What is Social Media Marketing & its Types? & How to Create a Calendar? (2021 / مترجم للعربية)

Good day everyone, this is Zaid Shahin; 
and in this video I will illustrate for you   what is social media marketing & what are 
the social media marketing types, as well   I will discuss the right elements you need to 
have when creating your social media calendar,   and why it is important to create one.

Whether you have an actual store or an   online store, you need to know that your customers 
spend a long time on social media platforms daily,   so following up with them & adapting 
should be on your top priorities,   otherwise you will be experiencing drawbacks 
in both your client’s overall reach & revenue.   Social media is your preventing shield 
from the drawbacks mentioned above.
  So, what is social media marketing? Social 
media marketing is the process of promoting your   content, yourself, or your business, in order 
to build your customer’s trust and eventually   to impower your digital reputation & to escalate 
your sales volume, all this will happen only when   you start being consumer centric, social media 
marketing has 2 main objectives which embodied in   attracting potential & existing customers & in 
increasing sales volume.

In order to complete   the social media marketing definition, we 
need to pinpoint the 2 main types of it,   social media marketing & Social media advertising:
A) Social media marketing (is a long-term   Investment): which focuses on increasing follower, 
driving more organic traffic on the platform,   building the trust with your clients & 
eventually transferring all this into sales.  B) Social media advertising (is a short-term 
Investment): which focuses on getting Infront   of new wider audience to introduce them 
to your products, services or offers which   will lead eventually to generate extra revenue.

Setting your objectives & goals is a fundamental   step before diving in, so you need to decide 
whether your business is considered B2B or B2C   as this will help you to select the right 
social media networks for your business.   Leveraging only 1 or 2 networks is 
strongly recommended for beginners.
  No doubt that online marketing has helped lots 
of businesses and individuals during the past   2 decades, it changed the marketing 
forms, reduced the marketing costs,   increased the customers engagement, and eventually 
enhanced marketing efficiency as it gives us   the privilege of selecting targeted customers 
based on age, gender, location & much more.

  Coming to the second part, how to master the 
social media marketing on your selected network?   You need to fully understand the below 
point or skills in order to have a solid   knowledge of your selected networks:
1) Creating & making posts: your post   is the first thing to attract your 
potential clients before even knowing you.  2) Scheduling your posts: this a very 
important point, as the more you are active   the more possibility clients will notice you.
3) Understanding what type of posts work better   for your selected network: whiter it’s a text, 
a photo, a video, or any other type of posts.  4) Analyzing the insights, the 
channel growth & the metrics.  5) Understanding the network audience, as 
every network has a different audience.  6) Strategizing in what ways you can 
attract more audience on the network.  7) Managing the network page and all 
the client’s interaction & engagement.  Even though social media marketing 
has more tasks and skills,   but you need to improve these skills at least to 
get the best result out of your chosen networks.

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  After structuring your social media marketing 
goals, you need to pinpoint both your targeted   client’s geographic locations and your key 
competitors’ activities, only then you can choose   which social media channels you will be leveraging 
more for your start-up stage, as being on every   social media channel requires lots of effort, 
time & dedication, as well get yourself familiar   and educate yourself with the platform analytics. 
By not starting with your goals & strategy then   you will be creating the best recipe of failure.

Every platform has its own culture,   tools & targeted client’s category, with that 
said, you need to set a monthly calendar for   your marketing activities for all the 
social media channels you are using   in order to keep track of your performance & the 
client’s feedback, it is strongly suggested to   have it in excel sheet format so you can 
edit it, amend it and follow up with it.  Your calendar must contain the below 8 sections or 
columns at least to be considered as a reference:  A) The date of your post.
B) The channel or the platform name   (whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…etc.).
C) The type of your post: is it Branding,   Competition, engaging, event, news, tactical…etc.
D) The format of your post is it a text,   a photo, a video, or any other post form.
E) Post text: just copy your content and   past it in this section, so you have 
all the needed information in 1 place.  F) Link ULR: if you are providing 
a link to further content.  G) Hashtags: the appropriate 
hashtags you have used.  H) In this last point or column, you need 
to add the comment and feedback column,   and make sure you always update it with 
all clients’ feedback and comments.  Applying the informative social media 
marketing calendar to your business   will help you: to have a holistic view of the 
overall performance, to understand the actuals,   to know which posts perform better in term of 
impressions and clicks, to create a solid & an   accurate database reference & last to choose 
the right channels to complement your content.
  You cannot set on the sideline just watching 
& not interacting with the digital world   just because you consider yourself an old 
fashion, or traditional or if you don’t feel like   learning new things.

Having all that being 
said, let us state 7 facts to highlight   the importance & the uniqueness of the social 
media marketing before wrapping up this video:  1) Social media marketing is 
becoming more and more important,   and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.
2) Over than 2 billion monthly active users   are on social media daily, which means 
that over than quarter the earth population   are on social media on daily bases.
3) The study shows that social media users   stay one the internet between 3 to 4 hours a 
day which represent 25% of their awaken time.  4) Social media has made it easier to reach for 
the selected target audience than ever before.  5) Social media marketing is way 
cheaper than traditional marketing.  6) Social media marketing is more efficient 
and engaging compared to traditional marketing.  7) Social media marketing is more consumer 
centric than any other form of marketing.
  This is Zaid Shahin and I hope you like my video, 
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