Social Media Manager School – Inside the Program with Phyllis Khare

Social Media Manager School I want to show you what all the good reviews
are about and invite you to take a look for yourself. And this program is really built for someone
who wants to make money as a social media manager or is already a social media consultant
or manager and just needs better clients. Our motto is: More Money – Better Clients – Less Stress and I think Andrea and I, and our wonderful
Group on Facebook, provides this in abundance.

And what you see here is the sales page for
Social Media Manager School. You can find it at I'm not going to spend too much time on the
points on this particular page, as I want to get to the program itself and take you
behind the scenes, but notice we have some wonderful things here on this page you can
go through it and see a little bit about us and some of the reasons why we built this
and then there's some wonderful testimonials from some great people who have taken the
class and all sorts of things about all the modules, but I'm going to show you the modules
I'm not going to go through this too much, but it's all there and we have lots of bonuses
and you know how all this works. So anyway let's go straight to the inside
the program. Now once you're logged in you'll be on the
Welcome page. And you can also see all the Modules here
across Module 1 – Finding New Clients, Module 2 – Managing Your Existing Clients, Module 3 – Organizing Your Work, Module 4 – Money Management, Module 5 – Always Learning, Module 6 – Mobile and More, all about our Private Facebook Group, the Bonuses tab, the Basics tab – which is a wonderful series
of videos for each social site you might need to use with your clients and then the tab that directs you to the Certificate
of Completion test.

Yes, we do offer a certificate of completion
for Social Media Manager School! So now starting on this particular page you
can view a nice video from me and Andrea about how to navigate and use the modules. Notice there are quick links here right away
for you to ask us questions. So let's go straight to Module 1 And this hour long video actually is a tremendous
resource for you in how to find New clients and working with local businesses, essential
marketing techniques you can use, you need to put in place to bring clients to you, how
to bring clients to you, how to ask for referrals.

There is a whole thing on the Vital conversations
you need to ask potential clients before you commit to working together, how to assess
if your client has the funds to pay you so that you don’t waste your time, how to communicate
your offering to small business clients and corporate clients to make them want to hire
you. So this is one of our longest videos but we
really want you to find those new clients so we put a lot of work into this one. And notice that we have several important
documents and templates for proposal and pre-coaching forms and all sorts of things that you can
use for you to use here. So this is Module 1 Now if we go on to Module 2 – which is Managing
Your Existing Clients And in this one we discuss communication methods,
monthly reports for your clients and how to create them, how to talk to your clients and
make sure everybody is on the same page.

And then lots and lots of different things
here. Let me show you one great resource here – is
one of favorite documents in this program is the Top 20 Questions and it's right here. "The Top 20 Questions from Clients and their
Answers." This document is been used by our course participants
to create blog posts and other things and let me just open this up for you right now
so you can see how it looks. And basically, it's some of the top questions
people ask and the answers to them and a great supporting post. So document is free for anyone who is in our
program and you can turn these into your own blog posts and this has been very successful
for a lot of our clients. OK – so I don't want to spend too much time
here but this is an awesome module of how to manage your existing clients. Let's go on to Module 3 And this is one of my favorite modules because
I appreciate being organized and I know this is one of the things that's most important
to the people who take this course also.

We show you how to use an editorial calendar
to keep your wits about you as you add more clients to your work day. And there are several videos in this Module
with lots of different documents and tutorials to teach you how to do things. Organizing your work is a big topic in our
community managers and this particular module is very helpful. So you can see there's all of these different
videos here that can help you with that.

Alright, so on to Module 4 – Money Management So, many people, new to social media managing
don't know how much to charge for their services or to do all of that, so we actually have
these conversations a lot inside our Facebook Group and we will help you figure that out
for you and your clients. And also in this particular module there are
some sample templates for different types of contracts, using TimeTrade for scheduling
appointments. There's a wonderful proposal template here,
a pre-coaching forms, some sample social media packages which is very helpful if you are
just starting out how to organize and design your social media package. And so this is a really really great space. You can show us your rate page or your services
document and Andrea and I and the entire community of supportive members can help you refine
your rates to be the best possible. So this is a great module here. Now let's go over to Module 5 – Always Learning This module is full of what I would call advanced
understanding and skills around the social sites and we teach you how to create custom
apps and all sorts of different things.

pexels photo 6177655

How to use Twitter, best usage for different
types of clients. How to use YouTube and we provide an SEO checklist
not only for the video themselves but also for Channels. So this particular module is important because
you need to be on that leading edge of understanding these social accounts. And you know, this particular is real handy
if you already know a lot about social media sites. Here's a look at the SEO Checklist for YouTube. Now let's take a look at Module 6 – which
is Mobile and More Mobile is how you and your clients show up
on a mobile device and that's vital to understand right now and we take you through a couple
of things to make sure that's all in order.

There's also some info around doing your business
FROM a mobile device so how to rock that space so you can work from the beach or the supermarket
or the dentist office or whatever. And the "More" part of this module also contains
info on how to develop a social media policy and some advanced strategies around selling
ebooks and hosting webinars so YOU can increase the number of clients who want to work with
you AND that you can help your clients do this for their own businesses. We also talk a little bit about and have some
great resources in here for you in this particular module. Alright, we are rocking and rolling now. Now on to… Now there are four more tabs to visit; the
private Facebook Group, the Bonuses, the Basics Module and the link to take the certification
test. And these are all very good important things. I have to say that many of our members of
this particular product love this Private Facebook Group. This is where you get a tremendous amount
of value for this program. Andrea and I are committed to being available
to everyone who takes this course, so we are there to answer any question you might have.

And the community of people in this Group
is amazing. It's like this great collection of social
media managers from all over the world! They are there to support and answer questions,
it's really great. It's a Super group of people. There are no plans on closing this Group or
charging extra for this group in the future so this is an amazing deal for you. So I hope that you can enjoy that space for
this. You can find, we also have a little space
in there where you can find partners and people to network with, maybe in your region. So it's a really great space. Ok, so that's about the private Facebook Group. Now if we go to the Bonuses page you probably
read about these on the sales page, but here's where they are located. And of course we have this wonderful ultimate
editorial guide from Amy Porterfield and Andrea's wonderful two ebooks on Facebook and Twitter
and the webinars are in here.

And then there's a great process here, I have
a wonderful streamlined marketing flowsheet that's been very helpful and then Isaac just
gave us a boatload of incredible templates all of these you can use to run your business
– they're just fabulous. And also we do bonus calls every now and again
and here's a replay from one of a particular Q&A we recently had. So that's the Bonuses section and just this
page alone is worth the price of admission here. And we decided after we had launched the program
that some people needed a basics module.

They needed to catch up on Facebook, Twitter,
LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube. So, if you need a little 101 on anything that's
where you can find it here. We just put some basic, some basic understanding
around these social sites. And then the last link is the link to the
certificate of completion test. And once you pass the test we issue these
two images to you at the bottom. You can put this, you can print this out and
put it on your wall if you'd like, and the second image is for your website. You can put it as a badge that shows you have
completed our course. And once you've passed this test also we feel
very comfortable suggesting you to some of our potential clients.

So it's really a great thing to go ahead and
take the test and get this certificate so you're on that list. So there you go – a little peek inside Social
Media Manager School. And I'm very happy to answer any questions
– through email or Facebook or Twitter. And thanks for watching! I hope to see you inside the Group soon!.

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