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sigma males are often known as the lone wolves 
they are popular and very successful but also   highly independent and self-reliant sigmas 
are often the people that everyone wants to   speak to but they are very likely to be 
found in the corner of a room at a party   these men are very popular with the ladies 
because once you get to know them you understand   how driven reliable funny friendly and kind they 
are they don't need a woman but when they find   the right one they will let her into his life 
sigma men are very softly spoken and they have   a mysterious nature about them this intrigues a 
lot of the women and makes them want these men   even more so and today's video we're going to talk 
about the sigma male traits that girls absolutely   adore you might even find yourself identifying 
with some of these traits so here we go and the very first one is being a true leader 
a sigma's ability to be both popular and very   thoughtful makes them fantastic leaders they 
can easily pick up followers but the true test   of any leader is how they actually treat those 
followers and sigmas treat everyone with respect   they listen to what they have to say and when 
it comes to making decisions they are very level   headed a sigma male would never act an impulse 
especially when other people are involved they   would rather retreat to their own personal 
space whilst they think about that decision   before they move on and they also don't subscribe 
to a dictator type leadership they believe that   everyone should have a chance to have a say which 
is one of the things that makes them such amazing   leaders they are a lover of freedom you would 
not find a sigma chained to a desk job working   for a huge corporation they are more likely to 
be entrepreneurs the writers the artists or even   celebrities they need something that gives them 
freedom of being able to work wherever they want   and to be able to live their lives sigmas are all 
about balance they have level heads which means   they understand how valuable a great career is and 
they are often very successful at whatever it is   they do but they also want to have that freedom 
to just get away when they need now a sigma will   often disappear into the wilderness where they 
kind of recharge and relax and figure out who they   are they will only be in a situation that takes 
away some of their freedom if they are gaining   something from it like money or maybe knowledge 
and as a lover of freedom it can be difficult for   a sigma male to actually find a partner because 
well he needs a partner who can respect his need   for freedom and he's not always clinging on to 
him he wants to spend time with his partner but he   also wants that alone time to collect his thoughts 
anyone who has a sigma partner needs to understand   this or the relationship will just never last 
the mystery sigmas are known to be mysterious   it's really difficult to know what they 
are even thinking the truth is although   they can be those deep thinkers they probably 
are not really thinking about all that much   some girls can find this frustrating because 
they feel as though they are hiding something   but other ladies like this mysterious aspect 
of the personality sigma men will never give   anything away even if they are around someone that 
they trust they like to keep things to themselves   the solo player harry styles if you have no 
idea who he is he used to be part of the boy   band called one direction and before heading off 
in his own direction and going solo now this is   typical sigma behavior sigmas as mentioned 
earlier on in the video are great leaders   they would kind of prefer to work by themselves 
though and not have that group situation   the social aspect of their personality allows 
them to work within a team but this does not   mean that this is what makes them happy they 
can get on a team but they would much rather   prefer to tackle a project by themselves if they 
could observer sigmas would rather look and listen   than jump straight into a situation they like 
to take a step back and observe what's going on   this could be in an emergency when there is 
let's say a work problem or when they are   meeting a girl for the first time although they 
are popular and they do not lack their confidence   when it comes to meeting a girl they would like to 
observe her behavior first take her all in before   they make move this means they are very insightful 
and they get to know the girl more they will   start to point out things to her about her own 
behavior and this will make her feel as though he   really understands her and builds that emotional 
connection this is something that girls love and   it's one of those traits they crave they rebel 
but we're the cause you might be visualizing a   sigma male as a good boy but they're actually far 
from it they are popular and very independent with   that rebellious streak they tear up the script and 
forge their own path that is why people like steve   jobs who was a sigma often do trial blazing 
things and he created the first smartphone   they don't see the same barriers that other 
people with different personality types do   girls are seriously attracted to these types of 
guys but specifically that sigma rebellious boy   they are not rebels in the sense they are 
constantly in trouble but more that they are out   of the box thinkers and this is what makes them 
so successful in whatever they put their mind to   and this is why the girls are literally lining 
up to bag one the dominant introvert sigmas   do display introverted personality qualities 
they like to be alone to recharge and that's   how they gain more energy in saying that 
sigmas are a different type of introvert   sure they need their alone time but they are more 
social than the majority of introverts they have   more dominant personality types and can often be 
louder and speak their minds much more often than   what a normal introvert would do which makes them 
attractive to other introverted and extroverted   women they see them as kind of like the best 
of both worlds they can stay in on a saturday   night and watch movies but they can also go out 
to the bar if they wanted and have a great time   self-sufficiency and the independence sigma men 
are very incredibly self-sufficient and uber uber   independent they earn their own money and they can 
look after themselves well and a woman would never   have to run around after a stigma man you know 
doing his washing making his dinner because he   has all of this covered which of course is very 
attractive to the modern day lady a curious mind   sigmas are extremely curious men they see the 
world as full of possibilities instead of taking   things at face value they are always thinking hmm 
okay but why but how why should i do this what's   the reason i shouldn't now it's a great way to 
be and it makes them very interesting people to   spend time with a sigma man would never be rude 
to a lady he is respectful to everyone around him   he always uses his manners and takes a 
genuine interest in what everyone has to say   this is a big tick on a lady's long list 
of wants as she never has to be worried   about him disrespecting her or anyone else 
around him charismatic sigma men are full of   life in character they may be independent but 
that does not mean that they lack personality   quite the opposite they save everything up 
for when they are around people they could   charm anyone they meet and they are positive 
rays of sunshine in any room they walk into   he knows what he wants sigma men are driven and 
often very successful when a lady meets a sigma   male she will know pretty quickly his goals and 
what he wants in life this is seriously attractive   because she doesn't have to baby him through these 
decisions he already knows explorer a sigma male   often use his alone time to explore and go on 
adventures he loves to travel solo and to walk   up high mountains this means he has plenty 
of life experience and plenty of interesting   stories to share which the ladies absolutely love 
the protector of his personal space personal space   is sacred to a sigma male he needs to have his 
own home to retreat to he's not afraid to share   his space with someone else but if this happens he 
would also need to be able to have his alone time   and be completely uninterrupted he keeps his 
space tidy which the girls obviously love as well   if you think i missed something from today's 
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