption or copy and call to action call to action must be included in the post for engagement with the audience Miss Sue what's the schedule when it comes to this work that manages social media like is it fix hours, 9 AM to 5 PM or flexible time that it's up to you what time is it a part-time job that takes 3 – 2 hours per day only for the schedule it may vary because for my experience my social media task is not necessarily has a fixed schedule I only should prepare the social media posting ahead So I can schedule it to my scheduler that I am using we used a different scheduler for platforms maybe a lot of them are asking 'what is the social media scheduler?' I will discuss that later when we talk about the tools but right now is it flexible? yes for me most of the social media are doing their tasks in their own time as long as they can create or hit the deadline before posting they should have done a post for at least advance in one week or or one month because it will just schedule home mates, it depends but mostly on Facebook and Instagram is flexible time but to me on YouTube it is quite considered a Social Media Platform my client is always running late and delay seems like he wants to if he's available we should also in his time for at least in his last-minute upload we can finish or meet the deadline but I have a client on YouTube flexible time as what Ma'am Sue said actually James I also have a client who is doing a
Facebook live stream and he requested he is live on Facebook I should be online as well to check the comments questions to submit immediately to be answered while he's on live it depends on the client but most of my clients doesn't necessarily require me to be online always only every time that they are on live that needs support so that's it ka-home mates it can be part-time or full time that has fix schedule but usually, it is a flexible time Ma'am Sue What are the types of SMM or different kind of work in social media management actually, there are a lot of types I have 3 types that I will say First, Social Media Engager actually, it involves the same task in Social Media management Social Engager is only replying to comments and DMs They already have layouts for answers once this is the comment they have a layout when this is the DM So it is really easy Doesn't have content creation more on engagement that's why I called it engager because it only engages the next one is a social media manager it is like level up of social engager where it has a lot of needs to do it has a lot of responsibilities like creating content schedule the content including the planning and strategize on how you'll do his content for the whole month the third one is quite complicated this is the marketing engager, marketer, and manager are different in marketer, it focuses on the task you are really asked to make a conversion make a sale for example, when I say make a sale the client is an e-commerce store your goal as a marketer is to sell his products if your client is an online course creator your goal is to sell the course that he's making creating Facebook Ads reaching out to an influencers doing giveaways and contest it has campaigns that can get audiences' attention to the website or landing pages where they are selling but sometimes there are client especially start-ups sometimes they will make you do all the positions there are clients like that exactly usually, my clients right now those who has a start up companies not so big companies and entrepreneurs So most of the time what i'm doing is is all in marketer manager as engager actually I preferred that rather than I'm just an engager rather than I'm just an manager rather than I'm just an marketer especially if you are an aspiring the one who are your audience James that aspiring or the one who wants to learn more online I would really highly encouraged them to go to you work it all as a Soc Media Manager you will surely enjoy it more and you can gain more knowledge also you learn more skills on the way you will do all things as you are a marketer, manager and you are also the engager actually I love that more I really enjoy on that set up and it's so rare that clients the one who hire seperate engager and one manager are the big companies and big entrepreneurs actually my work as an engager he is a big entrepreneur already so my really focus is to engaged there are other people who are creating the videos also different employee create the photos and captions for him so personally I belong to those who engaged and replies on comments Ma'am Sue can you tackle how did you start? as social media manager like how did you start? where did you learn and etc.

