OVEREMPLOYMENT |How to Get 2 Full-Time Jobs (And Paychecks) Simultaneously | Multiple Full Time Jobs

Polly has a secret. Polly is cheating on 
her job with three other jobs and she is   taking home four paychecks all without telling 
any of her four bosses this is over employment over   employment is when you take on more than one 
full-time job I've seen people take on from   anywhere between four to eight jobs I've seen 
people earn thirty thousand dollars a month   through over employment over employment is not 
for everyone it's not easy because you're doing   two jobs and it's not simple and sometimes to some 
people it can feel a little shady over employment   was a really interesting concept to me and I know 
that a lot of my viewers also are interested in   ways to make some additional money so I wanted to 
create this video really digging into the concept   of overemployment figuring out whether it's a 
good choice for you I think it's a trend that's   going to continue to grow we are in the exact 
right set of circumstances for it it's a really   exciting time to be in the workforce working 
remotely with white collar skills let's Dive In for this video I spoke to two very cool people 
number one I spoke with Polly the aforementioned   job cheater who's working for jobs I have 100 
anonymized her she doesn't want her four bosses   to figure out what she's doing I also had the 
chance to speak with a man called Zach Wade Zach   Wade is the founder CEO of Wade marketing the goal 
is to stack as many full-time positions as you can   to essentially increase your personal income more 
so than it ever could be if you know you were just   working in a standard full-time job one reason I'm 
thrilled to talk to you about this and not just   any random person on the street is that you are 
the CEO of a company that basically partners with   people to help them and enable them to get to this 
job stacking so that's how I came across you a   couple of days ago um I was looking at remote work 
online and I saw this advertisement on I think we   work remotely and it was just basically saying 
like hey if you want to learn about Job stacking   and you want some tools some resources to get go 
going let's talk how does over Implement work well   it works a little bit like this say you're poly 
you're working a job and you don't love your boss   he's a little fickle you're worried you might 
get fired and on the other hand you've got a   growing family you want to start saving money 
to move out of your small rental and you want   to buy a house so you think to yourself I'm not 
actually spending 40 hours a week on my job I may   be spending 20 maybe 25 and this is the reality 
of White Collar work I've experienced this and   I'm sure some of you have as well because of the 
rise in productivity but the stagnation of wages   you're earning the same wage for a job that it 
takes you half the time to do and what I realized   was that once everything was set up I wasn't 
working at all I was working maybe two hours a   week this means that you have a lot of down time 
at your job this isn't true for everybody but it   was certainly true for me when I started working 
as an account manager I was very good at my job   I was smashing every single kpi that I had but 
it only took me 20 hours to do that and that's   actually what let me start my side hustle Polly 
was in a similar situation she was working at a   digital marketing agency herself and she was like 
maybe I'll apply for a second job so you apply for   the second job while you're still at your first 
job and here's the crucial part when you get   the acceptance letter you don't quit the first job 
you just take on the second job and keep working I   have seen people work up to eight jobs on the over 
employment subreddit people are doing the absolute   most they're taking home thirty thousand dollars a 
month in wages from their eight jobs or even more   in some cases and they're just making it work 
they're making an unbelievable amount of money   through over employment with the max we say is 32 
kmr because we don't want it to seem too good to   be true even though we know it's possible but even 
not like 32k a month still sounds like literal a   dream that's incredible right and where we 
get that number is essentially most of the   job roles that we teach our partners to go after 
are between 50k and 85 90k we teach our partners   to go after these jobs because they're not the 
entry-level jobs the middle of the pack jobs where   you're kind of responsible for a company's online 
marketing like that's your sole responsibility so   your sole responsibility is the digital marketing 
aspect you're you're making anywhere between 50   and and 90k so that's the that's the salary 
you earn so we break that down and say okay   average you know is four to six I would say 
per month from a job and then all of a sudden   you have two jobs and maybe you find that 
you have a little bit of extra time and you   can maybe even take on a third or a fourth or 
A fifth or you know as many as you can handle   if I have you know one one job I'm making four 
to six k a month if I have two jobs you know   I'm making eight to twelve a month you know 
if you get up to you know 10 jobs that's kind   of where that number comes in yeah wow that is 
like incredible early amounts of money you take   care of the work that you're given it doesn't 
take you 40 hours a week to do that you just   do it you stay on top of the slack you stay on 
top of the emails you stay on top of teams you   stand up with meetings and you take home the 
salaries that is how over employment works I want to talk about the benefits of 
overemployment briefly because it's more than   just the money the money is a huge thing right 
