Wagle Ki Duniya – Ep 30 – Full Episode – 19th March, 2021

'The kids feel that their mom
stays at home and does nothing.' 'Why don't they understand' 'that a housewife is the most
hard-working person?' 'Atharva felt ashamed
of Vandana.' 'Watch how Rajesh solved
a new problem.' Atharva! What have you done?
What on Earth have you done! Mom, Mr. Sharma had parked
the car wrongly in the middle!
Who does that? Quiet!
Absolutely quiet! You'll pay for this.

Even if you'll have to do Asha's
chores for that! That's it! From tomorrow
onwards, you'll assist Asha for a whole month! And you'll pay Rs. 2,000
for this from your pay. But I was playing. Couldn't you have played
in the park like the other kids? Was it necessary to play
in the parking space? Well, the mothers of other kids
pay Rs. 2,000 from their salary. But why can't you pay?
– I'll pull your tongue out! We'll have to spend Rs. 25,000 for plastic surgery.
– Henceforth, you won't go out! You'll stay at home
and do nothing! Like you? Atharva! How could you speak to her
like that? Apologise to her.
Say 'sorry'! Sorry. Well, how did he manage
to do this? He has broken the glass. Mr. Sharma has given me
the whole thing for replacement! He made us spend Rs. 2,000
and also showed me my value! He has no control
over his tongue. He is growing up, right? So, there's hormonal imbalance.

The energies need to be
channelised. We need to think
something constructive. Atharva, check this out! There are so many options!
How about guitar lessons? But why should I take it up? At least, check it out. There's so much to choose from! Is there no CUBJ? 'CUBJ..'
Come on! Idiot, if you play CUBJ,
you'll become antisocial! If you learn to play guitar,
you'll become a star! Check this out! 'Cubotge?' It's 'Cubotics'!
– 'Cubotge..' What is that?
It's Cubotics.

It will improve your logical
thinking, Atharva. But what about my sharp
shooting skills? – No. You'll never need that in life. Who said so? What if there's
a terrorist attack at our house! Dakshesh will take care of it! Atharva, for a terrorist attack,
you'll have to become a VIP. And for that, you need
to take up Cubotics. Rs. 25,000 for 6 weeks! Dad, this course is not
that special either! – Right. Who told you so? You'll take up Cubotics. And in this place! Just hold on. Signed up! From tomorrow onwards, a new
chapter is going to begin in your life in which you get creative
and not destructive. Got it? Vandana! Vandana, even I'm sleeping here. I was banging my head
for Rs. 2,000. And you lured him
with Rs. 25,000! How is it luring? What were you doing! What example are you setting
before him? I am a sensitive
and conscious father.

– Right! Then if he commits a murder
in the future will you enroll him
in a forensic class! What nonsense! Think ahead, Vandana. Twenty years later,
when Atharva would be a high-rise
structural engineer and when he would
design skyscrapers you will recall this evening. I won't! And C-Cubotics..
What is this supposed to be? In future, there will be
a new course How to Eat With a Spoon! After that, there would be
a course, How to be a Bankrupt! Okay. Come on, now, sleep
with a bankrupt! Come. No. I..
I want to read the news. I am not feeling sleepy.
Let me read. Shall I switch off the light? Your wish.

Okay. Atharva, I've kept cut fruits in
this and also, the water bottle. Take permission before eating and share it with your partner
without fail. Okay? Mom. – Yes?
– I am confused. Why don't they mention 'left'
or 'right' on socks? Leave all that.
Hurry up. Wear them quickly.
Come on! Sakhi. – Yes?
– Drop him. Okay? – Fine. Wow!
The shoes are shining! Everybody is going to ask me
whose brother he is. Yes! Go, dear. Or else,
you will get late. – Come. Look at him! – Bye, Mom.
Come. – Bye! Ma'am.. – Yes? – A boy had
fallen in the garden that too, flat on his face! I hope he is fine.
– Nothing is fine, ma'am.