Because we have some viewers that is so curios they like the work and like the the schedule but they don't know where to learn and where to start I will share on how I start as a Social Media Manager before I'm not a social media manager I started else as a virtual assistant I started early 2014 as a social media manager on upwork there I got my first clients I started 2 dollars per hour He is the one who teach me how to do the work on how to be a social media manager he just teach me how to post how to schedule post and how to read the analytics on where I can adjust that is the things he teach to me then starting from that On upwork there is a dash board about your past projects like that so starting from that it reflect on my upwork profile I try to apply to others on Upwork as a social media manager because I saw how enjoyable it is what I do James on social media first client on social media he is a Labrador Labrador Page so it's super cute I put some memes on it I really enjoy that work that's why I thought why not look for another clients that are the same I will just do the same service also there are a lots of client finding social media managers that time that's why I landed on some social media jobs and also after that, I always received projects like that rather than my web development something for your question on how they can start I would say that if you are a beginner because it's working like this there are so many ways and how to get social media client there are so many on 3rd party platforms when I say third party what I mean is the upwork online jobs.ph freelancers.com so they can get clients from there that is also the place where I started on upwork and then if they want like some tasks if they really social media manager maybe they can apply to agencies they are a lot of companies and agencies as of now that are hiring social media managers so they can start from that I think there are also agencies that they first train the aspiring social media managers before they put them into the real client so maybe they can look for that kind of agencies and also there are 3rd way on getting clients looking for clients from Linkedin from Facebook Groups and from instagram It can be harder if you are a beginner it's hard to pitch yourself on your potential client specially if you don't have ideas on how you will going to execute it so I would highly recommend maybe they can start on 3rd party platforms or maybe on some agencies your explanation is more on finding clients but they can also they will build there portfolio since they are just begginers they will just create some sample work they can make some facebook page like for trial actually James if you are social media manager you don't really need to have a website just to get some clients like even just a portfolio of your own instagram account or on your own facebook account it can really work already and also I would suggest if they want to have an instant portfolio they can use LinkedIn because there's a lot of prospects out there usually entrepreneurs are out there some big companies that are hiring social media managers that is all that I can recommend on the social media sites that they can give on their prospect clients as of their portfolio if they don't have website So that's it home mates So just create some account first example Ms Sue she has a Bossed Up PH for example you can do like that for the mean time you can use that as a portfolio you can make Instagram and create some post and that's it, at least you have some sources to show Home mates, some short brief background I'm the one who approach Ma'am Sue because I search about social media managers who is the most expert on the field? on YouTube it is Ma'am Sue is appearing on the top of Social Media Management when it comes to youtube okay ma'am Sue what tools are website are you going to learn? of out viewers that are aspiring Social Media Manager Yeah there's a lot of easy to use tools that you can learn if you are aspiring new freelancers one is when it come to creating graphics because that is the main difficult task to do when you are social media managers you can use canva and there of tools that they can used but I will highly recommend canva because it has a scheduling feature of canva and then the sizes in just on click it is already size for facebook in just one click size for LinkdIn when it comes to social scheduling of their posts It depends James on there on social media platforms so for example is the facebook and instagram I would highly recommend that creators studio because that is the scheduling app that is made by facebook for instagram and facebook and then also I would highly recommend Buffer Hootsuite and tailwind for pinterest so those paltforms are actually they are all the same if you would really learn the features of it they are all the same the only different is the user interface so it so easy to explore if they want and these tools are mostly for free and if premium at least there are how many days if there are free at least there are how many days that they can try it so that they can explore if how they will do it so that's it home mates that are the tools that you can research it and then that's it, you can try it.

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On your social media you will notice if you write on your portfolio or if you are just applying you can put it directly on your portfolio that you know how to use that Hootsuite Buffer So that's it you can use trial facebook page that you can try it scheduler or some creator studio so you have an access Okay Ma'am Sue if they want to study that tools like tailwind and other tools so you can go to the YouTube channel Ma'am Sue you can check it out study some tools and other guides of Ma'am Sue So, Ma'am Sue what other content they can see on your youtube channel? actually I have a lot of tutorials when it comes to social media management content creation how to create captions that is very engaging how to create social media analytics report how to oprtimize your channels and I also have a invited friends to explain together with me on how to the strategies on instagram LinkedIn and others So that's it home mates if you want to learn more about this job you are looking where to start where you can learn it number one channel that you go to is the youtube channel of Ma'am Sue Ma'am Sue my last question is sorry second to the last question so on your past clients is there any requirements? is there any requirements of skills? number one skills if they require number two is the equipment like if they require some laptop specific specs of laptop based on your own experienced for the skills it is so important you are very good in english language actually me personally I install some Grammarly on my laptop just to make sure that the grammar is correct because it is so important that your post has a good grammar specially on the client accounts for professionalism and then other is the other clients they already hired some copy writer other also hire graphic designer but if you will do it all just have some basic skills about copy writing for your post become more engaging and also some basics on graphic design that you can make simple graphics for your clients and when it comes to specs on laptop and then when it comes to spec of laptop and so on they don't have any requirements actually this a requirements for some agencies but if your having a direct client specs of laptop is not that big deal but you will personally suffer if you will used so low spec laptop because you will be disturb if it is so laggy this is so slow things like that but as long as you do your job on that laptop It is so okay if your laptop is more faster less stress I would highly recommend as a social media manager the specs of your laptop is 13 above or i5 for less stress So Ma'am last question you do this for a long time and you help a lot of people is this job is for everyone? or other people is suited for this and some are not Social Media Management or as a social media manager or for everybody who wants to learn the one who is so eager to learn because it's different that you just like it and the one that you really willing to learn I have a couple of friends that they just like it some they can catch some clients for a month but if you are really not passionate and you are not enjoying The project will surely stop and eventually you will not find some joy and you will not look other project related but if you like the work that you really find it enjoying even when you are little bit struggling on some task and on job that you client demand you will surely push through on it on learning and creating about this and that So for your question Yes it's for all who want and so eager to learn

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