How to Recruit, Prospect & Follow Up on Social Media | Network Marketing Advanced Training

So thank you so very much for a lovely introduction
so hello everyone today's training let's start so today's training will be on network marketing
and in network marketing there are many questions which you people have so today's training
which when we started so before that I told that you all have a lot of questions so today's
training will be typically on network marketing the questions and objections you have and
it would be to answer those questions so step by step and one by one you can ask your questions
and I will try to answer them all so today's training would be on question answers so one
by one you can in the chat box ask those questions and with those questions we will start today's
training that is it what I wanted to say now let us get some questions do tell me your
first question how to invite people through social media sir and other any question after
that you can write here one by one inside chat you will get that much time what is your
second question using social media for prospecting and using social media for recruiting and
using social media to follow up.

Prospecting recruitment and follow up alright.
earlier we used to invite also by going home and prospecting also by going home and follow-up
also by going home by knocking doors ok let's start in this only there is a challenge also
that people don't pick up our phone if they don't pick up our phone then how to do prospecting
invitation. You can step by step all questions which are
of people can write in chat box so we will start with how to invite people then we will
go ahead one by one alright let's start with this training now so hello everyone as I told
you today's training would be on question and answers well you have already told me
some questions which are in your mind and for this questions I will give you step by
step solution so because it is a training basically on objection handling on question
answers this is a session so this training would be very different training for you all
because today this training would be a bit different so take this training very attentively
if you want to make notes you can do so the the first question which I got is how to invite
people through social media well you already know that the Global situation has changed
totally we all are in a global pandemic people are not going out so where people were totally
inclined to do prospecting by going out of their home I will go in Metro then I'll do
prospecting I will go to office and while going to the office all the people I'll meet whether
it is in the bus in the shopping mall I'll talk to them and do prospecting there I'll give cards
and pamphlets to people well I tell you this that I'm teaching this and it's going to be
2-3 years how to recruit people through social media how to build network marketing business through from
quite a while I'm telling people that through offline medium that going on train or bus
going to the metro you can avoid this and come on social media.

Well i was teaching this from a very long
time so a lot of people who have already learnt they are getting a lot of help at this time
that they are able to do recruitment through Instagram and Facebook but people who didn't
learn those were rigid that no they will work how they were told as they were told they will do that and they were working like that now for them situations have changed
inviting people in the webinar they didn't know what a webinar is people directly used to
invite for a seminar and take them to a seminar follow-up as you are telling they used to
go house right now you can't go to someone's house and even if you reach someone's house
then person infront would think four times before welcoming you because whether to welcome
or not what if he brings corona so now situation has changed earlier what happened to us we
were told that this is very important but now this is not important this is our helplessness
and if today's time through social media you didn't learn recruitment prospecting follow
up you won't be able to achieve something great in network marketing and specially those
people who are starting now let's talk about social media when I talk about social media
we all know that people are on internet today and are active more than before you have to
find those people who are actually finding you well if you think so or not I would like
to say people are finding you people want you if you think that today if you have a
an opportunity you are in network marketing today you are building a business you think that
I am very lucky that I have got this business an opportunity I have a business opportunity
I am very lucky you are thinking that if you are thinking that then once you too won't
even know about network marketing you never knew that there was this kind of opportunity
similarly, there are so many people who don't know about network marketing but when they
will get to know about this opportunity there will also feel lucky same as you today you
thank your upline that they told you about this opportunity my life is changed whole
you are bringing a person who think anything about network marketing he might even not
know about it but when he will also be seeing this concept then he would also have to say these words because this network marketing
industry is life-changing now what I have told you that you have to find those people
who are finding you know how will you find them the concept is simple what you are required
to do is talk to more people there is two approaches in this write both the approach
with you, one is push approach means to be after someone you force approach you are creating
a pressure on someone you are putting on a force that join me one is you are pushing
second is pull approach which is also known as attraction marketing the person in front
of me come to me he ask me that tell me what is this opportunity what we have to do so
now I have told you that on internet you want to work there are two approaches either force
people or attract them towards yourself now to attract them towards yourself you have
to be a attractive what I said you to be attractive to draw people towards yourself so here the
thing that comes is your own personal branding how you can develop your attractiveness how
you can develop your attraction this is a wonderful question now what I have to do by
which people are drawn towards me now we know that on social media there are people now
on social media we have to invest time in not waste it so what we have to do for it
we have to be active on social media from today this very day be active on social media now
how to be active what is the way write this concept or understand attention is money.

