Social Media Marketing for E-commerce that *Works* (part 1) | 2019 Beginner Tutorial

hi I'm Eunice I'm the guy who makes this marketing technical easy for you to understand and today we want to talk about the social media marketing strategy for e-commerce so for from what I have learned from all my customers that I worked in the last ten years as a full time digital marketer I will share with you some of them my most effective ones at the moment so let's get going and this so first off who is this video for you could be a social media manager of course at an e-commerce brand or you could be freelancing you're creating campaigns or working as a digital market here fall out different companies in your spare time or you could be working as me at an agency where you're serving your time or selling on prop your own projects as an digital marketing expert or as a consultant you will all get a lot of useful tips from this video and of course if you're student of the digital marketing craft which I always recommend and I also like to see this as creating your own income skill that no one else can take away from you it's almost like creating a you can be good at copywriting or selling or I mean people will always need good people are good to drive traffic and relevant traffic and creating sales for other companies see if you learn this skill as an did digital marketing or social media manager you're gonna have a bright future okay so let's jump in so first off you need to have a goal your social media goals and here are some example of common goals which could be increased brand awareness of course drive traffic to your website generate new leads grow revenue by increasing signups and sales which is pretty obvious if you have an e-commerce store and also you can have it could be also that you need you probably maybe even work as business-to-business where you need a salesperson to close the sale once the lead is in your system so you drive in person sales and of course improve your ROI and create the loyal fan base or even perhaps a customer support might also be thing to do to that you want to improve so I mean in social media is one of the somebody called is virtual storefront and 73 percent of the consumers have been impacted by brand social media presence when making a purchase decision that's up des that is quite actually profound and and even before they even go to the website 32 percent actually check out your Instagram on Facebook before they even click on through to your website so that is also that I mean that will impact the conversion rate so this guy this is the Summa guy and I use this in a lot of my live presentations when I talk to other people and I usually start to ask my customer who is your sumo customer okay what is that sumo customer Sigma customer for your store or your best customer they usually buy two times your average order value and you can find that out I will show you how to find that out but you should also know okay okay now I know which channels they hang out I will show you how to do that you also have to figure out okay what do they love what do they hate what do keeps them awake at night or channel or the using because they are your ambassadors and they all want are giving you new business without you paying for for them extra they are your referrals as well and a lot of times when I look at the analytics for our customers I can see that sometimes 10% of the customers stands for more than 40% of all the revenue for the company and even though a lot of people spend the same amount of marketing in all channels I mean here you can see in the screenshot you can see the customers are 3300 eighty five and ten percent of those are our sumo customers and you can see to the right probably this is in Swedish kronor so you that is about five hundred like fifty thousand dollars and it's almost like forty percent of the revenue comes from use to ten percent of the customers so what it will happen if you want fine to find more of those and then try to focus on on these guys a little bit more spend a little bit more on those channel these hangouts so if you can see okay which kind of social media channel should I be focusing on this will tell you a little bit about where you should focus so like I said a lot of people spend equal attention across all channels which is kind of dumb thing to do because you get much more effectiveness if you if you focus on the ones there are the similar customers later okay before we go ahead and I'll give you some specific really nice strategies you can use for is channels are we gonna focus on these four I know there are more channels Sundays as you can see here is Facebook Instagram YouTube and LinkedIn and I will show you why you can use LinkedIn as well even if your business to consumer can be commerce and I will need to have this have some content creation strategies so we can you can really hone in on those so you have them with you before you enter the strategies for this for the separate channels so content creation strategies first of all one thing I really stopped doing when I created custom content for customers is to create engaging customers and you can use some quite cool tools like buzzsumo where you can look at ok who what what what are the hot topics right now they actually did a survey or really big research where there find the tester like 100,000 we have probably even a million headlines and they pull down the report and the ones that produce the best kind of interest was the one start started with this will make you and this is why so for instance if I go to bar suma here I can see I can enter like makeup tips and tricks if I have a fashion or makeups ecommerce store and I could say okay here are some tips of great headlines or content pieces that I could perhaps create and I can also see the engagement here on the right in Facebook so that gave me a lot of clues and and evidence of topic to create content but in my social channels so and of course I will always suggest not of course but I will suggest that you focus on video content and you can do this in a lot of different ways I prefer to do a little different kind of videos depending on of course of of the e-commerce stores you're having but one thing that is quite cool is to interview a person who create or design your products you can show how the product works give useful tips like a demonstration that is really useful I mean I've seen 15-second demonstration videos work really good on both Instagram and Facebook and even longer videos as well and you can respond to common questions you can create how-to videos how you can use this product in sit in different contexts in different situations you can even film it like in a native environment it's even better because Facebook people on Facebook and Instagram for instance tell they are there to to look at what the friends are doing not what other companies are looking at the commercials so create a native kind of feel for that as well another thing I really like and that is also awesome for lead generation that is to create quizzes so for if let's if I continue with the skincare kind of e-commerce example here is an example of a quiz that I can drive traffic to or I can share on my social channels they are much more involved involving then used content piece like it how to ten things to know about makeup before you clear on a makeup or whatever if you create a quiz that is much even more evolving and involving and and they can also get like a recommendation and some tools even lets you segment so if you follow up on the ones that are entering the email to get some extra offers from you or other informations a lot of people actually will and you can even do that they have to enter your email to to get the result from the quiz so that's a really great way to to use as content in the in the different kind of channels I will talk to you talk about later so remember remember the about the quizzes another thing that is working quite good is to create infographics and I know you heard about this before and it's quite hard to create an infographic but it's not that hard to hire designer dribble they are really good and you can create some real nice infographics for your for your marketing for your marketing but for your for your niche to to like position yourself like an expert in in on your topic so that is also nice way to do it and of course if you have an e-commerce stores and you like you have 1000 products of course you can't create videos for every product so if you have limited time or budget or resources I will always tell you to create product two content pieces for the best selling products and here is an example how I can create that in use you can use look in your e-commerce platform in Shopify or whatever you're using I like to use Google Analytics and here I can see it's like the 80/20 rule that 20% of the products produce 80% of the revenues so here is okay fully for instance I will create content videos for these six products here there is producing the major amount of sales for this customer and before you even turn on your camera or create any videos you should always check that amount when I say check the Ramon I am I mean the search volume so here is an example if I continue with an example for the for the makeup we can create a makeup tutorial and if I create it if I enter it in YouTube ie I can see it directly here the search volume per month the the smaller number in gray to the right of the keyword and I also marked some with the green which is the ones that looks really really nice so instead of yours creating makeup tutorial I think a makeup tutorial for beginners because there are high search volume and I can create a makeup tutorial for 2019 and if I use the key the tool I'm using here is called keywords everywhere it's a free tool it's a chrome plug-in you install and then you could will see the the box you can see – right here which also tells me that I makeup tutorial is really good one to do so always check the demand before you go ahead and produce your video

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