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Hi, I'm Jan Rezab,
this is Social Media Minute. This is gonna be
a different Social Media Minute, more of a discussion one. Feel free to comment
if you agree or disagree. I think there is a problem
in the social marketing world. And that's the social media marketers.
You guys, watching the show. I think social media marketing
is one of the hardest jobs possibly in all media
and marketing industry because it changes so much. We've said that over the years,
it changes and changes and evolves. But it only kept evolving up in terms of maybe volume of metrics,
the volume of platforms you have to be on. But it's getting infinitely more complex. There are platforms out there to consider,
there are priorities to consider, and the real skill sets are not anymore only in –
of course, which still remains critical – like the content piece, being able to do a video campaign
or to think of a nice hashtag campaign. Of course, that's ultimately it. But the real disciplines are when you have
a piece of raw content and adapting it and creating the strategy
of rolling it out on those platforms.

That's beginning to be a unique job. This is where we see
marketers need help and assistance, as much as they can get, in fact. And this is why we're seeing
social marketers use a lot more agencies. We've seen them take it in-house a lot,
the posting and content creation. But more and more we're seeing them use agencies,
specific agencies for specific tasks. And it's becoming an amazingly hard
strategic and coordination job where you have to actually figure out
a strategy in a world where three months ago
only Snapchat existed in Stories. Right now,
it's the number three Stories platform. And this is tremendously difficult. I want you to send this video to your manager. Have him realize how much of a job, how much of a transition
you're going through and how much support you need. I'd give social marketers space,
I'd give them coaching, I'd push them to better performance and I'd give them partners around them that can be experts in their areas,
whether it's a great creative agency,
a great ideas agency which is different.

pexels photo 6476806

A creative agency won't do the ideas
behind some of the activations, not necessarily. And of course, a great measurement platform.
That's what they need. And tools around them in general that'll help them do their job every day. So, good luck to you
and we're here every Monday morning on YouTube, Facebook and wherever. Thanks for watching..

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