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If it's non-voice, it means there
are no calls to answer to, no video calls, and it's less hassle. You don't get tired from talking. You can work with whatever you're wearing. This is one of the reasons why
people are looking for non-voice jobs. In this video, I'll share with you 5 non-voice home based jobs. Some of these are available
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The first online job on our list is being a text-based
tutor on Course Hero. Course Hero is a website
that helps students with their homework. You'll just be a text-based
tutor, no video calls. It is like through email. But on Course Hero's platform. The minimum rate per question is $3. The rate could also be higher, it depends on the difficulty
of the question you answered.

Math questions usually
reach $9-15 per question. So that is great! It is possible to earn $20 per day. That would be ₱1,000. It can totally do. Right now, we're going to talk
about the pros and cons. I would like to already
set your expectations. To see if this home-based job is for you. We'll do the pros first, of course. Applying to Course Hero is very easy. Most especially if you already
have the requirements.

Another pro is that
the rate is quite high. The salary. Because with your free time, you are able to work
and earn ₱1,000 a day. It's really possible to earn
that much per day. Another pro, as I said,
with your free time, it means this is very flexible. You can work whenever you want. No one is telling you to
work at a certain time. 8 o'clock to – let's say – 5 o'clock. There's nothing like that. Another good thing is of course,
it's available on your mobile phone. Since this is just browser-based. You can use any browser,
like Google Chrome, that is installed on your phone,
whatever browser that may be.

As long as you can access
your Course Hero dashboard, you can totally use that device. You can totally use your mobile phone. You don't need a stable
internet connection. But it's a plus if you have
stable internet, of course. You can work consistently. But they don't require
an internet high speed. So data can do, actually. The payout here is very easy. It is through PayPal. It does have a schedule,
I think, after 10 days you will be able to
withdraw your earnings. Correct me if I'm wrong. I think it takes 1-2 weeks
to payout your earnings. With a minimum of $20 or $10, yes. So that is that.

It does have a minimum payout. Let's do the cons now. These are the important stuff. Not only the hype. One of the cons is their qualifications. They have a higher standard now. Standard? If you're a student and
you're applying here, make sure that you're college level with honors. You need to be an honourable student with high grades. Because you'll be presenting your grades. So those are their standards
if you're a student. Actually, they are really
looking for an educator. Such as graduates. So this is a con for those who didn't
graduate with a Bachelor's Degree. Another con, as of now, you'll only be getting
hard questions rarely. Another con, Course Hero is very strict.

It's a con for some of you. But it's a pro for the
client, for the student. For the company. They do not accept copy-paste. It's plagiarism to get
answers from Google. It needs to be based on
your own knowledge. Your own words. In case, you're answering an essay. Alright, so next on our list is being a chat support
agent on Your job is to chat support their partner brands.

Like Samsung, Microsoft,
Xbox, Airbnb and a lot more. The salary here can
reach $250 per week or more than $250 per week. It depends on how hard you work. Right now, we're going to
proceed with the pros and cons. What's nice is that
Directly has a high pay. Most especially if you're a chat support
agent for brands like Xbox, Airbnb. Because the salary can reach $6,000 So kidding aside, it
can really reach $6,000 if you're a chat support agent for Airbnb. Though, Airbnb has strict requirements. You need to have an Airbnb listing. We know that on Airbnb,
you rent staycations. But also other companies pay well. With Samsung, you can earn $250+ So if you're curious about it, we have an interview
with a chat support agent on the description box. We
already made a video about it. Another pro on working here for Directly, is that you can work
using your mobile phone.

But it's preferable to work
on a computer or laptop because you need to multi-task. So it's harder to work, right? If you're using your mobile phone. Another pro, easy payment. It's through PayPal. Directly pays weekly, every Tuesday. Now, we'll proceed with the cons on working here for Directly. Actually, already the
application has a con. Because applying for
Directly is really hard. I'm featuring it on this
non-voice jobs video because recently someone reached
out to me saying he got approved. He thanked me, and he
got approved just recently. I believe as a Shopify
chat support agent. It really depends on the company. Some companies don't hire
chat support agent anymore. It's good to explore the platform. And if you get a company
that is still hiring, it would be a good thing, right? The application process
is kind of complicated.

pexels photo 3768911

There's no assurance in whether
you got hired or declined. Or if you're still under observation. They won't give you any updates. They'll only update you if you're hired. As if it's a guessing game with Directly. Now, we'll proceed with
our next non-voice job. Which is also a chat support
agent but for Helpflow. Helpflow is a platform where they hire Filipino
chat support agents and also virtual assistants. The maximum rate here
on Helpflow is $4 per hour. Compared to other
companies, $4 is little. But it has many pros. Compared to other online jobs, There are more benefits with Helpflow. We're going to discuss these. First, you have career growth. You'll explore different skill sets. That you didn't use to do but will learn
from your online job on Helpflow.