money is massive and it's a really good reason   to become overemployed to seek out more than one 
job and challenge yourself to do that but it's   more than just cash one of the great things about 
Job stacking as well is because you're working in   so many different companies and all companies 
operate very differently you you learn so much   and you learn so much quicker than you would if 
you were just going your standard you know one   job here two years one job there two years I was 
in a similar situation when I was working as an   account manager like I mentioned I had a lot of 
down time I was not very creatively challenged   and I wanted to do something more with my time I 
knew my boss wouldn't love it if I just packed up   and headed home at one every day because I'd done 
my work then what do I do with my afternoon I use   this time to start building my blog and this 
was really rewarding to me this was so fun and   so satisfying it meant that I could do jobs do my 
work that paid the bills but I could also build   my business on the side and build everything 
that I do today Polly found the same thing her   first job wasn't very rewarding and she had a 
lot of time she didn't love her boss her second   job was a little better she gotten better with 
that boss and crucially she had more work now   she's doing four jobs I think her time is and 
she's gone well past challenged and is into   um very a very ambitious zone right now but 
she's making it work and she's saving money   so the second benefit aside from money is just a 
feeling of fulfillment you I like to work I like   to do stuff with my time I don't like to be bored 
and for a lot of job stackers or a lot of people   who are overemployed that's a huge benefit these 
people are intelligent they're independent they're   ambitious they're not meant to sit around going 
to pointless meetings at 3 P.M in the afternoon   having a second job or an additional job means 
that you can use that time in a way that is   fulfilling to you the third benefit is more of an 
ideological one so like I said I think this belief   that you owe your boss your time is a little 
bit of an outdated one like I said productivity   has skyrocketed over the past couple of decades 
but wages have stagnated so this means that you   are getting way more done but not being rewarded 
for it to me it's important to feel rewarded and   compensated for the work that you're providing 
and by getting a second job or taking on a side   Hustle by becoming over employed you get some 
ownership of that time back I mean it's a little   dodgy because you're secretly doing a second 
job and not telling either of your bosses but   ideologically it's very satisfying because you 
have control over your time again you are the one   who's making money with that extra time you are 
choosing what you do with your with your extra   time and your and your extra you know intellectual 
capabilities that's very empowering I found that   very empowering and Polly told me the same thing 
fourth is job security job security is a bit of a   hairy one especially here in the states there's 
such thing called at will employment this means   that you can quit your job at a moment's notice 
it also means your boss can fire you at a moment's   notice and that super sucks because I know a lot 
of people um who have been fired they find out   on the day they have an hour to clear out their 
stuff and then you're at home if you don't have a   savings cushion then you're kind of Sol and your 
boss crucially does not care they will do this   anyway not all hashtag not all bosses but a lot 
of employers don't have a huge amount of empathy   when it comes to their employees if it is better 
for their bottom line to get rid of you they'll   do it they don't owe you anything you don't owe 
your employer or anything you're like people love   especially I think an older generation but the 
more you know a younger generation is definitely   moving in and adopting this philosophy but um 
a lot of the older generation likes to you know   treat their employer like this kind of almighty 
God that like oh yeah on the table and like pays   their bills and if I don't do everything to 
you know please this employer I'm gonna I'm   gonna get fired and I'm gonna lose you know I'm 
gonna my family's gonna be on the street and   it's like but the employer doesn't see you like 
that most people most employers just see you as   you know an interchangeable part a literal Cog 
in the machine yeah they literally can go fine   hundred thousands of other digital 
marketers to do the exact job you're doing   having a second job being overemployed job 
stacking means that you have not just money no not   just additional fulfillment it's not just an ideal 
ideological satisfaction it also means you have   a bit of a safety net so this happened to Zach 
when I spoke with him when you have other jobs   you don't necessarily you feel a lot more secure 
with your income coming in that for some reason   if you know a job isn't working out if you don't 
like you know you're being micromanaged or you   don't like the the manager that you have or they 
keep piling on work you could just quit you've got   options yeah yeah you are in control so quit 
and go find a job that isn't gonna microwave   isn't going to make you do all the stuff that you 
don't want to do that's that's that's hurting you   job security is so important today especially for 
people with Health Care issues because you need   to have constant coverage if you need to look 
after yourself or your family or dependents so   we've talked about the pros we've talked about 
all the great stuff the money the security   the ideological satisfaction all the amazing 
stuff that comes with job stacking now you're   wondering well what's the downside why don't 