People will see you people will know you they
will trust you and will do business with you let me clear the concept again at first people
will come to know you after knowing you people will trust you and after that they will do
business with you now no one knows you on social media they are not seeing me they are
not seeing you they are seeing someone else then they will trust that person and do business
with them they will not do business with you until they get to know you but on internet
you have to create noise write this if you want to do Marketing through internet you
want to earn money through the Internet you want to attract people then on internet you need
to create noise yes how hello everybody can you hear me like this you have to create a
noise you have to grab their attention we need people's attention how hello now as soon
as I grabbed your attention now whatever I will speak you will listen to that on social media
there is a lot of noise people are are putting very nonsense noise in that nonsense noise
how people will recognize you specially for this you need to do something what people do is now
I give counseling to a lot of people recently I was having a conversation with the network
marketing leader I was doing counselling he said Pushkar I have a very good team I knew
him from a very long time so I am getting new questions also so I will take this question
after I finished with this so I knew him from a lot of time he has a very great team a good
payout everything car and all whatever people think he has them already but he said that
Pushkar we are not doing training from today we are doing it from past 10 years in this
industry I have been in this industry for more than ten years I've already a team network
of thousands of people everything is great everything is fantastic but I can't understand
one thing I asked what is this thing that Pushkar everything is now online now what
should I do to these days there are new boys in the market they show people their cheques
attracting people and in my team people say that sir why don't you do like this now what
should I tell them I haven't ever focused on internet I didn't focus on social media
now what should I do and this is a very big question for people and see change is not
easy for people I gave him a very simple advice today also I will give you that advice that
you follow it because he knew that I am very active on social media and I can definitely
tell him how he can be active on social media so he took out all the things from his mind
put aside his ego that me being such a great leader that thing was not in his mind he had
that he wants to learn I want to learn how to do social media branding on internet so
I told him a very simple thing that you are a very great trainer I have had many pieces of training
of yours, I myself have sat in your training you are older than me in age and in experience

You have done one mistake he asked what you
have done lots of training till now you would have done more than 500 training he was saying
that pushkar I've done more than thousand training I won't even have counted them have
done thousands of training I said when you have done thousands of training then did you
record those training he said I didn't record I said there would be so many training
which you find that if that training will be shared with people today then they will
be shocked if you could upload that training on YouTube then people will be mad you would
have given such training you are saying that Pushkar have given so many training that Stadium
were packed and people were shouting I said where are those recordings he said that we
never thought about that we have to keep recording now see if you are attending webinars today
you are talking to people your trainers are doing training why are you wasting time record
them today your teams with it be of 20 people 100 people 50 people 500 people you are doing
online training record every training because what I am teaching you in this Training it
is not compulsory that I will teach you the same mean it might happen that my words would
change today my ideology is something is tomorrow it will be something else would be in my mind that I
will teach you tomorrow there will be different questions I will talk about them so today
what I am talking about is today and if you do it's recording and post on social media
and keep with yourself then my time is also being saved and your time is also being saved
so here one is recording second is on social media to create some noise you have to show
your activities on internet for that there are two ways see in this time of Corona not
much people are going out but whatever you are doing show that to people other than this
show people that after joining you they will get some value if they are connected with
you they will get some value how did this happen is whatever you post on social media
what you share is it news it might happen you share some news it might be you put up
about your products of your company your profile of your company but here what you are doing
is your making a vegetable market of your profile you have to understand that what the
person in front of me would value I should highlight that I like that the person in front
of me what would he value about if you see my Instagram profile and like some post you
can share that on your profile file because there if you think you got some value then
you can put it on your profile you think you got value from one of my video you can put
it on your profile so you have to share value with people you have to become valuable to
attract people you need to be a attractive so for that you need to give value to people
because if people will have some advantage then only they will join you otherwise they
won't so here this is not just business you think that people will join you for business
every person won't do business with you but become someone that everybody wants to join
you if they think that you only talk about your company you only talk about product or
about joining then he'll run away from you.

