Social Media Marketing at the University of West London

[Music] my name is Mark Wright winner of the 2014 apprentice you might think to yourself working in social media all day just sounds like a bit of fun if you know how to increase your following write a good post what a good video looks like how to make a nice image let's see how good you really are here at farm online we help businesses of all sizes with their social media campaign the most important thing is that you build the campaign based around the result of the customer is looking for we define exactly what success is to them with create a strategy define the channels build some creatives and then we go live social media is now becoming inevitable I've personally work with businesses that are just starting out we've even had to create their social media of channels for them they've had no following whatsoever we've had to start to get them up from zero followers big businesses face a different challenge they have hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of followers we've had to define new ways to re-engage bigger audiences then we need to be a bit more creative about how we design and build the campaigns but it's all about tracking it back to the campaign goals and monitoring the analytics to make sure we're successful social media has so many channels the key is making sure you select the right ones and you monitoring things very very closely that's how you define success and sometimes you can break the internet I know what you're thinking how can I find out more about this great social media course at the University of West London come down and try one of their taster days or even one of their free short courses then you'll know how successful your career is going to be in social media [Music]

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