What I spend (and make!) in a weekEND in Texas – 34/yo Social Media Manager with 5+ jobs

hi friends and welcome back to a spend the week 
with me Vlog! this is a continuation of my last   video which I will link below where I go through 
all of the money I spent and made during the week   as a 34 year old uh social media professional 
and finance influencer living in College Station   Texas you can check out that video below see 
how I spend and make money in my everyday life   because I believe in transparent personal finance 
so last week's video got a little bit long and it   went Monday through Friday so go check that out 
and this we're going to spend the weekend with me   so here is what I spend on a kind of higher 
spend weekend in College Station Texas let's   briefly go over my core expenses this is 
just for the week as a whole between housing   electricity insurance phone subscriptions 
I spend 78 dollars and 26 Cents a week and   I also save 250 a week for savings and 
Investments rolling out to 328 of just   normal life expenses every single week 
at my day job at Texas A M I make 728   dollars and 63 cents a week and I also have 
several side businesses including budget girl   my website my short-term vacation rental 
the AG wagon Investments Etc et cetera Etc with a broken hearts in me 
if I deserve this feeling 30 Saturday so what you guys don't know 
about these little idiots is that they   wake up every day around 6 A.M and either 
Jake or not gets up let's not pee feeds them   and then we go back to bed and that is how 
we end up waking up to deconstructed shoes another doggy malarkey it's uh about 8 A.M 
we need to drop them off at the Doggy Daycare   Rory's getting walks brought towards the bougie 
money thing that I do one of the best things that   I do is you know these two love attention and 
play but Rory is a much less social dog and so   she gets so many from some walks her she would not 
enjoy daycare and these two would not enjoy being   stuck all day so we're gonna get dressed we're 
gonna go Austin and hopefully have fun too late Stella what are you doing I'm a baby all right where'd it go sit down daycare 
how much does daycare usually cost Jacob 30 or so per dog but there's like all the 
add-ins you know what did we add in this time   bucks uh hopefully they do a nail trim and stuff 
too there's the Kong service that's like three   bucks per day for dog so I guess it's really 
complex so Rory's just 30 bucks and so I guess   you could say if it's about 35-ish for a dog 70. 
another 12 for the Kong so 82 and then another 30   for the pounds so if it comes out to about 100 

