Paying Social Media Jobs Review – Get A Job In Social Media? (A Look Inside).

hi my name is nicholas wood 
from   and today we're going to be doing a paying social 
media jobs review so let's get into it so this is   the paying social media jobs website uh now we 
will be going into the members area and i'll   hello and welcome to your paying social media 
jobs members area you made the right decision   okay now uh once you're in the members area 
there's basically two parts or two main parts   to this product first is the intro course and the 
second one is the database of social media jobs so   if we click intro course first we'll have a look 
at that and that will take us here so your social   media jobs training as you can see there's three 
modules uh module one win your first social media   job module two give yourself a promotion 
and module three pull down the big bucks so   if i click on module one enter here it will take 
us to this page oh no it won't take you there   sorry that's the database we'll look at that in a 
minute i'm sorry um okay so if we click into here there we go okay so this is module 
one win your first social media job   um now this is just an introduction 
um okay so let's go into module one oh yeah let me just go a bit further 
so i can tell you what it's about   okay here we go so module one is basically about 
the uh beginner social media jobs um and the first   like you know low level or entry level beginner 
social media job is being a social media assistant   um so module one is all about basically you know 
being a social media assistant it tells you what   the job is um it tells you how much you can get 
paid for that job so it says 20 to 30 pounds per   hour here um it tells you some of the tasks that 
you'd be expected to do in that job like posting   status updates um replying to comments um yeah 
and as you can see uh we're already on lesson two   and the length of this is about should we say 
the length of like you know a short blog post   um i keep going i'll show you another 
lesson uh that's another task that you   can be expected to do managing videos but 
even this is like a very short length um   yeah so basically this training module one just 
tells you everything you need to know about well i   wouldn't say everything but yeah what you need to 
know about being a social media assistant um but   as you can see the uh training is very you know 
thin uh there's not a lot of training or content   um there's five lessons in total and the length of 
these lessons are very short you can see this one   is very short um so i think in total this you know 
it'll take you probably less than 10 minutes to go   through this training um and then it finishes um 
keep going actually a bit more mana uh modulating   chat conversations that's another task you 
can expect to do as a social media assistant   quiz and then at the end you have a little 
quiz just to test you what you've learned   um yep there you go some questions and 
then some action steps but honestly   um this training is like i say very thin there's 
not a lot of training not a lot of content um   and it'll take you less than 10 minutes to 
go through um so very short very you know   thin and this is a big negative really because 
they're not really giving you a lot of training   um on actually how to be a social media assistant 
they'll just give you the very very basics of like   what the job is how much it pays and what kind of 
you know uh tasks you can be expected to do but um   like i said it's a negative of the product for me 
because uh training is very uh you know uh thin   now if i go back um let me click back 
oh no okay let me just go back this way oh click yeah okay so that was module one that 
was all about being a social media assistant   now module two um i'll show you a bit of that now 
is basically how to be a social media supervisor   um there you go so essentially um module one that 
is the you know uh beginner social media job or   entry level social media job um so that's 
how to be you know social media assistant   uh module two is about how the intermediate 
is about the intermediate social media job   which is to be a social media supervisor and it's 
pretty much the same format as the first module like i say we've got um you know just tells 
you about what um a social media supervisor   is it tells you how much you'll get paid per hour 
um it'll tell you the jobs that you you know the   tasks that you can be expected to perform in 
that job so setting up new accounts managing   posting schedules but again the training 
is very thin it's only consists of like um   you know five lessons and this will take 
you all of like 10 minutes to go through   so yeah very similar to module one just all 
about social media supervisor now if i go back okay and then the third module is 
about being a social media manager   so this is the you know advanced or higher level 
social media job being a social media manager   and again it's the same as the first modules 
it's just five lessons very short 10 minutes   to go through and it will just tell you the basics 
or you know the very basics on how to be a social   media manager uh how much you can be expected 
you know how much you can expect to get paid   and the kind of tasks that you'll be expected 
to perform but that is it that is like you know   uh you know the main training of this product 
very short in total these modules will probably   take you know you know half an hour to go 
through um yeah so it's very short um so   it's not the best um yeah that's it so that's 
the first part of this product now if i go back   okay so second part of this product is the social 
media job database if i click here it will take me   here so this is the database of social media 
jobs um now if i scroll down you've got jobs from   upwork freelancer guru linkedin indeed glassdoor 
and zip recruiter now if i scroll down um now as you can see there's a job here for social 
manager media manager for fitness influencer   um now it looks okay but the problem 
is um this job is actually advertised   on upwork so if i was to click here 
the apply now button for this job it will take me here and as you can 
see this job is actually advertised   on the upwork site um now if i go back 
now like i say the problem with this is   is up work and actually all of these other sites 
like freelancer and guru and all of these can be   accessed for free so you don't have to pay there's 
no charge and you can basically find all of these   jobs all of these jobs on all of these sites 
uh for you know free for no charge whatsoever   like i say you can go to upwork and you can find 
this job on upwork you know like i say for no   charge or absolutely free without paying 
any money now um yeah so this is what   i really you know don't like about this 