why doesn't everybody have ten thousand jobs   well of course there are there are cons to 
job stacking there are cons to overemployment con number one time management becomes a very 
real skill to develop I think people because   people view it as too good to be true and they 
view it as like oh wow like you know I'm giving   all this I get all this there's so many resources 
they view it as it's it's so easy and it's simple   that when they come into it their expectations are 
that they're just going to start acquiring a bunch   of jobs right just gonna make a bunch of money 
within their first you know month and it's like   it's not necessarily the case because you're still 
interviewing you're still submitting applications   you still have to you know first get a response 
about your application and then you have to go   on an interview and usually it's two to three 
interviews before you even you know offered the   job typically we see most of our partners acquire 
a job anywhere between three to eight weeks okay   so essentially like a month to two months you'll 
get your first job so I always like to say it's   like please don't come in expecting you know I 
could make 16 20 grand a month you know right away   it takes effort it takes you know it takes time 
like it's if it's one to two months per job then   you're not going to get up to you know 10 jobs 
until you know a year later right all the while   you know you're still earning a very uh much more 
than you would just working one job and you know   going forward from the year it's like wow you know 
now I'm really great in life this is what Polly   had to say about um her time management skills 
suddenly she had uh conflicting meetings suddenly   she had people demanding work that needed to be 
done the next day for both jobs she had people   sending her slack messages she had to appear to 
be online at all times for both jobs which meant   that sometimes she'd be caught a little off guard 
that's tough that is a hard thing to do that is uh   it's not easy I've actually Polly told me that 
one of the ways that she does this is sometimes   she just goes to both meetings at the same time 
obviously this doesn't work for one-on-ones but I   know all of us have been in very long pointless 
meetings that we don't end up saying anything   at so for those meetings Polly feels totally 
comfortable just putting her screen off and   just quietly sitting there and attending both 
meetings at the same time one of the things that   was often a big barrier for people is the be like 
well wouldn't I just have meetings being lined up   all the time it doesn't happen as often as you 
think it was one meeting from one job lines up   with another sometimes it does and what we say is 
take the meeting that you did last and last week   you missed a meeting at job one then job one and 
job two meeting lines up this week so like balance   it like that but then always have like have a 
couple excuses handy uh if you know meetings do   line up like why you can't attempt I had to step 
out um or I needed to you know take a mental uh   hour what you know there's like so many that you 
come up with and your employer 9 95 of the time is   not going to have an issue with you missing I've 
tested this once I started to really focus on   the agency I wasn't as worried about you know my 
jobs I wanted to see how much it would take for me   to get fired right yeah so so I just started like 
you know I would run late to meetings and I would   start to miss some meetings and give excuses of 
why I wasn't there and then I would just not show   up to meetings sometime times and then respond 
later on like slack and be like oh yeah my bad   um like really be a really bad employee and 
innovatively I just ended up quitting because I   kind of felt bad after a while I was like this 
isn't right it might have been you know job   specific to that employer maybe that just you know 
have more of like a weaker backbone and didn't   want to fire me or you know whatever yeah but most 
jobs will yeah it does take like you're not gonna   get like people you're not gonna get fired if 
you miss a meeting it's not the end of the world   another downside I really found this to be the 
case um I really liked the first place I worked   I loved it I enjoyed the work it just wasn't quite 
enough for me and when I started blogging on the   side even though I knew I was okay to do it even 
though I knew I was still performing my job to   you know all the capabilities that I could manage 
I felt a little shady I felt like I was somehow   cheating or robbing my employer of my time even 
though now I've come to believe that I own my   own time not them as long as the work is getting 
done at the job that you're responsible for and   as long as you're performing well and doing a 
good job and you know helping that company grow   as long as you're putting in the work to you know 
make that company a you know more profitable or   a better place as long as you're showing up 
and communicating um and collaborating with   your co-workers and you know being a good teammate 
there's no reason why you can't do that exact same   thing at another job but I still felt a little 
shady and I think for a lot of people who are   maybe of more of a traditional mindset or maybe 
who have like a slightly different set of ethics   it can feel a little crappy to be cheating 
on your employer this way with a second   third fourth however many jobs especially 
if you have a close relationship with your   employer especially if you have a really great 
job a really great boss sometimes job stacking   might not be the right choice because it just 
doesn't feel good that's a totally valid reason   if it doesn't jive with you if you if you look at 
