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hey guys how we all doing hope you guys are having 
a wonderful day today and uh welcome to the course   i'm actually a very good friend of denzel's my 
name is raul marquez and we actually met in fringe   class i remember him um in class and sitting 
behind me and um i actually asked him one day   about what he did because i in his bible he 
said they ate this social media marketing   ran an smma and i didn't know much about 
that so i asked him i was never into business   and um he actually got me all into it he trained 
me i actually own my own agency now and uh you   know thanks to him like he's a very good guy and 
i know he's been working hard on this course a   lot so i hope you guys are able to get a lot of 
value from this um and he asked me to take part um   because he was filming a bunch of other videos so 
he told me if i could help him out with the course   and uh you know here i am so i hope this helps 
you guys and you guys are able to learn a lot from   this course and you know definitely take off with 
your own agencies and uh yeah let's get started   hey sorry to interrupt but if you want to 
have free access to the 30-day marketer course   i will allow you access all you have to do is 
dm me the word 30 day and me or my team will   actually reach out to you and allow you access to 
the full free course um so you can actually follow   the steps word for word and actually take action 
take action and dm me and i will see you soon hey   what is going on everyone welcome to 30 day 
marketer this is a free training course for those   of you who are looking to get started in digital 
marketing starting your very own marketing agency   here on social media and selling services 
to brands and businesses online this is a   huge market and something that a lot of people are 
getting to each and every single day and the thing   is that a lot of people cannot find specific 
courses online for affordable prices right now   you guys are seeing something that is here to stay 
and something for free that you can just access on   your phone here on youtube and i'm taking every 
single thing that i've learned each and every   single day from courses trainings that i've done 
i've invested thousands upon thousands of dollars   into myself and i'm just giving you guys this 
for a price of zero dollars and this is something   that is big that is going on i'm gonna be giving 
you guys the strategies from what you could do   to start your digital marketing agency if you 
are a beginner different strategies that you   can use if you are someone who's an expert or 
if you are someone who knows what this is but   you need different ways to actually go about 
getting clients i'm going to be giving you   guys each and every single thing in this and also 
near the end of this i'm gonna be giving you guys   secret ways of how you could scale your digital 
marketing agency that no one absolutely talked   about in the courses that i've taken online i'm 
gonna be doing all this for you guys for free   really really put so much work into this like 
you guys simply just do not understand the work   that i've put into this and it is all gonna be for 
you guys just for free here on youtube um i'm also   starting up a facebook group chat if you guys want 
to access it you guys click the link down below   and it will take you guys to facebook to the group 
chat you guys will have to join that and what you   could do on there is talk with a whole lot of 
entrepreneurs just like myself just like you   um and actually get different side strategies from 
them and it will be something to kind of motivate   you to go forward in your journey different 
things like that to kind of push you on there   we'll be doing weekly calls and getting updates 
and everything like that i'll be taking questions   and just seeing where things go this is something 
that could be big for everyone and i want to make   this huge and big for everyone and easy to access 
for anyone so this is something for anyone and i   hope that you really really do get a ton of value 
from this because i put a lot of my work into this   and this is something hey sorry to interrupt 
but if you want to have free access to the   30-day marketer course i will allow you 
access all you have to do is dm me the word   30 day and me or my team will actually reach 
out to you and allow you access to the full   free course um so you can actually follow 
the steps word for word and actually take   action take action and dm me and i will see you 
soon what's going on everyone welcome to 30 day   marketer this is day number two and if you guys 
don't know who i am my name is denzel bullshomp   and i'm going to be taking you guys through the 
step-by-step journey every single day for 30 days   and by the end of these 30 days you should be 
on your way to actually getting results for your   social media marketing agency whether you're a 
beginner someone who knows about it but you need   some strategies that you need to use or if you're 
an expert and you need to get to the next level   this is something for everyone so what i want you 
to do right now is take notes and implement each   and every single thing that i say in this course 
because it will greatly help you out get somewhere   on your social media marketing journey and even 
beyond but let's go ahead and get into this   in this video we are going to be talking about 
daily habits it's really really essential for you   to set up daily habits for yourself daily habits 
is super super essential and that is something   that you really really need um to have to keep 
yourself in check because basically if you are   not having a productive day if you are not doing 
the things that will make you money each and every   single day if you were not getting your mindset 
correct then you will not get somewhere with this   so it is important for you to set up a 
daily routine something that you would do   each and every single day waking up and doing 
things like that because it is important to have   a daily ritual a daily routine to tackle your 
goals so in this what i want you to do is get   out a piece of paper right now and let's go 
ahead and talk about this so what i want you   to do right now at this second is just write down 
write down each and every single thing that you do   already what time do you wake up at what do you 
eat in the mornings what time do you eat breakfast   what time what do you do in your daily life 
throughout the whole entire day what do you do   in the morning what do you do in the noon time 
what do you do in the afternoon do you work a job   do you stay at home and maybe do work are you 
in school what are you doing in your daily life   right now maybe do you do you go to sleep late do 
you go to sleep early do you wake up early do you   wake up late write those things down that 
you do each and every single day right now   and what i want you to do is rethink 
what you could do to actually implement   the things that you want to be doing in your 
daily routine what do you want to be doing   to make yourself productive um i know for me i'm 
gonna show you guys my main schedule that i do   right now hey sorry to interrupt but if you want 
to have free access to the 30-day marketer course   i will allow you access all you have to do is 
dm me the word 30 day and me or my team will   actually reach out to you and allow you access to 
the full free course um so you can actually follow   the steps word for word and actually take action 
take action and dm me and i will see you soon   to get the most out of your experience please 
wear headphones and be in a comfortable place so hey sorry to interrupt but if you want to have 
free access to the 30-day marketer course i will   allow you access all you have to do is dm me the 
word 30 day and me or my team will actually reach   out to you and allow you access to the full free 
course um so you can actually follow the steps   word for word and actually take action take action 
and dm me and i will see you soon hey what's going   on everyone this is day number three of 30 day 
marketer i hope that you are getting tons of value   from this and that you are actually implementing 
each and every single thing that i explain this   because it's very important that you do implement 
and that you do stay on top of things in this the   one thing that is very essential for each and 
every single one of us is actually developing   the right mindset um especially as being 
an entrepreneur bro um you have to have   the right mindset if you want to go about making 
money in general if you don't know how to spend   that money if you don't know how to invest that 
money and so things that will possibly be a value   for you then what are you going to do or where are 
you going to get to thing is that you need to have   the right mentality going into this and 
that is the main important ingredient   to fueling where you go with this because 
that is the main important source is actually creating yourself getting yourself into a mindset 
where you just ooh what i want to say is right now   drop everything that you're doing drop each and 
every single thing that you're doing right now   and just think to yourself wherever you're at 
whatever choices you made in your life the thing   is each and every single day you have to think of 
oh i'm drowning in this pond of water what can i   do to get out of this what can i do to get to the 
next level what can i do to actually get myself to   a place where i can actually say that i made it 
um thing is a lot of people they just quit thing   is that you have to keep on going each and every 
single day that is the thing that you need to do   is keep on going each and every single day um and 
that is the main thing that will fuel you going   forward and thing is a lot of people get into 
this digital marketing thing just like you are   doing they just quit they just quit after a while 
thing is you will get rejections you will not see   results if you're getting into cold calling if 
you're getting to outreach into your clients   you will not get yeses all the time the thing is 
that you need to keep on going because eventually   eventually if you keep on going there will be a 
yes and if you do it right then there should be   lots of yeses that you get but of course 
there's gonna be points where you don't get   um where you want to be and you are gonna 
get rejected a lot hey sorry to interrupt   but if you wanna have free access to the 30-day 
marketer course i will allow you access all you   have to do is dm me the word 30 day and me 
or my team will actually reach out to you   and allow you access to the full free course um 
so you can actually follow the steps word for word   and actually take action take action and dm me 
and i will see you soon what is going on everyone   it is denzel back with another video and i hope 
that you are good today in this video we are going   to be talking about the seven ps of marketing 
why this is important um for your business   whatever business you're building out i'm gonna 
talk about these seven ps why it's significant um   for your business and this is something that goes 
to every business this is something every business   goes through when you're starting a business this 
is how you actually get sales and what goes behind   actually marketing your products and different 
things like that i'm go ahead and talk about   these seven p's in this video um and let's 
go ahead and get into this so the very first   one is product second one is price third one is 
promotion fourth one is place fifth one is people   sixth one is process and the last one is physical 
evidence these seven ps um pertain to um any type   of business like i said and it's marketing 
now let's go ahead and start off with product   product is the thing that you are selling um for 
example let's take um let's say this water bottle   um or maybe this could be if you're agency owner 
like i am this could be um a digital product that   you are selling like a course um or maybe it could 
be like an e-commerce store where you are selling   shirts drop shipping different things like that 
that is your product and that you were selling   that is what product is and that is what that p is 
the second p is the price now this goes into play   about the value you are putting on that product 
if i'm selling this water bottle this bottle of   water for a hundred dollars it better be some 
top dog premium stuff a gucci label on it   a golden cap a whole metal aluminum base whatever 
and it better have some cool feature to it and   some premium north side pole water to it for it to 
be selling for a hundred dollars this is the value   that you get with this bottle of water or your 
service or different things like that it better   be top dog to be selling high it's the value that 
you're putting the price tag that you're putting   on the product that you are selling that is what 
price is the third one is promotion now this is   where we are actually getting our product out 
there um putting our price tag out there so   people could actually notice it and see it um for 
what it's worth and decide for them hey sorry to   interrupt but if you want to have free access to 
the 30-day marketer course i will allow you access   all you have to do is dm me the word 30 day and 
me or my team will actually reach out to you and   allow you access to the full free course um so you 
can actually follow the steps word for word and   actually take action take action and dm me and i 
will see you soon what's going on everyone welcome   to day number four of 30 day marketer i hope that 
you are getting tons of value from this and if you   guys missed out on day number three be sure to 
go check out the icard app at the top um in this   we are going to be talking about what a social 
media marketing agency is what this exactly is   and basically to put it simple this is basically 
when you are selling a service to a specific   business or a person on a line and what you're 
basically doing is you are getting them results   for the service that you are providing that is 
as simple as i could put it for you guys um just   starting out but it is a lot more complicated than 
that and a bit more deep in than that basically   what this is is you are running a digital 
marketing agency you are a business   and what it is is you are selling your services 
to another business out there so it is a b2b   business business to business thing that is going 
on what you are doing is that you are taking   a certain type of service you are finding a 
problem with the other business whether that be   with their ads or if they are not 
posting enough content on social media   or maybe they are not getting enough clients 
their way we're going to do is you're going   to sell a service to them let's say that you're 
selling a service that solves their problem of   ads not running ads on social media 
what you'll do is you'll say hey i'll   run instagram or facebook ads and i will get 
your results what you will do is you will then   get them the results and they will pay for getting 
them the results that is what a digital marketing   agency is or online marketing or social 
media marketing whatever you want to call it   that is exactly where it is so hey sorry 
to interrupt but if you want to have free   access to the 30-day marketer course i will allow 
you access all you have to do is dm me the word   30 day and me or my team will actually reach 
out to you and allow you access to the full   free course um so you can actually follow the 
steps word for word and actually take action   take action and dm me and i will see you soon all 
right what is up everyone it is denz bring back   another video and i hope that you are having a 
great day today and yes i know the past few days   um my microphone quality has been pretty bad 
um and yeah you could blame me for that but yes   welcome to 30 day marketer this is where i put 
every single thing that you can learn in digital   marketing whether you're a beginner whether you're 
intermediate or whether you're an expert or a pro   and you're someone who's already making bank off 
of this this is something where you are coming   in here and by the end of it you will continue to 
make bank um and if you are making bank then you   will make bank from this because this is something 
that's very essential for everyone so if you guys   are new you guys go and click the playlist to 
check out the other days that you guys missed   and yes today we are going to be talking about 
what the perfect niche for your agency would   be the perfect niche for you to target for your 
social media marketing agency um online a lot of   people they get screwed up about what niche they 
should target what niche they should go after for   their digital marketing agency and the thing is it 
is like very simple and you have to be someone who   is outgoing to even go after this so what i really 
want to point out is question yourself this what   there's like different types of niches out there 
basically you have e-commerce you have um real   estate you have the more popular ones like that 
um that a lot of people throw out and the thing is   what are you passionate about and hey sorry to 
interrupt but if you want to have free access   to the 30-day marketer course i will allow you 
access all you have to do is dm me the word 30 day   and me or my team will actually reach out to you 
and allow you access to the full free course um so   you can actually follow the steps word for word 
and actually take action take action and dm me   and i will see you soon what is going on 
everyone welcome back to 30 day marketer   i'm gonna go ahead and get right into this 
because this is very essential and very important   these are the systems that are going to change 
your life through this whole entire program   from this day going forward you'll be using each 
and every one of these programs so it's essential   that you download each and every one of them 
in this video that explains to you guys i will   have all the links down below for them and every 
single thing that you need for each and every one   of these if you guys are new here make sure you 
guys click the playlist it'll take you through   all of the other episodes if you guys missed all 
the other uh days um you guys need to get catched   up on them that way you guys know what to do 
going forward because all the days um domino   through each other so it's essential that you 
follow through each and every one of these   days but let's go ahead and get into this i'm 
going to go ahead and go to this right here and   basically what we're going to be doing is we're 
just going to be going through all the systems   you need for your agency so this is what we're 
going to be doing it's going through each and   every one of these um things that you need for 
your agency and i have all of them up here i'll   have every single one of them listed down in 
the description down below but right here i'm   going to be going through each and every single 
one of these um starting with the very first one   and going through the last and i'm going to be 
explaining what we're going to be using them for   throughout this so it's it's very essential that 
you pay attention through each and every um part   of this video because this is very important 
for the success for your agency going forward   um so the very first one that i want to get 
started with is hey sorry to interrupt but if you   want to have free access to the 30-day marketer 
course i will allow you access all you have to   do is dm me the word 30 day and me or my team will 
actually reach out to you and allow you access to   the full free course um so you can actually follow 
the steps word for word and actually take action   take action and dm me and i will see you soon hey 
what is going on everyone welcome back to 30 day   marketer i hope that you are having a great day 
today in this we are on day number seven and we   are going to be talking about how you could create 
your actual agency in this right here right now   we are going to actually be creating your official 
digital marketing agency from start to finish   in this so it is important that you get a 
piece of paper in a notepad out to actually   take notes and be ready to implement each and 
every single thing that i say in this video   once this video is done that way you could have 
every single thing set up um that way once we   start getting all the good points in this course 
then you will know exactly how you could actually   get to those exact points so let's go ahead and 
get into this and get started with the very first   thing and that is the actual agency name a lot of 
people they actually screw up with their agency   name actually and there's no like one name 
that you could go after there's many names   but a lot of people they get stuck on what should 
my agency name be and the main thing is that it   could really be anything it could be anything um 
that is relevant a lot of agency names out there   they have me hey sorry to interrupt but if you 
want to have free access to the 30-day marketer   course i will allow you access all you have to do 
is dm me the word 30 day and me or my team will   actually reach out to you and allow you access to 
the full free course um so you can actually follow   the steps word for word and actually take action 
take action and dm me and i will see you soon hey guys how we all doing hope you guys are having 
a wonderful day today and uh welcome to the course   i'm actually a very good friend of denzel's my 
name is raul marquez and we actually met in fringe   class i remember him um in class and sitting 
behind me and um i actually asked him one day   about what he did because uh in his bio he 
said they eat the social media marketing   ran an smma and i didn't know much about 
that so i asked him i was never into business   and um he actually got me all into it he trained 
me i actually owned my own agency now and uh you   know thanks to him like he's a very good guy and 
i know he's been working hard on this course a   lot so i hope you guys are able to get a lot of 
value from this um and he asked me to take part um   because he was filming a bunch of other videos so 
he told me if i could help him out with the course   and uh you know here i am so i hope this helps 
you guys and you guys are able to learn a lot from   this course and you know definitely take off with 
your own agencies and uh yeah let's get started   hey what is going on everyone welcome 
to 30 day marketer this is a free   training course for those of you who are looking 
to get started in digital marketing starting your   very own marketing agency here on social media and 
selling services to brands and businesses online   this is a huge market and something that a lot 
of people are getting into each and every single   day and the thing is that a lot of people cannot 
find specific courses online for affordable prices   right now you guys are seeing something that 
is here to stay and something for free that   you can just access on your phone here on 
youtube and i'm taking every single thing   that i've learned each and every single day from 
courses trainings that i've done i've invested   thousands upon thousands of dollars into myself 
and i'm just giving you guys this for a price   of zero dollars and this is something that is big 
that is going on i'm gonna be giving you guys the   strategies from what you could do to start your 
digital marketing agency if you are a beginner   different strategies that you could use if you are 
someone who is an expert or if you are someone who   knows what this is but you need different 
ways to actually go about getting clients   i'm going to be giving you guys each and every 
single thing in this and also near the end of this   i'm going to give you guys secret ways of 
how you could scale your digital marketing   agency that no one absolutely talked about in 
the courses that i've taken online i'm gonna   be doing all this for you guys for free really 
really put so much work into this like you guys   simply just do not understand the work that i put 
into this and it is all gonna be for you guys just   for free here on youtube um i'm also starting up 
a facebook group chat if you guys want to access   it you guys click the link down below and it will 
take you guys to facebook to the group chat you   guys will have to join that and what you could do 
on there is talk with a whole lot of entrepreneurs   just like myself just like you um and actually 
get different side strategies from them and it   will be something to kind of motivate you to go 
forward in your journey different things like that   to kind of push you on there we'll be doing weekly 
calls and getting updates and everything like that   i'll be taking questions and just seeing where 
things go this is something that could be big for   everyone and i want to make this huge and big for 
everyone and easy to access for anyone so this is   something for anyone and i hope that you really 
really do get a ton of value from this because   i put a lot of my work into this and this is 
something that's really really great if you guys   didn't know my name is denzel bullshomp and what 
i do is i run a digital marketing agency of my own   and i have like one year of experience on my belt 
and i'm putting everything i've learned into this   and i've gotten like six or seven clients with my 
own agency of my own i'm gonna be showing you guys   secret ways they could implement to actually 
get those clients and pull them in i'm gonna   be showing you guys different scripts to use all 
in this series so just take advantage of what you   learn and it is important that you take notes and 
actually implement after each and every single day   that you were on this journey um so like i said i 
really really hope that you get tons and tons of   value from this because it wouldn't be possible 
without you guys and i'm really really putting   lots and lots of work into this to make 
it easy and accessible for those of you   getting into digital marketing anyways i hope that 
you have a really really great day today stay safe   and get ready to be on this 30-day journey of 
making your life a breeze because that's exactly   what it's going to be once you start getting 
clients anyways i hope you have a great day and   take care what's going on everyone welcome 
to 30 day marketer this is day number two and   if you guys don't know who i 
am my name is denzel bulshamp   and i'm going to be taking you guys through the 
step-by-step journey every single day for 30 days   and by the end of these 30 days you should be 
on your way to actually getting results for your   social media marketing agency whether you're a 
beginner someone who knows about it but you need   some strategies that you need to use or if you're 
an expert and you need to get to the next level   this is something for everyone so what i want you 
to do right now is take notes and implement each   and every single thing that i say in this course 
because it will greatly help you out get somewhere   on your social media marketing journey and even 
beyond but let's go ahead and get into this   in this video we are going to be talking about 
daily habits it's really really essential for you   to set up daily habits for yourself daily habits 
is super super essential and that is something   that you really really need um to have to keep 
yourself in check because basically if you are   not having a productive day if you are not doing 
the things that will make you money each and every   single day if you were not getting your mindset 
correct then you will not get somewhere with this   so it is important for you to set up a 
daily routine something that you would do   each and every single day waking up and doing 
things like that because it is important to have   a daily ritual a daily routine to tackle your 
goals so in this what i want you to do is get   out a piece of paper right now and let's go 
ahead and talk about this so what i want you   to do right now at this second is just write down 
write down each and every single thing that you do   already what time do you wake up at what do you 
eat in the mornings what time do you eat breakfast   what time what do you do in your daily life 
throughout the whole entire day what do you do   in the morning what do you do in the noon time 
what do you do in the afternoon do you work a job   do you stay at home and maybe do work are you 
in school what are you doing in your daily life   right now maybe do you do you go to sleep blades 
do you go to sleep early do you wake up early do   you wake up late write those things down that 
you do each and every single day right now   and what i want you to do is rethink 
what you could do to actually implement   the things that you want to be doing in your 
daily routine what do you want to be doing   to make yourself productive um i know for 
me i'ma show you guys my main schedule   that i do right now so to get in to get kind 
of inspiration from it so you guys know i'm   gonna pop up a screenshot of my daily routine 
so the very first thing i do on my daily routine   is the very first thing i wake up early around 
five o'clock-ish second thing i do is i meditate   meditate and getting your exercise in is really 
really important during the very third thing that   i do is i read books getting books and getting 
your knowledge from those books is really really   important the fourth thing that i do in my day is 
that i also write articles online that is like one   of my things i do to actually make money online 
that is something that you could do um for you it   may be different for you it may be to actually 
work on your social media marketing agency   that could be something that you could do um at 
a certain time in your day and maybe something   in the afternoon time you are crushing it on the 
phone calls calling the clients different things   like that it is very important to get yourself in 
check get a daily routine that will help you out   because that is very essential for your success 
with digital marketing setting up times and   things that you need to do to crush it throughout 
your day each and every single day because this   is very important for you to actually grow your 
business online and to actually get somewhere so   i really really hope that this helped you guys 
out be sure to leave a like and share this video   and also scroll down to the description what you 
will see is a group chat link and all you have   to do is click there and what it will do is it 
will take you to our 30-day marketer group chat   where you can chat with other individuals about 
your agency we also do weekly hauls on there as   well and what we'll do is we'll help you out 
greatly because you'll be with people who are   ready to get to success and you will learn a lot 
more things from them um so stay on top of this   and set up say yourself a daily routine that 
will help you out i'm also going to be posting   a link down below a pdf link that you guys could 
take a look at um i'll have my own daily routine   on there um just basically the things i do on 
there and i'll have like an example daily routine   for you guys to look at um something that i do 
suggest that you guys do each and every single   day if you are into digital marketing if you are 
starting your own digital marketing agency because   this is really essential and this is really really 
important for you and your marketing agency online   i really really hope that this helped you guys out 
and as always i will see you guys in the next day   peace hey what's going on everyone this is day 
number three of 30 day marketer i hope that you   are getting tons of value from this and that 
you are actually implementing each and every   single thing that i explain this because it's very 
important that you do implement and that you do   stay on top of things in this the one thing that 
is very essential for each and every single one   of us is actually developing the right mindset um 
especially as being an entrepreneur bro you have   to have the right mindset if you want to go about 
making money in general if you don't know how to   spend that money if you don't know how to invest 
that money and so things that will possibly be a   value for you then what are you going to do or 
where are you going to get to thing is that you   need to have the right mentality going into this 
and that is the main important ingredient to   fueling where you go with this because that 
is the main important source is actually   um creating yourself getting yourself into a 
mindset where you just what i want to say is right   now drop everything that you're doing drop each 
and every single thing that you're doing right now   and just think to yourself wherever you're at 
whatever your choices you made in your life the   thing is each and every single day you have to 
think of oh i'm drowning in this pond of water   what can i do to get out of this what can i 
do to get to the next level what can i do to   actually get myself to a place where 
i can actually say that i made it   thing is a lot of people they just quit thing 
is that you have to keep on going each and every   single day that is the thing that you need to 
do is keep on going each and every single day   um and that is the main thing that will fuel you 
going forward and thing is a lot of people get   into this digital marketing thing just like 
you are doing they just quit they just quit   after a while thing is you will get rejections you 
will not see results if you're getting into cold   calling if you're getting to outreach into your 
clients um you will not get yeses all the time   thing is that you need to keep on going because 
eventually eventually if you keep on going   there will be a yes and if you do it right then 
there should be lots of yeses that you get but   of course there's gonna be points where you don't 
get um where you want to be and you are gonna get   rejected a lot i've done tons and tons of cold 
calls just doing this and the thing is with my   cold call videos if you guys look at those um 
i've got rejected i'd say thousands of times and   out of those thousands of times i've actually 
probably gotten on a hundred follow-up calls and   probably gotten on calls where i've closed clients 
you know um the thing is you have to keep on going   keep on following up and you will get somewhere 
with this that's the only thing and you have   to keep on going and be hungry about this 
that's the main thing that you want to do   so that's just come from me um what i would 
suggest you do is go check out the playlist   right there by clicking the i card what it will 
show you is a whole lot of motivational videos   mindset videos different things like that that 
suggests that you guys go and watch um there's   a whole lot in there spend this day spend this 
hour whatever time it is just watching those   through and through because those will help you 
with developing the right mindset going forward um   that is what helped me and i 
really really hope that this   helped you because that is the main thing going 
forward you need to have the right mindset   um in this and that's the main thing a lot of 
people bail at is because they're not right in   their mind and that is the main thing that you 
need to get right about this is always be hungry   always keep going because eventually 
you will get somewhere with you know   you will get to the next level so keep that in 
mind and let's do this let's get somewhere with   this so i will see you guys in day number four i 
hope that you have a nice day and take care peace   to get the most out of your experience please 
wear headphones and be in a comfortable place so uh so so so so so so uh uh to what's going on everyone welcome to day number 
four of 30 day marketer i hope that you are   getting tons of value from this and if you guys 
missed out on day number three be sure to go   check out the i card app at the top um in this 
we are going to be talking about what a social   media marketing agency is what this exactly is and 
basically to put it simple this is basically when   you are selling a service to a specific business 
or a person a line and what you're basically doing   is you are getting them results um for the service 
that you are providing that is as simple as i   could put it for you guys um just starting out but 
it is a lot more complicated than that and a bit   more deep in than that basically what this is is 
you are running a digital marketing agency you are   a business and what it is is you are selling your 
services to another business out there so it is   a b2b business business to business thing that is 
going on what you are doing is that you are taking   um a certain type of service you are finding 
a problem with the other business whether that   be with their ads or if they are not 
posting enough content on social media   um or maybe they are not getting enough clients 
their way what are you going to do is you're going   to sell a service to them let's say that you're 
selling a service that solves their problem of ads   not running ads on social media what you'll do is 
you'll say hey i'll run instagram or facebook ads   and i will get your results what you will do 
is you will then get them the results and they   will pay you for getting them the results that 
is what a digital marketing agency is or online   marketing or social media marketing whatever you 
want to call it that is exactly where it is so   i hope that this helped you guys out this is 
really really short and straight to the point that   is exactly what a social media marketing is agency 
is and that is pretty much how to put it um you   are helping another business solve a particular 
problem and you are selling a service to them to   help them solve that particular problem um within 
their business um so i really do hope that this   helped you guys out korea's just getting started 
and yes this is like really simple to put it   and later on in this um we are going to be getting 
into some good stuff so um if you guys have any   questions or anything you guys want to talk about 
make sure you click the link down below join our   group chat for 30 day marketer there's a whole lot 
of hungry hungry entrepreneurs on that group chat   um that would love to chat with you guys um 
on particular points and i think you guys will   benefit heavily from the group chat so make 
sure you guys go take advantage of that   and join into the group chat um i hope that 
this helped you guys out to getting started   and let's get this bread let's get this going 
have a great day and stay safe out there peace   what is going on everyone it is denzel back with 
another video and i hope that you are good today   in this video we are going to be talking about 
the seven ps of marketing why this is important   um for your business whatever business you're 
building out i'm going to talk about these 7ps   why it's significant for your business and this 
is something that goes to every business this is   something every business goes through um when 
you're starting a business this is how you   actually get sales and what goes behind actually 
marketing your products and different things like   that i'm gonna go ahead and talk about these seven 
ps in this video um and let's go ahead and get   into this so the very first one is product second 
one is price third one is promotion fourth one is   place fifth one is people sixth one is process and 
the last one is physical evidence these seven p's   um pertain to um any type of business like 
i said in its marketing now let's go ahead   and start off with product product is the thing 
that you are selling um for example let's take um   let's say this water bottle um or maybe this could 
be if you're agency owner like i am this could be   um a digital product that you are selling um 
like a course um or maybe it could be like   an e-commerce store where you are selling 
shirts drop shipping different things like that   that is your product and that you are selling um 
that is what product is and that is what that p is   the second p is the price now this goes into play 
about the value you are putting on that product if   i'm selling this water bottle this bottle of water 
for a hundred dollars it better be some top dog   premium stuff a gucci label on it a golden cap a 
whole metal aluminum base whatever and it better   have some cool feature to it and some premium 
north side pole water to it um for it to be   selling for a hundred dollars this is the value 
that you get with this bottle of water or your   service or different things like that it better 
be top dog to be selling high it's the value that   you're putting the price tag that you're putting 
on the product that you are selling that is what   price is the third one is promotion now this 
is where we are actually getting our product   out there um putting our price tag out there so 
people could actually notice it and see it um for   what it's worth and decide for themselves if they 
are actually going to buy it or not um the way you   promote it just different ways you have online 
ways through facebook instagram um organic reach   cold calling different things like that this 
is basically how you are pushing your product   out you're promoting it telling people 
about it why this should get it the fourth   p is place now this is where you are selling your 
product where people could go and buy this product   now if your e-commerce selling online goods 
and services then this will be your website   that goes to your website they click 
buy and they buy however many quantities   they want of your product whether this is a 
service they are actually scheduling a call   and you are closing them for a certain price 
point or whether you are selling a water bottle   or different things like that you were selling at 
a flea market or a certain location this is where   the place people are going to actually buy your 
product that you are selling at the price point   you are selling it at that is place where you are 
placing your product for sale at the fifth one is   people now this comes down to niche what type of 
person are you selling to who are you selling to   why are you selling to that specific person if 
