Hi fellow VAs! It's me again, Claire, and Welcome to my work at home story. Yes, you can start a home-based job without prior experience. Almost all of us, including myself, started from knowing nothing. I don't have any idea how to start working from home. I don't have any prior knowledge about the niche or experience that I am doing right now, as an Appointment Setter. All ideas and experiences I have right now are not availabe when I started this work from home job. Today, I am going to share with you some of my experiences, ideas or tips so that you can a home-based job start even without prior experience . For me, the best option to start as a freelancer (without experience) working at home is a Social Media Manager | Marketing. Now, I'll explain what a Social Media Marketing is and what a Social Media Marketer does.

A Social Media Marketer can earn as much as $5 to $50 per hour, depending on your skills and expertise of this job. Yes, you can earn that much as a social media manager. Now, let's start at the the bottom. To begin with, I have explained to a lot of beginners in this industry, especially those who do not have experiences, not to sell or rate yourself too low. It is better to rate yourself higher. We know that you are also skilled. So let's try to avoid accepting or asking for rates at $3 per hour. I hope we can try to avoid this because this job is already difficult.

We also have to pay for the internet and electricity bills, $3 dollars surely can't be enough. Try to ask for $5 per hour. Those who have worked for years in this industry will surely agree with me that social media marketing is the best option to start of as a freelancer working at home. For me, social media is easy to learn. If you already have social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter, you have an idea about Posting, Commenting, or Mesaging are. This job,as a social media manager, could be the best choice for you. A social media manager is in charge of representing a company across social media channel such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. As the voice of the brand, you must learn how to respond to comments, compile campaigns, and create content. On commenting, as what I have said earlier, if you are able to respond fast to comments on photos or posts, this is job is for you. Here is an example of compiling campaigns. Campaigns are like this. Your task is to post photos of those products, if the company is selling products.

Social media is not only limited to Facebook, where in we have pages and groups. LinkedIn also have pages and groups while Twitter have company profiles. Clients hire you, as social media managers, because some have difficulty in handling their social media. Either they are busy or have much important jobs to take care of and do have time to respond directly on clients using social media. Clients hire you, as social media managers, because some have difficulty in handling their social media. Another reason is that clients may not have time to create or post contents and reply to messages from future costumers on their pages.

That's why they need you. I'll be sharing with you my screen, so that you can easily understand my work as social media manager. What I'm going to show you is Facebook Ads, so that you can see what other things you can do in the future if you plan to pursue being a social media manager. So, here it is, fellow VAs. I'm showing the total number of organic page followers since February and the result after 1 month of being a social media manager. I started off with 1055 followers last February and on March, it grew into 1674 followers.

pexels photo 3768911

As you can see, almost 500 were added because of the ads that I did. Here is the page that I own. I post contents almost everyday. In this section, Facebook also offer suggestions to help you improve or reach more followers. I have here a sample post dated February 29. There are many comments listed below, and here is an example of what we do usually do. We must reply, not only react emojis like heart emojis, on each comment or message. Just like any other job, you also need a Cover letter and a CV when you apply as a social media manager. But, if you don't have any experience, being honest can get you a long way. Especially if you are not that good and have areas or factors which you are not very familiar yet, you can tell the client about it and tell him/her that you are willing to learn and do it.

In social media marketing, you also need basic knowledge in editing videos, or cropping and editing photos. It is a necessary skill as a social media manager. I understand that some of you may have difficulties using Photoshop. You only need to learn the basics editing a photo, not the whole Photoshop itself. Next time, I'll be posting a video about Photoshop and how to edit a video so that you can start creating content. I'll be doing it as a series because we can't include all in a single video. For those who are new to my channel and do not know what I do and share, I create videos about home-based jobs. Please consider subscribing and hit the bell button to be notified of my new video uploads. Thanks for watching everone! Im hoping that I helped you to start a home-based job. What I have said is a start. Start applying for a job. With more and more getting into home-based jobs and freelancing, we have many competitors.

We should make sure that we have a headstart before we get left behind the demand as a freelancer. I hope one day, I can read from the comments that you have found an online-job with the help of my videos. Thanks for watching fellow VAs! Please don't forget to like my video, subscribe and click the bell button to be notified of my new video uploads.

So, thanks for watching!.

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