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hi everyone my name is stefanie lahart 
and i help business owners entrepreneurs   and content creators turn their online 
conversations into real world customers   so if you're at the point in your business 
where you're ready to expand your marketing team   it's important that you know what you're 
looking for and how to ask for the right person   so in today's video i'm going to explain the 
difference between a social media strategist   and a social media manager that's going to help 
you to not only fulfill the positions that you   need to in your business but make sure that you're 
putting the right people in place that are going   to give you the best results to actually help 
you build your business before we get started if   you're not already a member of my online community 
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bell so you'll know when my next video goes live now as a business owner you know how important 
it is to make sure that you hire the right   person for the right job at the right time 
and this includes when you are expanding   or just building your social media portion of 
your business because remember social media   marketing for many businesses is their entryway 
into marketing in general so it's really really   key to know what it is that you need to have done 
in your business and the kind of person you're   looking to fulfill that need now it can be easy to 
assume that what isn't a strategist or a manager   the same i mean if you just hire somebody who 
does social media don't they just know what they   should be doing they kind of do all the same 
thing and that's where i see a lot of business   owners start tripping up because they think that 
just hiring this one person all of their social   media needs get fulfilled and then they don't 
understand why certain tasks aren't getting done   or why they are not able to scale their marketing 
in a way that they need to because the person   that they put in place is not the right person 
whether with skills or background or experience   or knowledge or even personality and it can become 
one of those things that can really hold you back   in marketing okay so i'm going to start with 
social media strategy because that's where you   have to start everything within marketing 
of any type whether it's social media   it's traditional any kind of marketing you 
have to have a plan you have to understand   what you're doing why you're doing it and how that 
content is going to be created in order to fulfill   the marketing need that you have right so that's 
where your strategy comes into play so when you're   thinking about actually either building your team 
scaling your team you first have to make sure that   you have a strategy component in there which 
is where your social media strategist comes in   and where i tend to work with most businesses 
these days where in the past i was more on   the manager side here's the difference with the 
strategy your strategist is going to come in look   at your business and then really start thinking 
about your business goals what you need to do   where that marketing needs to happen and most 
importantly how that's going to start adding to   your revenue this is where your strategy comes 
into play without this from the onset you are   going to end up in the hole that i've seen many 
businesses in where they just simply push out   content on social media and get no results because 
they did not know what they were asking for so   case in point when you decide something like you 
want to run facebook ads because you want to get   more traffic to your website there's a specific 
pathway you need to do in order for that to happen   this is how your social media strategists can 
help you because they are not necessarily going to   create the facebook ad for you but they're going 
to create the product lifestyle or the customer oh   the customer journey of how it's going to come 
through the pipeline move through the marketing   messages and then come out with the desired 
outcome which is usually a sale of some sort or at   least building your contact list your strategist 
will be able to put those systems into place to   give you kind of the grand overview of everything 
you need within your marketing channel in order to   make this happen your social media strategist 
is going to be in charge of planning strategy   and goal setting this is what's going to make your 
marketing actually work they're also going to be   able to help you with the development of brand 
awareness and online reputation which again for   the longevity of your product or your service is 
going to be something you need to be aware of from   the beginning and actively cultivating and this 
is going to all be part of the initial strategy   with your strategist now what your strategist 
is also going to be able to do for you   is to be able to help you develop a really robust 
seo program that's not only going to help you   within the social media aspect but also tie in 
with your website which will help of course with   the generation of inbound traffic so your social 
media strategist is going to be really key in the   cultivation of your leads and online sales they're 
going to think of everything from the beginning   of the life cycle all the way through to the end 
and how all of those processes get put into place   in order to fulfill that need within your 
marketing wheelhouse now to compare this with   a social media manager what a manager is going 
to do for you is to take the strategy that's   already been created nine times out of ten already 
implemented and then keep cultivating that and   making sure that they're building on that through 
content creation engagement with your audience   reputation management and also doing some real 
world in the field research for you so you can   get feedback on how your audience is responding 
to your products and services and things like that   your social media manager is like your front line 
person that's going to be interacting with your   your actual audience and this is where the big 
difference comes in your strategist is putting   the whole plan together your social media 
manager is the one that then takes the ball   runs it down the field and then actually interacts 
with the crowd when they get the touchdown   yay we're all happy we all got what we want right 
that's what you really need within this to work   otherwise you might just find that you have 
somebody who is in your marketing department   creating social media content that doesn't 
do anything it doesn't convert to anything   it doesn't really have any purpose other than 
filling up a space on that little window in your   phone and that's not good as a business owner 
as an entrepreneur as people who have limited   budgets when you're first starting out with your 
business you have to make sure every step that   you're taking within your marketing is actually 
generating a lead we have to attach a number   to every action that we have so making sure that 
you have the strategy in place and then the right   person that's going to follow through with all 
that it's like a win-win kind of situation so you   have your strategist you have your manager they 
can be two different people they can also be the   same person now why did i say that one i've been 
saying all along it's two different jobs right   because i wanted to make it very clear to you what 
you should be expecting from both of these roles   so yes you can then tie them in together that 
maybe your strategist is also fulfilling all this   as long as the person that you hire as your social 
media manager is aware of an experience in putting   that strategy plan together and making sure that 
they understand that every action has to have   a reaction and the reaction should be a positive 
one that ends up in building some kind of customer   engagement or sales or longevity or partnership 
kind of things it is not just about i'm fulfilling   a need of posting content on channels and if you 
get stuck in that i call that the social media   suck if you've seen any of my other videos and you 
don't want to be in there and one of the key parts   of your social media manager is that they are 
going to be engaging with and responding to your   audience now you already see what this looks like 
on something like instagram you put up a post and   then the company actually responds to every single 
comment that's put on there with a good manager   what they're doing is they are actually furthering 
that conversation so somebody makes a statement   about your product good bad whatever they are then 
able to respond in a way that's actually going to   continue the conversation in a productive way 
and actually get people to engage more so even   if the first comment was not exactly what you were 
hoping with the post you can always turn it around   with the right manager to make it a productive 
conversation and your manager can make sure that   they are guiding the conversation of your social 
media platforms at all times so your social media   manager is going to listen to respond to and 
engage with your audience across all of your   social media platforms what this is going to do 
is to help you increase sales and improve your   customer relationships if you are taking the time 
to actually post on social media in order to grow   your business you have to also respond to your 
audience that's why having somebody like a manager   is really important so that words aren't falling 
on deaf ears all the time you make a post people   respond to it and then there's just crickets 
having a manager in place will help you to further   that conversation thereby growing your customer 
relationships and once you understand how these   positions can work together it'll help you to keep 
building your team and of course keep growing your   team in a scalable way people do their jobs better 
when they understand what's expected of them and   when they know that there's support in place in 
order for them to get their job done your social   media marketing could be the only thing that you 
actually need to market your business when done   in the correct way and set up as a strategy with 
a process and a plan it's going to be something   that will not only level up your business but will 
make it a scalable and profitable and that's what   you want as a business owner so thanks so much for 
watching any questions or comments drop them below   if you're not already a member of my community 
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we do here okay i will see you in the next video

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