someone wants to buy a water bottle i'm trying to   sell to some thirsty people people who are thirsty 
and they want to drink up that water you know   or if i'm selling gucci gucci belts different 
things like that i'm selling to luxury people   people who have money to actually buy it um 
people who actually see the value in this or if   i'm selling an old item something i had for years 
i'm selling to old people people who actually want   to buy this they see value with it i'm actually 
selling to them that is basically what this means   the niche of who you are selling to why you 
were selling to them and that is the fifth p   now the sixth p is process now process is 
the steps that you were taking to actually   get everything going we're going through 
this process to actually get this out um   pushing it out different things like that this 
is the steps you are taking to get this out and   get this going for your brand for your business 
different things like that the last and final p   is physical evidence now this is where people 
are noticing your brand um they are seeing   the uniqueness with your brand or your business 
if i am like gucci people already know that   i'm expensive they already know the big value 
that is in the brand but if i'm something like   um pets a million or billions or whatever and 
i'm selling pet products not too many people know   about this and i have sort of a niche down 
audience um this basically is what makes your   brand unique from the competition why customers 
consumers clients want to buy into your brand   this is something that makes your brand unique and 
that is why the seventh p is physical evidence why   is your brand or business better than another 
one anyways guys this is seven ps of marketing   um how you actually put your product or service 
out there hope that you guys enjoy this you guys   understand the seven ps anyways as always be 
sure to drop a like hit that subscribe button   and i will see you in the next video peace all 
right what is up everyone it is denz bring back   another video and i hope that you are having a 
great day today and yes i know the past few days   um my microphone quality has been pretty bad 
um and yeah you can blame me for that but yes   welcome to 30 day marketer this is where i put 
every single thing that you can learn in digital   marketing whether you're a beginner whether you're 
intermediate or whether you're an expert or a pro   and you're someone who's already making bank off 
of this this is something where you are coming   in here and by the end of it you will continue to 
make bank um and if you are making bank then you   will make bank from this because this is something 
that's very essential for everyone so if you guys   are new you guys go and click the playlist to 
check out the other days that you guys missed   and yes today we are going to be talking about 
what the perfect niche for your agency would be   the perfect niche for you to target for your 
social media marketing agency um online a lot   of people they get screwed up about what niche 
they should target what niche they should go   after for their digital marketing agency and the 
thing is it is like very simple and you have to   be someone who is outgoing to even go after 
this so what i really want to point out is   question yourself this what there's like 
different types of niches out there basically   um you have e-commerce you have um real estate 
you have the more popular ones like that   that a lot of people throw out and the thing is 
what are you passionate about and that's the main   thing that would throw out what is something 
that you're passionate about what is something   that you see yourself i'm thriving in for your 
social media marketing agency because it's   not all about um if it's the perfect niche it 
may be the perfect niche for someone but it may   not be the perfect niche for you so that's the 
main thing questioning yourself about if it is   gonna be the perfect niche for you to target um 
and i'ma just run over the niches the different   type of niches that you guys can go after so of 
course we have e-commerce which is probably the   main niche a lot of people go after which is 
just e-commerce you have of course real estate   um you also have contractors contractors you have 
a lot of different things um going after um the   top ones i would recommend is e-commerce because 
a lot of the businesses are online these days   especially with what's going on ecommerce seems 
to be the best niche to go after because it's   something that is like big and something that 
you could actually go after and thrive in um real   estate that is the big money niche so if you guys 
see yourself um doing like big money deals huge   deals with people that is something i would say 
you could go after um another thing my one that i   use and the one that i'm going to be talking about 
the most in this course is e-commerce but i'm also   going to be talking about the other niches as 
well because um this is something that's brought   in this is something that could help many people 
out so thing is to boil things down the thing is   that you need to choose something that you see 
yourself thriving in um in the long term it's a   long-term game it's not short-term just make money 
quick and then run away it's a long term because   you want to get your agency to a point where it is 
systematic and where you can make passive income   from it and you and it's an actual business so 
you got to see this as something as long term   instead of a short-term business model and just 
look at it that way and then choose your niche   from there there's like different types of niches 
other than what i've listed but that is just to   boil things down and it all comes down to research 
boil things down to what you could see yourself   in see if you're passionate about it if you're 
passionate about it go for it and do all the   things i said um but yes that's pretty much all 
i have for this one to choose your niche the   one that i would really recommend and i guess to 
boil things down to perfect niche i should say is   e-commerce because e-commerce is something 
that's um derivable something they could turn   into long-term and something um that you could 
actually do business from without even having to   put your time and effort into doing a lot of the 
things within this which i'll go into a lot of the   different um apps and business models um that are 
all into e-commerce and different types of niches   as well so make sure you choose your niche and go 
after that one i hope that this helped you out and   as always i will see you in the next one peace 
what is going on everyone welcome back to 30 day   marketer i'm gonna go ahead and get right into 
this because this is very essential and very   important these are the systems that are going to 
change your life through this whole entire program   from this day going forward you'll be using each 
and every one of these programs so it's essential   that you download each and every one of them in 
this video that i explained to you guys i will   have all the links down below for them and every 
single thing that you need for each and every one   of these if you guys are new here make sure you 
guys click the playlist it'll take you through   all of the other episodes if you guys missed all 
the other uh days um you guys need to get catched   up on them that way you guys know what to do going 
forward because all the days um domino through   each other so it's essential that you follow 
through each and every one of these days but let's   go ahead and get into this i'm going to go ahead 
and go to this right here and basically what we're   going to be doing is we're just going to be going 
through all the systems you need for your agency   so this is what we're going to be doing it's 
going through each and every one of these   um things that you need for your agency and i have 
all of them up here i'll have every single one of   them listed down in the description down below 
but right here i'm gonna be going through each   and every single one of these um starting with the 
very first one and going through the last and i'm   gonna be explaining what we're gonna be using 
them for throughout this so it's very essential   that you pay attention through each and every um 
part of this video because this is very important   for the success for your agency going forward um 
so the very first one that i want to get started   with is is something that we'll 
be using to definitely create your agency because   you need a website um to build credibility 
so we'll be doing this all through   they have for your business online store 
photography different things like that so this is   something that we are going to be using especially 
for your agency so this is very important um that   we get to using this um and i'll have the link 
down below that way you guys go and access this   so this is um and this is something that 
we're going to be using another one is called   g suite um so g suite is basically a platform 
we'll be getting a professional email address so   to build credibility is all about credibility 
um in digital marketing and especially for your   business if you're trying to grow a business long 
term so you'll need a specific business email so   this is someone somewhere will go to create um 
a professional business email for your agency   and you can get started with it for free so 
i'll make sure to include the link down below   especially for this going forward because this 
is very essential and g suite is something that   we'll be using to build our credibility 
for a professional email for your agency   next one is hello sign so when it comes to 
actually sending out emails and actually closing   deals once you get to this point uh we will be 
using um an app called hello sign this is the   best one that i found out um that i've used for 
my agency especially when sending out contracts   and different things like that um this comes in 
handy um when we do that so this is something   that will come in handy when we get to signing 
our contracts and sending those out to clients   so this is something that we'll be using which is 
called hello sign so make sure you guys click the   link down below and it will take you to hello 
sign next one is called simple invoices so on   simple invoices this is something we'll be 
using and you can start like a free trial   this is something that we'll be using to actually 
um get to um doing our business stuff to actually   sending out the invoices which means your clients 
are paying you the money to actually so you could   actually provide your services to them so once 
they send them once they send you the invoice then   you will be able to get started with your 
providing your service that you're offering so   this is something that we'll be using later 
on for your agency next one is called my   ip.m.s i'll actually link the site down below 
there's something that you could just bookmark   um and this is something that we will be using 
to actually outsource to actually get clients   to get clients is all about outsourcing and if 
you are not outsourcing to actually go and get   those leads and finding those clients then a lot 
of stuff probably won't work out um the next one   is for real estate if you're in the real 
estate niche this is something that we'll   be using especially for this um and i'll be 
sure to include the link down below especially   if you're getting to real estate that's something 
that we'll be using and this is something that's   really essential for us to be using um is d7 lead 
fire finder because it includes all the leads   that we'll be using for our digital marketing 
agency so this is something that we'll be using   going forward next one is so 
is something where all of our payments will be   going throughout as you guys can see 
will be it's kind of like paypal so we'll be   listing all of our um payments through here 
just for our business because this is very   important and very essential for our business 
so it's very important to have a stripe account   especially for that reason so that stripe i'll 
include the link down below make sure you go click   the link in bookmark it into your computer next 
is marketer magic so this is the biggest platform   that we could use for our agency marketer magic is 
the most essential place to go especially for our   marketing agency so markner magic it is something 
that we'll be using a lot of the time to actually   outsource and it is something that is very 
easy we go to to actually get our clients that   we'll need for our agency so this is something 
that will be using quite a bit for our agency   so it is very important that you guys go and 
definitely bookmark this that way once we get to   that point we'll be able to use it the next one is 
up work so upwork is something that we'll be using   towards the end to actually scale your agency and 
actually boom this thing to the next level this   is something that we'll be using um to definitely 
um boom your agency to the next level like i said   going forward so make sure you go and bookmark 
upwork and the last one is i will   definitely include the link down below that's 
something that we'll be using towards the wind at   towards the end as well um so this is something 
that will definitely come in handy so it is very   essential for you guys to actually go and actually 
download these or bookmark these to your computer   um definitely because we will be using these 
definitely throughout the course of our time   span in this course so it is very essential that 
you go and actually do this um that way when   we're running through everything that way you know 
where to go to and where everything is at because   these is what is going to take your agency to the 
next level and this is something that i've learned   going forward and the strategies that i've used 
going forward for my own agency so it is very   important that you actually take advantage 
of this download each and every one of these   that i've listed down in the description 
down below and check them out to yourself   and i will see you in the next day and we will be 
starting things off on a good note going forward   so make sure you leave a like and subscribe 
and share this video with some of your friends   actually get into digital marketing it is very 
essential that they know about this as well   going forward because this is the next level 
and this is something that a lot of people they   probably cannot find on youtube since it is very 
rare for a course to even be on youtube so make   sure you go and share this with them that way they 
could actually get started into this um themselves   for free so hope that you guys really did enjoy 
this if you guys have any questions let me know   by commenting down below and i'll definitely get 
back to you and reply to all of you guys um and   also leave your suggestions suggestions down 
below as well because those so those will all   those will also help out with um this course as 
well also something that i haven't mentioned is   our group that you guys go and join there's so 
much entrepreneurs in that group we do weekly   calls in that group and we also do a lot of things 
in that group as well so it is very important that   you join that group um to network with a whole 
lot of different people in the space and this   is something that's definitely gonna take off so 
i hope that you guys enjoy and i'll see you guys   in the next one peace also by the way real quick 
there was two programs i forgot to mention they'll   be linked down below as well there's one called 
ducks soup this is something that would be lou   that we'll be using to actually get leads as well 
through linkedin and there's another one called   a lead leaper through linkedin as well and these 
are the two most important tools i will be using   in this course um for the 30 days so make sure you 
go and download these again there will be a link   down in the description down below of this youtube 
video um so it is very important that you go and   actually download these two things because they 
are very important um i hope you guys enjoy and   leave a like subscribe and i will see you in 
day number seven take care hey what is going   on everyone welcome back to 30 day marketer 
i hope that you are having a great day today   in this we are on day number seven and we are 
going to be talking about how you could create   your actual agency in this right here right now 
we're gonna actually be creating your official   digital marketing agency from start to finish in 
this so it is important that you get a piece of   paper in a notepad out to actually take notes and 
be ready to implement each and every single thing   that i say in this video um once this video is 
done that way you could have every single thing   set up um that way once we start getting all the 
good points in this course then you will know   exactly how you could actually get to those exact 
points so let's go ahead and get into this and get   started with the very first thing and that is the 
actual agency name a lot of people they actually   screw up with their agency name actually 
and there's no like one name that you could   go after there's many names but a lot of people 
they get stuck on what should my agency name be   and the main thing is that it could really 
be anything it could be anything um that is   relevant a lot of agency names out there they 
have media at the end of it so yours might have   media at the end of it who knows mine has media 
at the end of it and there's a whole lot of   agencies out there that have media at the end of 
it um so yours might have media at the end of it   um so that might be something to 
keep in mind mine was called all set   media so that was my agency because what i 
did was i i just thought of a cool idea i took   tesla for example and i flipped their name and it 
became all set media which is a really catchy name   and for you guys you guys might want to 
use your name for example if your name is   max and maybe maxwell maxwell media or maybe 
maxwell marketing since you're a marketing   agency it may be one of them two things so 
it's important to actually have your name your   unique name out there for your agency because 
that will provide uniqueness to your branding   and what i would suggest you do is actually 
look up on google to make sure it is not taken   um just like mine mine is actually taken and 
i actually have a whole lot um behind it so   you guys cannot take my name i have a whole domain 
name paid for and a whole llc behind it so you   guys cannot take my agency name which is offset 
media you guys absolutely cannot take that but   any of these names will work probably johnny 
marketing agency or maybe even something else   it could be anything just something that 
is unique to your branding would be a good   agency name the next thing for creating your 
business is we have to actually create an actual   website so if you go to wet if you go to 
it's free to actually create yourself a website   but if you do want to go ahead and pay for like 
a domain name to make your business official then   you would have to go ahead and do this but for 
right now you want to stick with the free options   different things like that and you guys could 
actually use wix to do this so it is very free   and very simple to do if you are new what i 
did was just click through these so for mine   it was i clicked on other and they had like a 
whole thing um that i could do um and you guys   could click right here if you guys are good 
with building websites um um you guys create   click here to create your website with an editor 
or you guys could go ahead and get um questions   answered and have it made for you quickly um 
but one thing i did was i did this to start   and it gave me some bs websites but it was pretty 
good to get started with um and i did right here   and i actually went ahead and created my own 
website and you guys could actually go ahead   and go on you know fiverr or freelance websites 
to actually outsource and get someone to actually   create you a a website but this is something that 
you don't want to focus heavy on getting started   of course over time once you start getting clients 
you want to update your website and keep up with   it um that way it will actually look better and 
professional but starting out just get it for free   just get everything done for free because you 
are just now starting and you want to actually   get your head in the game and you don't want to be 
worried about different things like that don't be   a perfectionist in this um be someone to actually 
get things done and you will get somewhere with   um your agency next thing is we will use a 
website called g suite to actually create a   business email this is something that we'll be 
doing so what you would do to actually create   a professional or a business email it is very 
simple um like i did from the start was i   click get started and what you would do yes get 
started and what it will do is you just type in   your business name for mine it was all set media 
so that was right there and you don't have any   employees if you do then you would click these 
in between numbers but if it is just you if it is   solo then you would just click just the u um 
and you would click next of course and then over   here you would fill out your personal details to 
actually do everything on so let me go ahead and   fill out mine really really quickly and for 
your email address you would want to put in   your current your your your personal email address 
that you use why it is very important to get a   domain name if you don't have one is like for the 
reason like i said once you create your business   um through wix then you want to actually get a 
domain name just if you're starting it for free   then you could use the wix name the wix um website 
thing but you would want to actually get one and   if you need one then you could actually purchase 
one through here or you could search for one   search for ones that are available 
so if yours is maxwell maxwell media   that one is not taken so you could go for a com 
name possibly and you guys could see the different   prices um and maxwell media is probably not a 
good one um so maybe you would probably go for something like 
that and that one's taken as well so um   pro um a lot of things you guys could actually go 
and actually do domain names and they're actually   pretty cheap on here um and that's all it is 
you want to get yourself a domain name of course   because you want your business to be official um 
of course and you would definitely get the roi   over time of course um so that is what you 
want to do for your business email address   and last but not least you'll want to go ahead 
and actually create um social media pages   um one through instagram and you would post your 
content through your instagram pages and you   want to do one for your facebook mine is pretty 
heavy on facebook i've been losing a lot of um   things on here through facebook but um over time 
i've been actually getting a lot of tracks in   through my facebook page and you'll want to do one 
through linkedin and also some other sources um   have it through instagram facebook and 
linkedin would be the perfect ones to go for so   you want to get your logo made uniquely and also 
a cool banner and those are you could outsource   through linkedin um or fiverr just to get those 
made but yes these are the things that you want   to do you want to have a website create yourself 
a website for your agency have a professional   um email address with your agency name that way 
your clients and your prospects could get in touch   with you and you will want to link that with your 
website of course and of course purchase a domain   name and of course start up your own social media 
pages for your agency that way it could drive   credibility because that's what it's all about is 
you want to drive credibility towards your agency   and actually have a whole lot of people coming 
on to it so this is kind of where it is at   for actually creating your agency you want to 
make sure you take this stuff seriously going   forward because this would really really really 
help you out with your agency going forward so   i really really hope for the best for you if you 
have any questions ask me down in the description   down below or you could go to our group chat i 
will have our group chats third day marketer group   chat linked down in the description down below it 
is a facebook group chat we have a ton of other   entrepreneurs and it's a growing community this 
is something that i really really want to build   up for you guys in this program right now on this 
youtube course so make sure you click the link   down below it'll take you to that group chat and a 
lot of people will be there to help you out i hope   that you enjoyed this and that you got a ton of 
value and as always leave a like share this video   and take care what is going on everyone welcome 
back to 30 day marketer and it is day number eight   of our online course this is a free online course 
um for those of you getting into digital marketing   and those of you wanting to grow and own your very 
own digital marketing agency if you guys missed   out on all the other days i would suggest that you 
guys go back and click the i card up at the top to   check out the other days of this course of course 
um and yes let's go ahead and get into this um and   today we're gonna be talking about the types of 
services that you'll be offering for your agency   here in 2021 um and yes let's go ahead and 
get into this i'm gonna go ahead and go to   my google docs over here and let's go ahead and 
talk about the services the services that you'll   be offering this is where things get really really 
good and this is very much essential that you know   what services that you will be offering for your 
clients for your digital marketing agency since   you are a marketing agency and a whole lot of 
things is solely on getting your clients traction   whether that be to their website or whether it 
be them generating sales or on their website   these services are most commonly used for agencies 
so one will be lead generation so that means   going on to their websites and actually buying 
their products that is a service that you would   be offering one would be um you know content 
content creation and this would be where you'd   be actually creating the content for your clients 
um this would be called your content creation you   be creating the content for you for your clients 
pages whether that be through instagram facebook   um linkedin twitter wherever and another one 
would be something for seo which seo basically   means search engine optimization so that means 
basically enhancing your clients um search results   um for like you know them generating sales that 
way that would be a good um service to actually   provide so these are the three main services that 
you would most likely provide with your agency of   course there be many multiple other ones that you 
possibly provide but these will be the top three   that will be provided so just for inspiration 
i'll let you guys take a look at the services   that my agency provides for clients this is coming 
from a contract that i did with them um but i do   a whole lot of different services i do one for 
instagram one for facebook one for pinterest   and lead generation is usually um 
the top one facebook instagram ad   creation and management so that's basically 
content creation and me creating the content   for their advertisements and also managing 
the whole account for them just through   these platforms and this is fairly cheap so 
if you guys are like in a big money niche like   real estate different things like that um you 
guys would probably price this higher and the   same with the lead generation since you're working 
with higher clients um the ad spend would be   higher for them um so that would be definitely 
something to take advantage of email marketing   um is something that would price high as well 
social media growth through instagram and facebook   that's pretty high and also we do do um promotions 
as well and we do things through pinterest you   also have the seo um which would be search engine 
optimization for your clients and ad strategy   i do i just that's basically a free consultation 
call with them um basically so that is kind of   like an inspiration for you guys to take a 
look at um and kind of get an idea for where   your prices and your services would be so like 
i said let's go ahead and talk about the pricing   so it depends on what type of clients you're 
working with and also you could also um you know you know you could also negotiate with 
your clients which we'll talk about   that later on but the very first thing is four 
four let's go ahead and go back to this screen   so these are your top three services that 
you're providing let's go ahead and talk about   the pricing for these services so very first 
thing these three things are going to be   of course so let's go ahead and talk about the 
pricing of course you want your pricing to be at   a minimum price range you don't want to be too 
cheap but you don't want to be too expensive   if you get what i mean um so you always want to 
have a minimum if you are for example working with   e-commerce clients or a low ticket client for 
example you would probably want to price your   services at a minimum price point of 200 at 
the least um or at a minimum of four hundred   dollars for your e-commerce clients um and 
for higher ticket clients like real estate   or contractors or construction those are priced 
like way higher so you would probably price those   at somewhere around 800 to 1k for 
a minimum price point of course   you would probably price at a higher price point 
so for example when it comes to your clients if   you're pricing at a minimum price point over 
your phone call when you have the meeting call   you will want to price a little bit 
higher because that would allow you to   have negotiation room so if you're with 
e-com and you have a price point for 200   for a minimum then you want to price it like up to 
200 higher um just for that client just to allow   some more negotiation room um and it's the same 
if you're pricing at a minimum of 400 you want to   price it at for 600 just to allow negotiation room 
for you and your client um because negotiation   when it comes to sales and pricing or services 
that is key that is very much key when it comes   to your agency and different things like 
that so here's good minimum prices for econ   um and for high ticket niches like real estate 
that would be somewhere in between 800 to 1k   would be your prices most likely so you want to 
always price it higher than its minimum value   to allow the negotiation room basically with 
your clients and when it comes to negotiation you   still have your minimum price point um that you're 
selling them on basically um and that is basically   where you want to be at with your services and 
your pricing with your digital marketing agency   in 2021 um and this is just kind of some examples 
for some inspiration um in the description i will   be sure to link some examples some good examples 
down below that you guys could take a look at   um just for this um but again i really really hope 
that this helped you guys out um i really hope   this helped you guys out if you have any questions 
let me know down in the comment section down below   or if you are struggling right now and you want 
to talk to someone right now about it you guys   could join in my facebook group and you guys can 
network with a whole lot of other entrepreneurs   um it's free to join and you guys could definitely 
get tons of value within there we do weekly calls   every single week and daily check-ins and it is 
something that is really good for a lot of people   so i would suggest that you really go in there 
and join because the calls are really really good   um in that group and i would suggest that you 
take huge advantage of it but yes i really hope   that this helped you guys out it's going forward i 
wish the best of luck for you and just take notes   implement what i say and you will get somewhere 
with this um as always leave a like hit that   subscribe button and i will see you in the next 
one peace what's going on guys welcome back to   30 day marketer this is the training to take you 
from your digital marketing world from beginner   middle and end where you will be making bank in 
just as little as 30 days um it is important that   you follow along through all of these videos if 
you missed the last week's video i'll link it   right there in the icard right there that's all 
you have to do is click it and you can also check   out our playlist we also have a group chat as well 
that you guys go check out um and yes today we're   going to be talking about how you could actually 
create contracts for your agency how to send those   contracts out to your clients that way they sign 
them and that way you get paid um just for doing   this and providing them the service so it's a 
step-by-step process and it is something that   i want you guys to actually um take into account 
after this video ends so it is important that you   get out a notepad and actually take notes because 
this is very important for you guys and for you   guys social media marketing agency so without 
further ado let's go ahead and get right into this   um so first of all we're going to talk about 
the contract how the contract should look like   and i'm just going to run through a template of 
it um what the template looks like if you guys   want to take a look at the template and you guys 
want to copy and paste go ahead and do that the   link to the template is down in the description 
down below for you guys to access so this is the   whole layout of the template right here um and 
basically you want um a contract or an agreement   with your clients because this will be something 
to actually cover you for example if you get sued   or you get reported or anything it just covers 
up for you um in a legal manner in case you have   to go to court or do anything like that that 
way you could census to the judge that they   actually sign this and it will say all of 
your terms and different things that you do   so this is like very important right here and 
this is very important that you actually send   these out to your clients um once you actually 
get to actually closing them which we'll talk   about that later but let's go ahead and get into 
this so as you guys can see i will link it down   below and you guys take a look at it but this at 
the top this will be where your either agency name   goes or your logo or you could add both in there 
it doesn't matter right here at the bottom you   will always make sure you put in the duration of 
your contract so for example this one has a three   month service contract for example you may be 
working with your client for one month it may be   something where you may work with your client 
for six months um it's just a matter of you   actually changing that up um to your duration 
and this is this next part talks about the timing   um this basically talks about the timing 
of when of your contract basically   so you'll just change this up three month contract 
that'll be 90 days so for you if yours is maybe   five months or six months it will probably be 120 
or maybe 190 for joint accountabilities that's   something copy and paste terms and conditions 
um you would just copy and paste this um in   there and right where it says the highlighted 
you just the duration of your contract which   will either be three months one month six months 
different things like that you get the gist um   and this will be when the termination of the 
contract will be so if you the service provider   you don't provide them noticeable results within a 
certain time span they themselves are the ones who   could actually terminate the contract where if you 
don't provide them noticeable results they could   actually contact you say hey then get noticeable 
results within the certain time span i would like   to terminate this contract and if you if you have 
like a refund policy then in your contract you put   a refund policy in there and you refund their 
money back if you don't have a refund policy   then this will be the time span and the contracts 
basically canceled basically and the money left   over um you would pay back to them um if you don't 
have a refund policy so that's the way it will   work um and this is also right here services that 
you're providing and the pricing that which is why   if you didn't check out my previous video on the 
services and pricing you should go and check that   out as well um that would really help you out a 
whole lot and like i said click the i card at the   top so basically you'll put in your services 
and your pricing for that service for your   client and if they're getting multiple services 
then you would put multiple services in there   um so you have to make sure you put in the 
duration of your contracts and keep up with   that um the price for our service is indicated 
below and this will be where you put the total   usually with your agency usually with digital 
marketing we operate on a monthly basis um for you   you could maybe do a little bit different it's all 
basically for you and what you want to do so if   you maybe do week by week payments um 
which i do not recommend but if you do that   then you would probably put every seven days 
on there um which will be the total that they   pay for your services per month um so if you're 
charging so these are services down here so you   had to add creation this will be where you list 
all of your services so let's say our client gets   ad creation and lead generation at creation is 
400 and the lead generation is 600 dollars so   that would be a total a thousand dollars so what 
you would put in there is a thousand dollars usb   every other day that the service is basically in 
duration for this right here is the ad spend um   their clients would be spending per month or 
per week or however the duration is for you and   that you and your client agree upon um 
so usually the ad spend will be half of   what it is and so basically the ad spend will be 
50 of what the client paid so 50 goes towards the   ad that is the ad spend on their client is paying 
for the ads and you have another percentage which   would be ten percent for the fees of the service 
because you'll have fees in there and then   you have 40 percent that gets paid to you so 
that'll be your profit or you could split that   up however way you want to do that but that's 
just for me so most of everything goes towards   the client but i get 40 as profit which is 
really really good for a thousand dollar   client i get 400 per month as profit which that 
is golden right there and you'd also get more   um with the more clients they bring on so down 
here this is where all the good stuff happens   um first of all you want to sign off on your side 
of the spectrum which you are the service provider   so you put your name your title your dates 
signature good stuff like that and this will   be where your client signs off at so like i 
said i'll have this template link down below   um in the description and you guys go check 
that out and all you have to do is just do this   um left click on your mouse and just copy and 
paste each and every thing they see on here   into a google doc and then all you have to do 
is just use each and everything right there so   as you guys can see um that's basically all the 
stuff that you put right there and it'll look   like this what i recommend is that you put it 
in times new roman fonts um once you actually   put it in there so i would just suggest all this 
and put it in times new roman fonts just so it   looks more professional but you could also tweak 
it to your way like i said we didn't cover um   anything about refunds or anything like 
that so you may want to put a refund   um policy in there that way um if you don't 
provide the service correctly you would be   able to give them a refund in that case um so 
that's basically where we're at with the contract   now we are going to go ahead to signing 
the contract so once you actually create   the contract and you put everything in there 
your client has to obviously sign off on this   if it's digital then your client needs 
a way of actually signing off on this so   one software that i would recommend that you guys 
use to actually send over the contracts to your   clients to actually sign off on is hello sign 
hello sign is really good all you have to do is   just go over here and sign in it's really really 
simple once you get in here it's as simple as   adding a file so right here would be where you put 
your signers name different things like that so   it's john l for example you put them and then 
you'll put their email address so i'll put my um   alternative email address in there for example so 
right here you just click to add the file in there   just add the file in here really really quickly 
and uh once you add it in there then you would   prepare the dock for signing so it's very as 
simple as this you see your document in there   um your contract in there you just scroll down 
to the point where your client signs off at   so what you would do is you would go 
to the point where your client actually   um has to sign off at on the contract um and 
what you would do is you would click on here   you could click on signature where they would put 
their signature at so you just put that in there   date signed it's very simple very easy you just 
put everything where they go to um for their full   name you put the text box in there put a text 
box for their business name and for their title   put a text box right there and it's very 
simple as that that way your client actually   signs off on every single thing um so yeah 
that you would put that put everything as   john doe signing because that is your client 
so after you do that you just send that over   everything over to your client and what it will do 
is it'll just go over to their email address once   you actually sign that off so you just click on 
request signature and then once you do that then   they will receive the contract to actually 