Okay that's not bad they're very delicious 30 per dog per day so they have a weekend 
minimum so we drop them off Saturday morning   and then we pick them up Sunday at like five 
uh I guess it'll probably come out to about   170 ish yeah all right still okay they deserve 
vacations every day it's very bougie dog stuff   and then Rory's is 38 plus a five dollar tip 
for the uh for two 15-minute walks and feed it come on foreign quick walk before daycare drop off all right blue bonnet and they take 
such good care of the girls here   so I was just chattering in 
the back she is just talking Tom okay so we hope we'll do a little better with 
the group this time she's been socialized a lot   um here's their food um just one 
per meal yeah one per dog for me   they can eat at the same time they don't bust over 
food or anything yeah we are grabbing gas for the   Austin trip uh Jacob's paying girls are dropped 
off at daycare um we love having a Fuji daycare   but it costs us even if it costs us 200 to leave 
town for eight eight hours plus it's something I   do not regret about like getting better with money 
and paying off debt and stuff like that I I really   like being able to treat my dogs to the life I 
think they deserve uh we're probably a step in   a Walgreens grab a couple of drinks and get on 
the road I don't know why you left me bleeding this feeling I also found these had a Goodwill do you see 
them they're Pumas guess how much I paid 7.99 five dollars and that's after I rounded 
up I never do that at Goodwill they were   on sale they were 7.99 he was cheating made 
it to Austin grabbing at this Japanese place Museum s that was really really delicious so no regrets but 
it was expensive how much was it 72 72 bucks after   a 15 tip Jacob does have leftovers of his own um 
really really good though Austin at The Container   Store Love The Container Store almost never buy 
anything from The Container Store because it's   so expensive we are specifically looking for 
a new dog food storage thing for Stella's food   because her old one broke perhaps we can find 
one here and those are really tough to find this would be perfect except 
it has cats all over it this is too big they didn't really have any opaque 
containers and I do not want dog food in a clear   container also everything is so expensive at The 
Container Store I know this going in every time   and I enjoy looking but I feel like The Container 
Store is more of a museum of inspiration than it   is a place to spend actual money what do you 
think oh my God some of the stuff's expensive   it's a lot it's I don't even know if I'd 
be comfortable spending money if I was like   really wealthy there Maybe we're in downtown 
Round Rock at the library for the Mensa event we went to a metal detector already that's for 
library books though okay I'll wait for you   all right well what do you think of the Austin 
Mensa group it was fun but uh they are a great   deal older than me yeah I think we were at least 
two decades younger than every other person there and we are in our 30s yeah the 
closest people to our age were   some literal children so yeah they 
came in with like a grandparent yeah   yeah people were friendly people were friendly 
we played several games we did it independently Jacob is trying to revive the Bryan College 
Station Mensa but he's faced some pushback there's not a lot of a lot of members there are even less people my age 
who are but that's been the issue   since you joined at like 16 right that 
there was never anyone younger than   their 50s at the time so maybe it's just kind 
of a Dying organization and I don't know whether   that's because they haven't adapted at the times 
they haven't recruited new members or they don't   new members who are interested 
they aren't interested in the people there were lovely but I'm not sure 
if we want to come back for another game day   I mean it just before I was driving yeah two   there two back we're gonna host 
one inspiring College Station it's all dark somewhere 
yeah yeah it's a social club   those are tough sometimes I was in Social Clubs tough even when everyone is on the same page   we're gonna go to Ikea Ikea Hall we got two 
step trash cans for our bathrooms to Stella   we'll quit getting it this lemon and dill sauce 
some gummies a pillow cover and a microwave thing   42 I am especially happy about the price of the 
trash cans at Target very similar ones were like   40 plus bucks into the Container Store they were 
crazy prices too so we've been looking for those   for a while so Ikea came and clutch on that um 
It's Five O'Clock I don't know what we're gonna do   next Jake was very disappointed for the month of 
event and this car is parked way too close to us yeah we had um both meals were pretty quick today 
all right um total is 47 after tip and we have   some leftovers all right officially almost home 
uh I have no idea how much I spent today Jacob got   lunch I got dinner Jacob got gas I got the stuff 
in Ikea what else did we spend right else here we   go we went to Goodwill did you get anything a good 
one yeah I got the five dollar shoes at Goodwill   and the other two Goodwills we went to I didn't 
buy anything um and you spent 10 bucks in our   admission to the Mensa thing and there's somewhere 
else oh we went to Walgreens do we waited okay no I didn't uh we went to World Market and 
Jacob actually bought me a dutch oven there so   I didn't film while we were shopping because 
I was shopping but yeah big day I'll put the   totals on screen and hopefully tomorrow 
will be less spending but had a good time   well you have your home do you help Go Walks 
good girl all right I never showed you guys   the fit is it today very comfy all right now 
we're going to bed and we missed the little   dogs I miss the little dog so bad um there are 
a lot of puffy energy but I bring so much love   oh we'll get them back tomorrow at five happy 
Saturday Sunday oh crap it's Sunday Jerry are   both slowed down because the dogs are at daycare 
little ones and we can't pick them up until five   I miss them very much we both had weird bad dreams 
he's making breakfast I just got this in the mail   I got it off of a Facebook Marketplace somebody 
was selling it and it's really cute it was only   like 16 bucks so and the original tag from Kohl's 
is still on it OG price was 60.