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And that is why many people don't pick up
your phone so if we are talking on social media then first give value to people. what the concept is understand it whatever
you post on social media there is 3:1 ratio now if it becomes 4:1 or 5:1 ratio but a minimum
should be 3:1 what does 3:1 ratio means note it has a simple meaning it that is if you are posting something on
social media then you have to put 3 valuable things whether it be a motivational video
or post or any motivational quote something which is for the general public and one post must
be for your business for example you write earn part time or full time income if they
are interested in then talk to me or DM me then that should be after 3 post what people
do is they do opposite First they fill up with that this is their company monthly 30000
to 50000 in their company in part time do something or do something that and in the
middle of it they put up a valuable something do opposite at least give value to people
three times and then for once approach about your business and this 3:1 is minimum if you
are active on social media with this you'll become active on social media if you put up
one or two post of a day on social media and on social media what my meaning is it is not
your Facebook profile I'm not talking about Facebook profile put up anything on your Facebook
profile because on Facebook not more than 5000 friends and after that many less people
will follow you here either make a Facebook page or make a profile of yours on Instagram
because there followers keep in increasing there is no limit on Facebook profile there
is a 5000 people limit if I have 5,000 people then after that no more people could add after
that people can only follow me but that would be in less ratio and won't see my post also
less I too made my facebook page and Facebook profile i used to post on Facebook profile
only but after that what did I do I made a Facebook page and starting put upon page in
starting they were not more likes on page they were on profile on profile I used to
put a photo and get 300 likes and on page I used to put a picture and only 5 to 10 likes
come but over the period of time my likes increase more people saw my videos today on
videos views are in Millions which could never be possible on profile so here when you are
understanding social media marketing and online branding then leaving your Facebook profile
come on Facebook page or Facebook group in which unlimited people can join you unlimited
people can see you focus on it you should focus on Instagram profile and finally focus
on YouTube channel because on YouTube unlimited people can see you today on our YouTube channel
there is a 7 crore viewership then if 7 crore views came then that was never possible on
Facebook profile it's not possible that became possible when you have such source where unlimited
people can join you and you have to build this unlimited people traffic see here in
network marketing you are building you have to build up your social presence what this
business is it by adding brick on brick becomes a Taj Mahal step by step you have to move
forward now if you don't do any activity on daily basis then what will happen hello you
won't get attention why did I say this hello to get attention if you daily won't approach
people you won't come in view of people here you write one of my quote one thing you should
never forget is that people should never forget your name your name must be inside people's brain till
the time people will remember your name people till then people will know that it's that

The moment you remember the name for example
I have a friend named jalaj now as a remember jalaj's name What happens is is that I understand
okay jalak he do photography cinematography by remembering Jhalaj's name example my friend
name is Nitin he has jewellery business and as his name comes to my mind I remember his
business similarly When you people talk to people they are joining you today or not but
when next time your name comes into their mind then he will think that this person told
me a business opportunity this much now because he remembers your name he will remember the
whole business opportunity maybe today he isn't picking up your phone but he can't run
away from social media he can't escape from it so today or tomorrow he will remember you
are and will ask you that you were telling something at that time
but i was busy at that time but now I'm ready and
this happened with me a lot after two years people approach but they see two things first
that person stayed in the business or not you will find many people who will say you that do this work for six months if you do
this for six months then come back to me you yourself will drop it in six months.

Some people say this. some people will be observing you that
if he becomes successful then I will come they're waiting for your success and
you are saying if you
will come then I will become successful. what you do in this is that you rely on one person and think that this person will only make me a crore earner or a lakh earner which is not possible this is a law of average game we talk to more and more people now through social media how to prospect and recruitment at first, we don't have have to apply force approach we have to attract people for that I have given you 3:1 ratio you have to give value to people and in between have to tell them about your business second thing you can directly message people but don't do spam.

