The Most Valuable Digital Marketing Skills in 2022 (That Every Company Is Looking For)

– Do you want to do well
in digital marketing? You need to know the valuable
skillsets that everyone wants. Hi, everyone. I'm Neil Patel, and today
I'm going to break down the most valuable digital
marketing skills in 2021 that every company is looking for. (upbeat music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel, and if you're on YouTube
click the alert notification. Now I'm going to break down some skills. Some of them you may be good at. Some of them you may not. You don't have to learn them all, but if you learn any one of these you'll be much more valuable
to be working at a company.

The first skill is big data analytics. Look, there's just so much data that companies are collecting from so many different channels. You need to know how to
slice and dice that data, and more importantly, get
actionable insights from it. People don't want you to just be able to slice and dice the data. As a marketer, you need to
know what changes to implement to grow that business.

If you can do that, you'll be way more valuable for a company. The second skillset is
business intelligence. Look, marketing, the overall goal of it is to help grow a business, and there's a lot of business
intelligence platforms out there, so if you know
how to read the data, how to use those platforms, it's going to be better for you, because your KPIs, those are
key performance indicators, should be tied to the
growth of the business. The next skillset is content writing.

Yes, there's AI and automation that can supposedly
create content for you. They're not amazing yet,
and creativity is priceless. So if you can be not
just an amazing writer, but a writer that has creativity, and the way you get that,
you just flex that muscle. Start writing once a week. You'll get better at writing,
and that's more valuable. And writing is used
everything in marketing, maybe not be a blog post, but it could be something
like a landing page or product page.

And you would think that, "Hey, writing's more for blog posts." And yes, it could be that, but you still got to convert those people on a product page to buy your product, or on a landing page to become a lead. And that's why copywriting or
content writing is important. Paid ads. It's the easiest
way to scale marketing. Most people raise billions of dollars from these venture
capitalists and hedge funds to spend on sales and marketing.

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So make sure that you
know how to do paid ads. If you can, that's a
very valuable skillset and you need to get good at it. And what I recommend doing is check out Facebook's Ad Library. It'll show you all the other ads that people are running in your space. That way you can learn and
get more creative ideas. Account management is super important. If you want to work for
one of those big companies, they give you all those stock options like PayPal, or Facebook. or Google, you need to know how to
work with ad agencies. Probably not as much Google,
but the other ones definitely. And the reason being is when
you work with ad agencies you will be able to
deal with the resources that you're outsourcing and
you can better manage them to get your company that you're
working for better results. Next one is UX.

Look, marketing isn't just about, "Hey, someone's coming to the page and I got to convert them." A lot of it is user experience. I'm not talking about
from a design perspective. I'm talking about is someone getting what they're looking for
as quick as possible. That's optimizing for a user experience. And as a marketer you control that. You may not control
the design of the page, but you can put certain copy
or images higher than others to get people what they're
looking for as quick as possible.

And the last skillset that you
need to know going for 2021 and the future is automation. AI, machine learning. I know machine learning is not automation, but still automation, AI,
and even machine learning, they're important aspects of marketing, and without them you can't scale and do as well in the future. And companies will always
give you a budget constraint, even if you're working for
the largest corporations. So with automation, here's what's cool.

You can end up getting
more done with less people. So when you're on a budget constraint you can still get a lot done. If you need help with your marketing check out my ad agency, NP Digital. And if you want to work and you
have any one of these skills, make sure you apply to a
job, we're always hiring. And if you have any questions
leave a comment below. I'm here to help. Like the video. Share it if you enjoyed
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