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hello everyone and welcome to our homebase story my name is mimi and i am here to help you find different online opportunities and earn extra cash online without leaving the comforts of your home so if you are new to this channel please consider subscribing or following us okay so guys for today's video i'm gonna be in a full english mode so if you like to see the filipino subtitles or captions i will be putting them here below if you have tissues to prepare for the nose bleed i know i have one but kidding aside if you need filipino subtitles then it's gonna be here down below all you have to do is just click the cc button here on the upper part of your screen and today i'm very excited to share with you a new emerging american platform that offers stable work at home job for us i think it is true for everyone that to have a regular job that we can fit into our weekly routine is a dream for everyone right especially in this climate where we're trying to feel safe and secure you know keep our families safe so the good news is in times of this pandemic a very reliable and timely platform called zoom ploy emerge to help everyone get their dream jobs in the comforts of their home so guys stay with me until the end of our video so that you can learn more about zoom employee their job offers how to apply the requirements the payout process and to tell you guys more about this amazing platform i invited someone who works with them to give us insight of how it feels to be a zoom employee family so make sure you stay with me until the very end [Music] alright so guys the website is i'm gonna put it on the link below so that you won't get lost and it's gonna direct you directly onto this website and you'll see here it says we want you join our team today and help us in reaching for the stars there and then we have here adam tabari as their founder and then we also have analog as their ceo and guys sue employee they recruit work from home staff from around the world mainly in the philippines and in mexico they're very different to the bpo companies or the hall center companies that we know like umtel performance allorica or converges because first they recruit for a wide variety of roles for the their clients that includes admin marketing sales graphic design social media and customer service and one more thing the second thing is you will work with one of their us-based clients and depart directly of their team so you can work from the comforts of your own home rather than sitting in an office in a call center and never really actually meeting anyone from the company that you're taking calls for right so the third one i think the difference of this from other platforms is that or from other companies is that you'll be working permanently for the same client and you know you won't be moved around like a piece of chest right working with zoom ploy also has other range of advantages so first you can work from home and stay safe which we all want that's why we're here right so we can ditch the commute and we can save time they offer higher than average monthly salary starting from 30 000 per month and what i really like is they also pay weekly without any delay no matter what so you'll never miss a payment you also have access to online learning platforms and other upscaling resources like webinars so you don't just bring whatever training you have they would also up train you and add more to your skill set so that's also good um they also employ an in-house lifestyle and career coach so that you can book a free of charge confidential session with him anytime to discuss any issue you're facing so this is very important for me especially now in this climate of the pandemic some of us are very overwhelmed with staying at home managing a household at the same time working so they offer a free consultant or a they call it a lifestyle and career coach where you can talk to even with your personal problems so that you know you can at least lift some of the burden off and most importantly from what i hear they really have a friendly and welcoming team and they offer 24 7 whatsapp support with any issues you know one thing about working from home is that sometimes it's very hard especially if you're just working alone and you need someone to ask and there's no one but with zoomploy they actually have a support team where you can ask questions to help and guide you navigate this new career okay so if you if we scroll down some more we will see here some of their openings okay so we'll see their customer service representative where you can earn up to 35 000 per month they also have a graphic designer with 32 000 pesos per month id help desk support online marketing manager social media specialists and the list goes on okay so let's try and check this social media specialist when you where you can earn up to 35 000 pesos per month so we're just gonna click on apply okay so this is a full-time work by the way guys we're in you'll work for 50 hours per week so let's see this role for social media specialists you provide social media support to professionals it's really about managing their facebook their instagram anything social media platform related including answering to messages you know doing the post the photos the captions and all that so that's what a social media specialist is and what would be the requirements if we're interested in this job so first of all you need to be college educated with an associate degree a bachelor associate degree they're very particular with being fluent in american english both in written and oral because most of their jobs include communicating directly with the client so you really have to be able to communicate effectively meaning you know you can carry on a conversation there won't be any gaps or miscommunication between you and the client you also have to have experience creating content for western audiences these are some of the social media that you will be managing it's uh facebook instagram pinterest twitter tech talk linkedin and google plus is there still google plus i'm