sign so once your client actually signs   the contract that means they agreed to actually do 
business with you but they're not doing business   with you yet until they actually send you the 
payment so once you agree to actually them   paying you a thousand dollars or whatever the 
price may be then this will be the point where   you actually have to send them over the invoice 
which the invoice is the money um that they're   going to be paying you so you're just going 
to be sending them over the in the invoice so   it's very simple i use this thing called simple 
invoices and i'm gonna go over a free service   that you guys could use but simple invoices if 
you guys sign up right now um then during this   free trial at the end of it if you guys follow 
along everything i'm saying that you'll be able   to pay that off um without any regrets and 
that'll be great so you're seeing over an   invoice so this is an example that they're using 
on their site um and this is what it looks like   basically you would add in the item so you'd add 
in the two services your one service would be   um the ad creation like i said which that was 
four hundred dollars and you're adding your other   service which is whatever at the price that's at 
and what it is what it does is actually calculates   up and usually they'll add up to 1 000 and then 
what they would do on their end is they would   see this so they would just go ahead and pay that 
off and then you could actually save their credit   card on here and set up um the billing dates on 
here as well for each time that they have to pay   so instead of you sending them an invoice every 
month it will automatically send them an invoice   um where they could automatically pay 
it or they'll have to manually pay it   per month which is really really cool and it's 
really really easy to use and it gets directly   linked up to your stripe account that way you 
actually receive the money um if you know what   i mean now this one is another one right here 
and this one is called free invoices right here   and this one is pretty easy as well i think 
it's one of the better options in my opinion   if you're just getting started out um right 
now um and yeah on here they give you they   you can send over your logo put your name in here 
and you put the person you're sending it to and   put the date and the due date and you could just 
add in your items in here so for me facebook ads   usually charge two hundred dollars let's say 
we want to add in you know insta instagram   products or whatever whatever the case may be   just putting your prices and what it will do is 
it'll actually calculate up to get the total price   and you guys can see it's at six hundred 
dollars and what you do is you would just   simply send over the invoice to your client 
you just put in their email addresses   and you'll put in your email address from you 
putting your message that you want to send to them   and you can actually link in your paypal account 
your venmo account and different things like that   to actually send over to the client which 
is really really cool if you prefer using   paypal venmo and all of that um what i 
would recommend that you do use over time is   actually stripe because in in actually 
using the other services i said   about um as over time because that'll be a lot 
easier for you to actually manage um but yes i   really really hope that this helped you guys out 
um and that you guys know exactly what to do how   to get clients because this is really important 
this is a really important process because if you   don't send them over a contract if you don't get 
them to sign the contract you don't send over the   invoice and you don't actually get paid for what 
you're doing then you'll be faced with a lot of   legal issues and that is just nothing that you 
want to go through so it is very important that   you actually send this stuff over to your 
clients um once you actually close them   and close the deal which i'll talk about 
closing in later the videos going forward   but i really hope that this helped you guys out 
i know this was really really long but this is   really important um so if you have any questions 
let me know down in the description down below   and join us in our facebook group as well we are 
getting so many members each and every single day   and i really really can't thank you guys enough uh 
for the great support um on this channel because   this is a course i've been wanting to release 
for everyone and i don't think a lot of courses   actually explain in detail and give you guys that 
stuff that you actually need which is important   which is why i'm doing this for free and i 
don't expect any payments of course for this um   but yeah i really really hope that this helped you 
out and i really hope that you get a ton of value   um as always take action and implement on every 
single thing that i tell you because that's really   important if you want to see results for yourself 
um so be sure to leave a like hit that subscribe   button and i will see you in the next video peace 
what is going on everyone i hope everyone is   having a great day today and like i say 
all the time we're just gonna go ahead   no bs get right into it right now um and 
as you guys seen we are going to be talking   i'm going x out of this um full screen or whatever 
but we are going to be talking about the value   ladder um and yeah this is really really important 
um for your business um for your agency whatever   you guys are doing um especially for your social 
marketing agency it's basically a funnel so i'm   going to go ahead and show you guys exactly 
what this is so the meaning of a value ladder   it is basically i'm gonna give you guys the google 
definition is the google definition right here   value ladder is a method of mapping out your 
product slash service offering usually visual   offering visually in ascending order of value in 
price the value ladder allows you to cater to your   clients needs no matter where they are so as you 
guys see in this um illustration it's basically your clients or your prospect they are going up 
on this ladder this isn't really a ladder this is   more like a stairclay staircase um so it is basically something that brings them 
closer to you um whatever service you're offering   whatever you're doing what you are doing is 
you are giving them value every single step   of the way until it leads up to them actually 
trusting you and after you build that trust   they're actually going to be paying you um for 
what you're doing um and yeah that's basically   what that means in my way of saying it um so 
an analogy to bring up which a lot of people um   bring this up came from a lot of courses i've 
taken and this really helped me out a whole   lot so for example we're just going to use this a 
dentist so for example a dentist let's type it in this is a really really good analogy a really 
really good example to bring up so you go into   the dentist and as you guys can see starts out 
with you coming through the door then giving   you a free exam teeth cleaning then medicine and 
then surgery go step by step step then step um   every single time and every single time it goes 
up you trust them more and more then it leads them   leads you to you paying a price because 
um in the end they gave you so much value   and you are you end up paying for it um so 
that is the analogy i want to bring up so   um what does this mean for your business 
or personal branding so first of all   um in a personal brand another example i want to 
bring up um before i get to that is what i did   to bring you guys in this so you guys remember 
um you guys started with signing up so the sign   up process that's a good thing to bring up so 
i have my whiteboard right here so a good thing   for this would be you know the sign up process so 
you all signing up um you all sign up for a reason   and yeah that is the exact thing that 
came up after you guys signed up you guys   um got into a email list so where i 
emailed you guys every single day that   is what built trust between me and you 
guys and me ring you guys responses   um so sign me signing you guys signing up then 
emailing and then that comes to you guys then   coming into the course and actually 
learning the skills course so after a while   there's a free trial method of course um after a 
while you guys are um going to start end up paying   for this so it's you guys choice if you guys want 
to start paying for it what you guys get is um   of course a lot more free a lot more constant 
i should say high value content at a very low   price and that's basically where the latter leads 
up to in this sequence so you guys sign up emailed   you guys got the course and then it ends with 
you guys um paying so that is how i get paid and   it also ends with you guys seeing the results so 
with you guys seeing paying me then you guys get   something called roi and i cannot write on 
this thing and sorry if i sound like this um   i've been recording these videos for the 
courses all day long as you guys can see   what time it is down there all day long literally 
all day long so yeah this is a good example um   that i could bring up for you guys exactly what i 
did with you guys so um let's go ahead and go to   what it means for you i know you guys don't 
care about me at all but what does it mean   for your personal branding since we're talking 
about personal branding or what does it mean for   your agency your business your branding in 
general first let's give you guys some examples   um for what you could use for your personal brand 
so first would be content so what i talked about   um in the last video or a couple slides ago 
was your personal branding creating content tailored to your audience finding that 
niche and how to go about creating content   um through that content you are providing free 
value to potential clients so let's say a business   owner you just contacted um they're looking you 
up on the internet and they see your content   um what they will do is click on it 
and they might comments or something   and you know once you see that cons that 
comments then you could outreach to them   dm them about what you are doing so kind 
of similar to what i did um in a way   i reached out to you guys and i got i brought 
you guys in for this huge ride to you guys   officially paying because you are getting a lot 
of value from this and in return you guys get   a return on your investment which is a really 
good thing and you guys can cancel any time you   guys want is just a monthly payment um after 
that you guys have like a free trial that you   guys could give out or a free um call next in the 
sequence so you have um your prospect right there   um you outreach to them you tell 
them about what you are doing   which is this you're emailing them which will be 
the call um or free trial which would be this one   which should be me providing you guys with the 
course and then we have the full on trust wall   going on which then your prospect will trust you 
and then that leads to a close which that close   equals a thing called cash which that is what 
you will get in the end once you follow this   step by step um in the value ladder so after you 
do everything all you have to do is lather up a   lot of people say wash rinse and repeat but lather 
up once you go to the shower you always lather up   the wash and you just wash you know then you 
rinse rinse everything off and then you repeat   follow everything um that i told you guys 
and that is what a value ladder is it's you   providing value you giving free content your 
content that you're putting out is free for   everyone to look at um and what you're doing is 
you're getting in contact tell them about what you   do and you're just taking them on a whole journey 
up until you close them basically basically   this is the good analogy of the dentist so 
anyways guys i hope this helped you guys out   um if you guys have any questions you guys know 
how to contact me through instagram hope you guys   have a great day and i'll see you guys in the next 
one peace what's going on guys welcome back to the   training i hope that you are having a great day 
today um and we're just going to go ahead and   head right into this i don't want to waste any 
of your time um we are going to be talking about   building a strong personal brand um for yourself 
and this is very essential this very important   when it comes to building your 
agency and different things like that   because you really really need to have like 
a strong personal brand um for yourself   and the thing with that is is that once you have 
like a established personal brand then when it   comes to you reaching out to um other businesses 
and talking to business owners and that will be   a breeze because that is the main thing 
they want to see that you're a human being   and that you are credible so i'm going to 
get into this and let's see what we can do so   basically you just want to have instagram page and 
linkedin basically and you can also pull up your   facebook page as well in this but the main pages 
we're working with is our instagram pages and our   linkedin pages and we are going to want to build a 
following on those pages um but before we get into   like building those followings different things 
like that we need to know how we could bring in   results for our clients how we could actually 
bring in those clients through our social media   pages and that's through a thing called inbound 
leads and outbound leads which those will be how   you actually get your clients through using your 
social media pages like your personal brand um   so it's through a thing called inbound 
and outbound leads and i'm go ahead   and go through definitions of both of 
these so inbound lead is the generation   is when you allow your prospects to come to 
you through seo and proposition proposition a   valuable content unlike outbound lead generation 
it's the prospector decides when and how they'll   reach out to you basically put it simple inbound 
i highlighted it this is a google definition too   so so put it simple inbound is when the clients 
when your prospect comes directly to you   from either a post on your social media page or 
they know of you from a client that is an inbound   lead when they come directly to you and they're 
begging you for your service that you're providing   and different things like that now let's go on to 
outbound lead this is the google definition right   here outbound lead generation on the other hand 
is sending or pushing of messages out to a target   audience regardless of whether they have asked 
for it or expressed an interest in the content   so i highlighted the parts for this outbound lead 
is sending or pushing out messages to put a simple   outbound is when you have to go after that lead 
directly um either through cold calling and doing   different outreach methods through that which is 
what we are going to get into later on in this   course so which one is the one that you want to 
get to the thing is that you really want to have   inbound leads people coming to you for your 
business that you are offering because you   don't want to constantly having to reach out to 
your clients and having to do all this you want   them to come directly to you instead of you coming 
to them and begging them you want them coming to   you and begging you um because they see how 
much great results you get your clients and   how like how much value you gave to them which is 
why i want to refer back to the value ladder if   you missed that video i have the i card right in 
the top right corner that you guys click and you   guys can see that video that is why you want to 
build up a value ladder putting out free content   free value for your potential clients to look 
at and you are building up that credibility   so they can then reach out to you and dm 
you about business doing business with you   um so that's basically where you want to be at 
is getting them to be an inbound lead versus you   being the outbound lead and having 
some out to reach to them directly   and to get their business from them um basically 
so now we're going into personal branding   building a strong personal brand we're going 
to talk about this and i'm going to talk about   it more later on and you just want to have 
a good layout to your social media pages   and also your linkedin page as well and like i 
said we're just going to get right into that in   other videos um in the future so yeah 
anyways i hope that this helped you guys out   always be sure to like hit that subscribe button 
and stay tuned for some more videos to come   peace all right what is going on everyone welcome 
back to 30 marketer i hope that you are having a   good day today i'm and without further ado we're 
just gonna go ahead and get into this if you guys   missed all the other days i would advise you 
to go and check out the playlist it should be   right there um for you guys to click on to check 
it out um and we're just gonna go ahead and get   into this we're gonna talk about how you could 
blow up on your instagram page here in 2021   um how you can actually boost that performance 
on that page and skyrockets um your personal   brand if you guys missed my other video 
talking about personal branding i actually   went in deep and actually talked 
about um building a personal brand   um in this we'll be talking about it 
on instagram and how to actually tackle   what it goes into actually targeting those clients 
through your instagram page i'm gonna go through   the layouts what it should look like and how it 
should be like on there on instagram so let's go   ahead and go over here and for my page for example 
um you guys could take a look at this um and   basically you followers don't matter um what 
matters is the engagements your page gets um and   what you're targeting and what matters is 
also the bio what you put in your bio and also   what you put in your name so a lot of 
people they just put their names right there   you want to actually put what you're doing what 
your occupation is um for us um since we're   in some marketing you probably want to put sma 
marketing um digital marketer something like that   um right there i'm gonna go ahead and 
go to one of my other people um raul   and he is someone into this as well and i'ma just 
use this page for example you guys see he puts   his name and social media marketer you guys 
could do that as well um for your page as well um   put all the things that you're doing let 
me use my page for example owner at my   media agency i help e-commerce 
businesses i also put that in   the name run multiple businesses for you 
maybe i run a marketing agency um online   and you put you help your certain type of niche so 
you put in your niche in there i help e-commerce   clients i help real estate agents skyrocket um and 
then right there you would probably put an arrow   down to your link click the link below and let's 
schedule time to talk click the link down below   and let's um get things started um you 
probably want to put that in there for   me it's more of an influencer type thing 
so i'm more of an influencer so i promote   a lot of products but the way my page used to 
look like is i um had where i put um you know   a lot of different things in here um more of it is 
more just my personal branding um but for you it   would be you posting content like jason capital if 
you guys know him for example let's just look at   what jason capital posts on his page for example 
um things like this is what will boost you up   um simple things like this and you can 
use um platforms on your phone actually   um one of the platforms that i actually use 
on my phone to actually do this is an editing   software type of app on my phone just so i 
could um make the things look exactly like that   um on my phone and the one that uses called v llo 
and it's basically for you guys to download it but   it's very simple to use and it makes 
each and everything look like this so   what you do is you post free content and that's 
where we go back to the value ladder you post   free content on your page um that takes your 
client that leads them to actually buying so   with all of json capitals things for example 
he always leads to his free book for example   because he's a best-selling author he always leads 
to his free books and therefore he also leads to   a free training for example and from that free 
training for example um from his free book   it goes into it goes into a free 
course and that could actually   provide value to his clients so that is like a 
whole complex value ladder but um that is the   strategy that he uses um to actually get clients 
for out for us for example smma agency you would   put in those free content and you would lead it up 
to actually generating a cell so in your comments   in the bottom of your post you would always put 
something that leads up to it so for example let's   go ahead and play this the mask work or does it 
not work should you wear it should you not i just   wrote a new book and it's called mask off and i 
want you to swipe up and get it for free right now   if you want it this book is not available for sale 
on amazon it'll be 20 when it is but you can get   your pre-release copy right now completely free 
swipe up to get your copy of mask off right now and if we take a look at one of 
my friends pages for example um um you would see that she actually built up 
a whole personal brand you guys see um her   branding is really really good let's go to her 
other one her other one's pretty good um so you   could just see on her page she's a mindset coach 
she's promoting um her mindset services to people   um through her page so as you guys can see this is 
a really good example of what it would look like   people search up for mindset coaches all the time 
so you you put your name you put your niche right   there and then as the bio you put mindset mindset 
coach for you maybe digital marketing like i said   i help people um generate more leads online i help 
business owners to help people if you're helping   people you get the right mindset on her page for 
example call to action would be dm me the word   that's a really good call to action and you see 
it all the time with jason capital for example   um and also a whole lot more tai lopez you see a 
lot of that dm a certain word and you would get   this in that for example um and as you could 
see just providing free content all the time   you can see right here um for example 
right here and you can see the description   um you can see the meaning and it all leads into 
call to action from this free content right there   and here's more in the mindset realm 
um for you maybe digital marketing   like i said looking up facts of advertisements 
for example different things like that could   actually help your branding just for what 
you're doing in your digital marketing   but i hope that you get the gist of this i hope 
that this helped you guys out um it will make   sense once you actually get into doing it um but 
yeah that's basically where i'm at with it um   and i have another video to come pretty soon 
that talks about actually getting the clients   for your digital marketing agency that would 
make a lot more sense as far as instagram goes   and your personal branding but you just 
want to make sure you structure your bio   what you're saying in your post and posting 
the content out there consistently and you're   targeting the right niche basically um so you 
could get the so you could turn those leads   into actually clients so i hope that this 
helped you out um as always be sure to   like hit that subscribe button 
and i'll see you in the next one what is up guys it is denz and this is probably 
one of the most important videos i'm going to   show you guys um building out your linkedin 
page which will translate to you getting sales   i'm going to show you guys how you guys can set up 
your linkedin page and how it will generate to you   getting sales i'ma show you guys step by step of 
how to build it out targeted towards your niche   in smma or in business in general um so you could 
target those people that you are trying to target   that way when it comes to you actually reaching 
out to them and finding them on linkedin then   it'll be much more easier to get your message 
across to them and i'll show you guys some   messages on here as well about reaching out and 
different types of things like that so i'm gonna   go ahead and get on my computer and show you guys 
exactly step by step how to go about doing this   so guys i'm on my linkedin page right now and 
as you guys can see it's pretty pretty cool um   one of the things i want to tackle i'm a tackle 
a through z about your linkedin page of course   you want your name in there and i'm gonna talk 
to you guys about the um profile picture so   the profile picture usually it does better when 
it's outside but you guys could take it inside   you want to make sure you have nice lighting and 
you're wearing something really really presentable   like a dress shirt of or something something 
business casual that represents your brand   and gets your message across um on the 
banner um the banner image that will be   what your target audience is online it 
is helping businesses through linkedin   and i also do through other social media channels 
as well but um as long as it is something that   is targeted towards your niche and what 
you are doing then that is what you want   so profile picture and your header that is the 
big things that they will most likely look at   on your linkedin page you don't want nothing um 
that will mean something else about your branding   um and next um after your name will be that 
headline so on the headline that would be   um what you do so you do digital marketing 
or sma you are founder at your thing so   for example microplex media that is my um friend's 
um social media um his uh agency name um mine is   all set media so you appoint you put the agency 
that you're at and that'll be the headline that   they look at next would be um your about section 
so this is the big thing the biggest thing   that i will put on here and that is the 
about section so the about section will be   um what your target audience looks at on 
your linkedin page so on here you want to   say hey um what i do and how you do it and why it 
works on mine it is i'm passionate about helping   people get a mass amount of hot and high quality 
leads through business with proven marketing   tactics if you're willing to give me your 
time to look out with your business or if   you need personally help getting started for 
yourself i am here to help next is what you do   what i do is help businesses across several 
industries how you do it and why it works   and that is what they'll look at and that is what 
will convert them highly to you next would be your   accomplish compliments and experience on there 
of course you could tweak it or anything if it   means getting your very first client but those are 
the main things that you want to specifically work   on with your linkedin page on getting started 
that we could get your very first smma clients   is definitely having a really really good profile 
picture a banner um that targets your audience and   your headline is the most important thing 
making sure that it says exactly what you do   and your about section is the big chunk and you 
guys can look at mine and look at a lot more   others for example and see how those are and 
kind of look at those as the center points   of what yours will be so look at mine and see how 
you could fit that into your own personal branding   and most importantly the outreaching i'm gonna 
go through some of my messages um and like i said   this is the most important thing um like 
i said my other video is the outreaching   methods that you use um so i get messages on 
a daily basis especially through linkedin so   imagine yourself the being the business owner 
how are you gonna differentiate your messages   or your outreach methods through linkedin 
other than others how they do it so   if you go through my linkedin page i 
get things a lot of different things hey   blah blah blah blah i'ma go to nicholas 
roost so i'm gonna go to nicholas roost   first thing is that this is pretty 
lengthy you don't want it to be lengthy   um i'm uh summer read this one off hey denzel 
i'm looking to grow my network and i thought   it would make sense for us to connect if you're 
open to it um actually that's not a good one   so yeah i'ma use leonel tenduygon for example 
his main message to me was good day my name is   blah blah like light right now i do not want to 
read it but i'm gonna read off to you guys my   name is leno lala freelance virtual assistant 
who handled project management and various   um yeah that is too lengthy you want to be short 
and sweet and to the point about what you do   so for me for example what i would do is um have a 
linkedin message that just says exactly what i do   so i'm gonna go to nicholas roost for example his 
outreach was really really good so hey denzel i'm   always looking to grow my linkedin page um blah 
blah so for yours for example if you're targeting   sma owners or gym owners whoever is in your niche 
it will be hey the name i'm looking to connect   with you and show you some things something 
like that will work and will be high converting   for you to get your feet in the door 
get your feet wet through linkedin so   definitely having the good profile will make 
it easier for you guys to reach out i hope   this video helped you guys out and i'm 
gonna see you guys in the next video peace hey welcome back to 30 marketer i hope that you 
are good and i'm gonna be showing you exactly   how you can actually get social media marketing 
clients through social media pages if you guys   don't know how to actually do this i'm gonna be 
showing you exactly step by step how to go about   doing this and what scripts you could actually 
use to actually get in contact with these business   owners and actually close them through social 
media what you are working on doing is actually   bringing them on to actually schedule a meeting 
with you that is exactly what you want to do and   i'm going to show you guys step by step how to 
do this through different social media platforms   so real quick just take note of these social 
media platforms that i'm going to be talking about   um and these are the four ones that i would 
definitely take advantage of for this especially   instagram um is definitely the one that 
you want to take advantage of so here's   the social media pages we're going 
to be working with instagram facebook   linkedin and we are also going to be working with 
a brand new platform that no one has even talked   about and this is basically platform 
like linkedin and it is called entre   so let's go ahead and firstly talk about instagram 
and the reason why i say i really love instagram   and why i'm bringing up instagram is because 
you know you have so much potential with um   the instagram platform the algorithm itself and 
you have different ways different methods of   actually bringing on clients specifically through 
instagram so with this past um days that i've done   this and i've been explaining to you about 
your instagram profile and emphasizing about   optimizing your social media profiles to actually 
bring on clients this is the reason why because   you can actually target potential clients there's 
a post they create and if you want to go for the   inbound way of doing it then you actually 
have some work to actually put in   to actually do this so what you are going to 
actually do is you have one way of doing it   so you could do this through posting um different 
types of content and one of the ways is to   actually provide free value to your potential 
clients so this will be through um story post   and what you would do is you 
would probably talk about   um the reason why their businesses and getting 
sales maybe giving them tips and tricks of how   to get more sales for their business and different 
things like that this could be through feed posts   so same thing tips and tricks and posting 
um different ways that you can actually help   another one of the ways is through this new 
way which is through instagram reels and   right now 2021 you want to definitely target 
instagram reels to actually kind of have this sort   of way to get in contact with the clients because 
this is definitely the best way to actually bring   on new clients in an organic way is definitely 
through instagram reels since it is brand new   i've been posting instagram reels for a lot and 
i rack in like thousands upon thousands of views   through each reel that a post was shed is insane 
um the amount of organic reach that or that   instagram reels actually has so i i definitely um 
advise you to take advantage of actually posting   the content on your instagram reels what 
you want to put in this is definitely a way   where they read the description so when they are 
going through your post and they're reading the   description the bullet points that you put on 
there um if you have a um carousel where they   scroll through then you want to have at the 
end um dme one word or click the link in bio or   click here to learn more about how this works and 
what it will do is it'll take them to a calendar   or maybe a webinar or something like that where 
you are giving them more free value to actually   pull them into this funnel so they actually 
schedule call with you so that's basically what   you want to do and what this all leads up to is 
them scheduling a call now the next way is through   facebook and it's kind of similar to instagram um 
but i find this a little bit harder to actually   reach out to clients one of the ways i would take 
advantage of is definitely through messenger and   you could definitely message people through 
messenger um specifically through their personal   profiles so if miraculous miraculously find the 
business owner you find their details and you find   their facebook page their personal facebook page 
then you can actually message them on messenger   get in contact with them say hey i don't want 
to waste your time um i have this i saw what you   were doing on your page different things like that 
click your schedule call i would love to talk to   you more about this different things like that and 
to lead them to actually get onto a call with you next way is through linkedin   which you guys don't know what linkedin is this 
is basically the best place to actually find   specific business owners on and if you actually 
know the business owner's name details you could   actually send out a connection request um and 
you would send out a message that will actually   be of value to them and you could actually 
schedule a call through there which i will   post a screenshot or maybe a link down below 
of some templates for all the ways to actually   reach out to these scripts that you can actually 
copy and paste and use for yourself to actually   reach out to these business owners so like i said 
going back to the facebook way the instagram way   and different things like that um you would 
basically message them once you connect with them   hey i am i saw that you were doing this 
this and that and i want to actually   bring you on to a call with me when's the best 
time you'll be available i'm available in the   morning time night time different things like 
that to actually bring them on to a meeting call   and it's basically the same with way with 
entre and if you guys don't know what entre   is i actually made a youtube video about entre 
um where i explain more about what entre app is   but this is basically an app just like linkedin 
and it is growing in popularity or popularity   and i would if i were you i would definitely take 
advantage of the entre app because specifically   like linkedin and on here you could actually post 
valuable content to where it will actually bring   on some clients which i have yet to try this 
out but if i were you i would definitely take   advantage of this because the many people see 
on there they are definitely taking advantage   of this and it is really good specifically if 
you are a social media marketer um doing this   so i would definitely take advantage of using 
the entre app to actually reach out to people on   anyways like i said i will post the scripts 
different templates down below or you guys   could click a link somewhere to actually access 
those templates but it will be copy and paste   um approved today this is what i want you to 
do just send out constant messages send out um   different messages to people copy and paste the 
scripts see what works for each one of these   and send out maybe 10 20 set a big goal 
to send out 100 but definitely do this   for each one of these platforms 
and see which one works for you   anyways i hope that you have a good day 
and i'll see you in the next day peace   yo what's up guys it's denze bringing back another 
video in this video i'm going to be showing   you guys how you guys could get your very first 
ecommerce client for your social media marketing   agency if you guys knew here be sure to drop like 
hit that subscribe button as we are trying to   grow this channel to even more of a following so 
without further ado let's go ahead and get right   into this and i'll show you guys the different 
ways that i go about getting ecommerce clients   and how you guys could do that so there are many 
sites you guys can do this on one of the main   sites that most social media marketers use is and the really cool thing about this is   that it holds over 10 million plus websites within 
it and it is easy to track down like sites sources   different types of things this is just the main 
thing uh search engine that you guys could find   popular websites and many big websites that so on 
here what you guys could do what you guys could   see is that there's so many different types of 
websites of course google is first youtube and   facebook so what you guys gonna do here is 
you guys are gonna scroll until you guys see   ip owner parent address it should be like at the 
top it should say select one so what you guys are   going to do is click on this you guys are going 
to scroll until you guys find where is   you click on and what it will do is it 
will show you all the different types of websites   within if you guys don't know what is it is the gold mine like literally   literally the gold mine for smma clients that you 
guys could get right now in 2019 going into 2020.   so as you guys can see of course shopify 
will be first because it's their website   you guys have big brands like color pop a very 
big london brand you guys have fashion nova   uh clothing different types of stuff um so it 
depends on whether you guys want high-end clients   or low-end clients so i'm gonna just stick with 
probably high-end so you guys don't want to go to   the very first 10 20 or 30 sections because most 
likely they'll have like so many clients already   or so many social media marketing agencies 
that work with them to market their products   that they don't want to bring in anyone else 
so high end i would stay within the 100 section   into 500 section anything above that point will 
probably be low end definitely low end at this   3000 but let's go ahead and click on a shop for 
example what it will do is i'll bring up the   site okay for example this site is called a 
lucky life i just clicked on it   which is right there very first top 100 site 
on ip.ims on shopify so what you guys could see   is that yes they are of course an e-commerce brand 
so what you want to do is you want to scroll down   and see what their contact information is what you 
want to do is you want to click on their contacts   as you guys can see that is where you could 
contact them at and you guys see their phone   number and they also have an email address so this 
is good for you reaching out to their brand that's   how you guys could contact them and i'm gonna move 
on to a lot more of that going into my next video   actually contacting them showing you guys 
responses stuff like that so let's go ahead and   move on to the next one and the next one is one 
that i speak heavily on and that is so   you guys know what etsy is anyone could sell 
on it any one that has like a business not even   business background like any type of normal human 
being could sell on so this would hold   like more of the lower end clients if you guys 
want to just start out by targeting the lower end   clients but it is also much more difficult to 
actually reach out and try and convince them   and get them on a phone call because 
i showed you guys my messages before   they don't really work out so but this holds so 
much ecommerce this is just basically   e-commerce the definition of e-commerce you guys 
see clothing and shoes so what i'm gonna just do   is click on like one that is already pulled up 
so i'm gonna just click on this right there and   one good thing you could actually go right to 
their profile the actual business profile on etsy   and what you guys could do what's really 
good about etsy you guys could contact   directly to the owner as you guys can see golden 
beverly is the owner of the golden beverly and   i'm guessing that is her name so what you would 
do is contact her and it is as simple as that   they have a little search bar and it shows them 
the time of which they respond and they respond   really really quickly if you guys know how to 
work etsy really good and then this would just   work out really good for you but i move on to like 
so much more different types of methods but the   main point of this is reaching out and getting 
out there um the other side of course would be you guys could just type in the sites 
that you guys want on there now there will be just again type in the 
business but the top two ones would be   and etsy thank you all so much for watching and 
i'll see you all in the next video peace what is   going on guys it is denzel back with another video 
and as you guys seen by the title i'm be showing   you guys how you guys go about finding real 
estate agents um for your social media marketing   agency um if you guys could do me a favor 
and leave this video video a thumbs up and   that would be really really great i'm gonna show 