pexels photo 4467857

So nice new work   dress Jacob made breakfast and some coffee and 
it's currently cleaning up the kitchen I am   sitting here doing nothing all right I thought 
I was just gonna relax today but apparently   I am incapable of that so I'm working on the front 
bedroom in the house which is also kind of Rory's   Sanctuary so she doesn't love the little dogs 
climbing all over her so if she comes in here we   kind of shut the door too they can get in Hershey 
can still get out but she just likes lay in this   area and as you can see it's just covered in 
dog hair I've got stuff for upcoming brands   I keep like camper renovation stuff all this all 
this was completely stacked up and covered there's   some stuff I'm selling on Poshmark I need to paint 
that so I might do that in a second but because   this room is usually closed Rory's on the couch 
right now uh it doesn't it kind of has become the   trash room so working on it a little bit got some 
stuff kind of stored better in the closet and I'm   trying to figure out if I want to like list some 
stuff for sale or paint that or you know clean off   that or I but I do enjoy this type of organizing 
I am definitely finding some stuff I need to   declutter or get rid of which is great this poof 
thing I got at a yard sale a long time ago dogs   took it over you can't wash it so unfortunately it 
is being trashed it just it won't I would have to   like get an industrial bring it to a laundromat 
to do it and we have tons of dog beds everywhere   but yeah this is probably a good way to spend 
a little bit of time and it's definitely going   to make me feel better to clean out this room 
a little bit also there's a bunch of stuff in   here from when I went to my dad's old home on the 
Gulf Coast and was helping Vincent Beth kind of   like cleaning out for around the funeral time they 
wanted to make sure I grabbed anything before we   put everything up for estate sale so 
there's a bunch of little stuff in   here that you know like not worth anything 
but like I remember this from my childhood   and like this is a really pretty little frame 
my mom had so little tchotchkes like that that   I don't want to just find disappear I got this 
table at a yard sale for a couple of bucks and   it's very cool very vintage and I was actually 
it came rusted already and I actually had was   doing like concrete pop projects on this but I 
think I'm gonna tape the silver section off and   spray paint this give it a quick sand and then 
that might make this a little nicer don't get   me wrong it's still going to be a project table 
but it will be a prettier project table foreign however wow that's been drying between coats 
I've been working in here and this is looking   a lot better a lot of stuff organized put 
away still working on it but Improvement all right the paper piles are gone so much better all right well I got the concrete stuff out this 
is looking a lot better painted this I think this   looks really nice even sealed it going to get 
the puppies I feel about getting the dogs I'm   pretty excited have we missed them all day I have 
it's been very quiet life's been different Stella   would look so cute in this I may try to find one 
they uh they know their demographic it's official   branded merchandise really yeah easy enough 
to find it's got a little thing on it yeah   I wonder how much we can find it for elsewhere 
I like the leash the leash is very nice that's   a Oh I thought it was a dual leash the 
girls are coming yeah oh you know babies yeah we became good friends so still come here 
thank you yeah thank you oh she smells so good   oh did you have fun that was very 
sweet of you to tell the lady goodbye how much was it again 142 all right 142 but they 
got baths and nail trims right or supposedly   nail trims I don't think they got any nail 
trims but they definitely got an extra bath   they smell very good they're very fluffy they're 
very happy Stella cry two more leave Maggie was   very happy to I would say Maggie was sufficiently 
grateful yeah look how fluffy her voice it's so very fluffy it's a very fluffy voice it 
is all right I did the dishes kitchen is clean I   have a load of laundry in and ready for tomorrow 
I have a headache so I've just been chilling so   our dogs we're all just hired let eight leftovers 
for dinner from past couple meals about to take a   bath and I think that caps off our week I will put 
on screen how much I spent and maybe even break it   down by category if you enjoyed spending the week 
with me please let me know below and don't forget   to subscribe um I'd love to do this again maybe 
on a week where the weather's less bad and we're   a little more active all right well that was 
my higher spend than normal weekend usually on   Saturdays Jacob and I go like thrift stores 
or garage sales and take the dog places and   generally relax a little bit on the weekend and 
work on our side hustles but this was a fun way   to spend the day I hope you enjoyed this spend 
the week with me Vlog and I would love to know   if you would like more videos like this don't 
forget to subscribe to learn more and earn more   and if you are on Tick Tock I did a different 
week of spend the days with me individual   videos over there that you can go check out 
alright I will see you guys next time bye

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