product or really hate about this product   um because they're basically charging you money 
for something that is uh you know otherwise   normally free um so for me there's absolutely 
no value in this um you know it's a very poor   you know well if i'm gonna be honest it's kind of 
like a scam um because they're you know charging   you money for yeah something that is free now um 
yeah now if you look here it says our social media   job database so yeah when you actually watch 
the sales video and you're buying this product   they're basically in the sales video that they've 
got their own database of social media jobs   now you take that you know i take that to mean 
that they actually have their own database i.e   you know uh not basically nicking jobs from these 
free uh no these websites uh but they don't they   basically just copy with uh jobs from these 
websites that uh like i say are free to free to   access and um yeah copy them into here and they 
call it their own database so like i said this   is a big negative of this product as it's pretty 
much you know ripping people off and offering no   value so now if i go back to the main home page 
though okay so now we've got it so those are   the two main parts of this product um now there's 
some extra training here so if i was to click here   uh will be taken here now this is a extra advanced 
you know extra training as part of the product or   advanced training and this comes in two parts so 
you've got social media jobs training um here and   social media affiliate training so if i was to 
click the social media jobs training click here   it will take me here so uh now as you can see 
there's let me look social media manager 101   preparing for success finding social media 
jobs maximizing your income and building   your own social media marketing agency that's 
one two three four five so there's five parts   this training or this extra you know advanced 
training now i have read through all this as well   um now each section has five parts probably 
takes about half an hour to read through in total   um now it's all about basically being a social 
media manager and so it basically goes more in   depth about being social media manager and it 
is better than the uh you know intro course   because it's more in-depth more detailed and 
you will get some you know you know tips or   good advice in there but honestly um for me 
it's still not good enough um not in-depth   enough uh you know in-depth enough um like 
i say the training could be more you know   uh greater length or there just could be more of 
it or more content and also the training is just   in written format which you know isn't the best i 
always think that if you have um training in video   format that is over the shoulder in nature um it's 
just better to learn that way it's a better way to   learn because you can follow along and do exactly 
as you know the person is doing in the video   uh so anyway that's the you know extra 
training for um yeah for that now if i go back   so we've done that now this is the other part of 
the extra training social media affiliate training   so if i was to click here um yeah it will take 
me here so as you can see this is in three parts   we've got social media affiliate 101 making money 
with clickbank and making money with jz zoo so   i've been through this training and um basically 
the method that the attention essentially   teaching you to make money is with um basically 
posting your affiliate link on um yeah social   media um yeah so they're basically telling you 
to say um on your facebook account is to post   your affiliate link and say hey you know i found 
this clickbank product click here to check it out   and they're also teaching you to use like 
branded reports with the product as well   now i don't think this is the best best method to 
be honest because if you think about it logically   um you have a lot of your family and friends on 
facebook and social media and you know if you just   keep on posting links to different clickbank 
and jv zoo products uh they're soon gonna get   very annoyed um you know so yeah it's not the best 
method i don't think um and also if you go through   the training uh this all takes probably about 20 
minutes to go through again very short very brief   very thin training which is you know not not 
the best either so right now so now we've gone   through all that let's go back to the main members 
area okay if we scroll down uh from the main page   we've got upgrades now basically these are 
your upsells um that you'll be offered if you   go through the sales funnel now we've got 
the express pass this is the first upsell   um yeah so basically uh this is supposed to help 
you be successful faster now it does this does   this in three ways it's got uh the first way is 
a piece of software called social media automator   what this does it helps you manage 
multiple social media accounts at once   so you can basically just be more 
productive in your work and get more done   um the second way is a job template or application 
job template now this is designed to help you   apply for more jobs uh faster so you can you 
know again be more successful and the third way   is to offer you advanced training and this will 
basically help you uh negotiate for higher paying   social media jobs um so the cost of this upsell 
is $97 i believe yes that's the first upsell   okay so the second upsell is basically 
going to try and sell you on other products   so these products are write app reviews 
and online yeah paid online writing jobs   now i really don't like the second upsell because 
basically these two products are owned or are   created by the same people who you know have um 
yeah created paying social media jobs so basically   this second upsell is you know for me just there 
to make money uh because they're just basically   selling you on uh products that you know um they 
have created um just to make more money yeah so   i really don't like this second upsell um this 
is the third upsell social media arbitrage now   um so this upsell um yeah basically teaches 
you how to outsource social media work   um yeah so basically um say let's say you 
know you're doing a social media you had   a social media job and you're being paid twenty 
dollars an hour now what this teaches you to do   is to hire other people and pay them slightly 
less so let's say you hired other people   and you paid them fifteen dollars an hour um so 
basically what you're doing essentially is um   you know paying other people less to do the same 
work and keeping the difference now they say uh   in the upsell you do this because your own time is 
limited obviously you know there's only 24 hours   in the day so you can only work so much yourself 
so if you hire other people and do this method   you can scale and make more money um yeah and i 
think the cost of this upsell is $397.