you guys the um extension the chrome extension   that i use to go about doing this it's also a 
website as well um and all you guys have to do   is type e7 lead finder that is the um site that i 
use to go about fighting real estate agents um in   the real estate niche so i already have it up here 
i'll have it down in the description down below   all you guys have to do is just click the very 
first thing you guys see in the description down   below so on here you guys could definitely um you 
guys see on here this how the site looks what you   guys will do once you get on here is just register 
um for it and just log in into your account so   um on here i don't really work with the realtors 
but i did do some outreaching in the past for them   and i'm kind of getting back into doing it again 
um and i'm gonna just show you guys how to go   about doing it so as you guys can see you guys get 
on here you guys use the keyword so you guys would   choose what niche you guys are in um and these 
have a lot of different types of niches like   realtors which is what we want for us but they 
also have restaurants as you guys seen before   they do have restaurants um perfume stores 
different types of things we want realtors   and what you do is you choose your city um so i'm 
gonna put las vegas los angeles or something let's   put las vegas for example let's just do that 
the most common one um you're gonna do this   check to make sure that you're not a robot 
of course and after you do that you will be   taken to this screen right here and what it does 
is it just um it loads up um what realtors will be   in the area that you put so whatever city that you 
live in um and it'll pop up the different types of   things like the leads that for the it'll pop 
up the different leads that are in your area   so here it goes it pops up a lot of different 
things as you guys can see in the las vegas   area for example you guys can see the names 
of the realtors phone numbers email addresses   also the the social media sites and you can see 
if they're running ads and you guys can see where   they rank on google so for example these are the 
top ranks on google um real estate the the one   way to the one thing why they're the best niche 
to contact is because they're high ticket too   um because for example they sell like a couple 
properties let's say one property sells for like   ten thousand dollars that is like if 
they sell two of them then that is like   twenty thousand dollars so if you close at least 
one of them you could charge at least two thousand   four thousand dollars a month for them and that 
is like automatic six figures if you close like   four of these and that's just a lot 
to take in and you know you could see   if they're running ads or not and where they rank 
on google and you could come in and say hey um   i saw that you're not running ads or hey i seen 
that you're running ads i could do things better   um a lot of different things like 
that for the real estate niche   just play around with it and yeah you have all 
of the stuff at your fingertips right here just   click the link down in the description it'll take 
you straight to the site and you could knock this   out of the ballpark and outreach to every single 
business that is on here and it's literally like   they have like different type of pages you 
could do like five different pages per day   and you could get like a ton of leads so look at 
this a thousand different real estate agents if   you close like let's say you close like 10 of that 
that is a lot in your bank account plus you'll   have to get a team i'm going to talk about that 
in my course as well but you know there's a lot   involved with this and just click the link down 
in the description and it'll take you to this   and that is how you guys could go about 
finding real estate agents for social media   marketing hopefully this helped you guys out 
and i'll see you guys in the next video peace   hey guys so i wanted to add in this bonus 
really real quickly guy for you guys um and   it's about marketer magic and d7 leafiner these 
two platforms work best if you are um going after   um real estate clients on market or magic i would 
um prefer that you guys actually go to that i'm   gonna show a tutorial really really quickly that 
explains how marketer magic works it's my man   kevin david and i want you guys to just check this 
out for you guys selves um it'll make life a lot   more easier for you guys specifically in the real 
estate niche um and different things like that so   definitely take advantage of marketer magic they 
have a 14-day free trial and i'm gonna show the   video right now what is up everyone welcome back 
to another exciting video in this video we're   gonna be talking about one of the coolest tools 
on the market and so one of the biggest problems   was it just takes such a long time to go through 
and like search for your city like if you live in   dallas you live in miami or whatever you type 
in like miami dentist and you can like see all   the results in google and there's like you know 
10 at a time you have to go to each website find   all the phone numbers and emails and their social 
media so you can reach out to them and actually do   outreach um to try to find some new clients you 
know introduce yourself say hey you know my name   is kevin david i'm running a digital marketing 
company you know i'd love to give you like a   social media deep dive or show you a couple things 
that you could do to immediately increase um your   your online presence your digital marketing you 
know to double your marketing efforts to get new   and profitable clients um into your business 
leveraging social media right whatever you're   going to say um to actually make them interested 
i'm saying you know i'll do it completely for   free i'd love to um you know just have like a no 
obligations chat and show you a couple of tips you   know completely no strings attached right so just 
ways to kind of get your foot in the door and open   the conversation because that's the hardest part 
right and so it used to take so long to go and   search on google and look through the results 
look through all of them you know try to find   pages on on facebook and ways to contact these 
local businesses um that need a digital marketer   just like you right and so that tool there 
was no tool that really existed that did that   efficiently and so i created one and so marketer 
magic actually is still in uh beta right now i've   been working on it for like the uh the last six 
months or so really to take digital marketers and   agency owners and facebook advertisers like 
yourself to the next level and be able to   really um kind of take things to a place that 
has never really existed before when it comes   to efficiency and so without further ado let's 
take a look so we're inside   right here this is the dashboard right so marketer 
magic is a suite of tools it's not just one tool   but the tool that we're going to be talking about 
today is actually called many leads right and   marketer magic does have a free seven-day trial 
you can also um get any individual app a la carte   um just from the pricing page as well but we're 
just going to talk about many leads for right   now so what we're going to do is inside of many 
leads here we're going to go to create campaign   and let's say that you live in san diego for 
example let's use that we'll call this sd real   estate so what we're going to do is we're going 
to type in real estate and we see that real estate   agent pre-populates and we're going to type in san 
diego california we're going to press show leads   and many leads is literally gonna go out and 
scrape tens of millions of results and bring   all of those results back to us you can see 
right here that there's over a thousand entries   um just for this one search which is insane 
right that would have taken weeks if not months   to actually do that efficiently and you can see 
right here right we have um the email address of   these real estate agents their phone number their 
address we have all their social media and so we   can literally you know copy and paste these we can 
highlight all we can export them as a csv right we   can hire somebody to do cold calling or we can do 
them do it ourselves we can uh email these people   with templates right we want to make each one as 
personalized as possible talk about a picture on   their website talk about the location in the city 
that they live you know i love point loma i love   some area of san diego where you're located just 
something personal right so they don't feel like   you're just sending like a mass email and so what 
we can do is if we want to make this we'll look at   50 instead of 10 and we can see that it's going to 
expand out a bunch of new actual um businesses and   email addresses and phone numbers and things like 
this what we can do is we can reach out to these   businesses literally on linkedin we can reach out 
to them on facebook we can reach out to them on   twitter even right where we can contact these 
real estate agents one at a time um and we can   send a message right and i would literally message 
every single one of these right there's a thousand   and sixty-five different entries for this one 
search right it's not just real estate agents   though you can do it for dentists you can 
do it for insurance agents you can do it for   all different types of local businesses that need 
an online social media presence and i would email   every single one of these businesses one by one 
right and i would i would email every single one   or i would call every single one of these phone 
numbers um definitely a low hanging fruit and   probably where i would start is messaging them on 
facebook and on linkedin right i would create a   template and i would you know just change the name 
of the person or the name of the business um and i   would add one little um you know personalized 
thing about some new recent post they made or   some um you know quirky thing about their photo or 
something personal right and i would message every   single one of these because the thing is guys if 
you message 1065 real estate agents you are going   to get responses it's not a matter of if it's a 
matter of when and how many right and the thing   is like if you want it bad enough i like when i 
first started i messaged every single one of these   and i was doing this manually i was searching 
real estate agent on google and i was scrolling   from page one to page two and i would you know 
go to each person's website and i would find   their phone number i would find their email in the 
footer i would try to find their social media if   they had them connected and i would you know open 
all like a million tabs and i would message all   of them individually and it just took forever and 
it was terrible which is why i created many leads   right so many leads is an incredibly powerful tool 
that you definitely want to be taking advantage of   you know if you're doing any type of research 
like this it just makes perfect sense to be   able to use many leads to save so much of your 
time because even if you get one client right   for a thousand dollars a month um one client from 
many leads then it basically pays for itself for   like a year two years or whatever the case may 
be right so it's totally worth it hey what's   going on everyone so basically my camera just 
died but i will show you guys two videos um that   actually filmed like in 2019 when i very first 
started uh social media marketing and basically   this is on email but i will include a bonus one 
around video so this still works this day and if   you follow along i will provide the scripts at the 
end and you guys can click the link um wherever   but you should take advantage of this 
and you would have access to everything   so enjoy the two bonus videos about email what 
email you should send out and also the video enjoy   all right as you guys can see right here this is 
the email template um that i use kind of like a   script i should say this is your ticket to closing 
over email just like that the reason why you guys   are not closing over email is because you guys are 
not doing it right you guys are going straight in   for the cell it's called a cold email for a reason 
cold email it's called cold email for a reason   um just like cold calling um you are just 
contacting them just specifically for a meeting   really for a meeting and that is it for 
real um i'm just run over this this is for   um when the owner is there someone just 
write the owner and this worked for me   a lot of times i just recently this is the 
most recent template i came up with no bs   no nothing um this is just straightforward so 
this is for the owner and i cannot write like   the owner and that's just more terrible but yeah 
this is for the owner i'm gonna run over it with   you guys um and like i said i'm gonna have it all 
in the training i'ma put all the scripts all the   details on training they'll be linked down below 
so make sure you just click the link down below   and you will get all this stuff like no bs 
it's all for free um so yeah i'ma go ahead   and read this off this is a high converting 
right here um for the owner here in 2020 so   and it should work like if we're not in 2020 
if you guys watch this in 2021 or something   like you know um so first of all hey the owner's 
name so this is where their name goes um let me   just say hey billy that is to make it personal 
the personalized the more personalized it is   the more converting it will be so make sure you 
personalize it by putting their name in there   because it will make it much more high converting 
so hey the name i came across your website   your page on linkedin um or something 
like that anything right there you came   across their website usually just put that and 
thought to send an email i realized you were   the owner of um a clothing brand that's usually 
who i work with um of a real estate company   this will be this will work with real estate 
agents if you guys are in that niche um i work   i noticed you were the owner of consulting 
whatever um just whatever industry   in industry terrible writer but it's cool um make 
sure you have that right there um i have potential   clients i'd like to refer to you this will 
get their interest up because man what they're   thinking is ooh more money that's what they're 
thinking put your sh put your self in the business   owner's shoes and that is what they're thinking 
um when you say more potential clients i'd like   to refer to you um that will pique their interest 
and that will get them to want to go on the phone   with you a lot of you guys you guys probably say 
um hey i would like to talk over the phone or   something like no don't say that just follow the 
script um and yeah i'm gonna have it written out   more clearly on docs and everything in my training 
so make sure you guys sign up for that for real   um and lastly let me know when you'll be available 
for a call so either way you want to get them on   a call um and yeah they'll just send you their 
information um there is actually no escaping a   call in smma you are going to be talking to the 
business owner directly with your voice no matter   what so there's no escaping like cold calling or 
going over the phone or anything this is just to   set up a meeting and once you get over the meeting 
once you get over your fear that's the thing   then you'll be able to convert highly i would 
say do the same thing for um if you don't have   the owner's information just say hey the name of 
the business and then continue on with the script   and uh the gatekeeper they will refer to the 
owner hey dads how's it going i checked out   your business the other day and i contacted you 
on the phone call uh i'm just sending this to   your email what i'm going to be doing is showing 
you throughout this video call all the things that   i found good that's on your website and what could 
be done to make it better and what i could do that   could make it better with my digital marketing 
agency um as i said i want to get in contact with   you and hopefully get this business going and 
gets on the top of the charts um this december   for like three months or so so um yeah i checked 
out your website and everything looks really   really good by the way and i'm gonna just make 
this really quickly and get straight to the point   so yeah this website is really really good one 
of the things i did find out that you do have   that not a lot of online businesses have is that 
you do have a facebook pixel basically what the   facebook pixel is is it tracks your data what 
you're doing is tracking your data is how how   many page views that you have on your website and 
things like that and this can really help out on   retargeting ads for those people that visit your 
website and they click off your website link   they will get the link again to go back onto your 
website which says really good which is some that   you already have which you told me that you have 
a marketing team already um what you're not doing   is running ads on facebook and instagram 
which is something my agency can help out   help you out with so yeah on your facebook page um 
you have no reviews or anything um what i'm gonna   do is definitely get ads ran on your facebook 
page and on your instagram page as well if   you do this with me so as i said i went on 
here and you do not have any ads running   i went to your ad history and it showed 
up that you're not running ads so i could   really really do that for you my instagram 
page instagram really looks really good and   yeah i could definitely do something get ads 
running and definitely increase the engagement   um and page clicks on your instagram page that way 
you have um hi to your clients coming into your   page this december because like i said there's 
a lot of pages out there um that are advertising   especially during december um during the holidays 
and with everything going on it is just crazy with   um advertisements and everything and the 
businesses um so i could definitely get ads   ran through facebook and through here i'll show 
you exactly how i run the ads um so what i'll do   is i'll add you onto here and everything like that 
for example i have my main page up here for my ad   account and also all the other pages that i would 
um use for other businesses that i've worked with   i of course delete them off there 
because i don't want any of their info   shown but i'm gonna go on here for example and 
i'll show you how i would run the ads so on here so on here yeah i would usually um 
target the ads towards a certain audience   group so your audience group is more 
targeted towards like the people who   wear merchandise clothing items and clothing 
department um that is the main audience that i   would target with these advertisements for your 
business so what i would like to do to discuss   this further i know that you're busy and i just 
want to get straight to the point i'm gonna send   you like an email link that way we could schedule 
a call to go on so i could explain further about   what i do and that way i can understand your 
situations better through a call if you're   interested in that please contact me back and let 
me know it's just like a little overview of what   i see with the website and please get back 
with me and i would love to work with you what's going on welcome to day number 16 of 30 day 
marketer and yes cold calling now we're getting   into the nitty-gritty stuff of this course and 
this is where things are gonna be getting really   really good going forward what i want you guys to 
do is definitely take notes screenshot everything   that i say um listen to me listen to what i have 
to say listen to the scripts that i provide you   and you will be on your way to greatness this 
took me basically the whole year of 2020 to   crack here in 2021 now i basically have the 
whole formula and this is more recently right   now so what i really want you guys to do 
is take things seriously take things i say   very very seriously because it is very important 
for you um going forward and for your success   with um social media marketing so again take 
notes listen to what i have to say go and get   everything that i provide you with the scripts and 
you will be on your way so cold calling now we are   on to the thing of cold calling in if you guys 
don't know what cold calling is this is basically   outbound you are reaching out to actually 
get clients this is the way to actually   bring them in they were called calling in what 
you are basically doing is you are contacting   clients um from what you found on the internet 
so you found your lead you found their numbers   you found their messages different things like 
that you were actually cold calling to actually   get them what you're basically doing is you are 
trying to take them on the same way like i said   a few days ago about you sending messages this is 
the same way but you're doing it through a call   and basically take those messages that you sent 
and transfer them to a call that's basically what   you're doing so you're reaching out to them and 
you are saying whatever to them to actually get   them on a meeting call that we could actually 
discuss them and close them through there that's   basically what cold calling is and it is very 
important because what you're basically doing is   we're using your voice they know that 
you're a real person you're using   your voice to actually get them bring them 
in you're convincing them with your voice   and the more that you are actually doing a day and 
the more results they could get and it's basically   a numbers game it's basically a numbers game guys 
it's basically what it is and if you look at it as   a game then you will get somewhere with it when 
i took everything seriously with it um i just   wasn't getting anywhere um and you will get 
rejected you will get rejected quite a bit so   you have to be able to face the rejections 
that you get different things like that so   i'm gonna be explaining everything from this point 
on around cold calling and you'll be on your way   and like i said is very important so i want 
you guys to take cold calling seriously um   because this could be something that unlocks 
your true potential it could be something   very effective for you and i want you to 
just take advantage of it um while you can   anyways enjoy the rest of the videos for the 
days that i have and i have a bonus video that   i'll show you guys and i want you guys to actually 
take a look at that it will help you out when you   are actually going into cold calling and reaching 
out to prospects enjoy while we are on the topic   of cold calling i did want to include a bonus um 
for you guys actually getting into cold calling   getting ready to cold call clients i want you guys 
to do an exercise starting right now just practice   it day in and day out um when you get ready 
cold call people you're working on your voice   for when you actually get on these calls you want 
to sound authoritative um that way you have sort   of this power over the people that you speak to in 
a way that way they can listen to you i am going   to show a video to you guys of vocal coach um 
because i'm not a vocal coach myself but he will   show you guys the exact exercise i'm talking about 
and i do this all the time right before i get on   cold calls and this will definitely improve your 
voice the resonance and definitely help you out   when you get ready to do cold calls enjoy when 
you speak or sing do you want your voice to be the   brightest biggest and clearest well all of these 
things are better achieved through relaxation   most yoga promotes relaxation but in today's 
westernized classes you often find they jump   straight to the stretching and there's not a lot 
of time for relaxing they're more like a workout   than a spiritual experience having a shavasana 
at the end of a 90-minute workout is probably   the wrong time if you want to stay relaxed what 
happens is you're often stretching tense muscle   don't get me wrong promoting length in the body 
is a really good thing and yoga is great but   in order to do this in a way that's best for your 
body you really need to be relaxed when you start   especially when it comes to the voice now have you 
ever noticed how your voice goes lower after you   sleep or how you get such a dramatic change after 
you've had a massage this is basically because the   muscles in our body are relaxed and so the sound 
can flow freely and unrestricted resonance hits   resonance is heard when people let go of tension 
they can achieve greater things function better   and their voice is more powerful because it's 
more resonant of course we need some tension in   our bodies otherwise we're just blabbering lumps 
of jelly on the floor but we could deal with the   correct tensions another time today we'll focus 
on relaxation you see tension creates restrictions   and relaxation promotes movement and flow a 
certain freedom for the body to function at   its optimum resonance is the ability for sound to 
travel or reverberate without restriction if you   tap on a block of wood the vibration stops pretty 
quickly but if you were to hit a jelly you'll see   it wobble until it gradually comes to a stop that 
movement that softness is how we should really   try to perceive our bodies you see our voice 
doesn't just leave our bodies through our mouth   it leaves us through a whole upper torso uh neck 
chest and head these areas are generally known   as resonators because vibrations are bounced 
around inside these chasms before they come   out of our mouth but even with our mouth closed 
we can make sound right and how can opera singers   have their back to an audience and still be able 
to fill a massive auditorium it's because their   bodies are relaxed and the vibrations that they're 
creating inside the body are able to leave they're   able to move everything's flowing i know it 
sounds a little odd but all you need to remember   is that tension bad relaxation good by all means 
stretch go to the gym run take part in sports   but if you want your voice to have more authority 
and be more resonant then you need to balance out   some of those hobbies with daily rituals that 
promote relaxation so to get you started here   today i'm going to give you three things you can 
use to start relaxing straight away the first one   is so simple and you've heard it a thousand times 
everyone knows this breathe deeply it's really   that simple if you breathe deeply your body takes 
in all the nutrients it needs from the air and   your body functions better and there's other areas 
of the lungs other than just what's up the top   that can take in that oxygen and feed your body 
what it needs same with drinking water same with   a good healthy diet if you breathe properly you're 
feeding your body what it needs and therefore it   functions as it should so in this exercise we're 
going to imagine that our whole upper torso   is a giant ball and every time you breathe in 
the ball expands then every time you breathe out   the ball further expands breathe in it 
gets bigger breathe out it gets bigger   breathe in brighter out bigger until you've filled 
the entire room of course in your imagination   some may feel dizzy doing this so i advise you 
don't do it while you're driving or operating   heavy machinery take some time out you can 
do it standing or sitting but just imagine   it gets bigger on the in-breath and bigger on the 
out breath if you can't imagine it going to the   size of the room just do it 20 times and if you 
do this once or twice a day you'll start noticing   the benefits immediately even if you don't 
hear them straight away in your voice   you will feel the benefits okay do it it's 
very good second we're going to add some   length into our necks because we often create 
a lot of tension in our head neck and shoulders   and this one is a nice uh exercise that 
i learnt as an actor so we can tilt our   head just over to the left bring your other 
hand to rest on your head but don't pull it   we don't want any stretching we're just creating 
length just suggesting the idea of it there   and again similar to when we breathe into our 
torso when we breathe in we can imagine the   length where we feel that slight stretch getting 
longer and when we breathe out again longer still breathe in imagine it gets longer breathe out 
longer still we won't do this for 20 breaths   maybe about 5 to 10 i hope it feels comfortable 
and afterwards you'll feel that it's a bit   one-sided so we'll do the other side now again 
breathe in imagine that this area is lengthening   breathe out imagine again it gets longer so 
every time you breathe in it feels like it's   getting longer and every time you breathe out 
it feels like it's getting longer no pushing no   pulling no straining just nice and easy okay third 
part of that we're going to have our head forward   and just resting our hands on top not pulling down   just enough the weight of the hands 
to suggest the lengthening breathe in and imagine the back of the neck 
lengthening breathe out imagine lengthening   breathe in breathe out breathe in breathe out five 
to ten times and you might find there's a bit more   movement now in your neck done daily this is going 
to end up creating more relaxation in your body   your body will start to remember these exercises 
and your body and voice will become more resonant   now the last one today we can mix our first 
breathing exercise but stand with your feet   hip width apart uh knees slightly bent and we're 
just going to put our hands on the hips and rotate gyrate the hips all the way around in a circle to the side to 
the front to the other side and back to the left   we can do this between 20 and 
40 times whatever's good for you   each way don't forget to go back the 
other way and also keep that breathing up which we did before okay this is just going to 
open up some areas that may have been forgotten   about uh that we move our arms and legs and 
heads and feet a lot but this kind of middle   area can get a little bit sticky so we're just 
gonna suggest um creating some space there where   it wasn't or might not have been before so this 
is a great one you could do in the morning or in   the evening before bedtime all of these exercises 
if you've done them first thing in the morning and   then again last thing before you go to bed you'll 
definitely start noticing a difference not only   in the way you feel but in your voice within the 
first couple of weeks okay so i hope that helps hey hey i'm a social media marketer 
and what i do is i help businesses   um get clients um and i want you to 
give me um some money for this um   i i forgot the prices but i want you giving 
me money um so yeah can you give me some money   guys guys um that is something that a whole lot 
of newbie um social media marketers um or digital   marketers whatever you want to say do and i'm 
going to tell you guys what words to actually say   when you actually get into cold calls um how to 
actually speak to clients and i'm gonna also show   you guys a live cold calling session that i've 
actually done where i go step by step um through   the process and i'm just downloading businesses 
cold calling and i'm gonna show you guys that and   i would say that that was the best one that i've 
done um of the year and i'm going to show you guys   exactly that footage but i want to tell you guys 
something real quick thing is you don't want to   sound like the way i sounded in when i very first 
started off this video you wouldn't give anyone   money who sounds like that who speaks like that 
who is actually projecting their voice like that   and is asking for money that's basically why a 
lot of the business owners have hung up on me   that i've spoke with because i spoke like that 
and everything's like that and you guys will   see a whole lot in the many bonus bonuses that 
i actually provide to you guys um of this course   so what i've done is i've built out um script 
that you guys could actually use i will put it   in the link somewhere that way i'm not taking 
up too much of you guys time um i'll put the   script somewhere in this so you guys could 
actually take a look at that script and actually   copy and paste it and what you want to do is not 
say the whole script word for word what you want   to do is you want to play around with that and 
actually develop your own script for yourself   but very first starting out um you want 
to actually go by the script and then play   along with it as you go and get more experience 
with the smma so i'm gonna do is i'm gonna link   this somewhere for you so you guys go check that 
out and i will also show you guys um the video   of me cold calling a bunch of businesses so 
enjoy this yo what's up guys it's denzer back   with another video and i'm your team entrepreneur 
showing you guys how to make money online through   various marketing strategies in this video 
i'm gonna be cold calling some more businesses   it is cold calling muss and i'm a rock out with 
a whole lot of cold calls i'm gonna go ahead   and finish off this page just make it really 
quickly just to get in some calls for the day   um without the script and i'll show you guys 
how it works i'm gonna follow up with the nate   where as you guys seen i'm play that 
really quickly i'm doing pretty good   um it's denzel i'm just calling um i checked 
out your website what does yours do firstly   uh we do facebook advertisements or maybe i could 
utilize it in some way can you send me stuff on it   yeah i will so as you guys seen with nate in 
that cold call the other day i actually got   um talked to him i'ma see if i could call him back 
because he hasn't responded to my messages yet   and it has been like a couple of days now so i'm 
gonna call him back right now for you guys and   see what i could do as a follow-up i'm guessing 
this is his personal number if it is not then   a gatekeeper will pick up but i know his voice 
you guys might know his voice as well someone just   call him back follow it up and see if we could 
schedule something might be a meeting right now   all right we're going to just talk to him and 
see what we could do if it is in that picks up most likely i'ma have to leave a message he might be busy let's see 
i'ma just leave a message please leave a message okay   hey nate this is denzel i'm just calling back 
to see if you'd still be interested in my   marketing i would love to speak to you over the 
phone i sent you all the details to this number   because i couldn't find your email please contact 
me back by calling me back or please message me   if you got all the details i would love to know if 
you're interested in my services thank very much i messed up near them but that's cool we're gonna 
go ahead and call these other numbers and we'll   see what we could do for them um yeah let's 
go ahead and do this call these other numbers   i called the other numbers the other day they 
didn't pick up i might follow back up with them   um in like a new video but i have 
to still follow through with these   other numbers that i haven't called yet just three 
rings i'm not gonna leave a message this time   only for nate okay that's good let's move on 
so this one i think this is the owner's number   we're gonna see if this is it right here i'm gonna 
leave them a message since uh the owner's on here hey juan how are you doing thank you um so i'm 
just calling because i checked out your online   business the other day and i wanted to know if you 
would be interested in marketing for your business   uh you know what i'm not the person in charge of 
like the marketing and everything but uh what i   can do is give you his email okay um if you if 
you could do that um what's what's the email is that um i actually help out businesses 
online so i just um found you guys   through um shopify actually the other day and i 
just helping out businesses this december season   because you know a lot of people are online this 
december and they're looking for like really good   stuff online and i just want to know if anyone 
would be interested in marketing services because   it's a big deal online they're like facebook and 
instagram and i'm just contacting you for that   okay okay so what did you like about company um 
i like the that you guys sell watches and i think   there's a lot of people in your niche within the 
niche that like watches and i think that would   be a really big thing for you guys okay okay what 
was that where are your base where do you live um nice yes yes okay yeah yeah and he's the one 
in charge of that so he will go from there   okay thank you on it thank you happy holidays 
all right same to you thank you everybody   all right seem interested different type of 
calls let's go ahead and call the next person um   so i'm gonna send them over like the thing um 
and basically what i send over i'm gonna probably   make like a course or something i 
don't know if i'm gonna put it on sell   but it is probably gonna be really cheap since 
i have been in this for like four months and   i'm still learning but i'm gonna teach you guys 
all that i know i'm getting better at my craft   but like i said it'll probably be something cheap 
if i do put it together please comment down below   if you guys want it or i might make for free 
for like seven days or something you never know thanks for choosing me this 
boutique could you hold please   oh yes i'll hold for a little bit thank you okay make sure i mark them down hello hey hey how are you doing is uh is this 
the owner no it's not i'm her mother oh how are   you doing i'm doing good news so do you know when 
she'll be in by any chance to be in around seven   o'clock tonight oh seven o'clock it's okay if i 
could call um her back by then if she'll be in okay that's fine my name is denzel 
beauchamp and my phone number's eight one and your name is what denzel 
beauchamp the last name is b-e-a-u c-h-a-m-p okay you want me to give you a 
quick rundown while i'm calling   uh really i'm with a customer and i'm not even 
supposed to be on the phone oh okay i'm so sorry   like i said i'll call back tonight and yeah 
thank you very much though thank you as well that's good hey really good today we're 
almost done with this video like i said   not gonna keep you guys for long quick 
video just to show you guys how it works last number and it's thank you speaking i 
can help you hey how are you doing today   i'm good how are you i'm doing 
really well um is this the owner oh so do you know when the owner will be in 
by any chance um he's a bit busy today i'm not   exactly sure yeah my name is denzel beauchamp 
and i'm just calling because i'm helping out   local businesses this december on getting 
clients on social media and i would love to   know if she'll be interested in that um i think 
at the moment he wouldn't really be interested   in that but i'll definitely let him know that 
you called okay thank you thank you so much and don't let the gatekeeper answer i'm 
going to call these other numbers up   since it's a really good time it's just like 
yeah i'm gonna probably split these into two   half videos so that may my camera quality won't go 
low so i have a video for another day to upload so   thank very much for you guys watching this video 
and i'll see you guys in the next video tomorrow   stay tuned for that peace yo what is going on 
guys it is dennis being back with another video   in this video imma be cold calling some 
businesses since i have ran out of the video   um that i did the other day of my cold calling 
um i'mma just you know this is late at night   i've been recording videos all day long and i need 
videos pump out for you guys so what i'm gonna do   is i'm gonna just switch it up call up some real 
estate agents um in a niche that i haven't been in   at all this is a completely different niche 
still works the same way as e-commerce niche um   as far as reaching out it's just a whole different 
approach we're going to do that and see if any of   them answer so let's go ahead and do this um first 
of all i want to talk about the mindset going into   cold calling you got to make sure that first 
of all that you um are confident about yourself   going into these um one thing i would say to 
having these cold calling is having authority   over them make sure your tonality is good as you 
guys seen in my playlist of me doing cold calls   from 2019 at the beginning it was really rough 
but then as i progressed and filming myself   it got much more better and i was able to 
actually have a lot more results over the   phone when it came to that so let's go ahead and 
just do this really really quickly first number   um let's go ahead and do it thanks 
for calling real estate if you   are interested in running one of our 
properties please visit the website at and complete our 
online application we do not charge an application   fee and will not all right we're not going to call 
them let's try this one i'm calling the ones where   they do not have ads in them um and see if we 
could close them i might be able to close them   let's found the subscriber you have done a lot of 
them are not answering though we're just going to   keep on calling until we could at least leave 
a voice message all right this one's ringing let's see if they answer i'm not 
going to show the number though   how are you doing today good how are you i'm doing 
pretty good um i seen um your um website online   i was just interested in asking you a question 
if that's fine sure um so you're in the real   estate right yeah um are you interested in 
generating leads for your real estate business   um i'm not the owner so i oh do 
you do you know who the owner is yeah um can i give you the email address oh 
yes yes um yeah what's the email address info dot com all right thank you wow that was different   um it's pretty cool let's do a couple more 
let's do a couple more it's pretty cool though   as you guys could see the tonality just 
have fun with it um let's do this one   and i haven't even went into them did research 
just literally looked them up for this video   um let's see let's just do this one   and these are in my area so those are you 
guys watching that are looking into thank you our office hours are 9 00 am 11 00.