not sure so those are some of the qualification experience requirements for this particular job all right preferred skills okay so these are some of you know like your personality your attitude when it comes to work and then they also added additional notes that you'll be working in the night shift when it comes to equipment they're not really very specific as long as you know you can handle the job you need to have a stable internet connection a backup internet connection is also a plus same with electricity you need to be able to report to work even if there are blackouts you need to have a plan for a backup electricity and then um one thing that's different with them is that you must wear business attire to work so when you're talking with a client you cannot wear sandals or spaghetti straps you need to be at least presentable you know it doesn't really need to be like a blazer sort of thing that you need to wear a tie at least a polo shirt would do right so if you're for example interested in this position then you can just click on apply to this position and then it's gonna take us to this form so we're just gonna put in here our details so need to upload your resume so we're just gonna upload a resume and then hit continue you'll see here section 104 is your skill set so college educated yes [Music] so let's just click on continue and then we'll be getting the session 204 of your soft skills so you have to rate yourself from one to ten one being poor to ten being outstanding [Music] yeah um maybe nine then section three is your ability to work are you able to work night shifts yes [Music] uninterrupted yes let's just click on continue so section 44 tell us a bit a little bit about you for some of you this is the most difficult part and they're already saying sorry to put us through this but take all the time you need and you can re-record each answer as many times as you like so please don't worry take your time okay so for this part guys um be prepared because you're gonna be recording yourself on a video so we're just gonna record a sample video okay so one um some of the few reminders when you're recording yourself like this you need to be able to wear or you need to wear your corporate attire you know for that sleek professional look each video will be for 60 seconds so first is you need to answer why would you like to work with us so just click on record and then you just normally record yourself oh the minimum recording time guys is 10 seconds so your answer has to be 10 seconds in the maximum would be um 60 seconds um for example you did it like the first video that you did then you can click on redo so let me just finish this and i'll get back to you a few moments later okay so guys i'm already done with all three videos and then what we're gonna do is we're just gonna click on submit application and then you're gonna receive this page where it says application submitted your application has been success submitted successfully and good luck okay so guys once this up the application is submitted then you'll just have to wait for their email to get back to you if you are indoors to the next step which is the interview and then after that would be the client interview will you'll be facing or will you be interacting or communicating directly with the client that is paired to you so that's how the process goes everything goes well then that's it if the client is happy with you and then you can start right away so guys let's talk about their payout this usually a fixed price per month so in the case that we reviewed earlier is 35 000 per month but you're also entitled to overtime pay again what i really like about zoom ploy is that they pay you weekly so it's via payoneer guys that you can send your weekly invoice and you will be paid via payoneer from payoneer it's either you can transfer to your bank account or your gcash account so that's how easy it is to get paid with zoom employee and like i mentioned earlier guys at the beginning of our video i invited someone from zoo employee to be with us to share us an insight of how it is like to be working from zomboy so it's like a peak inside zoom ploy all right so guys i'm gonna introduce you to one of the virtual assistant that is working with zoom ploy to give you an insight on how it is like to work with zoom employees so let me introduce you to leslie ecot hi leslie how are you uh i'm doing great thank you so much for being on our channel to agreeing to be here yes uh thank you so much as well it's really a great opportunity to have this platform to share my experience with zoom poi as well all right so um let me ask you because out of all the platforms online like there are a lot right now where you can work online right what made you choose zoom ploy uh that's really a good question because i really wanted to keep me and my family safe you know during this pandemic and zoom ploy is really one of a very few companies that has a work from home set up which is really very convenient and safe all right and how easy is it to apply and get started with zoom ploy because sometimes it's very challenging to get um you know started working from home how was your experience uh it was very easy and very quick uh first you would submit an online application using the company's online platform called breezy where you upload your curriculum video or cv and answer some questions including some video questions as well and then they would schedule an interview with you within a day and at that time once i was approved they booked a client meeting for me to meet the client for 15 minutes and then after that i signed the contract and started working actually the entire process from the application to my first working day can really take as little as three days wow three days that's really fast um i actually showed our viewers earlier how to log in or apply using the portal so if you do that guys then it's gonna take you just a couple of days to get started and you know get interviewed you don't have to wait a really long time since zoom ploy is a new and emerging platform for you know aspiring virtual