How I Got My Marketing Job in Korea •• Visas and How to Stand Out to Employers!!!

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Real quick, YOU have a chance to win a free plastic surgery here in Seoul, the
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timestamp here. In the meantime, let's get into how I got my marketing job and
became a copywriter here in Seoul. Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel, or if you are new, welcome here to my channel in general.

If you follow me here
or on Instagram or both hopefully you know that I have a marketing job here in
Korea, I am working as a Content Strategist/Copywriter…I'm a copywriter.
What? That is literally my boss right now. A lot of you guys have been DMing me
about this, asking what my job is, how I got it, and of course I understand!
I, too, was in your position where I desperately wanted more information on
how to become someone in marketing in Korea! And I will first start by saying I
do have a degree in Advertising and yes, advertising and marketing are different,
and I think the best way to explain the difference is actually how my school
divided the two.

So the marketing majors were in the School of Business on one
side of campus where people wore suits to class and knew things like math — and
the Advertising kids were in the School of Communications where we hung out with like the film and the theatre and the art kids and we never wore suits to
class except on like final presentations, but at any rate, yeah the marketers are
the people that do the business-y things, they know the numbers, and the
advertisers are the more creative people.

In my brain, art is infallible, but
numbers, math, are totally abstract. I do have a double concentration in
Copywriting and Art Direction, so I took both writing and design courses, but for
the sake of this video, advertising and marketing are one in the same, and yes, I
am technically on a marketing team. But let's rewind back to this past summer
where, if you guys were with me at that point, you knew that I took a month break
from YouTube — that was crisis time when I was trying to figure out my visa because
of course to have any job — any legal job — here in Korea or any other country, you need a valid working visa.

I had applied for a social media position and
was super psyched about that job and the company itself until the company's
lawyer called me and was like, "Hey, the laws have changed, you no longer apply
for the E-7 professional work visa," which shattered my world and launched us into
crisis mode. So guys this is the most important part of the video! If you are
looking to come to Korea and you're looking specifically at communications
or marketing jobs you're probably gonna look at the E-7 visa, and there are a TON
of visas for a ton of different things, it probably isn't your only option, so do
your research, look at all of the visas that are out there, but if you think
you're gonna be needing the E-7 visa, PLEASE listen to me, heed my advice, this
is the most important part of the video!! The laws have changed.

There are three
ways to get an E-7 professional working visa. 1) A master's degree in a relevant
field. 2) A bachelor's degree in a relevant field AND one year of relevant
work experience beginning AFTER your date of graduation. The 3rd way to get
the visa is to have 5 years of relevant work experience already, and
there are some other, like, loopholes…not loopholes, but just other ways to get
around it, for example if you graduated from a Korean University. But PLEASE if
you really want the E-7 visa, don't do what I did. I graduated University and I
was back in Korea before the end of the summer, I was back here in like 2 or 3
months…you can't do that anymore.

If you want a non-teaching job here in
Korea and you think you might need the E-7 please, no matter how badly you want
to be here, if you really want that chance at a non-teaching job, STAY in
your home country and get that one year of relevant work experience before you
hop countries. It'll make life so much easier and you won't have to have a
crisis month like I did. I will link a very useful webpage down in the description box below that talks more about the E-7 work visa and different requirements you
need in order to get it, so PLEASE check that out guys. Now I'm gonna talk more
about my current job that I have now, but before we do that, I do want to circle
back to that free plastic surgery that I teased in the beginning of this video.
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Alice in Beautyland will be linked in the description box below, check it out, check the contest
out, go peruse all the different promotions and clinics they have, and
let's get back to how I got my marketing job here in Korea. As you guys should
already know, Andy and I got legally married back in July, so that took care
of the visa, and I am allowed to get any legal job I want without needing a
company to sponsor me. In terms of resources, I made a video two years ago
now, called How I'm Finding and Applying to Non-Teaching Jobs in Korea,
and that video — everything in it is still 110 % applicable. It's all still very
relevant information, I am NOT going to basically sit here and remake that video,
I'll link it above, go check it out, I'm not repeating anything that was in that

pexels photo 6483582

It's all still perfect information on how to literally find jobs here. And
the job that I have now was actually found using the Facebook group that is
mentioned in that video, so again, go watch that video and then come back here.
If you've already seen it, you already remember, you already know what Facebook group I'm talking about, let's continue.
So I actually applied for the job I have now while I was still home visiting
family in the States in October.

And I applied, and the CEO himself got back to
me, within like, one day or something, and was like, When can you come in and
interview? and I was like well I'm overseas, and so after I got back to
Korea, it was basically three days and then I had an interview and I was
offered the job on the spot — yes, that's right, offered the job on the spot! My boss had my resume, he had my portfolio, he had my
work samples, he also had the resumes, portfolios, and work samples of however
many other people that applied, because I wasn't the only one, of course.