Friday this 
will be a message my office is currently closed   if you would like to leave a message for an 
agent and you know their extension number   please leave it now for staff directory please 
press now if you'd like to leave a message in the   general mailbox please press 2. all right 
let's just leave a message it's whatever your call is being forwarded 
to a mitel voicemail system is not available please leave a message at 
the tone when finished you may hang up or   press pound for additional options hey so i 
was calling to see if the owner was available   if you could ask them the please call me back 
my name is denza beauchamp and my number is   812-604-1272 please give me a call back i 
have some interesting information thank you   i added that part in there just have fun with 
it like i said um expect the nose i haven't got   i think i did get her now um oh 
this one they have 44 reviews   and they have a rating of 1.4 that 
is terrible let's call them up though   just for fun just for fun last number though 
because i really gotta go thank you for calling   the indian creek apartments of course they're 
not gonna answer because they have bad rates number get back to you as one as possible if 
this is an after hours maintenance emergency   please call our maintenance emergency 
hotline at eight months all right shut up and thank you for calling hey how are you doing i 
was just seeing if the owner was available my name   is denzel beauchamp um if you guys could please 
give me a call back my number is 812-604-1272   thank you very much for listening to this have a 
great day let's call another one let's just do it   most of them are closed but 
we're just gonna call let's see   i'm glad someone answered though that is good is this one even gonna ring thank you 
for calling options a property located uh okay this is gary with compass realtors and 
richard craigles i'm not able to take   your phone call right now if you like to leave 
your name number i'll be glad to get back all   right this is the last one appreciate 
and have a great day thanks bye-bye hey gary if you could please give me a call back 
my name is denzel beauchamp uh what i was just   calling to see is if you'll be interested in 
marketing for your business if you please give   me a call back my number is 812-604-1272 thank 
you very much um and that is how you guys do it   mindset mindset mindset have great tonality 
over the phone um you know deepen your voice   a little bit have some authority in there and 
have some joyful little playful fun with it as   well when you were talking to these owners um as 
always thank you so much for watching this video   and um this was something different um because you 
know the numbers i was calling up they you know   e-commerce is different as always i'll see you 
guys in the next video peace what is up guys   it is denzel back with another video and we are 
just going to keep the cold calls coming i've   went into this new niche called real estate and if 
you guys don't know if you just pick up the phone   dial numbers you could literally go on craigslist 
see who's running ads if you see that they're   running ads through craigslist and you already 
know that they're serious about wanting to get   their name out there um so what i do is i just go 
to craigslist i just look up real estate agents   look up their number call them schedule a meeting 
when you're cold calling you do not want to   sell them over the first call what you want to do 
is you want to sell them getting on the meeting   so after you get to the meeting process basically 
you're asking questions about their business   and seeing if you can even do anything about 
their business and determining if you can or   not um that is where you'll close them at so real 
estate that is a high ticket niche so if you just   close just two people then you could be making 
like a six figure income right then and there   if they sell a house usually houses they sell 
for five thousand ten thousand even up so   what you wanna do is you wanna look at their 
price range and see where you can go from there if   they're selling a house for like twenty thousand 
dollars and they sell a couple of them in a month   just think about how much you could charge 
them for your service so what i would say is   they are selling two houses for twenty thousand 
a month that is forty thousand dollars for them   so i would say for your service is to like price 
it at four thousand dollars for that real estate   agent right then and there if you close like two 
of them then that is like eight thousand dollars   per month that you could be making um just for 
closing two of those real estate agents and you   could just scale this all the way up and just 
keep on going so i've been making these cold   calls like a lot of the times a lot of them do 
not answer of course because of what is happening   right now in our world so without all 
the talking i'm gonna just go ahead and   um outreach to this one i found this one 
on google they have no ratings they have no   anything so i'll just contact them i'm gonna just 
tell them about me see if i could um close them   see if i could set up a meeting and see where 
things go so let's do this hey how are you doing   i'm good how are you i'm doing pretty 
good um my name is denzel beauchamp   and what i do is i just basically help out 
realtors get their ads out there on the   internet through social media and i just 
wanted to see if you'd be interested in that   uh no thank you though you have a good day 
oh all right oh wow that i know they just   want to hang up real quick i was coming in 
with a rebuttal but it's whatever it's the   way i said it if you guys checked out my last 
video then you guys would see how it said things   let me go to craigslist real quick thing is i'm 
contacting these and they're not on craigslist   craigslist they're already getting their ads out 
there and that is the reason why i would say go   to craigslist because craigslist they have to pay 
for that and you would already see that they're   pretty much serious about it so i'm gonna go ahead 
and just all right we have one right here and it   took me a while mostly because some of them they 
do not have their numbers out there most of them   don't want to get over the phone um so basically 
i found this on craigslist so i'ma just reach   out hey so i saw your ad on craigslist recently 
um and i just wanted to reach out to you that's   cool yep so yeah my name is denzel bellshump and 
basically what i do is i just help out realtors   get their ads out there through social media and 
i just wanted to reach out and see if you'd be   interested in that i don't think so i appreciate 
you oh so what what are you doing for ads right   now i just wanted to ask that i'm not doing 
anything you're not doing anything no oh so um would you like to like just discuss 
over the phone sometime next week   about it um so i could let you 
know a little bit of what i do no no all right you know i guess i'll talk 
to you later all right whatever you know that is why i don't call call because 
they're they're i mean man he i could   have got him i could have got him i could 
have got him but you know it's whatever   they're just gonna say no they're not 
interested he's not running ads at all   and i look high right now but that's cool i 
already have like two leads already with this so   yeah hope you guys enjoy this video you 
guys see the struggle of an smma owner   it's not all fun and games especially when you 
cold call i normally don't cold call and normally   send out cold emails but that's the reality 
of cold calling just get your name out there   and to actually build confidence over the phone 
you'll get rejected so many times and even if   you rebuttal like i did right there then 
um still there will be no success in that   um so i would say is just keep on going at 
it and it won't be all success all the time   there will be some failures and that's just the 
reality of it so i hope you guys enjoy this video   take notes of what i do i'm not following 
a script anymore as you guys seen by my   old videos in 2019 i followed a script all the way 
through and i kind of led out of not following the   script usually i follow a structure of 
that script so of course as you can see   just take notes of it real estate it's a lot of 
complications but it there's so much high ticking   in it if you just close like a couple of them 
then that is a lot of money just into your pocket   and there's so much you could do just in the real 
estate niche and i'm so glad that i've gotten to   this niche and i'm gonna hopefully release a whole 
lot more videos in this niche and a lot more other   niches just comment down below if you want to see 
some more cold call videos it is still effective   in 2020 as you guys seen by my footage yesterday 
i did send them out information and they did reply   to me i will hopefully be able to record like 
a whole meeting next week and show you guys me   closing them so hope you guys really enjoy the 
video and i will see you guys in the next video   peace what is going on guys imma just keep a 
streak of these um videos coming out and actually   i've done gerry myself a lead with real estate 
ever since i entered into the real estate niche   um real estate is a very good niche to get 
into and especially in smma it's definitely   good there's a lot of money held in real 
estate if you just close like just two real   estate clients that is at most two thousand 
dollars per month that you'll be getting so   um if you could like make a lot of calls if you 
are good over the phone if you're not hesitant   then real estate will be the best niche um that 
you could even get into i literally legit just   picked up the phone off camera i wish i could have 
got my camera for this one because he was pretty   positive he was pretty good yeah i just picked up 
the phone and i just you know man real estate is   really good niche you used to just be stuck on the 
e-commerce but if you could just pick up the phone   just go on craigslist you'll find a lot of ads out 
there um and basically you see that they're trying   to at least advertise and that they're serious 
through craigslist so if you could just pick up   the phone get on craigslist just call a couple 
numbers then that's just a few leads that you   could get right there but i can't find any other 
numbers i'm gonna try to find at least one number   to call um show you guys i'ma just skip forward 
to the part of me calling all right i got a number   right here this video might be just be short um 
my phone is about to die i'm just hop on the phone   call them real quick it's night time too 
that i'm doing this so let's just do it and this is without a script two um   just so you guys know there's no need to use a 
script just take notes of what i'm doing over   the phone and there's no need to use a script 
it's just a whole strategy that you found i'm   sorry the person you are trying to reach has a 
voicemail box that has not been set up yet so   their ad wasn't clear so i'ma just call 
them hello please state your name after   the tone and google voice will try to connect 
you denzel hello hello yeah this is mr carl   oh yeah how are you doing today pretty good oh 
so i i just came across your ad on craigslist um   just earlier and i just wanted to get 
in contact with you if that's fine so yeah my name is my name is denzel beauchamp 
and what i do is i basically just help realtors   get their name out there on social media 
um and i just wanted to know if you'd be   interested in talking sometime next week over 
the phone um if you're interested in that   no i'm not interested thanks for coming 
all right sounds good man i'll take you   so bad this is by far the worst videos but 
i'm gonna put this down on youtube anyways   because i need content to put out so i don't 
care see you guys in the next video peace   wow so just as the video ended i got a couple 
more leads i'm gonna show you guys on the paper   um so yeah they just call me back and i just got 
them got their contact details i'm sending it over   get back to them see how things go but as always 
i'll see you guys in the next video take care   peace yo what is going on guys it is denzer back 
with another video and i hope you are having a   great day today as always i hope you have a great 
day and i'm gonna hopefully upload this video as   uncut as possible my goal today is to reach 50 
businesses if not 50 then at least 20 businesses   um to at least cold call imma go ahead and 
hop into another niche which i'm gonna go   on craigslist which i'm on right now and i'm gonna 
just run through um all of these businesses um   that i could get through for the time being so on 
craigslist you guys know you guys could just hop   on here call number um and basically get leads 
i'm just doing this um so i could feel like i   accomplished something and hopefully schedule um 
two to three meetings today that is um my goal   um possibly even more so the whole thing with cold 
calls is just to get the meetings going and in the   meetings that is um we have to um get them prepped 
up for your closing so if we get like let's say   if we do like 50 cold calls 10 people 
we they they want a meeting with me   and i only close like two or three realistically 
over the meeting that could be like   2k probably even more um per month that i could 
be making which is substantial a lot of businesses   need the marketing and that is why i'm doing 
this so let's go ahead and without further ado no   more talk um let's go ahead and just do this and 
this is right now on the 1st of june july i mean   and you guys have probably seeing this like 
later on in july so let's go ahead and do this let's turn them up so you 
guys could hear let's do it i don't think they're gonna ant i don't 
think they're gonna answer i don't know please leave your message for two seven hey my name is denzel beauchamp and i'm 
just like leave looking to um speak to janet   um i saw your ad over on craigslist and i just   wanted to reach out um to discuss with you if 
that's cool please call me back my number is 812-604-1272 thank you all right let's go on to 
the next one some person was commenting on my   other video he was like um get all the um's out 
um don't be saying buying solid gold scrap oh wow   i buy only real stuff and i'll only meet you 
in a safe place like lowe's or home depot or   somewhere very public thing they don't even have 
their number on there let's go somewhere else   these are people providing services 
by the way only on craigslist so   i'm a hopefully i never close the craigslist 
person but hopefully this person right here   concrete and construction okay it's a pretty 
good niche we are an up and coming concrete   construction let's go ahead and type them in 
like i said i don't want to waste you all time um   because um i don't want you guys to like you 
know i don't know six six nine all right let's   go ahead and call them up they're concrete and 
construction company so i work to serve for seven   years while running work for big construction so 
they partner up with big construction companies   um if i can't answer i will call you back 
immediately and get you a quote the same day i   look at your job all right let's go ahead and do 
this and of course on craigslist they have the do   not call for unsolicited services but i don't 
care we're just gonna do hey how are you doing how you doing i'm doing pretty good um are you um 
i i saw an add-on yeah tws concrete is that you   yeah yeah i saw your ad over on craigslist and i 
just wanted to reach out for you i had a question are you interested in generating concrete 
and construction leads for your business okay all right that's fine i'm gonna 
change it up i'm gonna change it up where   i'm doing it maurice gear style because 
but no we're not going to do that let's do   let's do this one actually i wish the names 
are on here that way i could personalize it   but we're just going to run through that's 
like two businesses so far two rejections   not one rejection but one did i answer so let's 
see this one right here abc improvements work   to work for you we offer concrete ceiling 
power washing all right let's call them up oh is this p washing concrete yes it is oh 
yeah i just saw your ad over on craigslist and   i had a question okay man what's up um i'm just 
asking if you're interested in generating p   washing and concrete leads for your business uh 
what do you mean um so basically what i do is i   help businesses online um get leads um through 
advertisements are you um familiar with that   uh yeah kind of man yeah are you interes 
interested at any uh nah man not right now   ah are you are you like currently using craigslist 
or what are you using oh yeah i use craigslist   oh is that all you used right now to get 
going uh how many leads have you got with it   uh a few man a few oh that's good that's good 
well i mean if you're not interested i would   i would definitely love to um at least send you 
over information if that's cool so you can take   a look yeah man i'll take a look at it you sent it 
to me yes yeah um what was your email by the way   uh i don't have an email man oh you don't have 
an email what what's the best way to contact you   i could text you on this number yeah that'd be 
good man all right what's your name jonah yes all   right nice to meet you jonah my name is uh denzel 
and uh i'll send you over my linkedin all that you   could take a look at all of my yeah thank you of 
course but yeah jonah you could take a look at up   at the information i'll get it over to you in an 
hour or um within 24 hours but i definitely look   forward to working with you sometime you know 
all right cool man thank you all right you too all right so that one i guess i'll send him 
over information you guys see how i handled   that rebattle he said no he could have hung up but 
i came back with the um so i came back with the   um you know are you currently using 
craigslist um to kind of see you know   let's go ahead and uh do some other stuff oh this 
is cool i'm gonna take some information about it all right gutter repairs pro roof siding gutters 
so that's like three businesses are called so far   have one rejection and one i'm gonna send 
information to haven't scheduled a meeting yet   like i said two or three meetings scheduled 
over a cold call phone call would be great   that would be perfect so this is a 
five okay let's not say the number   because i'm not gonna i don't plan on 
editing this video i'm tired of editing   videos if someone wants to edit my videos for 
me then that'll be great but yeah chimelins ooh okay it has price on here up to 70 so 
they're pretty high priced clients right   here let's go ahead and give them 
a call up see what they're about see if we're still recording all 
right we're still recording it's good dang probably have to leave them a voice 
message all right just leave my voice is not available at the tone please record your 
message when you have finished recording you   may hang up or press one for more options hey 
my name is denzel beauchamp and i saw your ad   over on craigslist i'm just reaching out um to 
see uh to ask you a question about the ad you   please give me a call back my number is eight one 
two six zero four one two seven two uh thank you i'm just having fun with it so 
i was like four businesses now   i had two no answers so two 
businesses not answer at all   and i had one rejection and one i'm gonna send 
information to you i'm gonna keep track so   two non-answered all right i'm gonna i don't want 
to i for real don't want to take up too much of   you guys time let's call this next one wonder if 
there's a gutter doctor okay cool guts her doctor   that is pretty cool i'm gonna have that tonality 
into my voice because that's another thing you   have to have the totality you know like good 
job um oh really let's see let's see though no job too big or small gutters keeps 
water your call has been forwarded at the tone please record your message when 
you have finished recording you may hang up   or press one for more options hey my name 
is denzel beauchamp and i just saw your ad   on craigslist gutter doctor all types and 
i'm just reaching out just to speak with   you on behalf of that if you could please give 
me a call back my number one two six zero four   one two seven two um please give me a call back 
i would love to discuss with you about that oh man this is fun actually if you guys just 
get into cold calling just have fun with it   that's all i have to say and 
i haven't been at it oh really dang someone has like a whole marketing 
advertising type thing going on here no we we are not going to call up another 
marketing agency just for marketing services   ooh what is this free startup oh no we are not doing that see 
another one but yeah if you guys   just have fun with it at least then you'll be 
able to make some progress with it and i think   i think all the stuff is falling 
apart we are going to actually   go for um real estate actually now so let's go 
ahead and go for real estate ads now craig's   craigs so we're just gonna look up real estate 
ads on craigslist and see what is going on   in real estate like i said that's the niche 
where it's like it's happy topity top it is like   big like you could definitely do a whole 
lot like you know let's do real estate   skill trade i never did skill trade let me do 
that let's go for the skill trade niche let's see   because i never jobs oh plumber 
those aren't businesses though damn yeah real estate okay 
let's do this let's just go i think that's what i was in though 
because i don't see any other type of   i think i was in the real estate small business is that let's go junk remover let's go for 
this there small business ads all right   all right oh we called her craigslist is 
so like i don't know yelp let's go to yelp yelp yeah let's just go to 
yelp see what's up on yelp all right oh man restaurants let's try 
rip no auto repair auto repair   we're gonna we're gonna try auto 
here restaurants are too much   to deal with there we go auto repair that's 
cool that is cool open now let's go for that big old tires wow this would be the last one for this video 
okay because i don't want to keep you guys   for long so let's go ahead and murphy's 
customs let's go ahead and call them up   so basically right now if you want to consider 
it a lead i only have one lead right now let's hope they answer though all hey is this murphy's customs 
yes yeah how are you doing today   all right yeah i'm doing good as 
well i had a i had a question for you all right all right are you the 
owner by the way is this owner   now do what now is this the owner i'm 
speaking to yes yeah how are you doing   all right we're gonna help you with yeah so 
i saw you guys up on a yelp and i i wanted to   know if you were interested in marketing for your 
business on social media no no not interested bug   is yelp the only site you're doing 
it on or are you using anything else   no everything is word of mouth 
man oh so you go by word of mouth all right well you have a good one i mean   yeah um is it cool if i could send you some 
information on it and you take a look at it   we've already got a sign that we yelled 
twice and it didn't work out well well we we do things um usually 
through uh instagram and facebook   if you're familiar with that yeah 
yeah all you guys doing on there   okay okay well it was it was nice being 
to you you had a great day all right okay it's whatever oh my god so you're 
okay that's cool that is cool home services   all movers let's do movers let's do movers 
i heard movers is a good niche let's do that   because people have people 
really do need help moving   okay they don't have any stuff on there 
let's call them just do it let's just do it okay let's just do it ah somebody else i kind of dealt with that um 
thank you for choosing alpha moving solutions   to be connected with someone now 
for local moving please press one   to be connected with someone for long 
distance moving please present too oh i don't i don't know oops they only have one review and that's a bad review contact business hey who's this this is corey without preparing 
solutions hey corey how are you doing good how   are you i'm doing pretty good um i'm just calling 
because i came across you guys ad on uh yelp and i   had a question for you yeah what's up yeah so what 
i do is i basically help businesses um get their   ads up on social media um are you currently 
using yelp to get your ads out on social   media or are using anything else no we're 
currently about to cancel yoke because their   algorithm sucks for reviews and kick 
off all our positive reviews oh really i'm actually in the middle of something so if 
you want to speak more about this could you   send me an email oh yeah yeah definitely 
what's what's your email corey sealer m-y-e-r-s at all right 
corey n y c l is that right uh d-o-r-e-y m-y-e-r-s all right all 
right can you say it slower one more time okay corey myers at is that right correct   all right it was nice being with you um i'll 
send you over some information all right okay   all right nice song to you corey have a great 
day all right that's a second lead right there   corey that's cool so basically two leads right 
now and that was like seven or eight calls   so that just goes to show if you guys take action 
right now i'm not a motivational speaker but if   you take action then you'll be able to at 
least get somewhere with this i'm gonna go   ahead and send them for some information actually 
let's make another call i'm not done yet let's   let's squeeze in another call let's just do it 
let's just do it let's just they delete their   negative reviews they their positive reviews they 
they must be they must just be saying that moving solutions all right that's whatever tim best let's go for alpha oh okay let's go for one that has   the most terrible reviews we're going 
for this one most terrible reviews i'm uh i'm gonna get my tonality really spot 
on for this one and everything for real let's   go ahead and do this let's go thank you 
for calling to enjoy the highest level   of customer care this call may be recorded 
record it okay my calls being recorded too thank you for choosing two man 
truckman's story just to stacy   hey stacy how are you doing okay how are you i'm 
doing pretty good i'm just calling because i saw   your ad over on yelp and i had a question okay 
so are you guys interested in generating leads   for your business um you know i think that would 
be a good idea but that's something that would go   have to go to uh the manager oh okay 
what what's what's the manager's name um guess what if i didn't call then 
i wouldn't have you know let's see   what happens let's see what happens let's just see   thirdly potentially let's see third lead 
potentially let's see am i still recording   okay it's still recording this is a long 
video by the way it's a long axe video she said it's not a bad idea they have lots of bad reviews though 
yes it's called a two minute trip hey this dakota hello yes sir hey dakota how 
are you doing all right how about yourself i'm   doing all right um so um i spoke with stacy and 
basically what i told her is i saw your ad over on   yelp and um what i do is i specialize with working 
with moving companies and giving you guys leads   over on social media and i was just calling 
to see if you guys were interested in doing um that uh do you have a email address i 
can write down and then i can give that   to the person that actually takes care of 
that for us okay um yeah i do have an email   all right you have pen and paper 
yes sir all right uh my email is a-l-s-e-t services s-e-t yes services offset media offset m-e-d-e-d-i-a services all all right i will give 
that out and uh we'll be in touch   all right what's your email what's your 
email by the way in case um so i could um two men dot com all right thank you dakota 
i'm gonna go ahead and re-send that to you um   in case you didn't understand but yeah but i'm 
definitely i appreciate it yeah of course um   hope you have a great rest of your day bud we'll 
be in touch all right of course thank you bye   it's three leads right there that's cool it's cool 
i'm done with this video though so as always leave   a like subscribe and i'll see you guys in the next 
video peace what is going on guys i'm here back   with rahul marquez um he is one of my students on 
the join into my coaching program and we are going   to be cold calling some businesses today um in 
this video so make sure you guys leave a like hit   that subscribe button and let's see what we can do 
if you guys haven't seen my previous cold calling   videos basically what it is is it's a whole 
process you go through you guys want to know how   that works make sure you guys click the link i'm 
running like a free trial all this month of july   um for my coaching program he got into it 
as well if you guys haven't seen that video   of the coaching program make sure you guys click 
the i card which will be above his head right here   somewhere we should see how this goes so right 
now we're doing strictly ecommerce businesses   this first business they are if not we'll just 
call one more time and leave the voicemail   hey who's this are you the owner of uh muzzle 
mods i'm not the owner oh okay okay um do   you know when the owner will be there do you 
know when the owner will be there by the way   right now you said what she's here currently 
oh okay could you give her the phone   i need to talk to her yeah she's 
busy right now but if i just oh yeah okay basically what i'm just calling is 
because i saw you guys um website and what i do   is i help out businesses um online generate leads 
for their business and i was just calling to talk   to her about that um if you could please um tell 
her to give me a call back sometime maybe we could   discuss about that further okay and your name was 
uh my name is denzel d-e-n-z-e-l denzel okay um all right thank you thank you very much what was 
your name by the way brandon all right brandon   i'll be having a nice day today um nice being 
with you thank you all right that was the first   call it was a blast it was a blast let's go 
into this next one let's go to this next one   brazil pant ooh look at these these chicks on 
the site oh hold up i gotta show the youtube   people i don't normally do this but this just 
look at that look at that guys look at that   man we're just gonna call up this business brazil 
pants where's their number at so they're they're   basically selling a pants on here that's what 
we're doing all right cool so this is their   stuff right here that's cool let's check and see 
if they have some ads going they should let's see   let's see if they do or not they are a clothing 
brand so okay they're not running ads so we'll   see what we've never seen oh and basically what i 
was telling rahul the beginning of this before you   get into cold calls um you have to work on your 
tonality because they don't want to just like   on the first one you heard me like speaking 
deeper than i usually do because i'm like   energetic on youtube but when it comes to cold 
calls you have to be like authoritative they don't   want to listen to someone that's because that 
sounds like a salesperson because you know back   in the day they had them old sales people like 
hey buy this oh you heated for 90 percent over one more time they they saw 
the phone they hung up for real   this is a serious call guys you guys better answer 
this is a call that can make your business money   please record your message when you 
finish recording you may hang up or press when you finish hey my name is denzel and i'm just reaching out 
i've been trying to get in contact with the owner   of brazil pants i'm just trying to reach out 
to speak to the owner of brazil pants because   i just recently came across you guys website and 
i had a question about one of your clothing items   on the guy's um offer on here if you guys could 
please give me a call back my number is eight   hey are you uh uh davis um really davis 
um yeah yeah how are you doing today um my name is denzel belichamp and i'm just 
calling to speak with rila davis if that's you yeah can i help you yeah i'm just calling 
because i came across your website recently and   i had a question for you what's your question yeah 
so what i do is um social marketing for businesses   and i just wanted to ask you if you would be 
interested in generating leads for your business i'm sorry um what i do is social media marketing   and i'm just calling to see if you would be 
interested in generating leads for your business maybe some information yeah of course 
i'll i'll definitely send you some   more information what's the best 
email to um get in contact with you so r davis um 104 is it at or   outlook or you can use my gmail i don't know what 
oh so you said upwork.

Up just said hey well rila it was so nice to meet you it's 
so nice to meet you i will definitely send you   over more information about um us and what 
we do um here with my agency um like i said   i think it'll be a perfect opportunity for you 
and i would definitely love to get on another   phone call with you sometime um coming soon so 
that was nice speaking with you have a great   you day she's she's excited she was she was into 
it she's ready to get these clients yeah all   right that's cool elysian co they're a boutique 
store so we got it all right leave a message   through saturday from 10 a.m and we to 
6 located at 119 east stadium avenue   in goshen indiana with bbc forestry 
thank you and have a wonderful day at the tone please record your message when 
you finish recording you may hang up or   press one for more options hello um i 
had a question to the owner about um   something to do with your business if you could 
please call me back i tried to get in contact   with you i'd really appreciate callback um my 
number is eight we're gonna go for the next one   j wood watches so this should 
be interesting let's see hello hello uh is this the owner of j 
wood watches yes okay sounds good um   basically i was wondering if you were interested 
in generating some leads for your business   i was checking out your website and i was 
very interested thank you i appreciate it   would you guys be uh interested 
in generating some more leads   uh yeah what kind of list are you offering 
so basically um we run a social media   marketing agency and what we do is we generate 
some more leads for um businesses who run watches   um is that something you would be all right 
with if i could send you some information   regarding facebook and instagram ads yes yes 
sir okay well uh technically it's not like   we are looking for anybody to work with but if 
the information that you are offering uh grabs   our attention i'm pretty sure and the future will 
be glad to work with you so uh yeah i think it's   it's okay sounds good man uh could i get your 
best email to reach you at uh it's actually 947 jaywood 947 yes all 
right sounds good man appreciate you uh   picking up the phone man hopefully 
i'll send you some information   um here soon and hopefully um we can schedule 
another call man have a good day me too bye   do you see how easy that was that was that was 
smooth that was smooth he was dead what was his   name um you didn't ask for his name i don't 
think i did all right so we're gonna reach   plant me green and they offer trees and plants 
delivered straight to your door um so yeah this   should be interesting hopefully they pick up 
the phone hello is this the owner by any chance could i get into contact with the owner okay i'd appreciate that um basically 
i was looking at the website   and uh i was just very interested what you guys 
do um basically we just bring leads to businesses   and um yeah we're just wondering uh if uh you 
guys could use some uh new leads from our agency um r-a-u-l raul easy thank you very much i appreciate you for 
picking up the phone have a wonderful day   bye for you some notes on that you 
had like i was pretty shaky your your   tonality like i don't know so i say so 
your ratio that's 75 yeah it's not bad 75   right there mine was um 25 which we called 
called um three businesses this isn't really bad   um so notes for you man um just work on your 
tonality do those warm-ups that i showed you   um in the beginning like breathe in it'll also 
help you with your nerves as well and just have   fun over it you see what i did with um what's her 
name reela i was like oh yeah yeah we you know   i was gonna comment something about 
the bad chicks on there but you know   we got oh man all right but yeah if you want to 
do some more then we could do that yeah that was   good guys um but yeah it can be kind of like 
nerve wrecking but um obviously once once you   say the first few words it kind of like it 
goes smoothly from there um especially when   the owners are as nice as they were you know you 
got to try to be talkative and try to you know   sound um professional but at the same time have 
a positive um voice and seem interested in their   business not just you know calling to sell them 
something you wanna sound interested and um and   yeah once you do a few times you get a few minutes 
in there it'll it'll be the rest of it will be   pretty a lot easier so that's cool so we'll wrap 
this up as always leave a like hit that subscribe   button and i'll see you in the next video what 
are you what are you doing man once i call up some   businesses we got 10 businesses we're going to 
hit them up hopefully they answer um how was that   it was weird that was weird we hate when we 
get there almighty automative automated voices   let's see blades team 22 independent master 
stylists um in the art of designing hairstyles   and creative coloring hair designer hair designer 
designer hair designer here it is okay um no yes it went down to the oh yeah because it you can check us out on the web at if you're new to the 
solana would like information please file   sue harmis at extension 221.

If you know your 
stylist extension you may dial it at any time   or for your convenience our first name directory 
is divided into four groups alphabetically yeah all right um yeah we're gonna reach out to 
them todd and cindy let's see if we can find them   i want to reach out to you because um see 
you guys have a hair service now services and   um i'd love to bring you guys some 
more customers i'm pretty good at it see what they say thank you for calling evan 
todd if you're calling for our indianapolis salon   we are sorry that that location 
is now closed until further notice   you may press one now to speak with 
our west lafayette location or just hello is this wait is this 
cindy hello is this cindy hello oh bruh i'm back oh hi what 
the hell that was in it   oh my gosh yeah sorry about it i think our line 
broke up calling back yeah yeah yeah yeah okay   that's it she said her name is amy go find 
amy is there an amy on there sorry about that what's a great day at evanston would 
you mind holding for one moment please   yeah of course oh thank you so much no problem we're sorry for the delay we'll be 
with you in just a moment authority authoritative hello is this jacqueline by any chance   uh no it's not she's not available can i take a 
message um i don't want to bother too much would   there be a better time maybe a better day to 
reach out to her it's kind of important um yeah   um i can just get a message for who's calling and 
then i can kind of let her know to look out for it   okay my name is raul um i 
would i'll send her an email   if that's okay uh do you 
have her email by any chance um i don't she'll be in tomorrow if you 
just give us a call any time she should   be here okay all right that's okay 
i'll give you a call tomorrow then all right thank you all right thank 
you very much appreciate it bye okay so she said tomorrow what is going on everyone welcome back and this is 
day number 18.

Listen up listen closely i'm going   to show you exactly how to actually get clients 
without picking up the phone and actually cold   calling those of you who are nervous on the phone 
this is something for you and they can actually do   especially um during right now in 2021 and 
this is really really good way to actually   get in contact with clients and still use your 
voice and different things like that and this is   through video messaging you have platforms like 
loom that you guys can use screencast-o-matic   like uh explained previously and um you have 
different platforms basically what you want to   do is record your screen and you have your face 
in the corner that way they see your real person   and what you're going to do is you 
will send this over to your clients   so i have footage of me actually doing this i have 
a video of me actually explaining this better how   everything works so i want you guys to actually 
take notes and implement after you guys see this   implements for yourself um so you actually see 
results be sending these out as we go along   and you will see results um along the way wish you 
the best of luck and here you go i will be showing   you guys how you guys can get smna clients without 
having to pick up the phone and cold call many   people say cold calling works but most of the time 
it doesn't work if you don't sound confident over   the phone you don't have to sound confident always 
over the phone but if you guys are the people that   don't sound confident over the phone i'm gonna say 
i'm gonna show you guys ex the exact way how you   guys can reach out to sma clients potentially 
through video messaging and emailing marketing   that way you guys can get your very first smma 
clients for your sma business so just take notes   follow through with me i'm be quick with this 
but this is something that everyone can do to   get their very first clients you guys get edits 
the videos and stuff like that so essentially   what you are doing is recording a video of 
yourself let me show you guys the platforms that   many of you guys could use i hear most people use 
loom so what this is is basically a video recorder   and you could stream on there as well and it is 
really cool it has where you could capture your   face camera and things like that where you 
guys could use what is down here as you guys   can see my mouse cursor it is a platform called 
screencast-o-matic and this is for free about them   for free you guys could definitely loot use these 
to record your video message and send it off to   your potential smma client so i'm gonna show you 
guys an example of how you guys go about doing   this so first of all i would go to my ip.m.s 
my niche is specifically ecommerce businesses   and going more specific it is more about people 
who sell accessories on the internet within the   e-commerce space you guys might be realtors and 
things like this this could work with realtors but   you'll have to change your tone i might record 
video specific on that most specific niche is   e-commerce so i have already have a shop up 
here i'm using for example so what you're   gonna do you were gonna first of all go on their 
site check it out scan it and as you guys see   they do have a facebook pixel for this website so 
that is good they are most likely using marketing   and things like this for your website so what 
you're going to do is you're going to find   their contact information most likely they 
will have their emails and stuff like that   they do not have their email so i'm gonna 
go ahead and yeah they do okay so they have   their phone number so what you're gonna wanna 
do is you wanna find like a shop that has their   email address but that is a good shop for if you 
wanna call them specifically so let's just go to   this one right here okay so this one is a good 
shop right here this one is called litchfield   and they do have a facebook pixel so what you guys 
are going to want to do you guys see they do have   a facebook pixel they're most likely running out 
ads for the shop so what you guys could do you   guys have many different search engines you guys 
can use you guys have global rank you guys want to   see their main mistakes you that's what you guys 
want to do when contacting these businesses so   you look at their mistakes you guys see they have 
their phone number contact information does the   main thing you want to look for click on their 
contact information and as you guys can see you   guys contact them right there what you want to do 
is email them you want to find their main email as   you guys can see on this left side they have their 
different types of emails i would go with the   hello um and i would send 
to that one that is their main email link right   there so keep that in mind write that as a note 
and you guys could take them down and what you   want to do is you want to just go to their social 
medias it is good that they have facebook because   most of the advertisements that you most likely 
want to run is going to be so once you do get   to their facebook page or their social media 
page what you want to do is you want to look   at their how their site is doing um it is doing 
really good they have pretty good likes on here   you want to see how their photos are doing how 
their posts are doing they aren't getting as many   likes as they do have people that like the page 
or anything like that on average their likes are   doing really poorly so you want to keep that 
in mind about their likes more engagement that   you could possibly get for their website you 
want to make sure you have that down as a note   and but overall this page is really good it has 
their thing still their contact information and   it also has their messenger most likely the owner 
will probably be on this page so i'm gonna show   you guys exactly how you guys could find the owner 
in specific how you guys could do that so you want   to go to page transparent from here you want to 
see their page history summary you want to go to   ads from this page so what it will do is it will 
take you to their ad library as you guys can see   pages created in october 25th and you wanted to 
take this down as a note what you want to do is   you want to point out the mistakes in the video 
call like i said and tell them what you could do   to solve their problems as you guys see they 
have no facebook advertisements which is bad   for them as a business because they're 
not getting traction to their facebook   page and by now they should probably be 
at a thousand likes if they want to scale   their business and looks of it they're pretty 
steady running business but they want it more   out of it so what do you wanna do you wanna go to 
their instagram you can see a lot more on their   instagram page as you guys can see they have 9 000 
something followers on average they are getting on   average 100 likes which that is not that is like 
the same with their facebook page you want to   be able to do something to scale their engagement 
and likes up on their social media pages so   that's when social media marketers come into 
place to contact these businesses so as you guys   can see there's their business page right here 
you want to find their contact information and   what you really want to do is you really want to 
go to your thing like screencast-o-matic or your   loom video or you want to take a video of yourself 
explaining everything what you want to do is   film a video basically saying everything about 
this website and you would find their content   information and just send it directly to them 
their email address let it go for about three   days once you send it and and once they receive 
it if they don't receive it within the three days   you want to reach back out to them again through 
email give it like a couple more days and if they   didn't receive it or they viewed it and it is 
your job to either contact them via phone see   what is going on if they are interested that's 
where you contact them through call calling   and they're interested in that is when you'll find 
out if they are not then most likely you know that   they are not because they haven't contacted that 
but i'll show you guys the exact way how you guys   could really get video to send out to them so 
i'll give you guys an example of how we'll go um   first things first i'm gonna go ahead and do this 
myself and show you guys how exactly how i would   do it hey litchfield um how are you guys doing 
um scrolling through you guys website feed and   it is a really nice website what i did was i went 
to y'all's facebook page and i seen that you guys   have a good amount of likes and people coming 
onto your page what i do find though is that your   engagement is pretty low for your facebook page 
and you guys are also not running advertisements   for your facebook page what i can do for you is 
i could bring in advertisements to your facebook   page and get you more engagements more likes 
and bring in more leads for your business and   also with the same with instagram since a lot more 
people are using instagram than facebook instagram   would definitely bring in a lot more views and 
a lot more engagement to your instagram page to   then bring in a lot more leads for your business 
as you guys see the christmas season is coming in   and advertisements are targeted to those who are 
in the christmas niche and who are trying to find   art designs on e-commerce businesses then this 
would be really good as you guys are a shop better   tailored to the art niche i can definitely find 
those in your niche and target these ads towards   them through running advertisements for you all 
i would like to know if you guys are interested   in this i have worked with a lot of people within 
your niche and i would definitely love to do this   for you i am guaranteed to bring you in a lot more 
leads over the christmas season please contact me   if he hasn't interested and i will be able to 
discuss with you further in details about this   and we can see where we go from here and thank 
you very much and something like that that was   terrible a lot more thought should be put into it 
but that is basically what you want to do you want   to point out their mistakes you want to say hey 
i found this mistake um first of all let me give   you guys the right now you guys want to say like a 
little brief statement about what you do what your   name is my name is denzel beauchamp all set media 
a digital marketing agency i help local brands   and businesses grow their e-commerce shop or if 
you are contacting realtors you want to change   that up a little bit to fit houses or realtors or 
something like that with this the next thing you   want to say is something like hey i found these 
mistakes you want to go on about the mistakes   after saying their mistakes then you want to say 
how you would solve their mistakes after that   then you want to go for the setting up the meeting 
for this so please contact me back if you are   interested i would love to talk to whoever about 
this and see where we can go from here that is   where you want to stop and that is what you 
want to do after that then you just send them   the email directly to their email uh the video 
directly to their email and after that you'll   wanna wait for like three days they haven't 
gotten back to you about saying hey we   are running ads already or hey um something 
like that if they haven't done that wait another   two days contact them back wait another two days 
and then after that then you want to phone them   and cold call from there and that is how it works 
but please let me know down in the comment section   down below if this helped you guys out it was kind 
of all over the place but please let me know if   this helped you guys out and i will definitely 
go more in depth in other videos this is just   a broad term but i have a lot of videos planned 
for you all it's just a matter of days where   the value comes out for you all so please if this 
helped you guys out please let me know down in the   comment section down below and please share this 
video with your friends that are starting up their   social media marketing agency as always i'm denzel 
and i'll see you all in the next video peace hey everyone welcome to day number third day 
number nine scene i should say um you guys   now know how to actually outreach um to actually 
bring in leads and everything's like that but now   we are on to actually scheduling the meeting after 
we talked on the phone different things like that   in outreach cold now we need to warm up a little 
bit and now we need to get them on a meeting to   actually explain everything in full force to them 
so now what we need to do is actually schedule   a meeting with them and i'm gonna show you guys 
right now and go to my computer and show you guys   exactly how to actually schedule meetings with 
your clients okay guys i'm on my computer now and   basically um how you want to schedule is you would 
um after your cold call you would schedule through   what's called calenday and on here you could 
actually create an account and then you schedule   events um and you would just schedule your meeting 
doing things like that and you can find it on here   just create your event um copy the link and when 
you go to actually email the client so you would   copy the link right there and when we actually go 
to email clients we're just going to go to email   um i'll put this up here man my 
computer is slow my computer is slow   but basically you guys see you they would you 
would send over the email hey here's the time   here's what we're doing it through 
and you would send it to them   and basically through there you would want to 
do it through zoom so you would make sure you   integrate it with zoom and you could do that 
easily and that's basically how you do it and   you would set up your availability for the 
meeting so for me i already had this set up   my availability was through december 30th 
december 31st different things like that   and you even put in your time so when they 
actually go on here schedule times say if you   were available 1 pm to 2 pm then they would have 
to select in between there so they probably select   that and they would confirm it and everything 
will be good um that's basically what you do   and you hop on the meeting call and you do things 
from there and that's basically how you do it um   look forward to the next day guys hope that 
you guys have a good one and take care peace   okay guys it is day number 20 and yes guys 
you guys should have already cold called   your potential client or at least reached out to 
them through email set up a meeting schedule the   meeting and now we are on to this part where we 
are going to be actually be getting on the meeting   call itself and there's a few things you guys need 
to know so pay attention listen up and take things   seriously which is what i preach throughout this 
whole course take things seriously and you will   get somewhere with things and if you guys don't 
yet have a potential client make sure you guys go   back to the other days make sure you follow along 
until you already set up a meeting then once you   already did that then go on to the next step so 
this next one is the actual meeting call and we   are about to get on the meeting call make sure you 
do your exercises have the authoritative voice and   be prepared for your call i will provide scripts 
um down and below wherever the link will be i   will provide scripts um two um basically where you 
could take word for word since you're a beginner   use it word for word and actually study it go over 
it a few times get it in your head and you'll be   ready for your call but um the main point of this 
call is to actually close your client but what   you want to do is to not focus on the closing 
part what you want to do is focus on asking   questions getting to know your client better and 
actually providing value you are going to provide   more free value within this call actually helping 
out your clients um to prove to them that you   are the expert in your field that way they 
could see you as more authoritative so 80   of the time you will be able to actually close 
this client if you actually um come in as the   expert within this now not all clients are going 
to be working with you and all the time you will   get rejected you will have objections which 
is why i have another script about objective   objection handling when they say no you 
should be you shouldn't agree with them   okay it's okay thank you goodbye um you 
should be able to come back at them with   hey well i hear that all the time um here's what 
i can do for you i hear this all the time but   what differentiates me from other agencies there's 
different ways to actually go about handling the   rejections objections and i have scripts for that 
um so you guys could actually look at that and i   have a bunch of calls i will actually be playing a 
call for you guys in our next day to come um where   i get objected so many times there's so many times 
when i come back with the client and this will be   something you guys could actually study and then 
actually um go off of for your own calls but i   hope that this helped you out um stay tuned for 
the next day and message me on instagram not a lot   of you guys are messaging me on instagram message 
me there on instagram if you have any questions   because i'm here to help you out um with getting 
as much results as possible and me here from you   that would be a lot of um better to me because 
i am able to actually help you out one-on-one so   i'm able to do that for you if you have any 
questions just message me on instagram and i   will help you out as much as i can anyways see 
you on the next day and get ready for your meeting   peace by the way one thing i forgot to mention 
is sending over the invoice and different things   like that um as i said at the beginning 
of the course you are going to be using   a platform called simple invoices now there is a 
free invoice software that you guys can use you   guys will be actually using this to send over to 
your clients once you have actually closed them um   and it's very easy to use you guys go back to the 
beginning of the course when i talked about that   but um that is what you guys are going to be using 
to actually send over to your clients since you   have already closed them or if you were about to 
close your clients anyway see you in the next one   oh yeah how's it going carmen all right how are 
you doing i'm doing pretty well thanks for calling   i was just about to call you back to um 
what are you doing right now oh i'm good   um i'm pretty much free i'm uh just 
waiting on my food but i got time to talk oh so do you have like 30 minutes to an hour it 
might not take that long but do you have like   that much time to talk you do yeah all right 
perfect um we can knock this out today um so   yeah how's your father doing by the way you said 
you you uh got him father's day gifts right yeah i feel you yeah i have to 
give my father some stuff too yeah how's your day going 
though is it going pretty good   not too bad i'll just i'm just exhausted 
right now to be honest oh yeah yeah my grandmother is going through 
something she's like i'm sick right now yeah but i just try and get through it you know yeah um so yeah um basically the whole 
point of this call is so i could um   ask you some questions about your business to fill 
you out see if you're the right fit to work with   and see if we go forward from here is that 
cool yeah yeah so tell me about your business   how's it um been going in the past year like 
what was your revenue last year as a whole it wasn't really that much last year uh 
simply because i didn't really i had uh   walked away from my job so um i'm the i'm 
the sole investor so i really didn't have   the money to consistently keep investing 
into the brand uh which majority of the   investing goes towards marketing so i really um 
didn't actually have any type of revenue last year   uh because of that so when i started back 
working i was able to like invest more so it was like so he wasn't 
making nothing basically   last year no i would i would make 
it i didn't really have the income i wasn't making anything i was i don't think i was 
pushing as much either so because i feel the best   of it like at the moment so like i said when i got 
back to work and i was able to push a little bit   where were you working by the way um i have 
worked for abc i worked for many jobs like before   when i first started job when i first 
started the business i was stealing cars that was like the actual income to really like 
okay now i can invest into something you know what   i mean because i had tax seasons and all sorts of 
stuff so instead of just blowing all of my money   away i started a business so smart and i kind 
of got tired of selling cars i'm not even going   to live i'm a little bit more chill because you 
know people were getting upset but i was spending   more time um building a brand versus working 
for them so that's something i kind of noticed   and um i needed something a little 
bit more low-key but i could just   get my money and still be able to devote time 
to the brand because i was working weekends and   everything and uh i didn't have time for like 
photo shoots and stuff like that but when i   found a second job and left selling cars 
i had a little bit more time um but again   kind of ran into the fact that um they 
didn't like what i was doing so i walked away   i worked at adp for about a few months and i 
wasn't really into going to people's houses   so i left that as well and now currently i'm 
working on amazon which kind of works out for me   um just based off the hours about they pay pretty well to be honest yeah my brother he works there too at amazon   so okay that's a pretty good way of making money 
right there and doing uh what you have right   here um with the clothing and stuff like that 
that's pretty nice pretty smart for doing that   too um yeah so what would you say your revenue 
is currently like right now of this year um for this year not much a thousand uh a 
thousand to twelve hundred dollars or yeah   yeah so one one thousand to one thousand and 
two hundred okay yeah 1k to 1.2 k all right   that's not too bad that's not too bad um actually 
started a clothing brand um last year to be   honest and that didn't go um as smoothly as i 
thought because you know it takes a whole lot   of investment and i wasn't up for it um and i i 
know the struggle to be honest i know the struggle   i mean i i i started like so many business models 
myself i did like drop shipping if you know what   that is basically that is um um i did that through 
shopify for some time back in 2017.