I think   yeah okay so anyway those are the upsells um now 
i've got a short powerpoint presentation just to   sum all this up the pros and cons and you know my 
rating and recommendation for social media jobs   so i'll just go to that now uh so let 
me just switch over to that oops sorry okay so cons um yeah this is the big one for me 
i've already talked about it or mentioned it but   basically the database of the jobs or social 
media jobs are all copied from other websites   which you can opt which you can access for free 
which for me is just terrible um there's no value   in it it's just you know your charging or you're 
charging people money for something that is free   so you know i really hate this this is like a big 
big negative and you know a sign of a scam um or   extremely low quality product or you know pretty 
much a scam anyway so uh the other one i've kind   of touched on as well is that the training is very 
thin or very brief uh like i say the main training   took all of you know 30 minutes to complete which 
again really isn't good um it should be a lot more   uh training on teaching you how to get these 
social media jobs so moving on right the pros   uh honestly i'm finding it hard to find some you 
know pros or pos uh positives with this product um   yeah i say because it's just such a low quality 
product now i guess the only thing i could say   is that the advanced training um about the so you 
know being a social media manager is slightly more   in-depth you know um i say it'll take you five 
parts i think there was to it and it takes two   and a half hours but again it's still not you 
know great and it's still um yeah not enough in   my opinion anyway moving on right so my rating and 
recommendation for paying social media jobs okay   so i'm giving it a 5 out of 100.

pexels photo 6954087

Very low rating 
the reason for this is because of the job database   and it's all copied jobs that you can access for 
free for me this is a sign of a scam i absolutely   hate this because like i've said before there's 
no value in it whatsoever and i guess i give it a   five because there's a tiny little bit of training 
but that is that's it like you know really low   rating for this product so um do i recommend it no 
i do not pretty much a scam or it's a scam um you   know it really is extremely low quality product 
um yeah so i definitely do not recommend it   so that is it for my paying social media jobs 
review um i hope you found it useful and helpful   now if you do want to check out the product for 
yourself i always leave a link in the description   below but i don't really recommend it with this 
one because the product is such low quality   but i always leave it there just in case um also 
in the description below you'll find a link to   my 11 day free make money online course so if 
you do want to sign up for that uh feel free   apart from that i hope you've enjoyed the video 
and found it helpful now if you have liked the   video feel free to hit the like button also 
you can subscribe to my channel if you want   to see any future videos from me but apart from 
that thanks for watching and i'll see you later

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