Warum Hustle Culture so toxisch ist

Do you know these motivating sayings from
motivation coaches? So something like there's a tiger in you! The tiger in me:
hey guys, what's up? A topic that more and more of you have been wanting to see with us lately
is Hustle Culture. We received a few comments about it and we often talk
about trends and things that trigger pressure and then always try to take the pressure off
a bit. We've touched on the subject itself in some of our videos.
The whole thing is also called "Hustle Culture" by the way. You may be familiar with
the term "Hustle Culture". what does all this do to us – right, it puts us under pressure.

But you
wanted a whole video about it and that's what you get now for the first time for the definition "Hustle Culture" or also
"toxic productivity" are terms that come from America and they describe that you work really
hard, i.e. the hustle, striving for your own big goal above everything and
which then also becomes a lifestyle. this hard work is then really glorified and
hyped. Yes, I somehow have the feeling that I speak more English than German right now. I tell you the youth
is going under because of all these Anglicisms down here from my lawn, you young hoppers. Wow, that's stupid.
you work a bunch of overtime is just always productive goes beyond your own limits,
sacrifices things like sleep, hobbies or social contacts and all this to achieve the big dream
and to be successful. Because you know that if you work hard enough, you can
achieve anything. Incidentally, this is also very reminiscent of the American dream, where it
also means that every person can achieve wealth with hard work and effort, no matter
where they come from.

I will go into more detail later that this can cause extreme pressure and in the worst cases burnout or even death . but the topic seems to be very preoccupying for some people at the
moment. Because, as luck would have it, it feels like everyone is quitting
youtube and also say, among other things, that the cash register stress and the pressure that comes with
it play a role in this. I no longer do what I enjoy when I shoot videos.
I prioritize the success that I have in terms of work, measured by numbers in the form of attention
and money, my state of mind, my wishes, my personal goals, my
health and my
inner satisfaction all these things drive you
crazy. I think that's really awesome. I also notice that I make my
feeling of success with our videos extremely dependent on the clicks, likes and comments. but
it still and hopefully never takes on the proportions that jonas or joey, for example
, have addressed in their videos. it can happen very quickly that you slip into it and from
there it's not very far to the hustle culture. let's just imagine that i've
completely fallen for the hussle culture imagine it in your mind's eye i'm still sitting
at my desk while everyone else has long since finished work for me there's no nine to five but twenty four
seven i have I have big goals and will do anything to achieve them, no matter how tired I am, I will
force myself to keep hustling through.

weekend i'm hussling, holidays i'm hussling,
while others are sleeping i'm still hussling. I'll probably
talk a lot about how little I sleep because I just work so much for my success
that's my sixth café already resting is a foreign word for me,
can I sleep when I'm dead is my motto in life and I should once dared me to
rest i will permanently get ready for it and what my ego probably
pushes a bit that i work while the other Netflix watch these miserable
useless losers and you know what motivates me extremely really inspiring
instagram quots basically every trend above that in our videos talking is
very pushed by social media and hussle culture is definitely not enough that's why
my favorite section "Aurora comments memes" comes now good evening dear people nice that you
switched on aurora commenting…

Ok let's start my body wants more sleep but my wallet
wants more money. Yes, who needs the sleep cycles necessary for the body to
regenerate when you can have printed paper slips. Dad, what is sleep? I do
n't know son. we are huslers. The poor child I just imagine you are
going to his father full of excitement and inquisitive and then want to know something about the subject of sleep and he
then only put his failure into the world so that my son sleeps adoption directly
released for adoption five o'clock in the morning the time at which legends either wake up or go to bed yes, going to bed
at five in the morning does apply
to me but probably more because I then watched mems all
night I am still a legend because of that but no joke right now I find it really
frightening how sleep is presented in these sayings as if it were just something for
losers uuh this loser lets his body regenerate every night what a lollipop.