I felt like   two businesses with that then i removed the 
clothing fell down felt at that and now i'm here   um with my agency and i'll be 
getting some results with this um   just by running ads for people basically and 
managing their social media accounts so it's a   pretty nice business model that i'm doing right 
now um to be honest so i i feel you with the um   with your revenue and things like that um 
and hopefully we could change that for you   going forward um okay have it multiply probably 
like to 2000 up to 10 000 like revenue recurring   monthly you know yeah but the clothing 
space um that's pretty saturated so um   it's all based on um where you're at basically so 
that's cool that's cool so 1 000 to 1.2 k it's not   too bad it's not too bad so you say you had this 
for how many years i've been doing this since 2013   um first couple of years like legwork just kind of   you know you're giving some stuff away for free 
just trying to get the free promo so it takes   a lot of just leg work trying to find a [ __ ] 
and uh i think majority of the time i spent life   in the music industry uh because they're in 
front of the camera a lot and uh so uh you know   a lot of times being like giving shirts to like 
artists and trying to build a relationship with   you know people uh but sometimes they can 
be a bit of a downfall because these artists   are like strictly just so much their brand 
and they don't understand it's a business   at the same time anybody can wear the clothes 
but you gotta understand so for real is yeah   so a lot of times kind of just kind of lost out 
a little bit because of that so it was as time   went on i just learned that okay let's look for 
different niches here you know let's just kind   of uh like set some rules for ourselves as far 
as what we're looking for and brand ambassadors   influencers and stuff like that so okay so you 
said you did it with uh music you sell to music   um people right yeah any uh well-known artists you 
sell to or no one that's uh well i was able to i'm how do you spell his name sherry it's 
like i think it's like s-y-r years   s-y-r-i i think and then it's a-r-i 
the kid he's kind of been off the scene but i was able to get able to get some did an outstanding um like marketing aspect 
because he picked some of the um small   local liquor stores and you had to in 
order to get close to him you had to buy   a certain amount of bottles you know 
what i mean to really get a picture   yeah my guy actually brought the bottle 
i would find that [ __ ] terribly so he has your shirt that's 
that's big that's big right there that was pretty cool uh i said some to 
dmx i said something to just hilarious um it's nice um so um where would you say that um you really so um how many cells have you gotten today   just one today just one how much 
was that that was like 20 like 25 25 okay so how many how much sales would 
you say that you get per week on average just give me an average average number i say about 
maybe three to four sales a day three to four   cells in a day so in a week say like you know we 
probably like 28 then let's say 28.

pexels photo 4560060

Okay cool cool it's only like 28 and that's pretty 
cool so who are you selling to like and um um my boss was paying 
like a 35 or 45 something   but they're more so they're more so 
me i've that part i haven't quite   gravitated towards because i think 
i've only had like two women so far um so are you uh are you selling some both 
gender genders or just specifically one gender   no my goal is to i'm telling folks okay oh 
just what i've seen is like men have gravitated towards so what was the most cells they got in a 
day what is the most that you got in one day   and one day i think well we got 
about six seven sales one day um   and that was that was off of the last campaign i 
did what campaign was that that was the campaign   where i had like you know basic teams going 
for 9.99 and then they were paying um 599.6 in yeah the campaign with the um the chick and the 
red yeah yeah i see more for the last campaign   so it just kind of shows me that possibly shipping 
wasn't a problem but i guess you just like   i guess something more at you know 
a different aspect you know to them but uh yeah the last so yeah you're i see i'm on your 
ads page right now you're like   going like insane with these ads like like i don't know why you're not and by the way 
you're updating your social medias every single   day like you're keeping up with the trends like 
all the holidays i saw that yesterday you posted   about um juneteenth um and you're just keeping 
up with everything that's pretty good um only   thing right now that i would see problem wise um 
is basically um probably like your audience um   people look for a message and i saw that you 
had an ad where this dude was talking he was   giving his story about um how your brand 
i think he's a brand ambassador isn't he fool like network guy which i thought was a different name 
because i thought it was something different   so i i agreed sending him a shirt and um it worked 
out uh and i said well hey can you do me a favor   and you know kind of give us a review video wise 
and you know mention what success means to you   and that's he's been kind of doing stuff like 
that but i mean yeah he just became a brand   ambassador which i think it would be awesome 
because he's consistently updating his content   yeah that's good i feel like ads like 
that they convert um the best um because   for me for me personally when i see an ad like 
that someone given their story because of a brand   um influencing them then it drives me to want 
to buy from that brand more than more so than   seeing like like a still picture or like a video 
of someone wearing something and it says like   free shipping all the time like i usually skip 
over those ads but um i find the ones where   someone is talking and giving their story about 
the brand um i find those the convert the best and how how many cells did he get on that 
ad by the way with him talking um gravitate towards more of a video like that   because i've had clicks and views of 
people coming to the facebook business page   and what they're doing is they're either 
liking it or they're sharing it so um right yeah so i mean we could play around with 
that um something like that if we do end up   working together um so yeah that's pretty much um 
where i see your problems are at is identifying   your audience so what what is your message by 
the way with your clothing with your whole brand   i see it's success over everything what does 
that mean for your brand to me it means um it means whatever you're doing whatever you plan 
on doing it's it's important to be successful at   it like if you're if you're working at burger 
king and you're you're flipping burgers you   need to be the best burger flipper there is 
success over everything by any means it's   a state of mind you know it's it's not so much 
you know people look at money is success and i i   understand think but it's it's also the state of 
mind of being able to pass something down your   your children or and they're able to pass 
something down to their children it's building   wealth you know what i mean it's you know and 
with the clothes i think you know when you look   good you feel good you know what i mean um but i 
feel like success over everything can tackle every   market just just based on the name itself you 
know what i mean like if we wanted our own kids   if we wanted our own juice you know our bottled 
water you know i think we can tackle everything   i just think we started with this because we don't 
want to wear a shirt with successful you know on   it you know what i mean like i'm a success you 
know it's a positive message you know and i mean   it's not to bash other brands because i love 
some of the brands that are out there but to   instill in people to remember to always 
believe in yourself and continue to trust   in your vision you know that's success over 
everything like at all costs you're going to   keep going no matter what i'm you know success 
is my only option i don't look at failure as an   option so you know that's what it means to me yeah 
never never satisfied you got to keep on going   i'm never satisfied i always feel like i 
want i want more i want more it's more to hey you should you should make that a shirt though 
never satisfied that that would be a pretty dope   shirt to be honest yeah that would be pretty dope 
like i saw i saw something else too on the wall people receive so yeah i like the branding i might 
actually go and cop me one myself   i like it i like it might go caught me soon you know what i'm saying it's 
always made of mine you know so um moving forward um let's say we do 
end up working together um and you know   we have like a holiday coming up pretty soon um if 
we get an ad out about independence day july the   the fourth of july um i find clothing items like 
that i see those all the time when it comes to   fourth of july let's say like something pops off 
let's say you get that's your blow up moment um   and you make like so many cells on that day like 
it's unbelievable can you imagine that um so   let's say that on that day you probably get like 
five thousand dollars worth of cells what what   would you be thinking what would be going through 
your head like what would you do with that money to keep it to keep it targeted you 
know what i mean like what what   can you do what can we get next month what can 
we do the month after you know i mean i'm i'm   like upset i'm never satisfied with building a 
brand so i can't just get comfortable with that   i'm like hey let's go it's going to 
be harder you know what can we do   uh but i i have to admit it'll it'll definitely 
um it'll work i'm not gonna lie my head yeah it's totally possible um i'm 
very confident in what we could do   um for you um are you cur are you 
currently willing to invest right now yeah i am so basically i'm gonna go ahead 
and give you the rundown of   everything going forward and we'll talk about 
pricing after that is that cool yeah so um like i said your main thing is um the audience 
and things like that um and i think you'll be   the perfect fit to work with moving forward to 
be honest um your revenue looks really good and   like you said you're willing to do anything to 
get to where you want to go which i really like   that about you um and i think we could definitely 
um take this to the next level um moving forward   um with the ads i would say we could play around 
with them um we could play around with the ads and   experiment with the different things i really 
like um having like the person talking and the   video ads because i find that to 
convert really well like i said before   um and yeah basically we're just gonna be running 
ads for you for your business weekly um and i want   to do that for at least three months if that's 
cool okay at least three months to start off i   mean we basically do everything through a contract 
through an agreement that i'll send over to you   um and price wise i would say based on where 
you're at um and where you want to get to   with the ads and different things 
like that i would say price wise um for he yes with the ads um usually we put um 60 to 70 
towards the advertisements um and the rest goes   to us but most of it goes towards the ads so 
um like i said um with the ads we could do um   probably like 30 per day if that's something 
you're down for thirty dollars an ad per day okay now is this a thousand a 
month yes a thousand per month type of roi you know or is it it's still 
some time if you kind of have to get it um i'm pretty confident that within a month's time 
of running ads we could definitely get to that   roi and probably beyond that to be honest   like i said with you keeping up with um your 
social media posts different things like that   and keeping up with the trends we could 
definitely take this to the next level   um over some time and like i said um fourth 
of july coming up that's a big time um   and yeah that that could definitely blow you up 
right there to be honest but the main thing is   um who we're targeting um and the age 
group you said 18 to 24 edge age group   um what what i didn't ask you this what cities 
are you i'm currently targeting with your main   ads like are you is it worldwide or is 
it just in the us like how are you like   choosing locations for your advertising 
worldwide right now because um   because of shipping like no one's 
shipping overseas right now like all right like they kind of shut off their international 
shipping so um and that's usually my carrier   however uh it's us right now so everything is 
pretty much u.s i would like to be worldwide   okay so are you saying it's mainly in the 
united states right yeah united states okay so um you have all that for 1k or is that 
something you're willing to invest right now um yes i mean we could we could negotiate um 
what what are you currently willing to invest   financially yourself and 
we'll probably we'll probably   how much are you willing to invest um right now as long as i got advantage right 
you know i'm just thinking of like how about a how about 800.

Of course of course and as we move forward 
i would definitely definitely love to um you   know take this to the next level like i said 
um 800 so that is that it right there yeah all   right we could do 800 we could do 800. so 800 per 
month and we're doing this for three months okay okay and if all goes well then   um we could probably work our way 
up um to bigger balance of course yeah i know what you mean yeah of course so um 
what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna send you over   um the agreement and the invoice to your email 
address what's the best email to reach you   uh i would say sales.sop clothing as 
you know is that your personal or your   business it's it's business but i'm i'm always 
checking it okay what all right say it again cells so sales.soe clothing right yes all right so that that works and i i had a feeling 
that you wouldn't go for the thousand i i knew   that but yeah we're definitely gonna take us 
to the next level um and yeah it's been very   nice speaking with you carmen and yeah let's 
take this to the next level you ready for this   yeah and like i said um as long as i'm providing 
value to you um and helping you out i'm gonna   for real do anything to get you there because 
um without you being happy then i'm not happy   myself so i'm gonna definitely make sure that 
you're in the right hands um with us for sure and we we really need that positive review 
for me so as long as you're happy then   i'm happy as well so let's get this going um it 
was nice speaking with you i'll have the email   sent to your um email address um with the invoice 
and the contract in the next hour is that cool   yeah all right it was nice speaking with 
you what's what's uh what's what's keeping   contract on insta on instagram is that cool 
yeah that works you have any questions for me all right well it's nice talking to you 
have a great day all right all right you and raul you guys are friends yeah we uh 
met in school by the way i see ben right there   i'm gonna go ahead and put him in all right 
but yeah we met in school and we decided to   partner up on this um business venture with the 
social media marketing so right i i started it   last year in september um got my first client in 
december i thought i told you that um but yeah there's been right there how's it going bro ben's having connection issues uh there we go 
there we go nice ben what's up all right what's   up how's it going nice to meet you nice to meet 
you too so you guys you guys started this business uh 29 29 so we have both you guys are 29 
you know yep 79.

Cool old hairs old heads i'm eight seconds i'm 18. okay oh yeah 
yeah did you you just graduated this year   yes sir just graduated focusing on this focusing 
on this business right here that's what's up   okay okay yeah oh yeah how'd you even get 
started in that like how did you even like   start to think about doing this oh last year it's 
just um for me like being on youtube i took like   courses and stuff like that from i don't know if 
you guys know ken llamas but i took his course   on social media marketing and i decided to just 
start up my own social media marketing business   and help out other businesses um scale on social 
media right so yeah that's really good yeah how   long have you been this how long have you been uh 
doing this business yeah um i literally started   last year in september so okay it's been about 
like 10 months hell yeah oh yeah almost a year we we just hit our year mark like 
last month on benedict still so   well you guys did so you guys 
started last year too then   yeah we're both new in the game nice nice 
so um who who does you guys's ads there um so we uh we use a person who's based in toronto 
right now toronto do they run an agency as well they they uh so they're like a smaller company 
it's just like i think it's like two people but um   they they have like kind of some big clients and 
whatnot um but i don't know if you've seen any of   our ads or whatnot but oh yeah i was just taking 
a look at it right now but yeah just uh you know uh they're just you know not as great as we 
would hope them to be and they're also just not   converting into sales like we're not 
you know getting back to work you know   we're not getting back we're paying them so 
it's just how much are you guys paying now   uh so currently now we're paying them 1800 a month   1800 and they're not getting your results 
really yeah now we're you guys are you know   man so we're um you know we have another month 
with him but we're just kind of you know looking   to see other possibilities because it's not you 
know not working i guess you know from from your   perspective what you see what are like the pros 
and cons of i guess what you saw or how it could   be better and whatnot so what i'm gonna do is 
i'm gonna share my screen um okay in a couple   minutes i just need to ask you guys a couple more 
questions see where you guys are at but wow he um   for eighteen hundred dollars like any should 
have been a lot more yeah yeah i'm just wondering   i just wonder who he's targeting 
just for you guys paying that much um yeah yeah so for our design like our main logo 
is like a lemur so we kind of base our whole   you know clothing brand around 
that but he's he likes to target um certain endangered animals that have like a high 
facebook audience that has like millions so like   he he'll target like owls or something because we 
have an owl hoodie or people like owls or people   who like um i don't know other endangered animals 
but have kind of like you know four million people   who like it in facebook audience or something like 
that um i think that that's kind of his approach   um but it doesn't seem to be yielding as much 
results as we think we should get and what not so um how are your sales doing 
did you guys get any sales   like what's you guys revenue for the business um since working with him it's been about a 
thousand a month yeah so we're losing about 800   off paying him 1k all right so you guys still have next month with him then correct yeah we'll have one more but that's 
why i wanted to do uh some due diligence and   um you know see who we could go to 
next and whatnot because i don't   just for what so right now it's just 
it's not making sense for us so till   um let's see how many how many months 
have you been with him like so far he let us know like in the beginning like it might 
take you know weeks to a month to like really test   out the ads and see but hasn't really gotten a 
good grip on like how to do it for us i guess so you guys probably so you guys couldn't have lost like 800   every single month then i know you 
guys had to get a return somewhere uh i mean not really i mean i wish i could say so 
but i mean i'm just saying   yeah so that is like let me get on my calculator 
real quick for this one let me get up let me see   so you guys promote her you guys are losing 
like eight hundred dollars i i would say per month so that is like that's like four thousand dollars hey guys 
are losing really that you guys just lost   yep so you guys yeah negative on your return   so let me ask you what what made you choose 
this guy to do the advertisements for you   uh he was referred to us by like um 
a ceo of another big clothing brand   oh what's the name of the clothing 
it's uh ivory yellow ivory one   put it in the chat so i could 
look it up real quick ivory yellow oh let's see oh [ __ ] where's the china [ 
__ ] oh here it is you get it oh yeah i see it i'm gonna let them up that's just messed up though for real 
yeah it was a trial and error there and it   went on a little longer okay okay cool 
so you guys are like i would say like in like the animal niche or something yeah yeah for the most part yeah we're donating 
to the wwf and so so definitely geared more   towards animals it's good that's good and it's 
for a good cause too that's really good um   only problem i would really see here is what 
the advertisements really because you guys are   losing instead of gaining like you should be so um 
right right um so yeah i just wanted to you know   kind of talk to some more people because i 
don't know if we'll be extending our services   with them yeah after the next month so um i 
know what you mean yeah so i guess yeah so how okay i was gonna say i guess like yeah so 
our whole thing is um our brand is about   getting lost in your own journey so ben is 
an artist and one of the first paintings   that he did when he was getting 
back in the in the painting was   was of the lemur so that's kind of why our central 
logo is lemur and now we're about to come out with   like a line of other endangered animal paintings 
and we're gonna make some cool signs on t-shirts   um like we have like a panda one and 
some other ones coming out soon um   and our kind of our demographic 
is like you know about 18 25.   it's kind of like we're we're targeting kind of uh 
joking that's one of those faces like the little   you know about like our company and what you see 
i guess how would you target like ads on facebook so like i would say um i'm gonna share 
my screen real quick yeah definitely see like i'm kind of new to this zoom thing as well so   i thought i saw it somewhere share 
screen art i got it all right let me see it's like different things on here i don't 
know let me see all right screen i don't know let me see is it share did it share   uh not yet it's starting to it says yeah well 
you guys can see it now can you yeah there it is   yeah so i looked up i looked up that brand looked 
them up yeah but yeah i was taking a look at you   guys website saw the description and everything 
you guys have brand ambassadors too right not really no not exactly no oh you guys don't 
okay so who's the models here who's the models   are they just models or what oh well yeah 
my my girlfriend is in a lot of the photos   is that right there no she was a model that 
she's the one right there that one there yeah um the other models are like good friends and um 
we also paid um like from a model agency too so   there's like a combination of like 
my girlfriend some friends and like   some people from agencies too okay cool so 
you guys are investing big time into this   oh yeah and i've who did your website 
by the way because yeah really who uh the people who are who are ads so i really 
actually came out but the same people well   let's say they they did a good job with the 
website i think they probably invested more   into your website instead of the ads to be 
honest because yep i would agree yeah i agree   but i mean something like this yeah something 
like this i would definitely buy from something   because this is a really cool website 
you have all the transitions in there   yeah i'm actually i'm about to fix the uh 
the other photos that are smaller i just   put those up yesterday so i'm resizing these 
photos that's that's not how normally it is   let me see reviews oh you guys are 
oh we'll have to get rid of yeah so i see you guys have an email list so about the 
emails i have a question about the emails so who   do you guys have someone that does 
the email marketing for you guys or   what um currently not now no um no we're 
we're just sifting through them ourselves because yeah the email marketing um bill now email   list one thing what what software you 
get do you guys use to send emails out um to be honest i actually really haven't sent any 
emails um i think i think i think through shopify   like we have a system where it it should 
send out um promotional emails to people   that have abandoned carts but we actually haven't 
emailed people who just subscribed to our website because like you guys have where you 
go to the website there's like a pop-up   it's not popping up this time i don't think it 
should pop up but you guys do have yeah you know   where it gets the emails um yeah i would suggest 
for emails if you guys do decide to go into   doing email marketing one software that i use is 
called synovio it's a really good software to know   snow vo yeah it's a software i use 
myself for my agency to send out emails   oh no but i would definitely recommend you 
guys if you guys want to use this um to use   this site to do it what it does it just basically 
sends out um automation emails to your prospect   so right okay that's definitely something that you 
need to yeah i'll send you guys a link for it and   if you guys want me to i'll do that that'd be 
cool yeah yeah that's something that we definitely   are missing i feel like is is 
reaching those people um yeah yeah so definitely build up the email list because look 
look let me show you guys my email list on there   i have like over 1 000 people on there and it's for my my own personal brand too 
because like i said i do the youtube thing   and i also did the merchandise thing 
for my youtube let me see where's it at   i might have to type it in login 
let me just show you guys real quick let me see this thing's in the way i'm glad 
you guys are not using the laptop for real   i said when you said it sounds like charging 
it but um i have so many emails as well   it's just insane all right well yeah 
you guys can take a look at this you guys see how many it's like a thousand 
187 that i built up just for my personal brand   i use the code emails to send to 
my potential clients um so yeah i would definitely recommend that for you guys   because it is definitely easy to use 
but yeah let's get back on topic now um so yeah i was looking at you guys advertisements   um let me just go to real quick 
by the way by the way till um   let me see when people click on your facebook 
thing and it goes to the facebook account see computer's a little bit slow that's all good 
that's all good yeah when they go on there   from your website and they click it right there 
it doesn't go to the actual page this is like um   like a friend page or something um and i think 
that you guys have like an actual facebook page   for it um the thing is it's not linking up to the 
actual page and this thing is all okay okay there   but like i said um it's not going to the 
actual facebook page for you guys but you   see that's the actual facebook page right here 
and i think on your website you guys should be   i'm sending them to this page instead of the 
page where they add you as friends and stuff   you know what i mean right right i didn't even 
know that to be honest so i'm glad you brought   that to my attention yes i would suggest um before 
you guys um call off the thing with the other dude   i would definitely suggest that um you guys 
get them to correct that for you guys because   um that will definitely bring in a lot more 
um leads for you guys business yeah right   okay definitely get you guys a lot more engagement 
too like look at that yeah because they're not yet so don't even go to the actual page so um as far as advertisements let's say 
you guys bring me on board on my agency and let's say next month the next month will be june 
july august next one will be august and i get   you guys i give you guys a return of maybe two 
thousand dollars you guys are probably spending   like let's say a thousand dollars a minimum just 
for me to advertise for you guys um let's say   i get you guys to 2000 a thousand dollars 
return so you guys will have like 2 000   sitting there basically let's say i get you guys 
that what will you guys do i'm going forward um i mean we would continue trying to 
see how it goes i guess i don't know   um there's a lot more products that we have 
coming out so i mean i don't know that's yeah   since you guys have a lot more products that's 
a lot more we could do with the ads because um yeah by the way by the way the 
ads i see you guys running people would definitely skip over that on instagram because um like let's say for me for example if i 
came across you guys just wanting to sell   um i don't do that by the way but if i just 
wanna just sell something let's say hey you know   get this water bottle it's really good um that 
probably wouldn't be the best strategy um that's   basically what i see right here is you guys are 
just pushing the cell like really really quickly   there's nothing wrong with that the thing 
is a lot of people see that all the time on   instagram and the thing is that a lot of people 
they don't buy from advertisements that do that   i don't buy from advertisements that do that as 
well um so what do you guys say that's the main   um thing that's bringing you guys down is that 
you guys are trying to push the cell just like   really quickly like what do you guys say that's 
let's bring you guys down as far as the ads um   i mean that that might play a 
factor for sure um just initially we just didn't think the ads look you know that 
great or something that makes you want to look   at it like twice um but i as far as like being 
a little too pushy or trying to sell right away   maybe so i just don't know it's not really my 
domain i guess i don't know what makes it so   fast yeah so one way i would say we could come 
in and do we could probably play around with a   lot more different ads we could probably keep 
this style of advertisements going for you guys   um if we come in and advertise for you guys um one 
way i would i would recommend that you guys do it   is by maybe posting you guys mission like you 
guys mission statement i don't see that in any   of you guys ads i would say maybe an ad about one 
of the animals maybe the leaper the leaper animal   i think the the agreement it doesn't don't delete 
the layman the lemur the leap we could probably do   an ad where um because you guys are focusing 
on them being endangered in the wild right yeah yeah we could probably do an ad where focus 
is on that pain points and because it focuses on   that pain point it brings emotion in people 
and once they see that ad and once they see   what you guys are doing um with every cell um 
because you guys are getting 10 percent away they   the people that we target which 
is the people in the animal niche   they will probably be more inclined to buy from 
you than what you guys are advertising right here   which is um buy from us and every cell goes to 
because think about it just think about it because   um something we could relate to is probably one 
of the advertisements with the um you guys know   the advertising with the um the dog crying 
in the commercials oh sure which one is that   oh oh yeah like the sad 
ones yeah the sad commercial   yeah that sparks up emotion in people and i 
think that with you guys brand we could probably   do that with the advertisings we do for you 
guys you think that's a good idea yeah i mean   i feel like our ads right now are they're flat 
i mean i could see why people uh they definitely   scroll over them um it's kind of uh here's 
the clothing but there's no explanation or no   thing tying back to yeah our our statement 
or who we are i see that of course um you don't happen to have like um like sample 
ads that you've done for your past clients or   anything have do you um i do not i do not not 
only um all i had was that screenshot that i sent   um with my december um i do do videos i do do 
videos like what i'm doing right now with you   i guys probably send you guys some of the videos 
i've done with them so you guys could probably   take a look at them but i don't have like any 
clear image of the ads that i've done for them that would be cool too if you don't mind 
if take a look at some of the videos   yeah for sure sure i will definitely send that 
to you guys after the call um yeah um yeah   but yeah that's kind of been you know similar like those style ads have been the 
ads that have been running for the past four   or five months like you know we need to need a 
change up yeah yeah and i'd say the brands that   are always changing i mean look at gucci they 
they have like so many different ads that they   do and they play around 
with different types of ads   um one thing that i've seen here that 
you guys focus on was oh what's that oops i will have to hurry up real quick but yeah 
like for gucci for example um let's look at their   advertisements they play around with different 
types of ads and they convert pretty well   okay so yeah um would you say video video like 
content so yeah we could probably play around with   video types of ads because having like maybe one 
of your um maybe one of your models probably say   what the ad means to them maybe talking 
about um endangerments of the animals   to spark emotion your buyers um different things 
like that we could play around with that for sure   yeah we're running out of time here so yeah where 
do we where do you want to go from here where do   you want to go from here to um uh just like to 
get a little bit more information you know kind of   like how much you know agency charges on a monthly 
basis and stuff like that um okay i don't know if   you can say it now or an email or anything but oh 
well well i mean we customize our prices unlike   all the other agencies that charge like a 
fixed price we we could negotiate we could   um do like a certain type of deal like anything 
that you want let me ask you what are you   currently willing to invest at the moment 
at the moment um probably at the most like about 800 around uh yeah that is 
exactly around my price range i   if we're doing for facebook and for 
instagram i would usually do like around   600 to 1k um for my clients um but yeah 
we could we could probably do small   for for one month and see where things go so 
we could probably do like 600 for this first   month maybe um see where things go and then 
probably go up from there does that sound good   uh yeah i mean we definitely want to 
think about it for a little bit but   if we uh end up you know working with you 
guys that definitely sounds like it would be   a good thing to start off with for sure 
yeah so we we do we do monthly retainers so   we could probably do first month 600 um and if 
we get you if we get a return on that for you   then we could probably go up on the prices from 
there and i'm definitely like playing around   with the ads going from here the thing is um we 
are all about providing you quality um cells so   um before if we're not giving you the right 
results then the if we're not giving you the   results that you want we are going to be sure so 
i definitely get to the point where we can because   i don't like unsatisfied clients and the thing 
is i'm here just to get a review from you i'm   here to get a good review not a rather review 
um yeah the thing is we're both businesses i   want to see you guys get to the 
next level on you guys business and   i'm sure you guys want the same for me and yeah 
definitely yeah um yeah we could probably do   the 600 for this first month we could probably 
do that starting next month um in august maybe   or maybe we could probably do it right now 
like when do you guys want to start with this   well so i mean we wouldn't start until september 
1st just because we're already oh really through   it yeah because that's the end of yeah but 
um why is the end of august early september   just because we have already paid for the next 
month um but so yeah now we're just kind of like   in that phase of you know trying to find the next 
right person right after we're done with the other   people but um not that we wouldn't know if we 
wanted to work with you're not you know in the   next week it's just um just going over more stuff 
and figuring out and then we'll uh definitely   let you know but yeah definitely god agrees that 
definitely got you like i said um we're really not   all about getting to sell we're all about helping 
you guys so if you guys um want to reach out to us   maybe we could help you guys out with the email 
marketing thing um maybe on that side of things   uh we do like different services like that we 
probably get you guys going on that for you guys   different things like that if you guys need 
it um yeah definitely maybe you could send me   over screenshots of you guys ads how that's 
going right now for you guys and i could probably   give you guys some um tips on where 
to go with it but like i said it's   not all about getting the cell at the end of the 
day um let's stay in contact what i'll do is i'll   just send you guys over some more information 
see where things go um but yeah that it's really   where you guys are that's that's really like 
it's really good and the thing that you guys   are willing to invest in look for different 
things and that's really really good   so yeah man yeah definitely i mean we definitely 
appreciate your time and we we liked what you said   and everything and i agree i agree with that yeah 
no problem what i'll do is i'll just send you over   some more information um is instagram the place 
you want to stay in contact with me on or what um   yes fine you know instagram or you know i see 
both of them all the time so okay um all right well probably you know actually 
just because it's someone else   yeah email what's the best email to get to you 
guys um you can type it in chat you can cycle yeah just do our our company email you got it 
so yeah i'm doing it right now all right cool yeah we definitely uh like everything 
that you've been saying and stuff just   think over it for a little bit you write this down all right man well like i said let's get in 
contact um and i'll give you all the information   all right oh yeah guys you guys have any 
questions you guys have any questions for me um oh [ __ ] then you got anything ben ah 
currently not i'm just gonna we'll look at   i mean if you could send us like your your 
youtube or your business too i mean like   just so you can kind of just look through some 
stuff but uh yeah just kind of like pondering   over some stuff i definitely liked everything 
you were saying and um it was all on point too   i could see those uh helping the business 
um we're just gonna yeah take a week or so think about it in september we'll be 
definitely changing changing courses   i feel like what are you gonna say so oh 
just another question denzel you're saying   um for kind of working in the 
future like if we did work with you   it goes by month by month so it's not like 
locked in for like six months or years like is that was that kind of correct um so yeah month month by 
month is the way we do it and   you can cancel any time and we'll we'll send 
you back the the money um you know if you're   if you're unsatisfied we'll we'll do that for 
you like i said it's months a month plans um   right right cool yeah just want to double check 
on that too but um yeah but no i mean i love the   love the grind and the energy and you know a lot 
a lot of good stuff you're saying so definitely   want to keep in contact and um we'll let you 
know you know sooner than later and whatnot   yep all right man well hope all goes well 
this next month with them because man   let's help you get a return this time 
let's hope you get a return this time uh me updated foreign me updated yeah uh 
cool ice cream with you guys all right   take care this is a good meeting 
oh yeah man have a good one hello um because that's generally like a red flag for me 
so i'm i'm gonna have to better she just sent me   her pay stubs but she has a really good job she 
works at um she's a general manager of a jiffy   lube and she's been there for at least probably 
going on three years so she has stable employment   and then um she has an eviction that's recent but 
their eviction was was withdrawn which means they   went to court but they ended up withdrawing their 
eviction but it doesn't show up on her credit as   withdrawn but the apartment complex sent me a 
letter saying that they actually withdrew it so that's the only kind of nervous part about 
it is that how did you get you know she got into   a place of being evicted because she probably 
ran into some hard times or something happened   um where she couldn't pay her rent which 
the hard time was her and her husband   ended up getting a divorce and separating so so 
she was ready it must be tough yeah so it's kind   of hard it's like you know you want to let people 
move in and give them a second chance and you know   understand you know her situation but 
at the same time it could be a high risk   yeah so i gotta just pray about it and   see you know see if i want to go ahead and let her 
move in or i got some other applications though okay that's cool it's nice it's nice so yeah um i don't want to 
take up too much of your time   it's going to be really quick i'm 
just gonna go over some things   and see where you're at see where we 
could even go from here moving forward   because um oh i make sure that 
you're the right fit for me that i'm the right fit for you as well because 
yeah yeah i was talking to nathaniel last night   and he was just like why didn't you tell them 
about your makeup line um and i said well i   did kind of bring it up and he he was saying 
that he thinks that one would be the easier   um probably marketing because it's 
makeup oh yeah this is makeup yeah   i would definitely want to look into that if 
uh you could send me some more info on that   after this call that that might be something 
we could do if this thing doesn't work out cause like um the businesses that helped out 
um pass with their marketing   um many of them they're like um already selling 
through e-commerce like e-commerce products   so like many of them clothing brands um 
makeup that would be something new for me but   yeah but it's already a product that's 
out there um and and the other thing it's   pretty highly competitive yes so 
yeah we'll see we'll see though um   but the reason why i like this is because 
this one is niche down to a specific   type of uh niche person like you're helping out 
um people facing eviction and um people who need   apartment repairs stuff like that so it should 
this niche down on this i think the only thing   you need is just basically um management on 
your social media basically post some content   i don't i don't really see any of where 
the ads will come into play right now   for this but maybe sometime in the future but 
yeah i'm gonna bring that up a little bit later   um because i have a few more questions i 
have to ask you as well go over that with you but yeah i'm gonna just um we're gonna talk 
about like let me go over your social media pages   and just basically give you like 
the whole layout of what i could do   regarding those like mainly through instagram and 
facebook is basically where i see i could work out   for the content managing and 
for your social media pages near the end you could ask me some 
questions if you have any questions for me because i know you might have 
some questions for me so i'll   answer those at the end of the call all right all righty so um what what 
