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hi there my name is Richard McMunn from the interview training company past my interview calm and in his tutorial I will teach you how to pass a social media manager interview so if you have a social media manager interview coming up with any organization whatsoever please do stick around and watch this training tutorial fully from beginning to end because I promise to help make you the standout candidate and to achieve that goal this is what I will cover I will give you a list of social media manager interview questions that I strongly recommend you prepare for I will give you great sample answers to help you pass your social media management interview I will tell you the skills and qualities that you really have to demonstrate throughout your social media manager interview and then I will also tell you about further resources that you can gain access to to help you succeed so this for great reasons why you should stay tuned and watch this from beginning to end before I get into the trainee tutorial a quick warm welcome to this social media manager interview tutorial my name is Richard McMunn that's me there in the center of the screen I've been helping people for over 20 years now to pass their interviews I always do that by giving you top-scoring answers you can't find anywhere else on that basis please make sure you subscribe to the channel because I don't want you to miss out on any of the training videos I upload you can also connect with me on LinkedIn I put my LinkedIn link in the description below the video it's always great to connect with like-minded professionals such as yourself and please also give the video a like because that tells me you enjoy the content and therefore I know it's worth me spending more time creating it for you ok let's get into those social media manager interview questions or tips and the top-scoring answers so the first question that we want to prepare for is introduce yourself and tell me why you want to be a social media manager now when answering this first social media manager interview question make sure you focus on the skills the qualities and experience you have and also what you can specifically bring to the role here's my suggested answer for you I am a results-driven social media manager who has gained extensive experience working in a variety of different businesses where the reliance on effective social media campaigns has been critical for example in my previous role I managed to significantly increase social engagement and conversions by targeting the right customers on the right platforms and with the right content now I want to be a social media manager because it is not only a role I am extremely passionate about but having researched your business prior to the interview today I believe I can bring considerable value to the organization I am highly organized I am consistently effective in my work and if you hire me as your social media manager I feel confident you will see a positive immediate return on your investment in terms of social engagement brand reputation and more importantly conversions so that is a brilliant answer to that first interview question because it demonstrates to them that you certainly have the skills and experience to perform highly in the role and it also helps to make you the standout Canada may you can either pause the video if you want to and take notes of these interview questions and answers as I progress or if you want to wait I will tell you where you can download my full set of social media manager interview questions and top scoring answers so the next interview question we need to prepare for is what are the most important skills and qualities needed to be a social media manager now this interview question clearly assesses your understanding of the social media manager role and also whether or not you have the necessary skills and qualities to excel within the position and as you and I know to be a social media manager you need lots of different skills and qualities so let's give them a brilliant answer here it is there are numerous skills and qualities needed to be an effective and competent social media manager however above all of them you need to plan strategic to ensure the work you carry out meets the commercial objectives of the business you are working for you also need a creative mindset and the understanding that social media campaigns that work today may not work tomorrow you also need an extensive understanding of community engagement and management superior writing skills but also an understanding of your target audience and their specific needs other skills and qualities include a tactical approach to social media technical skills in terms of how the different social platform algorithms work a desire to always stay up to date with the latest social media developments and platforms and finally exceptional communication and interpersonal skills so you're demonstrating there that you understand the skills and qualities needed in the role to not just get by on a day-to-day basis but to stay ahead of the competition and also continually use your expertise within the role to create brilliant social media posts and more importantly engagement and conversions so the next question is so why do you want to work for us as a social media manager this question is guaranteed to come up so when responding to this tough social media management interview question it is important we provide a unique answer that is different to all the other candidates and here it is in my opinion there are two types of company that use social media for their business the first type of business are the ones who do it because they feel they have to the second type is the one that takes social media seriously and they embrace it wholeheartedly because they understand the benefits you clearly fall into the second category and if I get to work here I know you will fully support me in my role furthermore because of the type of organization you are I believe you will be willing to try new and innovative social media campaigns that will serve to ensure you stay ahead of the competition whilst further increasing your market share you will be the only person who will use that kind of response at your interview I can pretty much guarantee now don't go anywhere because I still have more questions to run through to help you but when you're ready if you want to click that link in the top right hand corner of the video it takes you through to my website pass my interview comm where you can download my full set of social media manager interview questions and top-scoring answers in PDF format including the ones that I'm going through during this presentation right now let's move on to the next question what would you do within the first four weeks of starting work as our social media manager so don't sit there and think off the top of your head what you would do in the first few weeks of starting instead have a pre-prepared answer to this question to show the hiring manager that you are fully prepared and ready to get working here's my suggested answer I expect to be very busy within the first four weeks of starting the first and perhaps the most important thing I would do is sit down with you the senior managers to establish what it is you want me to achieve but also to find out your long term commercial goals this will give me a clear focus to work towards and it will also allow me to plan accordingly and create effective results driven campaigns I will then get to know everyone within the team and also find out as much as possible about the products and the services you offer and how I need to fit my campaigns around these I have already carried out some work prior to the interview to ascertain the social media channels I believe we should focus on and the types of campaign I would work on initially following that I would continually test tweak and optimize my campaigns to ensure they are meeting the predetermined objectives I like that answer because it shows you're ready to get working you know what you're gonna do within the first few weeks and you are also demonstrating to me that you can add immediate value to my business so the next perhaps toughest interview question for social media managers is explain the strategies you would use to generate leads so the only way you can really answer this difficult social media manager interview question is to provide the hiring manager or interviewer with a comprehensive in-depth response so don't just give them a short week answer go in detail about the strategies you would use to generate leads here is my suggested answer there are five different steps I would follow to generate targeted leads as part of my social media management strategy step one is to ensure the company profile is fully optimized including all relevant contact information the branding is on point contact information is accurate a link to our company bio and also call-to-action buttons are present step two would be to create easy to use professional and engaging landing pages now it's pointless spending time effort money on social media posts that fail at the landing page element the landing pages must be closely aligned to the post content easy to navigate and also compatible across all devices step three would be to create clickable content that goes to those landing pages now the truth is without compelling and engaging content we won't be able to collect quality leads there is also a fine balance to be achieved between posting clickable content and useful informative and personable information step 4 would be to use social ads however I would only start using social ads once I am convinced the platform is correct and I also know which posts have the most engagement I would take care of the budget and make sure it converts to achieve this I will ensure all relevant pixels are integrated on their landing pages and I would only use ads when there is an incentive for the potential customer this would include discount codes and competitions for example finally step 5 would be to measure the performance of the posts and refine and tweak them based on the data I'd collected via analytics so that shows you have a strategy in place you're talking about five different steps for generating leads which shows you have experience and know how to do it correctly sorry correctly so what I recommend you do now is go through to that page in the top right hand corner of the video takes you through to pass my interview comm you can have a look at my full set of social media your interview questions that I recommend you prepare for and you can also download the answers if you want to in PDF format so you can have them in your inbox within two minutes from now including all of the five that I've just gone through today I hope you've enjoyed that please subscribe to the channel so you don't miss out please also give the video I like because that tells me you enjoy it and it's therefore worth me spending my time creating it for you thank you very much for watching and I wish you all the best for passing your social media manager interview have a brilliant day

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