Spam means that today you made a mood to prospect people whoever in your friend list whomever people you can see you started to send a message what you have to do is talk to some people whether 5 people 10 people you can message them what you can message them is very simple messages so today let me give you a key feature now that this is your special training let me give you a key feature now you tell me if I send you a message on Facebook and you tell me on which you would reply my first message hello are you looking for a new opportunity I messaged now I am telling you because I have done everything I have tried everything on internet I said hello,hello Hari, hello Kishore hello jalaj, I send them a hello and I wrote, further are you looking for a part-time full-time income I put up this will people reply to this if I put a simple message and that excuse me what will I write excuse me the moment I write excuse me the magic happens this word that I am telling you no one will teach you on internet because these things come from experience and believe only that person can teach you who has knowledge on Human Psychology what happens when I write hello you once open your messenger and you will see that many people will write hello hii and leave it and you yourself don't reply to it and as a person in front of you doing hello hi and asking for part-time full-time income or similarly Hi are you looking for new opportunities many people do such messages I also have done them I have also taught many people but I found a better way so why not I teach you that better way is put a simple message excuse me I am telling you that if you will write excuse me out of 10 types 5 6 7 people would revert you means if 10 people are seeing out of it 6 7 8 people will reply and if you wite hello hi and then 10 people see that only one might reply so to increase your law of average I give you a small word excuse me try speaking it write to people excuse me two what will happen that 7 out of 10 people this will be your average if they are reading your message they will reply yes people will ask you because you wrote excuse me every person does not write it.

When this will become old because what I teach on social media thousands of people start applying it. So now I have to be very innovative that I teach you new things so in bang on in network marketing which is our training program in that training, I give such updates that now in the market you can do work like this use these words so use the word excuse me and when you will write excuse me to people who whether you are talking on Instagram or Facebook and messaging then try the word excuse me and you will get more replies and now when you are getting a reply what you have to do now are you understanding what we want is if we get a step by step script that after saying this joining is done then is would he amazing now I am giving you some scripting I am teaching you scripting in short so first you said excuse me now we get a reply of excuse me as anything, here again, I am telling you that I am telling you psychological tricks whatever the reply be yes tell what ? Whether it's whatever it be he will reply to excuse me without replying he won't be able to stay because curiosity would increase now the second thing you have to do after excuse me is whatever reply be you have to write your own message now write your message you can message that whether you start with hello my name is Raj I am a Business Consultant And I help people to start part-time full-time income whatever you can write you can write what you want to show yourself as a business consultant tell people that hello my name is Mukesh my name is Anil whatever your name is hello my name is this or hello I'm Anil I am a Business Consultant And I help people to earn extra income are you looking for a new opportunity now what happens if you get the attention to understand this the thing is about getting attention at first you are getting so many messages you are not replying to anyone now a conversation thread has started so chances of a reply three times more now he has given a reply that yes I am open for an opportunity or whatever the reply would be again I'm saying open first, you wrote excuse me in your script second you wrote I am Anil I am a business consultant I help people to start part-time and full-time business are you looking for new opportunities whatever you wrote yourself in your scripting now what will happen he can reply anything I said anything third will be our standard message share your number I'll call you whether he might say anything that what it is what is the business tell me here only whatever he says give your standard reply share your number I will call you after this whatever he writes two things will happen either he will share his number or he will not if he's rigid if he does then also I'm telling what to write and if he doesn't then also I'm telling what to write this is known as scripting exact scripting now if he does gives his number then second work which is very important which 99% of people don't do in network marketing after taking their number they don't do that they don't make their number save on front person's phone no one will tell you this in no training these are taught because all these things are experience-based now what the advantage is why I'm telling you to make your number be saved you are thinking we have the number we will talk topic ends we will tell on call to save number never you say first as you get the number tell them immediately hey I am available on this number or my number is this please save my number right now so that when I call you you can recognize me write something like this that save my number now only this will have two advantages first advantage that when you will call your number would be already saved you won't have to tell him much because if you talk for example frontman is Ajay I am calling Ajay example how you have to call let me tell you scripting hello is this Ajay talking hi Ajay Raj speaking we were having a conversation on Facebook so this is the way you open see I have done it so many times, therefore, I