assistants now um now that you're already part of this employee team how would you describe it how would you describe being part of it yes they are very friendly they are very caring and a very supportive team that is really happy to go to the extra mile if you have further issues like if you have concerns with the payment if you have concerns with your account with your client with anything you can ask whatever you want because they can assist you with anything that's good um i mean it's really hard you know it's tough working from home especially if you're just alone you can it can feel very isolating right so it's good that you are already part of a philippine team together with appliance from overseas right yes yes it's actually over all over the world so i've had different colleagues who has different cultures so it's really good to meet them as well oh okay that's good and yeah what would you say is your favorite um part of being with zoom ploy yeah actually the company works but small businesses in the us and you are introduced directly to your client and work with your client permanently as part of their team as well so it's like on a daily basis it feels like i am being hired by an american company rather than sitting somewhere in an uh in a call center or bpo set up wherein you have no idea who you work for you know i really like that it is very personal and i feel that i am part of the team and it really gives me the opportunity to learn new skills and you know have an international career as well all right that sounds good because um i i totally agree that sometimes when you work in a corporate setup you don't know who your real bosses are you don't get to meet them you just get to meet with your manager although that's not really a bad thing like it keeps it you know more intimate i would guess but for you know working from home i would agree i felt the same thing where you feel a direct connection to your boss right you're more involved in the business per se not just doing you know um front liner stuff and those things right right now this is a question that most people will be asking and i'm sure a lot of our viewers right now are curious like how are the payment terms is this something that you can share with us yes of course so compared because before i was working in a bpo setup so compared to the bpo uh salary you will earn here for about 25 to 40 percent more like for example me i am working as a virtual assistant i am earning for about 30 000 a month while a csr or customer service reps would make about for about 33 000 a month you know payments are actually processed weekly and everyone gets paid with no delays like they are always on time it's really good that it's a weekly because you won't have to wait for a month or so just to have or for about 15 days before you would receive your payment because in here you would receive it you know weekly like every week wow weekly actually guys to share with you something when the virtual assistant you know um processes started way back like five or so years ago it's monthly they send the payment monthly but now with zoom employee um leslie is now telling us that you can actually earn weekly right so that's really good especially for those people who are entitled in a tight budget or tight financial situation where you have very little time to budget your needs so definitely weekly payments are a good thing right and there's no delay you say right yes there's no delays they're always on time alrighty i assure you that and we're assured all right so um would you for example would you recommend zoom ploy not just our viewers but let's say your friends or your family who also wants to be you know working from home would you recommends employee to them yeah that's a really good question because i really would and i would have because it really offers a great opportunity to work from home you know you could earn for over 30 000 a month you could start an international career and you have the access to a great confidential life and also a career coach because they can assist you with a career coach as well if you have further concerns with your personal life you can book a career coach anytime personally you can say yes need anything that you would like to speak with or you would like to open up to so uh you could be a part of a very warm and welcoming team they are very friendly really like i guess i like that i mean we all want someone to talk to yeah so um guys um leslie can you invite our viewers to join the employee yes of course so if you are fluent in english you need to really smile a lot have a can-do attitude and you should really apply as soon as possible and maybe working with us already next week wow no yeah who wouldn't want that right yeah all right well thank you so much for you know dropping by our channel i really appreciate your insight thank you and you know just letting everyone know that there's this website's employee that you guys can try out i know a lot of you are already looking for a virtual assistant work and zoom ploy again is a new platform that you definitely don't want to miss out there you go thank you so much leslie again thank you thank you for this opportunity alrighty you have a good day bye yes you too bye and there you go guys i hope that leslie and i was able to give you a good insight of how it feels like to work with zoom ploy in case we missed any details or information that you'd like to know feel free to comment it down below so that i can get back to you so if you are interested what are you waiting for right just click the link on our description box and pin comment check the available jobs and see you know which ones are a good fit for you and remember that with zoom ploy you are family thank you so much guys for watching and staying with me until the very end of our video don't forget to follow us on facebook and instagram where we share additional work at home tips and i will see you guys again for another work from home or earn from home video next time thanks for watching bye [Music]

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