Everybody is having a bad time! The women of this generation are so nasty! If they don't get likes
and comments on social media they will create an uproar! But she didn't go
and pick her upset child up! Nasty woman! She must be busy, Asha. Who would be busy at home,
ma'am? What important work
was she doing that she couldn't take care
of her son? I carried her son in my arms! Even then, she took 10 minutes
to open the door! She could be taking a shower.

Right! She takes a shower,
wears make-up cooks two times a day. And does nothing else..
– That's enough, Asha! You've spoken enough. Go do the
dishes and dust the fans. Go. So, children, this was excellent
for a first day! So, class,
as it is our first day let's all introduce ourselves.
Okay? You. Hello.
My name is Gagandeep.

My dad is an engineer and my mom is an architect. Wow! That means,
both of them design tall towers! Yes, ma'am!
As well as malls. And the pyramid mall
with the roller coaster has been designed by my parents!
– Excellent! You. My name is Vivaan. My dad is a lawyer and my mom
is an aerobics instructor. Wow! That means, you'll
definitely be fit and smart! Sit down!
You. My name is Apurv and my
mom is an animal psychologist. Wow!
And you. My name is Arya Shah and my mom has
a start-up business. And you. – My mom
is a hairstylist. – Excellent! And you.
– My name is Zaki. My mom is a manager
at Happycare Hospital. Superb! And you tell us.. Tell us about yourself. Hello.
I am Atharva Wagle. 'Create a good impression
on everyone, okay?' Tell us something
about yourself, Atharva. My dad works
for a courier company.. International courier company as a manager.. As a managing director.
– Wow! And your mom? 'No! Everybody will think
that I am jobless.' My mom is a house.. Works in the office. She goes at 9 a.m.
and returns by 6 p.m.

– Good! Sit down. So, now that all of us
know each other we'll play a game.
All right? All of us need to tell
this class about a job that we have done
in the last 24 hours that we are superproud of! Mom! – Yes?
– You know what! The pyramid mall
with the roller coaster has been designed
by Gagandeep's parents! Wow!
Your friends are very inspiring! Yes. And one of the boys' mom
is an animal psychologist. Wow!
We should meet her. You know what!
I have always been very curious that the male birds are very colorful and the female birds,
very dull. Really! – You know what!
After they have young ones and when they come out
of the eggs and grow up a little the mother bird throws them
out of the nest so that they learn to fly. Oh no!
Such a disgusting concept! So irresponsible!
– Oh! Don't worry. I won't throw you out
of the house. Now, my value is Rs. 25,000.
Who will throw me out? You will get a beating..

Yes, Zaki? Atharva, are you at home?
– Yes, I am. Why?
– I hope there's no one else. No, only my mom is there. What!
– She's there, at office. She will be back by 6 p.m.
– Fine, I am coming. Where to?
– To your house. Let's play CUBJ.
– No! I will leave by 5:45 p.m.! Driver, please park the car. No, Zaki.
Don't come to my house.

Zaki, please! Pal, I am already here! I'm in the washroom. I have got locked up here. You are too funny! See you in a couple of minutes.
– No! I think I have got COVID.
Zaki.. 'I am in trouble!' 'Zaki will see mom at home' 'and everyone will come to know' 'that my mom
doesn't do anything!' 'Atharva's mom
doesn't do anything!' 'Atharva's mom
doesn't do anything!' 'Atharva's mom
doesn't do anything!' 'Atharva's mom
doesn't do anything!' 'Atharva's mom
doesn't do anything!' 'Atharva's mom
doesn't do anything!' 'Atharva's mom
doesn't do anything!' 'Atharva's mom
doesn't do anything!' Why did you do that, Atharva?
– When will my grandparents go? Where to?
– To the old age home. What nonsense! Look, over there, there's chess,
carrom, swimming and what not! Did your grandma
tell you anything about it? Company, love, friendship people to chat with! Are you okay?
– I have you. Who is with them?
– We are there, Atharva.