i need to know like around   what the age range of the people usually buy 
from you like what's the age range around there   um what i've been seeing um from some of the 
facebook ads that i do have out there where i have   ranges which is kind of shocking to me is 
that mainly men have a higher percentage   two to you know two out of three 
that were actually looking at the ads   um for the the rental you know like the evictions 
pest control breaking your lease it was like 66   men looking at it and i thought it 
would have been overwhelmingly women   um and then the age range that i put out there 
was between i think it was 25 all the way up until   i tried i think at first 18 to 65 because i 
was like everybody rents and then i started   noticing that people that were between 25 and 
45 were kind of like in that range of people   that were the heaviest renters that actually 
went out on social media and looked up stuff um   so um my range was 25 between 45 and i really 
saw it kind of narrow in around like the 27   to around 40 was very heavily interested in you 
know they were clicking on the ads and looking   at the ads and giving impressions so any asset 
i did have going out there and the reason why   i went so low in the beginning because a lot 
of college students when they come they stay   on campus for a couple of years and then after 
that they want to move into their own apartment   for the first time and they have no 
clue about tenant rights or tenant laws   at all so i was thinking at first i was just 
gonna like really go for that college group   age um 20 to like 25 27 because they're the 
ones that have no clue about tenant losses   you know especially if they're just starting 
to rent their first apartment and a lot of   them are doing it with roommates and then 
you have a lot of roommate issues where one   roommate may skip out and leave another one 
abandoned with a full rent so i was really   thinking at first of kind of just focusing or 
narrowing my niche to just college students or people within that age range and or college 
students so i never got around to doing that okay because i think that would be kind 
of like a really great group um to kind   of hit if you know if we wanted to really 
narrow the focus or our target audience okay so you said you already ran ads correct yeah 
i ran some facebook ads but it was just you know   in general i did it like for georgia in um 
the metro atlanta area and then i think i   did some for like new york um in a specific 
area code for the age range of 25 to 45.

So is there like a specific 
area uh you mentioned georgia   in new york are those like the specific areas that 
you like to target or you like targeting it didn't   matter i was just trying to get kind of like a 
comparison to see if it was across the board you   know men or women that were going to click on the 
ad for the age ranges i was just trying to see if   there was a comparison and it ended up being 
the same ratio no matter what state i went to so what other states do you want to like target 
you you wanna target any other states other than   georgia and new york well i don't know if 
we do we have to target specific states or   can because like for instance the tenant laws 
like i said are across all states um probably   most familiar where i can do it off of you know 
off the top of my head for georgia and florida   since i've had to go to court plenty 
of times for both of those states but yeah it doesn't need to be um specific 
states um i was just saying that because   specifically for this what you're doing 
like if you're definitely familiar with   these types there these types of areas then 
um it'll be better off on your part you know   because you're like familiar with these areas 
yeah yeah but just me i think looking at the   tenant laws like i've been researching and 
pulling down the catalogs for the other states   i've done seven of them so far and just looking 
through their tenant laws they're all so similar   to georgia and florida and that's the reason 
why i was able to go to court in both states   um because the laws are just so similar when it 
comes to landlord and tenant laws that they have   the same basic rights it's just that you may have 
like different caveats of you know the time frames   of when you can take somebody to court like for 
instance in georgia you know you have to give them   a three-day notice and then in florida you have 
to give them a seven-day notice so it's kind of   like a time frame in order to give them a note 
versus when you can actually file for eviction   but some you know majority of the actual rights 
are the same new york has its own little caveat   just because of the fixed income um housing 
and when and how you have to do eviction so   new york is probably his own little special 
case that i'm not that quite familiar with okay so um i want to go into like your social media 
pages i want to go over that with you because like you are niche down to these specific types of people um 
and you you said um you have like content right   yeah i do have a lot of 
content that i have not posted   so we we could definitely work 
around with the constant definitely so how you have like video content or like mainly 
like pictures like what type of content do you   have i have picture content but majority of it is 
video content just me talking and giving them um   little tips and tricks and information about how 
to know their rights and how to protect themselves   so majority of it is video content okay great it's 
good that's good definitely uh video content works   really well and some of the video content 
can be um like you can break it up   into little individual segments because like 
i have a couple of them that are probably   definitely more than 30 minutes long or you 
know 25 plus minutes long that can be broken up to create additional content okay okay school so what are you um talking about in those 
videos um talking about the evictions or like what   yeah i talk about communication um communication 
methods with when talking to your landlord   so i have a lot of that i have some covering 
different types of evictions and what to do   and what not to do during evictions i 
try not to give them you know too many   specifics because if i give them specifics then 
there is no need for them to consult with me um let me try and pull up some all right there's one more eviction 
there's another one for eviction um probably need to put all of my videos in one place i have like a lot of i don't 
know what you would call them   but they're like flyer kind of layout styles if you could share your screen i would love to see some of the videos yeah let's see hopefully 
i got nothing naughty on my screen um it says host disabled 
participant screen sharing hold on let me see see video all right uh i got it thank you yeah you could do 
it now okay so like the window i'll be this one i i have too many windows open can 
i start my video do i click that i don't know what that yeah okay so can 
you see my screen this one that i have here   yeah i could see it yeah okay so these are 
like a lot of um of my videos that i've done   so i'll let's say i'll click on this one 
and this one is one minute and 19 seconds i need better labeling for my videos too 
so i was going to go back and relabel them   just so i don't know what it is and you know on um instagram like they have 
like a lot of their most recent updates like   like shoot you could like get like so many 
organic views like with this reels feature   on instagram i don't know if you know about 
that but it's basically like tick-tocking away and we could put your videos 
in vertical because it does the   vertical videos i could i 
could do that for you and make use of that feature on there because it 
definitely brings in like the organic reach   i think that's what we need 
to do at first organic reach and get you some people coming 
in organically then after that   um we could see about some going to the next 
steps of actually advertising you know what i mean so this is one of the videos that i have i don't think it played yet i don't see it   can you see it on the screen yeah i could 
see it but i i don't think you click play it's just frozen really is moving on my side um it says i'm sharing the screen yes moving on my side let me try do i need to um expand 
it all the way you think or no oh no uh you don't don't worry about it don't 
worry about it actually don't worry about it   i was just trying to look 
at um your content though   i think you have one on your instagram page so i'm 
gonna i'm gonna take a look at that one real quick because i have your instagram pulled up 
he created this one like 14 weeks ago okay all right what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna share my 
screen and okay you want me to press stop share yeah yeah okay all righty all right can you see my screen um it just says let's see yep 
i see the instagram uh-huh   yeah i took a look at that 
video okay take a look at that so yeah what i was saying is instagram has like   we have so many um things like over here they 
have like a tv one where you could upload   long videos so the videos they have elongated 
we could definitely start posting those and my thing is i would for me i would start posting 
like one to two videos per day so every day   for whatever time we have that's what i 
would do and then i would make use of the   dms and start dmp dming people in your niche so 
um people who like you said unjustly treated in   the rental industry evictions stuff like that you 
know we'll start um dming those people like that and then get them to come over to your 
page organically from those dms and then   you'll start seeing a lot of results um my main 
goal is to get you up to at least um at least   um thousand followers at least a 
thousand followers on your instagram page when you say dm are you saying dm via 
facebook dm um direct message it's on   instagram we could do it through instagram you 
could also do it through facebook as well so   because i don't think i've ever done it yet 
instagram yeah we yeah definitely through   instagram like that's the way to go that's the way 
to go you have to do that via your phone correct no you could do like you see right here i have it 
right here it's the dms right there okay you could   do it on computer as well that's really cool 
it's really cool i looked at your video though   i definitely have to take a 
look at your other content   to see what i could do with it 
but we'll get to that later um and on your facebook page we'll do the same 
thing start posting things because the thing   is we need to get you in front of an audience 
like you need an audience of people coming to you and way to do that is through posting content 
which you are posting content but then you   find the other pages that are like yours um 
within your niche you engage with their content   then the people that see that they come to your 
page and then you also have a thing where you um   basically put hashtags on your posts 
like definitely with instagram you yeah so so people know what 
what it's all about basically then you see you have reviews we 
definitely need to get reviews on there   different things like that 
yeah you have your services but yeah we definitely that's the thing we 
definitely need um people coming onto your pages to see where we could go forward from here because   the people i work with in the past they already 
have their pages up and running they already   have a niche down audience um and they have 
like thousands of followers the main thing   that they can contact me about is basically just 
the advertisement advertisements for their pages   somebody's trying to call that 
i have i don't know if it's hello hello yeah it was home depot oops what are you doing at home depot by the 
way i um maintenance guys at home depot okay they're trying to do a phone sale so 
let me let them know to call me back okay   well yeah i was saying um we gotta we gotta 
start posting we gotta start posting especially   we could since the holidays are coming up um you 
know deals work great in advertisements you know   that could be something you have like maybe 
discounts doing things like that you know   for the holidays maybe if that's um what you 
do but if nobody knows that my page is there   yeah if no but we have to start posting that's 
what i'm saying we have to start doing that   so that's exactly what we're going to be 
doing at first is posting posting posting   getting you that organic reach at 
first and then once we actually have   an established or organic reach 
on your pages then that's when we'll start um doing the ads you know what i mean okay okay   so should i go ahead and set up i guess 
like a black friday deal on the page just to do it just in case somebody does 
come i mean you can do that you can do that it's a lot of things there's a lot of things but yeah that's the 
thing so i'll just be posting   content for you and once we get the organic reach 
then we'll start working on the ads alrighty okay so from here where do we go from here 
um so we know we want to do organic um bills   for instagram definitely to get to a 
thousand um followers and then from facebook um just starting to post i guess 
more content on both of them um what about my personal page that's 
connected to facebook i was actually um doing   posting there too so whatever i posted on 
my personal i would also have it posted in   my facebook page well um i don't think 
we would focus on um your personal page   at all um i mean that's up to you i would 
definitely start working on your business pages and post them specifically on your business pages so yeah and then um so i'm guessing with 
facebook since facebook owns instagram   whenever i post to facebook it 
automatically posts to instagram   yeah well we could we could set it up that way 
um they they don't have whatever they don't   they don't they don't have where you where it 
automatically posts on both platforms because   not a lot of people um operate on both platforms 
so they they have a thing where you just take off   um to actually post on both platforms so yeah 
i have that checked already so right now when i   post on facebook so yeah the the facebook posts 
and instagram posts will be posted together yes so yeah it's basically where i'm at um i could 
actually help you out posting the content   and managing your pages damning people getting them to come onto your 
pages just um strengthening strengthening up that   organic reach for your pages like i said that's 
basically where i'm at with this for right now and then after that like i said we could um 
start working towards um the advertisements   because i don't want to jump into things and 
then then you you don't have the results that you   um want because and then that's what you want you 
want to get results um and start making that money   of course that's that's the end goal that's 
the end goal really but if if you don't have   any content posted things like that then 
you you can't expect uh um have people   coming on and wanting to buy your stuff 
you know what i mean yeah so that's correct   so for the facebook and the instagram um 
posting more on both of those for content   than dming people to get them i guess just 
to be involved there and then possibly having   them to follow to follow me and others 
to follow organically right correct yeah and then you said the 1000 followers is there 
like a time frame around that well we want to   um increase your followers like you might not 
make to 1 000 but we want to we want to get   you at least to 100 200 you'll you'll definitely 
get 100 200 followers the main thing is um your   engagement that's what i'm talking about is the 
engagement on your um post so so we have people   actually coming on engaging with your posts um you 
getting views on your videos stuff like that and that'll basically make them wanna come go check 
out your website and stuff organically and then   um they after they um do that they you'll you'll 
start getting followers you you will definitely um   because like on my pages i didn't get no type 
of followers or anything um unless i post the   content because um that's that's the way it works 
you don't you don't get you don't get um followers   if you're not posting so that's the way we have 
to do and you have to do it strategically too so   that's why i was talking about like the 
hashtags and working with the the different   instagram systems like the reels feature 
stories stuff like that you know what i mean so i'm probably not as familiar on 
the instagram side um other than just   you know posting stuff i'm not i've never used 
i guess the wheels feature and i've never dm'd   anyone of course yeah so um i've had people dm 
me and reach out you know one guy reached out to   get me to do a logo which i ended up 
wasting money on that for my makeup business   so um where where do you see um things 
going forward um with everything like   in the next couple months like where do you see 
things going i mean i definitely would like to   have somebody else i guess to since i don't have a 
whole lot of time to you know be out there and to   you know to make sure i have content going out 
there and trying to build up the engagement   for my social media so that part i definitely 
do need um and it's probably not going to   go as quickly as i want it to 
go yeah that's the hard part   is um just really getting engagement and 
then trying to get the sales out of it but   i know i have to start somewhere so yeah it's 
it's all a process it's all a process like   um i have like my own businesses and stuff like 
that and i want to get like instant results but   thing is when when i look 
at things like you know um   i noticed that if you just stick with the process 
then all the good things will start coming in so   it's it's all a process that's what it all is 
um you know what i mean so yeah so i'll probably   for my other business to bring in money with this 
one i'll probably just have to organically grow it   it's going to be slower than other businesses um   the makeup one it is a lot of competition 
out there for the makeup i think the only   small little niche that's in it is that 
we do have some makeup that's gluten-free   and a lot of the makeup lines are not doing 
gluten-free so that's the only little caveat   in that one i think that'll kind of stick out um 
and then my other business is grocery shopping so the holidays are coming 
up thanksgiving and christmas   i think that one would be an amazing 
one to try and get out there in front   of people to say hey if you want true personal 
shopping you know instead of using instacart   and shift and all of that you can 
have your own personal grocery shopper especially with the holidays coming so i 
i think that'll be kind of like the word   first what's the name of that one of your um 
that one i created i'm an affiliate for that one   too but i created um a domain to kind of link 
to it and mine is called i'm shopping for you oh okay and it just shocked me directly to their 
site yeah you're doing a lot you're doing a lot   i know i think i'm spreading myself too fan yeah 
um but it's the time it takes to do things and   you know you you definitely cannot be doing 
everything at once that's why you have um   people like me coming in um to actually do the 
work for you in the end that's why i told anything   else that i think i'm spread too thin i need to 
bring in income but at the same time i want to   grow my businesses yeah so it becomes overwhelming 
um you know you see all these um millionaires   making lots of money they they they don't do that 
all on their own like they have people actually   i'm doing the work for them to actually make that 
happen so um you definitely um need this and like   i said what i can do is um manage the content 
and right now i could um do that for you foreign   because you you really need that 
you really need that for this   so yeah and no especially for it to grow yeah so so for managing the content i would be 
sending you over the the videos that i do have um   and then you would just have all the 
any type of content i could work with   you'll just send those over to me 
and i'll make uh the magic happen   so yeah do i need to give you access to like 
the instagram um like my login and stuff like   that so you'll have yeah so yeah all the 
login details um you you give that to me so where where do you want to go from here where 
do you want to go from here um i think i like to   try it i think i like to definitely um give 
it a shot i've never had anybody do it before   so to definitely have you to try 
it out to see how it works out to   see if it's you know growing to see the 
content being placed out there of course   because i'm not able to to really do it as often 
as i should and just kind of see the growth   in the interaction okay and then possibly get some 
pointers of what i could possibly do different yeah so i i don't normally do this   um based on what you told me yesterday 
and based on where i see you at now and   because you know my uncle and i wanna i wanna get 
i wanna like do something good for you i wanna   um kick things off like and get them like 
going for you definitely for this my angel   um my rent angel thing and i don't normally 
do this so i hope you're happy about this   but i'll i'll do i'll tell you what i'll do 
a 14-day free trial just for for right now just for like content managing and that's 
it i'll do that for 14 days for you how's that sound that sounds wonderful i 
don't it sounds great i mean everything   that you can do to help sounds great um and then 
especially how to get comfortable with we need   we need people like coming onto your page and um if it was any other person i was speaking 
with like that didn't have any organic reach   that that could actually work with i wouldn't   i would normally in the call right there 
but um i definitely see potential with this   and i think i can make something happen for 
it i think i can make something happen for it   because i want to make sure that i i want to make 
sure that you're the good person to work with   and i know you want the same for me so i'mma 
definitely get you results to your pages   um within this 14 days and then from there um 
we could see where things go how does that sound   sounds good that's great that's great so let let 
me know i guess send over any you know let me know   exactly what you need from me and i can get that 
to you today yeah right right now um right now   um i will be sending you over just the agreement 
so you could like sign off on everything take a   look at all the um terms of service and all 
that just so you can look at what i'm doing and what i need from you like i said uh 
on there it's like the password and stuff   basically timing and stuff like that 
right right now there's no pricing to it   so i said i'll do it for free for the 
14-day 14-day free trial basically and   what results the main thing is getting your 
results right now and if you see that i'm   getting your results and you want to go forward 
um after the after it then we could do that and   if you have like deals for 
like you know black friday and   christmas and stuff like that and you have content 
for that and you want to actually get ads going   for your um my rental angel then we could make 
that happen and we'll we'll talk about pricing and   all that stuff then but right now we definitely 
have to get you um people on your page because   yeah you need a you need to get out 
there so i'm gonna definitely do that   for you does that sound good yep all 
right um you have any questions for me i do not just look for the 
email and i'll start getting um the instagram and i guess for the facebook 
dude how would that work since my facebook   for my rent angel is a part of my original login 
do you just need like yes so you you don't since   it's like on facebook it's a little different so 
since on facebook um it's like a business page   account on your business page account you can actu 
you could actually um it has on there i'll um hold   on share share a screen um with me real quick and 
go to your facebook business um account real quick   okay where is facebook i told you 
i have like too many files open okay so let's go to facebook and my computer's 
slow because i have too much stuff open go to your um business manager um on 
facebook you know a business manager is right   um i just normally just go to my page okay okay mom with angel so the 39 follows that i do have on my 
facebook page came from facebook ads and from   friends and all of that okay so i have my rent angel page up all right hold on all right what 
i want you to do is um go to manage not man yeah manage jobs i think 
it is manage jobs click on that no that's not it here scroll down on the left side i think it is um publishing tools 
i think i think that's what it is did you click on it yeah it's still thinking if not i'll i'll just um because i don't wanna i 
don't wanna i don't wanna take uh i don't wanna   take up your time so if not um there it is manage 
your business on facebook and instagram together uh yeah i'll just um i will actually 
just send you an email about what to do   to actually get me on there to um actually post 
onto your facebook page without giving me your   password i don't i don't even think i need your 
um instagram password either i think it i just   i'm sure you i'm sure you don't want to give out 
your login details either so i think i know of a   way to do it but if not then i might need your um 
login details if you know what i think there's a   way that i can give you permission from your page 
the post i was trying to i was trying to um find   that because i yeah because i was i did it for 
my business i was trying to find that with you   but um i did it for my other ones too so it's okay 
so you you should be able to um do it then you   should be able to yeah like i said i'll send you 
over the agreement um then once you sign it then   either tonight or tomorrow most likely tomorrow 
um we'll be starting things off with everything   all right yep and i'll start um getting 
content together too and so i can   name it for you and before i send it over 
all right no problem you have any questions   nope i think i'm good for right now all right 
um well that's pretty much it right there um   like i said we're gonna definitely um get things 
going for you like skyrocketing and i mean it   because i i want this to be huge for you 
alrighty cool i'll go ahead and do this   for you i'll send you over all the 
um you know the contract and stuff so   um i'll i'll see you over in emails i guess 
all righty have a have a good day bye-bye okay how was the meeting i know the meeting 
call wasn't all too bad was it um i hope   that you actually close them so now we can 
actually go into this next part about actually   doing the work providing your clients the 
results and this is something going forward   now that you should be happy about because you're 
actually able to actually do the work hopefully   you received your payments and different things 
like that and now what we are going to actually   be doing is providing all the results for our 
clients um to actually um get them as much results   as possible because that is exactly what you want 
to do is provide them with as much results in as   little time as possible and i'm going to show you 
guys in um step by step how to actually go about   doing that and different things like that so be 
sure to stay tuned for those videos to come it   will go around the advertisements um that you guys 
can use ads and place different things like that   to actually provide your clients as much results 
as possible um in these coming days to come   so make sure you get ready for those days 
to come that way you were able to wrap to   provide your clients with as much value 
as possible anyway see you on the next day   and take care all right guys so we're to be 
discussing on how to onboard your clients   um we are in the business settings of facebook 
they constantly keep changing the look so uh it   might look here different in a few months i don't 
know but this is how it looks at the moment and um   this is where you add clients you onboard your 
clients and your facebook pages of your clients   and um yeah so basically if you go to users here 
oh well you go to users there you show up right   there you have the little icon as business admin 
and if you have uh people that work for you people   that work at your agency you just add them right 
there and you choose what role you want to give   them employee access admin access and then um 
obviously you add them with the email account   and um yeah if you got more workers obviously you 
you keep adding them and yeah give them the roles   um partners you can obviously add partners as 
well uh with limited access who you wanna you   know partner up with other people and uh but this 
is this is the main idea this is it so this is   where we get um our clients so um you obviously 
want to add their facebook page so you go here   there's hours and uh you can request it and you 
can add it but you know you want to request it   preferably and then you obviously type in the 
facebook page and their url and they'll show   up and then they'll get a notification um getting 
asked that you know microplex media wants to   have admin access to their facebook page and you 
know you will let them know that and they will   accept it so they need to accept it make sure that 
they do that and then um you pretty much have a   control of their facebook page you can do anything 
don't do anything but you know um you pretty much   yeah you do anything you want on their facebook 
page you go to the ad accounts you need their ad   account as well this is where you're gonna run the 
ads um you click add now you can just straight up   at it um you can get their ad account id so make 
sure you ask them for it um there's youtube videos   if they don't know how to do it there's little 
youtube videos one two minute videos that um   they can look up for you that you can link them to 
um so they can find their ad account id you know   facebook constantly keeps changing so you know 
they might uh get lost a bit so make sure you help   them out and you can request it of course um and 
yeah so that's pretty much it guys um here a lot   a lot can be handled through here instagram 
accounts data resources you can put in your   payments there um notifications show up in there 
as well and no information about your business   as well whatsapp but yeah like i said that's 
pretty much it this is you right here this is   your business your agency who you want to show 
up here your business um you know everything   about your business obviously this is accounts 
where um you will onboard all your clients   pages and their ad accounts to run the ads and uh 
yeah that's pretty much it guys short little video   um business settings this is where all that 
is handled this week on for your clients   so uh yeah hopefully this helps you guys out and 
um yeah enjoy watching the rest of the videos   so um obviously what are the ideas what you 
need to do is basically you obviously start   off with a conversation with your clients so you 
talk to them what exactly do we want to promote   what exactly do we want to get out there 
what is selling well what has potential um   and what isn't selling so obviously you want to 
make suggestions you want to talk to your client   make sure you understand um how the products are 
selling obviously you can make suggestions you   know and second meeting or if you talk to your 
um you know to your client um after the meeting   talk to them yeah what kind of what kind of 
products do you want to sell what kind of products   have potential you know and you make suggestions 
you gotta think what kind of products would sell   well on facebook and instagram so you gotta really 
you know throw some suggestions out there but also   listen about what your client wants to do um and 
obviously you know you talk to them um and you   set it up obviously and we'll run through 
that um in the live app build that but um   you basically do want to get them um to give 
you offers so you want to be like you know what   um listen man this and bob so basically um you 
know we need some offers to throw at people so   they can engage with the ad come to your store 
check out your products and check out the product   that we're promoting and buy it eventually of 
course so we want to see and talk to them what   kind of offers are they willing to give you know 
maybe we can give them a buy one get one free buy   one get 50 off um or just sell one product for 15 
off you know or sell a few limited edition and 15   uh you want to talk to them you know really 
understand what they want to do with the ads okay   and um and then obviously you want to talk to them 
you want to explain them the situation how to um   onboard um you know that clients that business 
owner on facebook and we'll go through that in   that module but um basically obviously you want 
to have your campaign and you want to set that up   you want to have your campaign and obviously you 
go to the ad set and really understand what kind   of people are we going to target so you talk to 
your business owner um to that client and um you   ask them okay so what kind of people should 
we target what kind of people do we have to   um you know really analyze and what kind of ages 
um and um you know these uh insights that are very   important when it comes to obviously targeting and 
the brains behind the facebook ads and the ad says   so it's important to really understand what kind 
of people are into your clients um business on   their ages the gender male female um and really 
understand you know how well they're doing right   how much potential there is in their products 
um and uh you know ask them what kind of answers   they want and um do we want to do conversions 
do we want to bring traffic into your website   um app installs um also engagement you know we 
want people to engage with that uh clients um   pages you know you want to really ask them what 
they want right and then if they if they agree on   you know let's do conversion let's get people 
to buy so then you know you set up everything   on facebook um obviously we'll go through that in 
another video but um you set up the conversions uh   you set up your campaigns obviously and then you 
put in the information that the client told you so   you go to um the you know the behaviors and 
uh the people that might be interested in some   other things that are similar to your um to 
your clients uh products so for example like   i said before in the other video um for example 
if you have people who are interested in adidas   pants they probably might be interested in 
whatever pants um your business um your clients um   business is selling so you know you really want to 
make sure you understand and really listen to your   clients so you make sure that you are able to 
um bring them the best results you know and   you're able to run that out and then obviously 
you want to test you want to ask them for some   pictures right um you have some pictures um 
for the products you know um preferably you   want to have some people model the product so 
people um that see the product know what it's   going to look like on them you know um so get some 
products i mean get some pictures sent to you from   the business owner and then you can have those 
um and you know you want to make sure you talk   and you tell the clients what you're going to 
do you know how it's going to work what kind of   pictures you're planning to use um and obviously 
yeah a little bit about their business so that way   you can fill it up in the primary text um with 
some information about them that we have the   credibility and have people you know feel a little 
more comfortable with um buying from us right   and um honestly yeah that's pretty much it like 
you just want to make sure that when you're   building those ads which you will see in the live 
at build out um you understand right so you have   what's the campaign objective what the business 
owner wants to do and what we suggesting to do   um which products are we going to be promoting 
um and obviously we get those pictures of those   um kind of discounts you know the special offers 
are we wanted to to do we put those in the primary   text obviously the website and uh obviously 
you know what kind of people we want to target   language um and again like i said in the other 
video you want to do facebook and instagram feeds   um because those perform well so you want to tell 
them the clients that that's what we're going to   be um you know going after in the facebook ads and 
um yeah that's pretty much it so you want to make   sure again like i have right here set up um you 
want to be friends with that client on facebook   and um you know you want them to add you um as 
an admin um and you know as a partner and um   yeah just follow them obviously like i said um 
you know add your clients whatever you want to   you know however many if they have a partner you 
want to add another um person in there and your   business manager and uh the campaign objective and 
the call to action so we want what we wanted to do   wanting to schedule an appointment do you want to 
shop you wouldn't want them to um you know call in   you just um gotta get that from the client and you 
just fill that up in the business manager okay so   that's pretty much it see you guys in the next 
video hey guys i just want to include a little   quick bonus in this real quick and i want to go 
over pinterest ads you hear a whole lot around   facebook but here in 2021 um i would suggest 
taking advantage of pinterest ads especially   as an advertising agency with your clients this 
is definitely a open opportunity especially   working with e-commerce clients and especially 
for me selling e-commerce all the time this is   just from this month if i put it from when i very 
first um launched the ad then you guys would see   tremendous results and it gets results 
month on month which this is really really   um golden especially on pinterest and as you 
guys could see a bunch of different pins and   the ad spin on it was just under 30 dollars which 
is crazy um and of course your clients are going   to be paying more about this basically how it 
looks like how it works and definitely take   advantage of it definitely do that um through 
pinterest um here's how it basically works   um you a pin or an ad in this case you're going 
to create an ad for the clients so basically works   um pretty much the same way around as um facebook 
ads work but it's a little bit different and a lot   more easier i should say so right here you have 
video views um brand awareness this is basically   what objective you want with this um and we 
want to drive traffic we want people to go   onto the website so that's why we click right 
there and right here this is where we will name   the campaign just like tests or whatever i'm gonna 
put for tests right now but you would name it   something different going continue here and right 
here you guys can see the targeting so you could   put specific targeting with your ad that you want 
that's basically what that is and you would add in   their interests as well so their interest is 
animals you're selling something for animals   um and you have over here um whether it's too 
broad or too narrow if it's too broad then   um you are not well targeted so you want 
to target even more if it's too broad   it's too narrow you want to broaden even more you 
want it kind of centered in the middle um that way   you can actually target a lot better you could 
actually put in keywords that way it targets um   people specific to your keywords and you 
have genders ages different things like that   and that's pretty much it with pinterest ads and 
it basically runs through everything with you   pretty much simple to set up and you could just 
get in and get your clients login details to   actually do that for them which is really really 
cool i hope this helped you guys out and i'll see   you guys in the next day peace all right guys 
welcome to the live ad build that i'm going to   be showing you guys how to start from uh making 
ash from start to finish uh from scratch from   the beginning obviously we have our screen right 
here our choose campaign objective and obviously   we want to you know choose what we want the 
ad to do um these are pretty self-explanatory   you know bring traffic bring traffic to the 
website um our landing page whatever we want   brand awareness video views app 
installs we want to choose conversions   when you do conversions you know you're searching 
for people that will see that engage with it   go to our website wherever we want and 
purchase so we want them to convert so   we're going to choose conversions that mainly is 
a very good one to do definitely recommend that   and um our campaign so we can name it something 
specific but something simple at the same time   because you do want to understand you know what's 
going on in your folders so um in this case we're   going to be um making an ad for tactical 
pants okay so we're gonna call it text pants pants um add one and uh yeah that's pretty 
much it you kind of want to make it simple   but obviously understand what you're doing 
so we're going to continue don't worry   we're going to mess with these later 
um and um yeah everything looks good   this is uh pretty much just a folder um and 
you know the main idea we understand that so um   next we got the ad set ad set is um kind of the 
brains you know what functions what makes the   ad function um we tell the ad what to do how 
we want it to function so we're gonna fill it   in right here for example um for ad says 
say we wanted to target um people who um   are fans of nike for example nike pants so we're 
gonna call it tactical pants um nike audience   okay and then we're gonna go down um conversion 
event location it's gonna be on our website of   course if you choose a website um here you can 
put your facebook pixel and what kind of audience   you wanted to um interact with according to the 
pixel on dynamic creative offer you can skip those   on daily budget facebook recommends 20 um but we 
know facebook likes to waste our money so usually   people recommend around five dollars five dollars 
is pretty much all you need um and you can boost   it up obviously eventually as time goes by but 
five dollars is a good start so we start with five   and uh we're gonna go down um obviously here you 
can see the little little um the little specific   and broad audience definition you want to go 
between sort of in the green but you do want to   have like a specific sort of audience so not not 
too too much but you know sort of in the middle um   so yeah because we don't want to be too bright you 
know we want to have specific people that are more   likely to get from us you know to purchase so um 
we're going to go down you can say start date and   they um custom audiences of course um what kind of 
audiences you want so according to facebook pixel   um you know you want people audiences 
that came from instagram audiences that   um just looked through your website but didn't 
add anything to cart you know stuff like that   um detail targeting this one you do want 
to mess with um here you can do obviously   your age um location where exactly you know what 
city what states um we're gonna be doing america   age of course like if we're doing pants tactical 
pants it's more of a young audience so um maybe   what's going on so uh okay let's try that again 
um we want to do an audience of around probably   probably around like no no no 
no and why isn't this going up like probably in the 20s or so so probably 20 
and then probably probably 16 probably 16 16 to   20.