pexels photo 4049876

ask myself above all how do they manage to hustle everyone like that when they don't sleep
if I sleep less than eight hours I'm screwed, I mean of course some
people need less sleep than others but sleep isn't a bad thing okay for me personally he
does it it's even a lot of fun but sleep it's also fun write it in the comments and also
spend so much time telling everyone how little they sleep so they could have used the
time to sleep you or not ok and now there's only one more quad an
absolute classic when i started flirting with the hustle the failure became my
ex now i'm engaged to the game and married to the success on oh yeah i
kinda don't even know what to say about that anymore too so there it goes then
the very little scoundrel was also strange you see on social again it all goes really
well but of course there is also go Thank you for sayings that promote a healthy relationship with your own
goals and work, but those like this one can give you such a blatantly bad
conscience if you just want to satisfy your basic human needs
or if you don't work more than 40 hours a week will or god forbid
one of the most famous quotes about what is very popular in the hustle culture bubbel is that of
Elon Musk where he says that no one has ever changed the world with 40 hours a week
generally is a great role model in the scene because he is known for being a workaholic
multi billionaire entrepreneur and visionary he is supposed to work 80 to 120 hours a week he is
the epitome of the hastle culture dream doing his own thing escaping the nine to five system
and very importantly being in the insta bio entrepreneur So the English word
for entrepreneur conveys all that just tells me this perfect picture of success,
fame, the fulfillment of dreams and that you are destined for bigger ones and that many people
like this picture i can of course absolutely understand the thought of just
working hard and then achieving everything is yes super cool would be yes somehow depressing when a
long life full of hard work doesn't lead anywhere mean and the hustle culture just doesn't stop
with self-employed people who want to start their own business and
go through the roof with it the pressure to keep up with work colleagues or
to make the boss happy also ensure that 9 to 5 simply becomes 5 to 9, particularly
toxic it becomes as if everyone brags about their overtime and that this revision is
completely glorified you worked two hours too much today.

So with me there
were four and that you have to be willing to sacrifice things sometimes even your own health
i think we can all agree that overwork is not good for us you even have
a high risk of dying of a heart attack if you are always 55 hours a week works or
even more the who did a study on this and found out that in 2016 and worldwide
745,000 people died from a stroke or heart disease in japan
there even has its own word for death from overwork karoshi. Psychologically, too
much work can also have blatant consequences because then you also have a higher risk of severe
depression and there are more and more people with burnout, which can also be caused by constant stress or workaholism.

and more youtube inside and youtubers have blatant
stress leading to depression and burnout leads to permanently having to deliver content the pressure
from the numbers hundreds of opinions every day that for some it's just too much and that
's why they don't want to do it anymore I think it's understandable that the exact opposite of
that happened in an experiment in Iceland in 2015 by 2019, 2,500 people worked four instead of five
days a week or generally fewer hours, and it turned out that
most of them did more in less time , people then felt less stressed
and therefore simply had more time for their private lives i know that you
can't generalize that for sure can apply to any job but this is just an example of
how more and harder work doesn't necessarily mean more success and that, for example, what that
still concerns me to this day i myself am an advocate of big dreams and goals
in life i don't care how cheesy that sounds, my heart goes 100 times in circles when people
just follow their passion and do what they love that's why it's definitely
not about judging someone who works for their dreams it's about criticizing this culture that
does the work above everything is also above your own health because
then the whole hustle just wasn't worth it arriving at your destination with burnout i don't think it brings that
much so elon musk should be happy to continue like this i think he cares very little about what we say about his
120 hours week but we don't have to set something like that as a standard if, for example, we
also have big goals ha ben and of course everyone ticked differently if you love your job
you have a different connection to it and you have to do something for whatever goal
and also work for it but to think that your own work was only effective if you up to
sitting at the desk late into the night and just being exhausted shouldn't really be normal in my opinion
breaks are important health is important and sleep
please stop doing this great activity like that we also need carefree time
but for me For example, I also notice that the hustle culture
does not leave me cold, even though I criticize it.

I often still make my self-esteem dependent on my performance
. I often catch myself when I want to take a break, I often beat myself up for it
at this moment not from my goals work i know that
breaks are essential to wi I always have to recharge my batteries, but I
've often canceled friends because I still wanted to work or was busy taking my lifestyle to the
next level at night, by the way, I talk about that in detail in the video here,
which is about the that girl trend worry that  all those morning routines on social media
dude i always wanted to imitate them perfectly after i did it insane at some
point i drove that at way in this video here hello my dears i show me my morning
routine  i get up every morning at 5 o'clock often already at 3 or 2 o'clock actually
i never slack because it's unsuccessful camp make- up i don't have to because i wake up already with make-
up in contrast to ugly people afterwards i make a green smoothie
with myself just spinach leaves with water that's mega Healthy only has two calories powerful says
but if that's not enough than I am one more blueberry but really only when i
have it then i do yoga i eat the animals i always write a diary and i keep it grateful
and plan my day and then i go to the gym and yes i do all that before
you and productive piece it's even open long story short it's easy to say
it's the people's own fault if they work so much but it's not that easy
you can slip in there quickly and even if you're aware of it that doesn't mean that I'll
do it Dissolving directly into thin air does n't make sense to
put yourself under too much pressure.

I would be interested to know how you are doing with the topic. Do
you also know this feeling when you have a bad conscience just because you somehow
too you have done little now in the comments here are two more videos from
us if you haven't already done so you are welcome to subscribe to us ren and ring the bell even make it clear
that you were there folks see you next time.

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