But the
thing that creatively set me apart was having a YouTube channel. Yes, for real.
He recognized what it takes to be a Content Creator. He knows that it takes
planning, I need to know how to film, edit, I need organizational skills, I need to
be consistent, I need to have some working knowledge of social media
algorithms and SEO. YouTube is something I'm independently committed to that
shows creative thinking and individuality. Any number of people have
a comparable degree. Any number of people that applied, I'm sure, had a lot more
technical job experience than I did. But having a PASSION PROJECT will really set
you apart guys. This passion project, YouTube, is what kept me relevant in my
field — advertising/marketing/social media, all that stuff — while I was teaching…so
it's not like I took a year off of my career, I was just doing something else
on the side that still counted towards those skills that I would need at a real

Because of YouTube, I'm able to put Content Creator on my resume, and now
look at me…I'm a copywriter in Seoul! I'm writing ad copy, I'm writing blog posts,
I'm writing web articles, I'm writing web text, and I love it!!! It's what I feel good
at, it's what I like to do, writing is like the one thing that when God made
the universe and decided I was gonna be in it, he was like You're gonna be good
at writing, that was it, and I get to do it, and I get to do it in another country,
and it's amazing, and it's because I have a passion project like this where I get
to flex my creative muscles. I know I'm really lucky for this, and I'm also
really lucky to have found the company that I work for, because it's not a
Korean company.

Like the founder of it was raised in a different country. It
doesn't operate like a normal Korean company, so that's another really lucky
thing I've stumbled across too, but I have two main takeaways. 1) Marketing
and Communications jobs are among (or if not THE) easiest jobs for foreigners to
get in Korea. I'm sorry to say, but if you are in a STEM field, it's gonna be so
much harder to find a job, and on those resources that I mentioned in my first
video, I HAVE seen like some legal jobs, I think I've seen like two engineering
jobs, like other things exist, but you have to remember what your competition
will be. So when you come to Korea, your competition is Native Koreans…are you
fluent in Korean…? If not…

I'm NOT fluent in Korean, but that's the thing…what
makes you special? Being in Communications and Marketing,
they're looking for other languages and global perspectives, and that's what
foreigners have…other languages and global perspectives. Do you need to know
other languages and know what the world is like when you're doing things like
math? Not really. So keep that in mind. There is a reason why Marketing and
Communications are the easiest jobs to get here. I'm not saying other fields don't have jobs, they absolutely do, but you need to
be realistic. They're gonna be a little harder to get, and competition is gonna
be tougher. 2) This is actually the biggest take away — HAVE A PASSION PROJECT! please especially if you are in the same field as me, because we are creatives!
Have a blog, start that blog, start that YouTube channel! A lot of you guys
actually message me like I want to start a YouTube channel, but I don't know how…just start.

Just do it. Don't care about all the technical stuff, just flex
your creative muscles, curate your Instagram to be a feed of your
photography skills, just put something out into the world that shows that the
field you're in is MORE than just like a job that you'll do — it's your PASSION,
it's what you're GOOD at. Prove to others that you're worth it. Everyone has a resume. Everyone has a portfolio. Everyone has work samples. Not
everyone has a blog. Not everyone has a YouTube channel. Not everyone has proof that they're a great photographer. Everyone knows BuzzFeed,
right? We all know BuzzFeed? A significant amount of people that work at BuzzFeed
were discovered, first of all, and hired because of things like blogs and other
passion projects that proved that they are creatively independent and can come
up with content and ideas on their own. So yeah, that's how I became a copywriter
here in Seoul. I didn't know four years ago that starting a YouTube channel
would get me a copywriting job…THANK YOU.

Thank You Internet, thank you you guys for watching me and letting me be able
to be here and keep making content for four years. I know there are tons of you
STEM people out there that are very lovely, that anyone would be happy to
work with, but unfortunately, I don't know anything about that, even in my home country, let alone here, so I really can't help you beyond what
I've already said. But for all of my other creative babies out there, if
you're in Marketing, Communications, Advertising, you're a writer, you're a whatever, you can feel free to leave me questions. I don't know how helpful I can be,
because again, you guys do need to do your own research, but I'll try to be as
helpful as I possibly can, as long as you're respectful.

I hope this video was
helpful for you guys, and if for no other reason, at least just the E-7 information
is so valuable. Know your visa stuff before you start thinking you're gonna leave
the country and apply for jobs elsewhere. Protect yourself. Take care of yourself
first. Make sure you know the visa laws. Check out Alice in Beautyland the app,
and happy job hunting to anyone out there that is looking for jobs right now
in Seoul or Korea! Best of luck, I really really mean it.

Thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you next time. Bye-bye~.

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