that and you're like that's not my jam don't do it   you don't have to I want to quickly touch on the 
biggest question I had is over employment legal the answer is yes as long as there is no 
language in your contract when you sign   your employment contract that bans it some 
contracts have a non-compete Clause some   contracts say you can't take on more than 
one jobs or you can't subcontract out this   work yada yada yada so definitely make 
sure to read your contract thoroughly   if you have to hire a lawyer if you're really 
in doubt but for the most part most contracts   don't include that language so have a look 
make sure that it's the right opportunity   but it is as a concept legal nobody's going 
to arrest you for being over employed today foreign so let's talk about how to become 
overemployed I have three stories   I want to share the first is my own I became 
over I'm including over employed as kind of   doing my blog as well as my job I became 
overemployed because I was bored I was working   at my current job and I noticed I had this I had 
a huge amount of bandwidth I had so much time and   I was bored out of my gourd so I took on uh the 
second job this blog that I started growing and   in theory at that point if I still had additional 
bandwidth and I still wanted to earn more money I   could have taken on a third so that's route number 
one route number two is what Zach did it varies in   terms of client responsibilities but most agencies 
you're probably looking at handling anywhere from   10 to 30 clients a long time so you're really 
working with and doing you know advertising   um or doing you know social media management 
or doing SEO for 10 to 30 different clients   or different business owners at one time so 
typically you're earning anywhere from 40 to   60k at the max to handle and do ads for you know 
10 to 30 different business owners right right   I would you know that would give me a set of 
clients and then I would you know month goes by   and I'd be like hey like here's another client 
and then a month would go by here's another to   the point where when I started you know I had 10 
clients and I was making you know I was making   62.4 right they keep giving me more and more and 
more and over the course of a year and a half I   ended up having you know 32 client accounts that 
I was working on but still making the same amount   yeah so I was like they were job stacking you but 
with none of the benefits yeah exactly the same   salary yeah so I started looking and it's just 
started looking on job boards um to see if there   was another opportunity um while still working at 
my agency job because I didn't want to just quit   um plan um so essentially I interviewed with an 
SEO agency and um I got a full-time job doing   the lead generation I was the digital media buyer 
but I was the lead generation for an SEO agency   so I was responsible for bringing new clients 
into the business not handling the agency's   existing clients right so one job yeah right and 
they gave me a salary of 48k and I was like huh   what if I just got the same job just like this 
at another company so that I'm working directly   and doing the marketing directly for a company 
as opposed to handling all those agency clients   so exactly what I did I just kept going finally I 
spoke with Polly she wanted to save up money for   a house and she calculated how long it would take 
her to do that at her current job and it was going   to be like four years they wanted to buy a house 
next year so she said you know what I looked at   the available jobs I decided to apply I got the 
job and then I just didn't quit the original one   and I found that I could do it it wasn't too hard 
so if this is you if you're saving up for a big   milestone if you're looking for a house or you 
want to start a family or you know one of your   kids is about to go to college and importantly 
you have the bandwidth and you have the ambition   that could be your path as well just apply to a 
new job and just forget to quit the old one job   stacking doesn't necessarily have to be forever 
from my experience it's like I use the money to   build my own business and I always like to say 
that to people who are jobs happy it's like if   you have a side project that you're working on or 
if you've always wanted to be a musician or you've   always wanted you know to own your own store use 
the money to build that on the side many people   don't like to share their over employment status 
with friends or family and this can cause hardship you might find the same thing if you're 
overemployed your family might just not   get it they might think that it's too risky 
they might think this isn't the right way to   do things so you might find that you're keeping 
secrets from friends and family that's never a   good look it's always hard to manage that and I 
would genuinely this is the biggest one for me   I think getting this extra money should not 
come at the cost of undermining your existing   relationships with the people who really matter 
to you so you may want to keep secrets I know   on the overemployment subreddit rule number 
one is we don't talk about overemployment   but I disagree with this I think you should have 
the ability to talk to your loved ones about   what you're doing and if you can't do that if you 
genuinely feel like you can't be honest with that   it might not be the right option for you I want to talk about the future of overemployment 
over employment is prevalent and I think it's only   going to grow because we have this perfect storm 
of conditions it's crazy how much opportunity   there is in this industry and I think now is 
a really good time to take advantage of it hey   the workforce has never been more disillusioned 
