How To Get A High Salary Marketing Job in 2020 (Guaranteed)

All right. So today we are going to talk
about how you can get a high salary marketing job. Guaran-damn-teed! All right, so think
about this for a second. Higher salary to me means over a
healthy six figures, over 100,000 over 200,000 over $300,000 a year,
sometimes even up to $500,000 plus. This is a high
salary marketing job. So there's a couple of things that
you can do to, to really stand out. When I think about the jobs I've
interviewed for in the past where a high salary was offered to me. And I'll share a
couple of stories here. The stories will really show you
kind of what people value and how it can guarantee how this
can be guaranteed for you. Cause I think if I can do it,
I think anybody can do it. One of the job offers I got. Was a base salary of about $250,000
or so, plus a million in bonuses. I remember interviewing for this
company and you know, they sat me down with the CEO.

They sat me down with the chief
operating officer as well. And then basically I had to do the
dog and pony show for about two days. I basically went through
interviews for two days. Literally, I had to go to, at a fly
over to them and, and do all these interviews. And when they're talking to me,
they're looking for someone that had the experience
in a specific niche.

Right? So in this case, it was
related to education. And I had a background in online
education that gave me a leg up because I had a track
record of success as well. And I've managed people. They're looking at that like
does this person have experience? Is this the person who the
right person for the job? So even though you think experience
might not be that important, when it comes to more senior role, when
it comes to high stakes kind of situation, you are going
to need experience there. The other thing is they want people
that are going to bring forth solutions.

They don't just want someone that
says, I see a lot of stuff that's wrong with the world. They want someone that's actually
going to take accountability. Like sure, they see an issue,
they're gonna bring up a potential solution and they're
going to own that. They're going to be
accountable for that. They want people that are also
really good at recruiting too. So you might think. You're really good a individual
contributor, but when it comes to getting paid a healthy six figures,
I'm talking about making 200, 300 grand plus you are going to have to
be a really good recruiter as well. Bonus points if you're a thought
leader, that actually helps you a little bit too, because that's
going to make it a little easier for you when it comes to when it
comes to recruiting, because think about it this way. When you're making that amount
of money, ultimately what you're looking for is you just need to be
able to cover your living expenses. If you have a family, you show you
need to cover the kids, you need to cover the wife and everything, but
you really don't need that much money to survive.

When you think about this, it's
like, Oh, okay, cover all, all you need, and then the
rest is all gravy. So if you're making that amount
of money, let's, let's assume that your spouse is working as well. You're good. You're golden, right? When I look at people that we're
recruiting, I do often look at: do they think about culture? Do they think about recruiting? Are they also good at what they do? But not only that.

Are they good at
listening to people too? Are they good at not being
the best person in the room? Are they good at being humble too? Right? Do they fit in with
our core values? Like these things are all important
when it comes to getting a high paying marketing job. Now, I'll take you
to another story. When I was, I'm going to work at
a online education company called Treehouse. I got grilled. I got grilled by, I got grilled
by the CEO and I was actually in competition with a
bunch of other CMOs. For the job and the CEO wanted
to know that if I understood his company or not, did I really
do research on his company? Did I have good ideas already
for how I would grow the company? And I had to talk about those
ideas, like what am I going to do for the first 90 days,
first 180 days or so. I think the only reason I beat
out the other CMOs who had more experience than me in this scenario
was because I came with a more dynamic package, meaning I
knew how to manage people. I knew how to do SEO because
originally the role was for SEO, but eventually because he saw what
he saw, it became a much bigger role where I was leading marketing.

I knew how to do paid media, I
knew how to do email marketing. I knew people in this space, so I
was able to cobble a team together too. And so we're able
to make that happen. But. It was because I was
a lot more dynamic. And I, I, what I would say here is,
if you want a high paying marketing job, think about how you
can be a Swiss army knife. Sometimes. Like there's, there's a time and a
place for specialists, but when you want a high pay marketing job,
you've gotta be kind of dynamic, right? So you've got to be very, in order
to become dynamic, you have to be very humble. You have to be very hungry and
you have to be very smart, right? Smart. Not just IQ, but also You have to be studying what
the best people are doing. Study them on Facebook,
study them on Twitter. Go to these conferences, talk
to people, network, right? That's how you get better
and better and better.

