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What is mindset and why is it
important? I'm going to read some definitions that I found
for you. So one, a mental inclination, tendency or habit
to a person's usual attitude or mental state is his or her
mindset. Three, a person's way of thinking and their opinions
for an attitude, disposition or mood, and five the established
set of attitudes held by someone could what you believe about
yourself impact your success or your failure. According to
Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, your beliefs play a
pivotal role in what you want and whether you achieve it.
Successful people often had what is referred to as a growth
mindset, as opposed to a fixed mindset. If success is important
to you, I really recommend that you spend some time each day
working on your mindset. At the end of this video, I'm going to
talk about a resource guide. And in that guide, we added some
tools to help you with mining Because mindset truly is an
important role in your successful journey as an
entrepreneur, this channel is dedicated to helping you build
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Hi, I'm Kirsten Graham with Six Figure
Business Coaching and I'm going to talk about three things that
you should consider in regards to your mindset. The first one
is know your why and find ways to focus on it with gratitude
and appreciation. So my business partner Jeanne started her
business in 2007 when she had a toddler and a newborn her Why
was very strong.

She wanted to stay home with her children. She
wanted to see them grow up take their first steps, say their
first words. She wanted to be that mom that got to go on all
of the field trips. So her why we're building a successful
business was driven by her children. That's a very strong
why. And each day that she got to spend time with her kids, she
really valued that appreciated it and that made it easier for
her to build her business.

Because sometimes you're gonna
have difficult clients or you have projects that you don't
enjoy working on or you're going to lose a bid to someone else.
So you have to have a really strong why to overcome the
obstacles. So focusing on your why and really feeling it and
being grateful for it is a huge part of a positive mindset.
Another example, is someone who wants to leave corporate america
so that they can spend time with their aging parents.

When people
get older, they have more doctor's appointments, and it's
nice as a daughter or son to be able to be there with your
parents and take them to those appointments and spend quality
time with them. One of our clients that was her why she
wanted to leave her corporate job, relocate to where her
parents were living and she'd be able to be active in their lives
and spend time with them.

So her Why was a very strong why for
other people is something like travel. They want to see the
world so they want to build a business that allows them to
have the money and the time freedom to go and do that. Your
Why hasn't To be in line with what your true goals and values
are. Because when you are very focused on why you're doing your
business, and you're grateful for the fact that your business
allows you to do these things, spend time with these people,
it's going to be a lot easier for you to focus on a positive
mental attitude.

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I'd love to hear from you guys in the
comments below. What is your why, why did you start your
business? or Why are you considering starting a business?
We'd love to hear what you're thinking. I feel like another
powerful tool for a strong mindset is thinking about
others. Thank you for that same way, if you really help other
people get what they want in life, you'll always get what you
want in life. So having a healthy attitude towards helping
others is a great way to work on your mindset. When you spend
time really focused on delivering value and helping
your clients in seeing their successes. These are things that
can really make a big impact on your mindset. I love the saying
givers gain the more you give the more you gain, if you can do
that with a really generous heart and with a focus On the
fact that you're helping people because you truly want to help
them, your business will thrive and grow.

But you'll be amazed
what happens to your mindset. When you take your mind off of
yourself and your problems or your challenges. And you truly
focus on others and helping them and being an asset to them and
providing value to them, you will see a huge shift in your
mindset simply because we feel good when we help other people.
Now you're also going to feel good when you start seeing
business come your way. It's inevitable when you focus on
helping other people, your business is going to grow
garbage in garbage out. Use to express the idea in computing or
others fears, incorrect or poor quality input will always
produce faulty output.

Curate what you allow into your mind.
It's really important that you curate what you allow into your
mind. I absolutely love that saying garbage in garbage out.
We talked to all of our clients about things that they can do as
far as positive in Put putting wonderful things into your mind.
It's things like books, books on Audible podcasts, you can listen
to a vision board, affirmations, daily meditations, these are all
things that you can do to make sure you're putting positive
things into your mind. limiting the amount of news that you
watch is another thing that you can do. I find that when I watch
a lot of news, it causes some anxiety and stress. So I tend to
read books and listen to books on Audible and podcasts. Because
when I'm hearing about other people and their successes, and
I'm learning what new technologies out there, all of
these things motivate me and make my mind feel very positive
and optimistic about the future. So I would highly encourage you
to every day have a practice around putting positive things
into your mind. For me, I walk my dog every morning and I do
that while listening to a book on Audible.

It's just become a
routine. It makes me feel really good. It's just part of my day.
I often listen to podcasts. Throughout the day, when I'm
having lunch or taking a quick break, and I'm a huge reader, I
love to read at night before bed. Something else that can
really help is listening to music. You know, if taking a 10
minute break and cutting the tunes up and dancing around your
office makes you feel good.

Do it. Again, running a business can be
fun, but it can also be challenging and stressful. It's
up to you to find ways to keep your mind focused and positive.
So think about every day, what am I putting into my mind that's
going to make me feel good? What am I putting in my mind that's
going to help me be grateful? What am I putting in my mind to
learn new things, input of good quality things will always
produce great quality output. So in the beginning of this video,
I told you, we'd have a resource guide for you. You can find that
in the description below.

And like I said, it has some
fantastic tools for working on your mindset, as well as a lot
of other wonderful tools to help you start and grow your
business. Again, if you haven't subscribed to our channel,
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