Supply and Demand Trading Strategy **THAT WORKS**

supply and demand trading has become one
of the most popular methods of trading most forex pairs today , and combing through thousands upon thousands of your
comments, this is the thing you
want to see the most, so in today's video I'm going to help you . understand
supply and demand how to find it when to enter and when to profit
[Music] welcome back to the channel everyone my
name's artie and this is the moving average a show where we
discuss everything day trading to make you profitable keeping on a consistent basis I have
a feeling this is going to be a long video so let's just go straight into the
charts okay so the first thing you guys need to understand when you look at
supply and demand , the simple fact is that retail day traders
cannot move the markets the forex markets have a daily volume of 6.6
trillion dollars, that 6.6 trillion dollars is probably allocated to about
80 percent central banks around the world that move money whether it's
from gbp to usd or it's rom euro to JPY
they make transactions depending on the inflow of currency they get
to the currency they would like to get and they always want to get the best price
so they will endure manipulate the m ark to the point where they
want to get in on their big positions and then get in and at that point that's
when you see the massive increases in the opposite direction again
daily volume of 6.6 trillion dollars, the banks move the
market retail traders not so the most logical thing for you guys to do
is to trade like the banks so the first thing i want you to understand
when i look at the charts i have euro usd here it is one of the most
traded 4x pairs and I want to show you what it looks like when a quick
sharp move happens I'm not talking about this I'm talking about
this this v shape is what you want to look for
these v shapes only happen when banks come into the market no amount of
retail day traders can price doesn't always move so let's just say
for example you can't see any of this price action here you can only see this
one move if you look left you'll see right here right here people like
to like the support zone right to use and if it breaks below a support
zone people usually get a sell order that looks like these smart people keep a
stop loss stupid people get liquidated though they
don't have a stop loss so if the retailer gets into a short position
here and it quickly reverses on them, they get stuck in that position until
the price pulls back there and they can get out with a breakeven or they get
margin called until there, so let's just say they didn't have a stop loss and
wait for the price to get back to that area so they can break even they got
into a sell position when a sell position is closed it's a buy order so
their buy orders have moved from their original to break even which means
there is a tons of buy orders here are the people stuck in the trade
buy orders alive here then there are sell orders from the retail trader
just below that because it has the previous support so it should
go down as you a bank and you want to buy a ton of something you have to look at
for a ton of sellers not only that in past price action looking at this
area and people taking long positions here and trying to target, their stop loss is going to be
below that area that we saw on the right here on the left, so what is
a stop loss of a buy order that's right, more sell orders, so not only are there
retail buy orders here, there are two massive pieces of retail sellers
here that is completely prepared for the massive amount of liquidity that
the banks are going to put into their buy orders and you see a massive sharp
straight move like a [ __ ] retail traders can't move the market like
that only big banks can retail maybe do something like that maybe
like a little bit but not these colossal big hole candles
now I wanted to show you that example specifically because it's just the
perfect storm of sell orders and buy orders in the right place that
fore erei is for bank winning but what you also need to understand is that the
daily volume is 6.6 trillion dollars so what I want you guys
to focus on is the smaller moves because banks are still making smaller moves as well
as their massive moves like that think of those supply and demand zones as
diving boards there are two different types that banks will trade off.

've got the wide platforms and you've got the narrow little thin dongles
pictured right here with a small base and a sharp shift, then another one
here with a single candle sharp shift again it's a very sharp shift
it's more than a 45 degree angle down so if your chart looks like
when you go on and do your analysis you should set up a long
rectangular box over this zone and then patiently wait for the banks
to come back to that zone and that if their d plan to sell out of the
market because the price comes back to that zone and we get this sharp one or
two candle rejection in the opposite direction that right there your short
position your stop loss is going to be just above the peak.

pexels photo 7173047

the peak of those maybe two or three pips and your target is simply going to be to look left
and where most price crossed right there you're looking at 35
to 40 pips on these moves on a 30 minute time frame these moves happen quickly
and it's usually in one direction all the time, sometimes the price
continues and if you want to exit a runner near 90 of your position, but I
usually advocate that you only close 100 of your position with your profit and
you look for your next trade and if you pay attention you also
see this small base consolidation area here with a massive
sharp move from it, so when the price reaches it again and we get these
massive [ __ ] candles off of it, you can trade it Z one again just a few
pips of it to where do you think the banks are going to do their big
selling to make money with the banks does the price go up or does
the price go down again right here single candle super sharp move off of that
banks push it back massive drop down 40 pips within 30 minutes why
does this happen several times because when banks have so much liquidity to move
they will do it in smaller pieces small piece one small piece two that one was
actually massive and they will also break it up into smaller pieces
that's why the small bases important, not the long periods of consolidation
bless me, thank you but short bases where they fill a
small piece of their position another small piece and then they take the
market in the opposite direction please don't ask me if it for crypto doesn't work we
look at the forex markets a 6.6 trillion dollar daily volume forex
market not crypto now here is the last example I'm going to show you it
's a long position banks come in a little bit right there banks come' a
little more right in there and then the people who went long
here with their stop losses right here, they take advantage of that so they
sell orders right here which means that the buy orders are ready to go to banks t e get
in the sharp movement pull prepared it gets enough people caught and or
liquidated brings the price down again in that zone for a last big
rally from what and the price shoots up so either banks build up their
positions the price slowly moves up, bring it back one more time and then let
it go down that's why current price action is king banks move money
you either trade with the banks or they take your money
it's a constant battle between the retail day trader and the banks so start
looking after the signals that the banks are dropping you the little
breadcrumbs pick up the smell of what direction they are going in and go
with them if the price moves ing very very sharply against you please take the
[ __ ] out of your position you are being screwed not screwed over by the banks
you fell for their trap admit your mistake get out of your position prevent
you from having a massive loss also keep in mind that those trades that have
the base, the small base where there are multiple positions where d the banks came in
, it's a much stronger move than the quick single candle one, because
just where the traders are trapped more trapped traders means a longer
bigger move off of it, so if you want to learn more about day trading and
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