I'm talking about quiet quitting about this huge   Trend employer employees are finally waking up 
to the fact that employers are taking advantage   of us they will they will overwork us and 
not give us pay raises they will happily   fire us if we cut into their bottom line when 
I started the job stack and realized you know   I could make you know so much more money than I 
could just working one job was like Hey you know   like people should know this like people should 
realize that they're getting screwed over people   should realize that agencies marketing agencies 
are taking advantage yeah absolutely and it's   just not fair and I wanted people to just have 
another Choice like you know there is another   option I mean like so many people got fired or 
laid off during a pandemic when especially in   the states Healthcare is an absolute must and 
that they didn't pause they didn't hesitate and   I think a lot of people are starting to wake up 
to the fact that if your employer doesn't feel   like they owe you anything maybe you don't owe 
your employer or anything either another factor   is the rise of productivity that I mentioned so 
over the years I mean like all this technology   has made our productivity skyrocketed like 
literally Skyrocket here's a chart showing   what I mean productivity is through the roof but 
wages have stagnated which means that you are   doing more work than ever you are creating more 
wealth for your company than ever but you're not   being compensated fairly for that wealth creation 
third is the rise of remote work and this is what   I really think is the Clincher so you have this 
kind of like unrest right people people believe   that they're worth more you have this you have 
the availability suddenly you can get your job   done in much less time than you used to need you 
can get your job done in 20 hours a week and third   with the rise of remote work this is what really 
makes it possible because you can sit at home   create your desk with 10 000 different laptops if 
that's what you need and you can do more than one   job at one time the conditions for overemployment 
are right but I don't think they should be so despite being overall Pro over employment my 
spicy take is that I don't think overemployment   should exist I don't think it should be a 
necessity I think that honestly working one   full-time job should be enough for everybody to 
save up buy a house send their kids to college   you shouldn't we shouldn't have to be managing 
two for eight different workloads or bosses in   order to afford the lives that we want the 
lives that our parents and our grandparents   had overemployment should not become the standard 
side hustle should not become the standard one   job should be enough for everybody and the fact 
that it isn't that's what makes overemployment   Not only possible but actually necessary in a 
lot of cases but I wish it wasn't but we are   in the kind of situation where being overemployed 
is almost universally a good thing to be nowadays   for health care for salary for intellectual 
fulfillment having more than one job is a   very appealing Prospect and I understand if 
that's you because it was me too it is me there's an ambition level to it that you know 
some people might not have right I think it's   definitely for a certain type of person that 
has their own drive and really is able to be   self-accountable in that in that major it it's not 
easy money is is what I'm hearing it's it's money   it's a lot of money but it's not easy you still 
have to show up to the interviews you have to prep   for those interviews you know it definitely takes 
someone who's motivated there's definitely an   there's definitely something that needs to be kind 
of like an all-tier alternate motive that you have   for the reason why you're job stacking I don't 
think that money alone is that driving factor   for me it was wanting my own business it was I 
I want more I need more money but I don't want   just more money I never I barely ever buy anything 
of myself I just want to grow my business right or   I just want to make more money so I don't have 
to worry about these bills I just want to make   more money so my kids can go to a nice College if 
you are well motivated if you're organized if you   have good remote skills for example if you're in 
programming digital marketing writing if you're in   any of these jobs that can be done remotely you 
have a good understanding with your friends and   family so you don't have to share the truth of 
what you're actually doing and you want or need   the money for something go for it overemployment 
is a great option for you and I encourage you to   take it if you think you can take that on then 
there's nothing stopping you from doubling or   quadrupling or eight OCT coupling I've lost I 
don't know how what the word is your paycheck   it's a great way to earn some extra money and 
not only that but be paid what you're worth if   that sounds like a good thing then go ahead and 
check out over employment more seriously thank   you so much for watching this video I would 
love to hear your thoughts on overemployment   I know it's a little bit of a hairy topic when 
I wrote a similar article about cheating on my   job with my side hustle I got a lot of a lot of 
angry comments so I'd really like to hear what   you think of over employment is it similar do 
you feel unhappy about it do you like the idea   are you excited let me know in the comments I 
read every single one and I I can't wait to hear   what you think if you like this video give it 
a like if you want to hear more hit subscribe   and as always share your thoughts in the comment 
box bye everyone have a great rest of your week

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