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I work as a doctor for the NHS.
I've been doing that since 2018. And I've worked during the pandemic
while I was pregnant. And I'm here now because I think it's very important
that the truth come out. Many mistakes have been made
during the pandemic… which have cost human lives. Many people have died needlessly. When the pandemic
broke out earlier this year… I saw it go through all kinds of
different countries…

And part of me believed
that our country would be prepared. We are leaders
in a lot of fields… especially science and
medicine. So I thought nothing
could go wrong in Britain. And I had faith in the government. I trusted them
to protect doctors and healthcare workers… so we
could protect our patients. They don't show how many
health care workers… have been sick
in the intensive care unit. They don't show how many
cleaners have died. They don't say anything about that. I'm actually not allowed to
talk to the media. And I find that very frustrating. The first healthcare worker died
in the corona department. They were infected…

And that could only have
happened if… they hadn't been
protected enough. At my husband's hospital … a pregnant
nurse has died. That was one healthcare worker. We now have 620
care workers who have died. I was scared when I
drove to work. I didn't know what I was exposing myself or my
unborn child to. And if something happened… I could
never forgive myself for it.

I've asked for
risk assessments. I have asked
to be transferred to another department. But my concerns were
not heard… because there wasn't enough evidence
about the risks that… pregnant women
or their unborn child face. I realized that not
only was I being kept quiet… but my managers were also
monitoring my social media. They kept a record of everything I said
and everything I did. I was threatened on the phone. And I was told that if I didn't show
up to my long shifts… I'd get paid less. They don't know I'm here now
because they told me… that I have to go see them first
if I want to talk to the media. These people are trying to create some kind of
propaganda. They put up instructions in the
hospital and posters that said: we have had so many positive
covid patients tested and cured them. But they don't show
the reality. That is what they are most afraid of.

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They dare not say no
to the government… and try
to hide the reality. If we are already being
silenced in our own hospitals… what does that say about our country? What kind of democracy do we live in? These are things you
would rather expect… in strict regimes like North Korea. This is happening in our own country. I myself worked as a doctor during
the pandemic until April. In January, February, March and April,
these four months… I couldn't even put on
a mask. I had nothing in that department. I was in a situation where I
had to protect myself…

Or the patient. And the guidelines
were different every day. One day we were told
to wear a full suit… the next day
a plastic apron was enough. An apron could protect us
from a deadly virus. We all knew that
these new guidelines… were based on
political decisions… because they just didn't have
the right protective equipment. But no one would ever say we don't have enough.

If I went into a
patient who tested positive… and he was coughing in the meantime,
what then? When a survey was conducted last July
into… how much protective equipment
they have … they
found there wasn't enough… for a pandemic. Nothing was done about it. In our country,
the United Kingdom… there were plenty of protective equipment
available from manufacturers… but they were just sitting in the warehouse. Our government had decided to get them out of
Myanmar and Turkey. And when they arrived, they also turned out to
be of poor quality. When we
saw the government protective equipment… they turned out to be outdated. They were past their
expiration date. When you come to work as a doctor… you open the box of mouth caps… and see that there is a sticker on the best-before
date… how do you think that comes across? I think the biggest issue right now is
how we can help health care providers… because this pandemic has put
a lot of pressure on everyone psychologically. We have lost our faith
in government. Many of us have even lost the love
and passion for our work.

And I don't know if
we can recover from this. The government
lied to us… and they should
be held accountable for it. We must seek justice… for the families who have lost their loved ones
. These ministers have blood
on their hands. They killed people. But they're still
in the same place… and that has to change..

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