16 year olds have jobs you know so uh we'll 
do 16 to 20 that's pretty good genders obviously   male female um most likely men are interested 
in tactical pants for example uh obviously if   it was like something like boutiques and dresses 
obviously women um and um detail targeting so   what kind of interest what kind of people um do 
we want to look for people who are interested   in nike pants people who are interested in the 
brand jordan people who um like watches if we were   selling watches um so for example let's try to 
do um nike and let's see we can scroll down here   sportswear for example and we can add that you can 
do two as well two uh definitely a good a good uh   a good amount um you could do let's look 
at pants see what can we get um slim fits   uh i don't know so i don't know if tactical pants 
is too specific let's see it's facebook let's see   okay cool detective fans people who engage and 
interact with technical kids um that one's pretty   good and then we'll continue um and you can 
exclude audiences as well you know people who   don't want to see the ad languages all languages 
um depending of course um we got more options   right here all people um placements you want 
to do manual placements because facebook again   likes to waste your money um and uh yeah usually 
on messenger and audience networks it's not a   and whatsapp it's not the best conversions you 
know it's not the best so you want to focus more   on instagram and facebook because dude those 
do convert really well so um your money will   definitely be a lot more worth it if you uh do 
it on facebook so we'll get rid of these these   we want to do um facebook and instagram feeds so 
get rid of stories and then we'll get rid of we'll   keep the news feed we'll keep the instagram feed 
marketplace we'll get out of that right column   instagram explorer feeds do really well that's why 
we're doing it feeds um yeah i mean they're more   they're more interactive you know whenever you 
do feeds um the others not so much so obviously   we want to make the most out of our money 
so facebook and instagram works perfectly   fine um and right here shows you what what 
the feeds look like um and yeah you go down   um conversions obviously cause control you don't 
really have to pay too much attention to that   um but yeah let's keep going so we go to the next 
one so we got the ad so basically the image the   presents the project you know we're gonna make it 
presentable we gotta make it look good um this is   what people are gonna see so um we're gonna title 
this for example pants um then we can we can do   um close-up photos and um this is our ad 
account so microflex media course and um and then we'll go down to uh instagram account so 
we choose an instagram account whatever you want   it to be um i'm not gonna put it because 
uh yeah but it's pretty self explanatory   um and then we go down to create ad 
and um yeah so you wanna do probably   um you can do for example like if you if you 
wanted to promote something that you've posted   use existing posts right it already does it for 
you you already have it so you can easily do that   create an ad so we're going to create an ad 
okay so we're just going to start from scratch   um you can do you want to test out right you 
want to do collection you can do carousel you   can do single image video um so yeah you can uh 
do different things um and you do want to try   different things but um in this case we're gonna 
just for the video we're gonna do single image   or video um so yeah you wanna try it out you 
wanna do different things um most people do   single image and video so we'll keep it at that 
um and um for mobile experience uh you don't   have to miss too much with that and then we'll 
add media okay so we want a picture of our ad   and uh for example let's say um we were to at 
least shoot okay these these jordan these nike   jordans um and um you square you want to do square 
squares work really well to take out more space   so we're gonna do squares and uh that's 
gonna show you right here how it looks   and um yeah so you go down right and your 
primary check so the big um oh what's it asking   the input call to action is invalid 
okay so okay so let's fill this up so   primary text what we want the people to see um 
from text so we can say for example um shop at   the rare um shop by viewer limited discounts beer 
is the name of my brand so that's what it's called and then you want to go down so you can do a 
headline that's optional you're not investing   too much with it but so okay for example so 
um primary text you want to have it appealing   um you kind of want to have it short but not too 
short this is too short for example but listen so   you you have the have the i 
have a written right here so   um that itself right you want to be specific 
when i mean the campaign we talked about that   um you can check audience insights as well so 
if you look on facebook insights you can see um   what kind of people so yeah i'll show 
you let me go here audience insights um there you go okay so here you can actually see what kind of   people interact with certain things right 
so for example you can look it up um well well here we're looking at the the main 
um stats of facebook so now for example if you   put interest rate right and you were to 
put um clothing and uh we'll put them in   metro men's clothing for example um yeah actually 
actually since we're doing uh pennsylvania can we get a look at that okay streetwear in 
general okay so as you can see um more women   are interested in street wear um and mainly from 
the age 25 to 34.

So you can kind of see what kind   of targeting what kind of insights you want to um 
target what kind of people you want to um launch   this add to obviously older people they're not so 
interested so more on the young side not too young   of course but 25 34 is a good one so yes um and 
then obviously you can change your ad copy every   week um and that's definitely recommended you 
want to have a fresh ad for people to look at so   um but yeah so just add itself the primary text 
you want to tell the story sort of um what's going   on what's going on with the ad what's going 
on with the brand what's going on the product   um credibility um obviously you want to look 
credible you want people to be able to trust   you you know at least know a bit about you 
enough to click on the ad and then purchase   um the attention grabber obviously you want 
people to you know you have such a short time   to get that person's um attention so you want to 
make sure that your attention driver is really   really good um that calls directly to them and 
that the oh shoot let me take a look at this ad   you know stop scrolling um and special offer 
so for example we can do um uh so you're into um tactical clothing right and that's just exaggerated you can just do one 
and um you don't want to make it two together as   well you want to make it a little spread out 
um so you can you can say um v rare has been selling hundreds for years and is now doing um no and is now okay 
launching their biggest this campus and obviously with the discounts you will 
obviously want to have a special offer because in   the as a doc said you want to have something 
that you know will make sure those people   are like oh wow that's cool let me go and you know 
it's limited um here okay so biggest uh limited   we'll put in capitals discounts yet um so 
obviously you want people to obviously engage and   be like you know what this is limited like i gotta 
hurry up you know you want to have some urgency   um so that's why we have limited we have the 
discounts a good um way to engage you know   to have people be like oh wow this is this is 
crazy like i'm gonna go look um and what else so   we have credibility so our credibility is right 
here we've been selling hundreds of technical   pen so it's not we're not new to this business 
we've been doing this and um our special offer   our attention driver yeah that's pretty much it 
um and so you want to say what's going on okay so   um veera has been showing some um ton of years 
okay guys well we got cut off but we were at the   primary tip what we want our text to say and we 
have a little picture here our tactical pants um   you know just how to hurry up in that i get a 
picture but um so we got so you're into tactical   clothing right there has been selling hundreds 
of technical pens for years and is now launching   the biggest limited discounts yet um and then 
obviously our big offering or a big um our big   source of engagement what we want to offer to 
those people the first people that get um into   our website we are doing 50 offers on the pan for 
the first 10 people who click below and purchase   okay so um click the link below okay so and 
then we'll have um then we'll skip the line out and um stand out and flash um uniqueness   with our pants now okay pretty simple um but 
you know that's all that's pretty much it that's   pretty much all you need we have our stuff we have 
our um you know the reasons why right why we want   them to buy um how are we going to get them to 
buy with our little discount our little offers   and uh you know what we are doing so we are 
selling pants to sell tactical clothing and   um yeah so basically we're gonna keep going low 
right here and uh we're gonna add our headlines   so i mean it's optional you don't necessarily have 
to do it but you can put for example um 50 of um and then our descriptions optional you don't 
really have to mess with that too much um then   we'll have our website of course and we have our 
link um for example we'll put just and   um yeah so then we'll go our culture action we 
want them to do um and then we'll have our should um shop now there we go actually so so 
you want the call to action right so   for example um after you put um clickable on 
purchase we're gonna add um click shop now oh why did it go down there click uh 
click shop now and purchase there you go   so now we have our audience what we want them to 
do and uh we have a call to action or languages um   you don't really have to mess with that too much 
um optional website events um you can set that   up but that's pretty much it so obviously here 
you can actually see what your ad um looks like   so into the technical clothing reviewer has been 
selling hundreds of technical pens for years and   they're launching the biggest limited discounts 
yet we are doing 50 um offer the pants for the   first 10 people um click shop now and purchase 
stand out and flash uniqueness with our pants now   so we are telling them what to do why they need 
to do it and um you know giving them a little push   with their discounts um and obviously these are 
people we are targeting people who are interested   in pants and clothing um and obviously you know 
for example say um technical clothing is related   to nike obviously we did uh we targeted some nike 
people as well so um and that's pretty much it so   um you would click publish but um only active 
accounts can create or edit ads mine's right   now not active it's just for example but yeah 
you click publish and then obviously you would   have to set up your um payment information uh your 
credit card debit card whatever you're paying with   and uh yeah that's pretty much it so pretty 
so simple um obviously you also want to have   a sneak a little things in there you have the 
google doc right here to guide yourself um make   sure your ad is obviously explaining properly 
what telling the audience what they need to do   how they need to do it and um you know and why 
they should do it so um yeah that's pretty much   it so hopefully that helps you guys out and 
um yeah i'll see you guys in the next video what is up i hope that you guys are having a good 
day welcome today number 26 we are almost near the   end of this and i hope things are going 
really well now we're at the point where   you actually every client you have actually 
been doing work for your client for some time   but now we have to work on scaling your agency and 
one of the ways to actually do that i'm going to   be talking about all this week um for the rest of 
the week to end off the course is about building   your team this is how you take your agency 
from making thousand dollars per month to 10   000 plus per month in a short period of time 
and you want to have people working for you   actually doing the work for you so you can 
actually have a lot more free time for yourself   and to actually do what really matters i'm 
going to be showing you guys step by step how to   actually build out a team and i'm going to go into 
detail about what goes into building out your team   so make sure you listen up listen closely to 
every single thing that i have to say and take   notes screen record do whatever you have to do 
so you could actually implement for yourself   anyways i'm curious to know how everything 
is going with you if you guys could go   if you could just send me a message over through 
instagram or something um let me know how this   is going for you um then i would love to know 
about that but anyways i wish you all the best   um and i'll see you in the next day peace okay 
guys so now we are gonna actually go over um   actually looking for the freelancers and basically 
we are just going to um do this all through   basically fiverr and we have upwork and we could 
also use like linkedin as well to actually do a   bunch of the things but mainly on fiverr i would 
definitely um tackle on this so if you guys don't   have a fiverr account just sign in um basically 
what we are just going to be doing is just looking   to actually hire people to actually do the 
work for us um on here so we just type in where   we need the help at which facebook ads and it 
will basically bring up um people who actually   manage on facebook edge ads um different things 
like that you guys can see different price points   reviews different things like that um with 
people um so we would just choose um one of   these and they would be managing and doing this 
for the client and so you would just send them   how how you want things to look so if i go over 
here click on this person bring this person up computer's slow but it will bring this person 
up it's burning up right now okay so it brings   it up gives a whole description of everything 
um you know they have their very own prices   um how i were you i would just go for the cheapest 
one um train them send over the content um and   give them your price points so they could work 
around that um so you actually have that on there   um but you would want something more long term so 
this probably isn't going to cut it so you need someone who would be more long-term with you and 
you just contact them send them over the video   um send them over a message of how you 
want things to look for the client and   things would be going really really well 
another one that's better is   and this is basically where you could find 
freelancers and you just type up here same thing   facebook ads or maybe even content management 
content management if your client needs that   um you would just basically pick up someone 
hire them um and i would go for fixed rates   um to actually pay them but this is basically what 
things look like you just send them over a message   different things like that and like i said 
you would go for the cheapest one with the   best quality send them over a video of how you 
want things to look like how you do things where   your prices are at and that will be how things go 
as far as hiring and different things like that   you could also post job descriptions on linkedin 
facebook different things like that to actually   bring people on so there's a whole bunch of 
different ways but here's just through fiverr and   upwork hope that you guys enjoy this and i'll see 
you guys in the next day peace so now hopefully   you already have your team already built out um 
and you are ready to go with your team members   now the thing is now they need to know what 
they're going to be doing how you do it and you   would want them to do it a similar way to you and 
that way your clients aren't confused about how   things are going and one of the ways to actually 
do this is doing what i actually do on the daily   um specifically for youtube different things like 
this you would actually film videos of everything   that you do film your cold calls that you do 
if you're go if you're trying to outsource to   someone who does cold calling freelancer that 
does cold calling if you're trying to outsource   to someone who does advertising show record a 
video of yourself actually showing the process of   what you do um building out ads for your clients 
different things like that and what you're going   to do is when it comes to actually training 
them you're going to send that over to them   show them exactly how you do things so they can 
actually replicate and do things the same way   that you do them yourself that way your client 
won't be confused and different things like that   with me i did not do that um and i didn't 
even build a team for a long time um and my   number one tip to you is before you build a team 
actually do work for at least one or two clients   find out where um things are hurting you with your 
within your own business find out where you were   struggling at and then outsource to freelancers 
to actually fill the gap so you could actually   get things done faster and the whole team and 
the whole thing with this is as you actually   build and scale your agency now you have a whole 
team now you have the whole system um in place   that actually automatically does work for you 
so now you can actually work on building another   agency maybe another business doing things like 
that to actually fill in the gaps there so this   is something you could definitely wash rinse and 
repeat and this is something that puts consistent   passive income in your pocket over time and this 
is something for those of you who are advanced   so anyways take notes of everything and stay tuned 
for the next day and i'll see you soon see ya now guys this is something that a lot of agency 
courses do not talk about that i'm just bringing   up right now and that is about selling your 
courses um not your courses but selling your um   agency as a whole um your whole agency business 
now you built up um your whole agency business   you have put in the work got a few clients now 
you have built a whole system you have built a   team train your team they have been doing the work 
for some time now you have expanded your brand   your business you have clients that have been 
with you for a while that trust you like you now   you're at the point where you um want to basically 
get rid of it you are at the point where you're   basically overwhelmed by everything and now 
you want to put the work in someone else's   hands now you're at the point where you need to 
sell your agency your business as a whole now   this is what you're going to do and i'm going 
to discuss with two websites but before we um   actually go to the two websites i'm going to talk 
about they could actually sell your agency on   that would recommend then the very first thing 
i want to talk about is that before you actually   go into selling you want to actually have your 
agency for at least a year and a half to two years   you want to have this for some time um before 
you actually sell it because selling is a   long-term thing and if you're going to 
sell you best have some experience there   before you even sell it that's basically what you 
want to have um and once you have an established   thing going on then you are ready to actually 
sell this so at least have up to two years   with this have some clients that have already 
been working with you have things established   already in place have a whole system in place 
and you know that you're ready to sell this   and different things like that and don't 
even sell it if you are if you are working   with one or two clients sell it when you have 
five plus clients recurring coming in because   no one wants to buy something that has 
no place or value for them so if you are   pricing this um at a hundred thousand 
dollars you better have at least fifty   um plus in income coming in from your clients 
or at least 20 000 plus an income coming in   um reoccurring from clients you have to look at 
it long term from the buyers perspective before   you get started with selling it then you know 
that you're ready to actually sell this now if   you are advanced and you're ready to actually go 
about selling it you already have system in place   you already have so many clients in place but 
you really want to sell this and you had it for   a few years now we are ready to actually sell 
your agency your social media marketing agency   what we're going to do is we're going to go to a 
website i'm going to pull up a screen share and   this is the website two websites that we're 
going to use we have the very first website   um which is called websites builder some website i don't have my computer right now   but and the second site is um 
second site is uh you guys see it   on the screen share but these two are very best um 
specifically for your agency if you are trying to   sell it um you can utilize these sites to actually 
sell it they have whole teams behind them that   will actually guide you through a process of 
selling them for the very first site website you would actually list it up and go 
through the whole process of actually selling it   and you guys could see the whole website you'll 
just go through the whole process of selling it   and you basically be able to sell it and they have 
a whole system they have teams that review your   agency to see where it could be valued at and what 
they do is they contact people who are interested   in actually buying these sites and different 
things like that um to actually buy into it and   it's the same thing with the other site e-commerce 
your agency's online so this would be best   if you're trying to sell it i would utilize both 
of these sites if you're actually looking to   sell this agency your business and you could 
actually list these up and gets themselves   to your business to your agency and only when 
you have two years some experience in there   do you want to sell it that is only when 
you really are gonna actually sell this so   anyways do not worry about selling it if 
you are new and just getting into this   this is only for the advanced people who have been 
in this for a while who have had so much clients   working with them um this is where you are at and 
this is where you want to go and you are basically   established and you are bringing in so much 
income and now you want to get rid of it basically   um anyways i hope this helped you 
out and i wish you all the best   um and i'll see you in the next day peace 
what is going on everyone welcome to day   number 29 we are almost through with 
everything um almost near the end   literally and this is something this is the secret 
guys um system that you guys need to actually   um go forward with things so listen closely 
take notes and implement everything that i   say right here in this video and i'm going to go 
through it as quickly as possible fill you with as   much value as possible so what we're going to 
be using is trello and basically we're going   to be talking about management of your agency 
because now we have a whole team now we have   different sources of leads coming in clients and 
we need to basically manage this we need to get   everything organized at this point um so what 
we're going to be using is trello so what you're   going to do is type in i will have a 
link somewhere in this but you just sign up for it   i have tons of email addresses look at 
that so you're just going to sign up for it   um and then just go basically through the whole 
signup process once you actually get signed up   and log into your trello account it will look 
somewhere like this and basically this is kind   of where it looks like we what you would do 
on here is you would create a trello board   and basically what this allows you to do is 
organize your team members um it allows you to   actually do a whole lot of stuff so you would 
just create a board you could add like a title   i would add in team this would be where you would 
put in your team you could allow them to be public   team or private to yourself you could select 
a template what the background could be like   and it looks really really cool just make it look 
really really cool just create a board and that's   basically how it's created and you have this 
really cool background right here different things   like that is really really cool so basically 
what this allows you to do is it allows you to   create things um that will be able to pan out 
so let's say um your team members have different   tasks to do so we have team we have billy right 
here he has something to do with um facebook ads   facebook book ads he's he's the ad manager um and 
right here we have the content manager uh trisha   content manager and we basically have and this 
is the done when they're basically done with   everything so he does facebook ads for clients 
one he has to do that he has to also um plan   content maybe and he has to send that over to um 
the content manager basically so we could do is we   could go through this whole process we already got 
the facebook ads created through him so we just   put it over the content manager manages the 
content for it and once everything is done   then it goes to done same thing with the constant 
right here planning content we have the constant   plan for it content manager gets that done and we 
put it right there and it basically allows you to   organize everything because now you have a whole 
team now you have a whole bunch of tasks to do   and things get complicated i'm gonna show you how 
complicated things could get i'm gonna show you   guys something real quick let's go back over here 
we're just gonna go back right here i'm gonna show   you guys what complicated things look like this is 
what complicated things look like look at all this   look at all this this is basically how complex 
things could get and that's basically where things   are going to be at once you actually scale things 
once you actually get things going um and this is   more advanced for you guys who are more advanced 
into this anyways if you're not yet there yet then   you will be you will get there just takes patience 
and putting in the work anyways i hope that you   guys enjoy this and i wish you all the best i'll 
see you in day number 30 the last day and i'll see   you guys there peace all right guys i am back 
here and right here on my computer right here   and this is the last day guys i hope that you got 
so much out of this really so much out of this but   listen up be sure to take notes um because this 
is something that will take you beyond um the   six figure mark with your agency listen up let me 
give you guys a step-by-step formula right here   and it will help you scale forward and keep things 
going so now you already have whole team automated   everything and now what we need to work on is 
your very own agency how are you bringing this out   and the thing is you have to work on your 
marketing yourself um for it and here is the   formula it's a whole formula whole process and i'm 
gonna lay it out right here as you guys can see   so here's how it goes what we have to do 
is market this so we there's many ways   have facebook ads you have instagram ads you have 
um different ways you can use tiktok you can use   a bunch of different platforms um to actually get 
this out during things like that so let's say for   example we're using facebook we're going to do is 
we're trying to get people clients to come to us   we have our page that they look at what they're 
very first attracted to and there's no need to   cold call and none of that we're all past that so 
now we have is what is called our opt-in so this   is what they look at first thing opt-in very first 
thing they see so very first thing you guys saw   for this was you know it's a 30-day training 
they could go in and it will change your life   different things like that for this it will be 
let's scale your business let's get you more   leads more clients and they get into this they 
opt into it they put in their email address so   now you have a lead you have a lead that you have 
their name their phone number their email address   now what we have is a landing page and on this 
landing page we providing free value whether it   be a 15 minute video on a website we are providing 
free value to this prospect and they see that and   they are based that's building trust basically 
building trust next we have the call to action   this is where we are calling into 
action to take action um with our offer   uh where that's to be scaling their business 
different things like that you're calling them   to action click here let's schedule a meeting call 
that's basically where you're bringing them on   to actually schedule call let's book a call um 
for some time that's basically what that is next   on the call this is where you have your meeting 
call and you are actually selling them on what   you can do that's basically what that is um where 
you're actually on the meeting call itself and   it's basically selling them next you already 
talked to them you gathered up the information   now we are closing this is where they say okay i 
agree to this you're sending over the contract now   sending over the agreements um for how long 
things are going and now we have an upsell   so you know hey i noticed um that we could work 
on you know your logo or um you know other than   advertising i think you really need help with 
um content managing um this is where you're   up selling them basically getting more of the 
value there basically next what we have after   doing everything for them now we want to work on 
our referrals now this is where things get good   you already have so much clients now you need 
them to just refer you to others this is basically   where people come on and they go through the 
same process again and it is a cycle it is   an endless cycle that they go through um your 
whole prospect and that's basically how it works   and they will leave happy hopefully hopefully 
if you deliver on everything that is basically   how everything will go and that's basically how 
it looks like it's basically how it looks like   so it's just a visual and that's the whole process 
they go through and how you can scale things um   going forward is just by advertising marketing 
your own product you have put money into this   so let's say you're spending 100 on this 
advertisement you have let's say 10 people   actually opt into this they go on to here they 
get the free value they have the free value now   ten people go on to get the call to action they 
go through that they go through booking a call   and they get on the meeting call with you 
and you probably have about like eight   maybe that follow through you as far as the 
closing you probably close like five and   that five out of that five you have two that go 
through with the upsell and now you already have   five people that could actually refer you and 
that opens up a lot more potential so if you   want to break down the five and a half then 
you probably have three the site continues   and it may expand or it may contract but that's 
basically how it goes you can see definitely   depending on your products and service you can 
definitely see the visual aspect of where things   go for this and it ultimately leads to a 
happy customer and more money more profit   in your pocket that's how it works and anyways 
yes this is pretty much it hope that you guys   enjoy this and hope that you guys have a 
good one really put so much into this and   i will have a closing video closing everyone else 
anyways i will see you guys in the next one peace

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