What's nice here is that they have a
performance-based compensation review. It means that if you're working
hard enough here on Helpflow, you'll see the results. Another thing, they have paid time offs. It's not no work, no pay. This is rare for online jobs. Usually, for online jobs,
it's no work, no pay. But here, you get paid even on day offs. What's nice is that it
has an HMO Coverage. It's just like working for
companies in the office. In our local areas. Because the HMO is covered. Even if they have a low rate, they have many benefits. We'll now talk about the cons. They have specific technical requirements. Such as a stable internet connection, they require a minimum
speed of 8mpbs, I think. And other technical requirements
like the computer specs. Most importantly, you need a dual monitor, which is the most important thing. Because you expect to multi-task on
Helpflow, you'll talk with many people. So the dual monitor will help you. If you're gonna ask me if it's
available on the mobile phone, obviously, no.

They also require a typing speed. At least 50 words per minute. Another thing, it has shifting schedule. If we'll work here, the shifting schedule is GY shift. Because you'll work based
on the US timezone. Because our clients here are from America. With the language, it will
lead us to another con, they require at least 2 years of English
speaking customer service experience. This is an important requirement
under the cons. If you check specific qualifications, you can give this one a try. This is for you. Alright, next on our list is being
an Amazon Virtual assistant. The work here is to chat
or to send some emails to the suppliers and your clients. An additional of this job
is being a virtual assistant of an Amazon seller. This is non-voice. You'll only talk if there is an urgency
with talking with your client.

If there's an emergency, just in case. The rating here is $8/10 per hour. Sometimes even higher. There's a possibility of
earning 6 digits per month. It means $100,000. $100,000? It would be amazing! I mean ₱100,000 per month. We're now going to talk about the pros
of being an Amazon Virtual Assistant. Of course, there's career growth. It also has benefits. It depends on your client, if he'll give you additional
benefits apart from your salary. By being an Amazon Virtual Assistant, you can apply for a course to become
an Amazon Virtual Assistant. This course will help you with
your application process as well. You can do it even without
work experience. It's totally okay. Even if you're a student, you can do this. As long as you're capable
of the tasks you can do. Alright? Of course, the pro is
that the salary is high. It's great because the
salary is really good. Because your clients are
from other countries.

The cost of living there is high, here in
the Philippines the cost of living is low. It means that the salary
value they give you converted here is–
You're rich! Like that. Alright, now we're going
to talk about the cons. For the application,
if you're a beginner, you'll have a hard time. Because you are competing with
those who have experience. If you're a beginner, and you don't have proper training, didn't get a course, you'll have a hard time coping up
with the tasks you need to do. At the same time, you'll also
have a hard time applying. You really need to convince the client. That is the only con, the
competition is quite high when it comes to getting clients. Another con, if you're going
to look for courses, to become an Amazon Virtual Assistant, it's on the pricier side. Yes, it's kind of expensive. Especially if you're really broke.

Right? You really need money
and this is your only hope, it is pricey. But it's worth it. Because the course will
be able to give you clients. They give out companies
where you can apply. There's a higher assurance to get a job if you get a course. Alright, last but not least, you can be a freelance
chat support agent. When we say freelance we
mean getting clients from wherever. From portals and stuff. The starting rate here is $6,
I believe per hour. Actually, it depends on how much
you're going to rate yourself. We'll now go through the pros and cons. If you want to be a freelance
chat support agent. The pro, you will have
career growth as well. You can explore what you can do. What more you can do.

You have the freedom to choose a client. That's one of the pros as well. You have the freedom to choose a client. One of the pros is you can
set the rate for yourself. Even if you don't have the
experience, a Bachelor's Degree, you will be able to get the client. But of course, if you have
some BPO experience, it's a plus. Because that is one thing
that clients look for.

But if you don't have the experience, don't get discouraged. Just try and try. There's nothing bad in
applying over and over. Because it's online, there are a lot of opportunities
waiting for you. The opportunities are waiting,
you're the lazy one. Not lazy but discouraged. Now, we are going to talk about
the cons of being a freelancer. The competition on portals is high, such as OnlineJobsPH, UpWork. There are a lot of platforms out there. But the competition is high. You really need to
be one of a kind, you need to work hard on putting
information in your cover letter, on making your profile, resume. Another con for these kinds of online jobs, even if you're a freelancer, you'll mostly find GY shifts. Okay? So, no sleep. You're up the night and sleep the day. So I think that's it. Just a disclaimer, before we end, all the pros and cons
I said in this video are based on the feedback
I get from our subscribers that work from the companies
I mentioned a while ago.

Also based on what I've observed. Okay? Also, we have a complete
video set of tutorials on the description box. Every online job I mentioned in this video has specific video tutorials. The links on where you
can apply are also there. So check out the videos, it's really important to find the link. Later, someone will
ask me where the link is. Find it on the complete tutorials, okay? They are there. Before we end, let's shoutout a comment
from our previous video. Shoutout to Julz Ortega she said, "Thank you for sharing
this legit application again Ms. Jazel! If you want another income that
is legit let's go on this application at least, you earn while learning, You'll save more on your future". So thank you, thank you
so much Julz Ortega. If you want a special shoutout, do
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