Right. Ever since dad
has been thrown out of the nest that poor bird has been alone
and so are her eggs! Had I been in your place,
being a good daughter-in-law I would have at least
helped her. Or spoken to her. Atharva, are you
up to something? So sad! I'm trying to say something and you are not even
able to understand it! All right. But your grandpa would be
sleeping now. And who can peel the peas
better than grandma? Go and peel the peas, now. Good idea! I'll do this. I'll call her up and ask her
to come here, all right? 'Oh no!
That's such a problem.' 'I'll have to get her plan
changed.' Are you going to trouble
such old people? Go and peel the peas
with her.

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Go to second floor. Give them a surprise.
– Okay. What's the matter? My Atharva is saying
some sensible things, today. Isn't it? – It's a phase, Mom.
– Fine then. I'll leave. – Okay. Please go. Jacky.
– Hi, Atharva. Come. Come in. Mother-in-law, one of my friend used to struggle to clear
her exams. She cleared her tenth
with such great difficulty. And then, she got married. Then, she had three children
who are in hostel, now. You know what?
She and her mother-in-law started a business, together. I hope you're not getting bored. What?
Not at all. Just make a guess, what
business it would have been. A restaurant. You just won't be able
to guess, Mother-in-law. Of truck driving. The women would
never drive trucks. They fly the rockets,
these days. Driving the trucks
is nothing big. Vandana, you tell me. They both have started
the business of pram walking. What's that?
– Well, those parents who don't have enough time
to take their children out of these two take their
children out in the pram.

They are doing really well. They charge Rs. 500 per hour. Dear, does that work out
in India? – Yes. They both were even rewarded,
Father-in-law. I tell you, these days.. People want to have children but they don't have time
to take them out. Yes, Mother-in-law.
There are a lot of surrogate mothers,
these days. It's not possible
for every woman to carry a child. These things are common,
these days. Right. A pram walker for children and diaper for the aged people.

You're laughing as if you're
going to stay young, forever. Vandu, listen. – Yes.
– Two things are fixed. Neither I want to get
on a wheelchair nor I want to go
to any old age home. If at all I fall sick then, just give me
mercy killing. I'll be grateful. I don't want to suffer. The injection's needle
will break but there won't be any effect. Father-in-law, have some tea,
It will get cold, otherwise. Read the newspaper, later.
– I'll have it, leisurely. Fine..
– Yes, have your tea.. Why are you interfering
between our talks? As if it's such a great news
of pram walker. As if your life would go waste
had you not got this news. Vandu, you tell me. File? Isha, keep this file
on my table. It's dad's call? I'll be right back. Yes, Dad.
– Where's your mom? Mom has gone downstairs.

Well, she's in a meeting
in Chennai. What!
– She's on zoom call, Dad. With who?
– With my teacher. They're discussing my progress.
– Okay.. Hold on. If Vandana is on a video call how come you're having
her phone? That's because
the zoom meeting is taking place at grandma's house.
– What! What are you saying? Atharva, put Vandana
on line, quickly. Atharva, come soon. We're on a war. We have
to shoot enemies with the bomb. Who's he?
What's going on there? Well..
We're doing our homework. My friend has come home. Who are you firing
with the bomb? Which subject
does that come under? It comes under chemistry. You're just..
– Atharva.. Hello.. Dad is right. To hide one lie, we'll have
to say hundred more lies. I have already told five lies. 100 minus five. Hello, Dad.
Is Vandana there? Yes, dear.
Vandana is here but where's my newspaper?
– What! Whenever Vandana comes here,
all my things get misplaced. You know.

Vandana, you have
a call. – Okay. Where's the newspaper?
– Here. Hello. – Vandu, who
are all in our house? Atharva.
– Who else is with Atharva? What do you mean?
Are you scaring me? I heard a boy's voice
in our house. He must be watching television. But the television wouldn't be calling out
Atharva's name, right? Well, I'll go and find out. So, you don't even know
who else is at home? What do you do all day? I was chit-chatting
with mother-in-law, Raj.

So, basically, time pass? I'm peeling the green peas. Oh, okay.
It's one and the same, anyway. Listen, I'll be late, tonight.
– How late? By eight or nine?
– How does it matter? You don't have to board
any flight or so. You peel the peas
to your heart's content and let our son
get spoiled there. Let him do all misdeeds. Let him break the mirrors. Well done as a mother. Okay, listen. I'll be
coming home for dinner.