can teach you this ok I am telling you that how you have to start at first don't tell your name to ask frontman name that is him talking if he himself is not talking then what is the advantage of talking you should ask him is this Ajay talking I am Pushkar or raj speaking he would say that yes tell me either he would recognize you or not if he does not recognize you then make him recognize you if he recognizes then the topic ends after that, you can start but after that also what you have to say again scripting is very important because where you are new then see who requires scripting it is required by new people those who become a player he doesn't need because he can take the conversation in any way but new people need it because new people get problems they say such words that they shouldn't have said, for example, I am working in this company I have added with this company bro this is the company the moment you say such words I can make you talk to my upline this word upline or I'll invite you for the presentation or whatever you say there are some words which are standard all are saying here scripting is useful because you won't make mistakes you are reaching till a place where you had to reach and I am telling you following a written script following right guidance what advantage there would be you will directly reach to the end solution that is joining in starting scripting is very important for new people now if that person does not give the number ok there was a second point that one advantage is he will recognise what will be 2nd advantages that after talking we know one thing that we won't get joining from everyone law of averages that I will talk to 10 people two to three people will join and other won't now what about them you did hard work once to you even reached till the number of that person you properly made a lead after that what happens does it end we should talk to new people no now do you all use WhatsApp I am just asking you all also are you using WhatsApp you will be saying yes we are using it now in WhatsApp there is a very fantastic feature called as broadcast but I am telling you that broadcast goes to only that person who has your number saved it doesn't matter how many peoples' number you have saved if I'd open my mobile right now I have over 5,000 contacts but if those 5,000 people don't have my contact number saved then to them broadcast would not reach and broadcasting is such a fantastic way that if you start prospecting today see in network marketing if you want a great success definitely even if you get five leaders or even three leaders start working then you can create an Empire but when the fun comes in when you bring new blood means you do new recruitment now for new recruitments you go for hunting daily that's not fun you have already done so much hard work from that only people come and join for that one way is attraction marketing that people will approach you themselves second I am telling you the shortcuts that if you talk to someone you made your number save then only when you first asked for his number so I saved 1 number and with the other person now what you have to do is make a broadcast list-making proper way to make a broadcast list and how to work on it I have taught in Bang on in network marketing by which you don't disturb people and people actually wait for your broadcast for your message when would your message come means this is the I have put habit to people that they have to be connected with me they have this addiction without me they can't live if I don't message then there day won't start and what should be the message you would have to send what broadcasting has to happen how you have to work this is skill training now if the person in front of you didn't give you the number then what you will do will you just drop your face and talk to someone else or what should we do the person front person didn't give their number he told you to tell here only that he won't share the number make some rules of yours our business is not for everyone it's only for the person who has its value for it tell him clearly I will share on-call only I will share on voice conversation whatever it is he saying that tell here only you can write that you will share on voice conversation only have a talk to you and tell you otherwise I am not telling leave him if you leave him today and started working on new people today or tomorrow he will send a number himself that tell now because it isn't compulsory he might get an opportunity or not but remember one thing that if you are going in the market today you are not alone if you are working in market you are not alone there are so many people is it important that everyone is doing network marketing through different ways people are approaching whether it be for insurance agent some people are doing affiliate marketing some are doing network marketing some people are approaching to sell their products so people are approaching other in every way depend on how fast we're doing because you need to understand this concept that success love speed write it the faster you can do this faster you will get success difference is not that I'm talking to 100 people difference is when that how fast I'm doing it because if I'm daily talking to one person for 100 days then the success I'll get in 100 days won't ever be equal to the person who is talking to 100 people in 10 days because talking to 100 people in 10 days is more fast the person who is talking to hundred people in 10 days would move forward very fast so success loves speed and it is not just in network marketing it is everywhere I have seen this in Life whatever I am doing I want to do it fast many people aren't able to digest that I am 25 and the income I have the turnover everything I have whatever I thought in life dreams I made that are fulfilled and people aren't able to digest it why is it happening fast because I am doing fast I'm in haste you don't have it then you should see yourself I want it fast I am very serious about my goals I am very serious about my life I am very serious that I want to do it fast are you serious are you committed