How To Build A Product Manager Portfolio To Succeed In Product Manager Resume And Interview

During the product management interview, there are two types of candidates, so do you have product management experience, do you know what an mvp roadmap is, and understand the voice of customers, candidate 1: [Music] Almost all parameter assignments require previous products Management experience, but you will show the relevant product management experience of the product without the title of product manager. Today I teach you to build a product portfolio to gain product management experience and successfully serve as a product manager resume and interview [Music] Hi, I I’m the product director from

I help people learn effective ways to become product managers. Transition from office workers to product managers and business leaders. You can subscribe to my channel and click the bell button to receive it every Monday My new video notification, product portfolio is a key part of hiring product managers. Recently, one of my students who entered the product management training camp for only one week found a job in the e-commerce business because her product portfolio impressed the hiring manager. I show you how we can accurately help you create a product portfolio. Make sure you click the like button and subscribe to this channel.

First of all, what is a product portfolio and what are the main components of a product portfolio? It is a collection of products you have made before. Use product management methodology to prove that you already have previous product management experience, and understand the methods and the key to build the components of the product in this specific product. I know you might think of the designer's product work This is completely different, because the designer product portfolio focuses more on the visual design of the product portfolio as a product manager. We are more focused on the customer role, customer journey, and the requirements and development of the product and the launch of the product from which the concept of implementation is more relevant. There are three The key is that they are part of the product portfolio required by the customer role. The mvp on the customer role really played a role in the following aspects.

How do we conduct customer interviews, usually you will have multiple customer roles, you can see some examples here Regarding product requirements, there are five different types of products that you need to write in the product portfolio. I have introduced these five different requirements in detail before . Video discussion keywords for the essential product manager resume so that you can find a job The last part is MVP. You can build many different types of MVPs, but the most common types of MVP are physical models and videos.

The best part of the product portfolio is to send MVPS and videos directly to the end users and ask them to provide feedback so that you can It can be improved so that you have a complete experience . The process of establishing improved products and releasing products. Secondly, you should establish a product manager portfolio to gain experience in product management. Therefore, the position of product manager is a work based on experience, which means everything Depending on your previous experience, many of which are related to products, constructing this investment portfolio will enable you to capture and position what you have done in relation to product management. You need to build this investment portfolio in good faith. I suggest that I have all Of training camp students have spent at least 20 hours to make a portfolio of product managers, so that you can digest and learn product management concepts before you work. Once you get hired, you can start immediately. Now let me divide all of my audience There are two types, one group is that you may have previous experience in related product management, such as consulting experience or digital transformation experience. In this case, you can turn your previous project into a product portfolio, and build that you have never done For example, customer interviews and build it.

If you have nothing to do with product management before, your management experience can start from scratch, such as helping some startups by building some auxiliary projects. In my last video, I talked about how to nine steps From no experience to the product manager there, I gave you three best examples, what projects you can do and what product management experience you will get. If you want to learn all 13 different types of projects, then It can be built on the website, you can download the template here, and you can use it to build your own specific product portfolio.

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Now I have a question for all of you whether to provide a product manager investment portfolio, please leave a message below the video Say yes for Pinji no portfolio, so I know how many of you have been ahead of the third, you can use your product portfolio to conduct an interview. At this time, I think you have established a product portfolio so you can directly in the social script Use it when I talk to you in the masterclass class, how will you get the position of product manager, no need to apply for the position online. Therefore, social networking is a key part of borrowing product manager interviews.

Therefore, when you send through social templates and try to communicate with more senior managers When formulating the phrase, you should send a product portfolio that can prove that you have acquired product management experience and you have done some extra training very sincerely to adapt to becoming a product manager. This is very important. I can help your product manager interview the fourth one. Put your product portfolio in the product manager's resume and product manager's job application. There is a specific section called product manager project.

You can enter the section to discuss that you have a good customer experience or you meet the role during the interview. You already have Idea, so you can grab the keywords of the product manager. I made a table of all the keywords of the product manager. You can check this must-have product to help you reflect all the keywords. You should also consider whether there are any previous keywords. Work experience or relevant experience in product management, we can also reflect all keywords in another module, named "work experience" because you have established a product portfolio and you have done things related to product management. There is still you The fifth place is to bring your product portfolio to the product manager interview.

During the product manager interview, people will ask you a lot of questions about the examples when you transform the product from concept to execution. These are all your products The perfect examples made in the portfolio can especially be used to answer these behavioral questions. You should also conduct product interviews in person. During the epidemic, you can directly send a link to your portfolio. To be honest, I will print my work before the epidemic Set to participate in the interview, it will help you prepare for behavioral interviews and any questions about the product portfolio. Bring the portfolio to my hiring manager and tell them that I have completed all the homework, and I am already a good candidate, I can better It is possible to get a job. If you want to hear more tips on how to build a product, investment portfolio, you can subscribe to my newsletter. I will send you more tips about product portfolios. If you want to join a professional manager The secret society of our manager interview questions.

You can check my master class on Facebook and don’t forget to click the "Like" button to subscribe to the channel and check out my other videos about product manager interviews and questions. I hope that every product manager will soon Will find a job, I'm Nancy, bye.

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