So, make something nice. Bye.
Enjoy peeling the peas. Hey! They don't understand
how difficult it is to peel the peas.
– That's right. We have to be so focused.
– Right. They will know if any spoiled
peas is added into the dish. Ah!
– Hey! There was an insect.
– Yes.. – What happened? Let me just throw it outside. See you, Mother-in-law. Where are you going?
– Atharva's friend has come home, Mother-in-law.
So, I'll make some sandwich
or something for him. Or else, they'll just eat chips
and have those soft drinks.

Come soon, okay?
– Okay. Now that I'm going,
I'll also make some rice. I also have to find
Sakhi's yellow dupatta. I think it's still left
with the laundry man. I need to check it. It's good
that I remembered it. I'll get going. Come soon.
– Yes, Mother-in-law. You got scared
of a worm! Atharva,
I'll open the door. Hi, dear. You are.. I'm Zaki. And you are? Who is it, Zaki? Some lady.

Lady? Mom! I'm Atharva's mom. Mom, you! Yes. – You
returned early from work today. From work?
– Yes. You remain so busy. Chill. Zaki, come on.
I want to show you something. Come on. Come.. What do you want
to show me? This.
– Arthritis? Are you okay? Actually, Zaki,
go home. But what about the game? Mom is going
to work from home now. She will also have to
attend zoom meetings. So, I don't want
to disturb her. Okay? Bye.
– Okay. I understand. Go.. Hey,
where are you going, dear? I'm going home, ma'am. Zaki, right? How can you leave
without eating anything! Eat something
and then go. – No.. No, come. It's so yummy, ma'am! Thank you.
– You're welcome. Where do you stay? Near
the Happy Care Hospitals. It becomes easier
for mom to go there. What happened
to your mom? She works there.

Oh. Is she
a doctor? – '12 lies in a day!' No, she holds the post
of the manager. Just like you. Like me? Take this. It's 6 p.m. A curfew
will be imposed. Come on. Come on!
– Curfew? For what? There's a rise
in COVID cases in the building. So, before
it gets sealed, leave. Okay? Where's your mask? Okay, bye. Bye-bye. Call me
on reaching home. 13, 14.. Fifteen lies. O' God. I hope, the fan
is working properly. What will happen
to the fan! It works. It doesn't sit idle,
unlike me. Wow. Did you write this line? All of you feel ashamed that I don't do
a job, right? Who? Me? I'm a team leader
in peeling off peas.

I'm doing a research
on Sakhi's veil. And you know what! I'm a CEO
in making sandwiches. Atharva's friends think that I am
a working woman. Then
that's a good thing. I don't know that. But the truth is, Raj that I'm not
a working woman. Surprise! Neither do I step out nor do I earn. I don't have any
ambitions, earnings or savings. I'm useless! Oh, come on.
Why are you saying so? Your mind
is working overtime. And my kids
just can't digest the fact that their mom
doesn't do anything! Let's give him
a tight slap! Okay? Good morning.
– Good morning! Hey! Dad, what is this? This is
a really enjoyable game which we would play
at our office. By playing it, we can
understand each other better. Radhika.
– Yes? After growing up he wants
to play a game now! Dad playing games
has got to do nothing with age. Even in old age homes,
there are board games and outdoor activities. You don't want
to play games, right? Then go and prepare
ginger tea for everyone.

Good one! Why should I
prepare it! I'm not a servant. Then am I a servant
to prepare tea? Look, preparing tea
is your job. Why? Is it mentioned
on a contract with my name and photo on it? Then all these years,
why were you preparing tea? Who had told you
to do so? I never said 'I want to have
the tea prepared by you.' Please calm down. Only if
you remain silent can I explain this game. Look, due to you,
I'm missing out on the game. Oh really!
– Yes. Mom! Dad!
– Look.. This game
is really easy. We only have to do
one thing. How many times
has someone else called me out?.

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