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You have to keep staying hungry. That's how you stay ahead of the
curve and then you learn and you build on that work because
you're always out there. You're learning, you're
trying to get better. I get out there teaching too. That's how you become stronger. That's how you build leverage
around your, your your personal brand so you get any job you want. Any marketing job you want.

When I think about Dave Gearhart,
he was the CMO or not CMO, the VP of marketing at drift and
drift's growing very quickly. He was able to work, work with
drift, help drift, and he was able to build his personal brand
over the years as well. now he's the COO over at, privy. He's able to make that happen
because he had a strong brand, had a lot of good ideas. He was a very dynamic marketer. He connected well with people, and
then people liked him for that. Right? Ryan Bonicci. Another good example, he's at G2. He used to work at HubSpot. Then he transitioned
over to G2, but. It's because of the depth of
knowledge, his relationships, and because he's so dynamic, he was
able to get a very healthy job, working at, at G2. Now, I'll give you a final example. When I was doing work
for a t-shirt company.

I was freelancing, I was basically
like Upwork and then this guy, he selected me to work with him and I
was getting paid, you know, I think maybe 30, 40, $50 an hour
or something like that. And I was doing good work and
I kept bringing new ideas. I kept pushing it. You gotta be hungry, right? I mentioned earlier, I wasn't just
satisfied with doing the work. I was like, Hey, what about this? What about this? What about this? Can we try this? Can we try this? Can we try this? Right? I just kept bringing in all these
new ideas to the point where he's just like, dude, can you just come
work for me full time and like, let's just do that because I need
someone to actually implement all this. Like I can't do it. I'm too busy for it. Even a couple months ago, he hit me
up, actually texted me a couple of weeks ago, about a couple months
ago, he was like, I'm still upset that you didn't come work for me.

I'm in Philadelphia. And I'm just like, yeah, man,
t-shirts just aren't my thing. But that was a high offer. It was like 5% profit sharing. It was high six figures, but. It was because again, it comes
back to the the the baseline. Am I hungry? Am I going to continue to learn
and then am I going to continue to teach? And then because I'm learning, I'm
building relationships with other people because I'm learning. I'm bringing amazing ideas to the
table because I'm doing all these things. Then I get offered to high salary. It doesn't work the other way. You don't just get a high salary. It doesn't work like that. The fact that you're
watching this right now. Means that, look,
you're hungry enough. I'm just challenging you. Just continue to stay hungry
because if you don't, someone else is going to go somewhere
else hungrier than you.

It's going to come by and they're
going to take that job that you've been looking for and you can make
to 200, 300, 400, $500,000 a year, U S or wherever you live, you're
going to make a lot of money because they see you
as indispensable. You are the learner. You bring the ideas, not only that
you're executing on them, you're recruiting, you're taking
work off their plate. You're not just, you know. The regular employee that they're
going to hire that's going to take orders. Every single leader out there is
not, ideally, they're not looking for order takers, especially
when they're hiring the first few people. They don't want order takers like
maybe when the company's a lot bigger order takers are fine,
but order takers eventually. Like if it's a smaller
organization, they take away energy. They don't let your a
players do their best work. That's why you don't want, you
don't, ideally, you don't want to work with them, right? All that to say, this is how you
get a high salary guaranteed, and if you can't get what I mean,
you can go to our careers page.

I mean, we're always looking
to hire people, single and if you can
prove yourself to be amazing, we're, we're always willing to
make something happen, right? I'll tell you this, the
leaders will make way. Even, even if they have to go get a
loan or something like that, we're had to borrow money from friends
and family to afford really good people. They will do it because it's that
important to grow their business. All right, so let me know what
you think in the comments below.

What are you going to do to
get that high paying salary for yourself? Guaranteed. And don't forget to subscribe and
hit the bell button because it helps us grow. And don't forget to check out the
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