you would be like no corona is happening let's rest at least we're alive you will find such people that there is corona you are alive your thinking about a business brother in Corona electricity bill comes or not in corona isn't school asking for your kids' fees or not in the corona are you eating or not expenses are there in Corona also expenses haven't stopped but we should stop business there are some people who will give you advises that I want to tell you that 2020 is just to be safe in this year if we're alive we will earn alot let's not run after income I'm saying earn on the internet I am not saying go out of the house but stop doing work who is giving you such advice sitting idle who is giving you such advice you don't have to sit idle you have to use your brain humans are the most adaptable specie I am telling you that you would have read in Biology that in 6th class that survival of the fittest there a very simple thing was taught now also it is adaptable now also that concept is 100% accurate that survival won't be of the one who is the strongest survival won't be of the one who is most intelligent survival would be of the one who can change with time the business would be safe for the person whether it be network marketing business or any other business would be saved of the person only he would stay alive who would change himself with time in network marketing business also there are people who are breaking records and some people are breaking themselves there is a dialogue of shivkheda that it in different time either people break records or themselves so whether you have to break yourself or records it's up to you but record only those people will break who will change with the time today I will tell you although I have given answers to many questions because I am speaking from a long time but there are other questions I should take them here it is in the time of Corona people have empty pockets not having money is their prime problem in this time in this tough time how to arrange money from them so the question is people are saying that because in business if they want to be involved some purchases have to happen and people say that they don't have money see I will tell you from my experience one thing there are many people in network marketing I have joined who if I tell the truth after seeing their face I literally felt that they won't have anything I don't even know how he came from his home here I don't know how they are in my team also I don't know-how means they won't have anything and I have seen many people who are coming from their car have everything have good looks they are good in personality and after that, they don't have even a thousand rupees to spend whether they are coming by car or anyhow I don't know now what I have understood from this concept is when people say that they don't have money then they are straightforward saying, no not having money is I never understood let me tell you for example I went to airport and I bought this tie of 5000 of Rohitbal for 5000 now there was one time when I wanted to buy it but I didn't have money at that time also wanted to wear this tie but I didn't have money at that time what I saw as I started working say I got a cheque of 1 lakh rupees from network marketing at that time my wife was my girlfriend I went to Connaught Place with her in Connaught Place, there is a showroom named Ganguly watches I went there now I had one lakh rupees cheque but they say that a person has some dreams inside them that if they will have money they will fulfill them I am telling you while relating it to a story at that time I bought a watch there of 10000 Rupees it was a citizen watch of 15000 or 14000 after discount I got it for 10000 something I bought it immediately now we just went to to see watches but there I liked this one watch of 10000 Rupees and honestly speaking I couldn't spend 10000 on a watch at that time although today I wear 8 lacs watch also at that time was 10,000 was a big deal for me I could not waste 10000 on a watch I had other business also at that time my father's business wasn't working so I had to support him also but what happened a circumstance is created in that circumstance the thing you are seeing do you have need for it how much value you have for it when I saw that watch then there a visualisation starts if I'll wear this watch I will talk to people I meet people so a good impression will be there if I will wear this kind of a suit a different impression would be there so every person usually visualize themselves what happens when the person is saying that he doesn't have 10000 rupees and even if I didn't have money I had to buy something for which I didn't have money after that I got it after sometime and I bought them afterward but there are some things that I have money today I don't have a shortage of money but I don't want to buy it so why would I buy it why would I take out money for it so here there is a total concept that what you are giving to the person in front of you what you are selling what is the person valuing it 10000 watch was also expensive and 800000 watch was inexpensive are you understanding that 10,000 watch was also expensive and 8 lakh was also inexpensive the here what the difference is it wasn't of money that I got a lot of money the difference is what I value that thing at today in 8 lakh a lot can happen but what I am thinking of its value in my mind is you understand what is the perception of that according to me what is the value of those things we give value to things when you give the opportunity to someone that they don't value the thing is not about the money I have seen many people that they came and I was thinking how could they even come and you believe that they took out their credit card in the small job also people get credit card he took out his credit card from his pocket did 30000 purchase hand-to-hand he brought someone together from him also he did the purchase of 30,000 hand to hand now how the Purchase is happening because the person in front of me is thinking that the amount that I'm spending is nothing against this what I am getting understand the concept if you are buying something what do you value that when we have a haircut it happens in rupees 20 also and in 2000 and people want it for 20 also and 2000 also understanding is about what the person is valuing about that thing value you have to make the opportunity you are giving I'm telling you one thing I don't know in your company to start business a person has to do payment of 10000 or 20000 or 50000 I do not know what I know if the person in front of you has value if you can't make him feel it's value as 2 lakh or 5 lakh then the lag is in you, you are talking about a opportunity with which he could earn for his whole life you are talking about such opportunity with which he can open his part-time full-time business today if I talk about one lakh rupees in opening a stall also a person has to spend one lakh to 50000 to even open a stall so here if he can open a business with 10000 to 20000 that is an excuse total but today in India, if a person is living whether he be doing the job of 10000-20000 or 50000 10000 or 15000 or 20000 to arrange, is not a big deal if he wants to do a business what value we are showing to him of that concept of that opportunity depends on us now to show the value you have to become valuable I said that with this business you can change your life though now it's an era of social media usually he used to see you face to face so if he is face to face then he starts analyzing it's a very old proverb that you can judge a person's character by his shoes it's a very old proverb so let me tell you that the girls always note your shoes it's a psychological thing that people ignore but I am telling you that a man thinks that even if you shoes are torn it doesn't matter but what happens is the person in front of you starts observing and I have noted this if I am giving you an opportunity that sees I have this much income in lakhs he is seeing me and after seeing he can't see that this person is successful then he gets a doubt that how could he make me successful he himself is unsuccessful how will he make me so to become successful you have to look successful you in front of someone have to make then believe now it's the era of social media if people look for relationship for marriage then they first open their Facebook profile through his Facebook profile, we can see what kind of a person he is so now your Facebook profile is your resume and biodata then how much appealing it is what is it showing you have to be seen successful to bring success see if we do prayers at home we perform Lakshmi prayer so we clean the house clean and tidy everything we keep food Puja samagri in front of goddess it isn't compulsory that she will come and sit in front of you but there is a process that you follow today if you are calling a prospect then he also is a disguise of Lakshmi so for that you have to get ready a bit it isn't like that you would go just there and tell him and he would feel that you will change my life here you are not representing your company afterward the what company is a person does not know how much big of a company is how many top earners how much luxury car achievers are there nobody cares today no one is coming at your home let me tell you to let me be honest that when I started network marketing I was following attraction marketing too much that when I bought a new car I made them sit in the car giving a presentation in the car only no problem when that is covered and new giving presentation is a different kind of fun other than this if you bought a new home you bought new furniture you are giving a presentation at home only because people should be able to see that yes we have such thing everyone wants to achieve if he is achieving that means he can help me The person in front must have only this much trust and till the time that trust isn't coming you need your upline's support but I'll tell you that upline is busy in his own things gaining someone's trust is not that useful in yourself to show yourself make personal branding make your image but the difference does not matter that you are getting a lakh income or not the person in front of you is not looking that if you are getting income then only I'll get this is a different concept the thing is will he be able to help me in his life is something better happening it's not important everything is changed I got a bungalow I got a car then only I will tell you from before did something good happen that is a big deal see my car came on the track and is moving forward this is also a big deal but the thing is showing people our business should is about showing people of profiling so focus on this so when the thing about money is coming at that objection is coming so to the point answer of this is if someone said he doesn't have money well on this it might happen that it may take a lot of time on YouTube I have uploaded a free video don't have money I have given you a proper answer of it I have made a playlist bang on in network marketing so go on that playlist and you will get training on that video of you don't have money there finally, there is a final question dear Sir after showing a plan to people ask two-three days for decisions and after that, they not pick up the phone and say they do not have the money and also they tell First they discuss with other more friends for joining ok people say that let me explain you it's a question by charanjeet that we show plan to people and they say they will tell after 2-3 days after thinking to take decisions and after that they don't pick up the phone and even if they pick up they say they don't have money and after that, they say they will first discuss with our friends if they will say yes then we will join now what to do in this case make it an urgency answers very simple but it's tricky that make urgency see what happens is I with my wife went to Zara there on Zara there was a sale now when there is sale customer power increases now when the customer power increase so people you see a product in a section for example, she is seeing a one-piece for herself now when She's seeing one piece what her sizes is only one piece is available now that piece was a bit shabby that white dress there were very light marks of someone's hand it was easily washable and could be removed but what happens if this is sale in sale there is more footfall because footfall we also know that this dress is also beautiful we are getting it at a good price also but if we will leave it here we won't get it again so here see there's no salesman involved in whole transaction we only are in store we only are seeing all these things but what is happening is fear of loss that we like this dress they don't have a second piece and the size is same and this is washable so let's compromise and buy or leave it and wander at more 4 places this comes in our mind now say a salesman come there and say yes ma'am how can I help you we ask we want a second piece of this he says this is the highest demand product this you can't get see here only five pieces are left there were a total of 10 from morning 5 are sold your size of your size is this this is available but this as a mark mam what are you thinking ok don't take it someone else will take it very easy it could be removed and if it does not remove we have a return policy you can return it and after saying this much we bought that piece this I'm giving you an example similarly when it comes to network marketing our opportunity should not seem that you are getting it today also tomorrow also and after 4 months also the person in front of us should see that this opportunity is only for now only now how will you show that its network marketing is open it open for all your company's open any time you can join how can you build agency at that time how can you build urgency this is also a skill this is a part of skill training see here there is a lot of motivation in you here I can see the people who are connected all the leaders of network marketing I can see pictures of you all I can clearly notice so already we have achievers many leaders are connected what I'm trying to tell that there isn't any shortage of motivation it's filled up today you are motivated that is why you are in this training if you didn't have the motivation you won't be in this training here I can see that there are many people from the police so that's good every kind of people are connected RC Sibal he is in police uniform only what I am telling you here is that you already motivated you to have that fire inside you that is why you are all are here ok one more question came let's take it so it isn't about motivation the thing is about skills whose ax have more sharpness it depends on how many trees will be cut it does not depend on how much effort he takes after putting efforts also if people don't have skills so they are left Behind so for skill training there is bang on in network marketing training Let's take one more question it's of Pushpendra Kaur Respected Sir people do join with me from social media either YouTube attractive profile or right prospecting but after joining they do not move forward they become silent neither come to meetings how for a brief the question is by Pushpendra that Sir with social media people join me whether it be through an attractive profile or right prospecting but after that, they don't move forward they don't do the work become silent they don't even come in meeting here it's simple you for other person have road mapped what action plan is given to a person in front of you after dream building what steps have been given are the steps so huge that he won't be able to step on them, for example, we say that go step by step you are saying no jump he is feeling that he will fall down means after talking to you he feeling that he would have to face rejections and if he talked to people he thought he would be facing rejections and after joining also they move backward and it is not only with you this is the problem with the whole of the network marketing industry that after joining also people don't work so on this, I have made training on YouTube you will get it in Bang on in network marketing list you can see that also that how to keep your team motivated so you can see that also already there are answers of your many questions I can say proudly that on internet bang on in network marketing playlist that free of cost material and sources and videos see them and second see 100 videos of Bang on in network marketing training apart from that nothing is left in network marketing about which you need to know something all the topics are covered there are new things we will definitely cover but other than that all these things are already covered you will listen to those videos that yes sir has already told covered these things in the videos so those trainings the basic level training is on YouTube advanced level training are in course so just go through that process that processor is enough can make anyone successful now after 200 training there is no need of training so already I told you that motivation is in everyone skills is what you need so that is what you will get so for that I have informed you so that was a lovely session with you all now I hope I served you in some ways I hope you got a lot of value through this training so thank you so very much if you like this video then hit the like button and share this video well I don't need to say you yourself do so but share this video so that what all I taught today they reach to more people and people could get the advantage of it because to people these training are not easily available with your share you can help someone to share it with all of your team finally if you are new to the channel click on the subscribe button click on the notification bell and if you want if you specifically want on a topic of network marketing videos to be made then comment below and tell us what your questions are that questions will be covered in next video and we will make videos on that so thank you so very much I will see you in the next training till that time you join the bang on in network marketing course call on the number screen shown on your screen call and you will get the whole information and go self made

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