What’s Selling During Poshmark’s Identity Crisis + eBay Promoted Listings For the Win!

in today's video i'm going to be sharing 
with you what's sold for me over the last   two weeks as a part-time reseller but here are 
the bullet points just some of the big picture   things that you need to know in regards to 
what went down these past two weeks okay so   first and foremost poshmark is going through 
an identity crisis like there's no other way   to put it than that like poshmark is 
out here trying to figure itself out   it is just going through some growing pains 
and in the process people like myself who   you know found poshmark to be pretty consistent we 
thought we had it figured out we thought we knew   what we had to do to make sales over there pretty 
consistently everything is different i feel like   all of the rules have changed and poshmark is 
literally rewriting the rules as we speak and so   while it is completely within their right to do 
that because they are their own company they can   do what they want i know a lot of you aren't happy 
with it i personally am not super happy with it   but second bullet point we're gonna be talking 
today also about a new platform that i'm trying   out and one that i have found some success with 
now how sustainable it is i don't know we'll get   into that as we talk about you know what sold 
for me but let me just say third bullet point   i am so thankful for platforms other 
than poshmark let's get into what's old hi everyone my name is becky park and like i 
mentioned earlier i am a part-time reseller   which means that i have a full-time job 
and when i'm not doing the music teaching   thing i am selling clothes online on a 
bunch of different reselling platforms   and if that sounds like something 
you're interested in learning about   how i do it my different tips and tricks that 
i've learned along the way seeing what i pick   up and what sells for me definitely make sure 
that you hit that subscribe button but today   we're going to be talking about my sales for the 
last two weeks we're going to be talking about   sales from march 7th all the way through march 
20th because i am not good at staying on top of   all of the things and uploading videos once a week 
like i used to in regards to what's sold and what   you're going to notice is while poshmark was 
doing okay i feel like poshmark sales went from   like taking a nosedive in january and february 
to like kind of coming back to life only to   go ahead and die again like in the second 
week that we're going to talk about here so   i don't know i don't know what to tell you let me 
know in the comments below how poshmark is doing   for you i know when i first talked about how i 
was seeing a lot of changes in poshmark especially   when they went and changed their algorithm some 
of you were like my sales have never been better   and if that's the case awesome i'd love to hear 
that maybe i am just doing something wrong and   if sales are awesome for you on poshmark i'd 
love to hear what it is that you're doing   i feel like on my end i've been pretty 
consistent with listing sharing all those things   and it just hasn't been helping so if you are in 
that boat i'm in that boat with you i am sinking   on that boat alongside you so i know how you 
feel but let's go ahead and talk about my sales   so we're going to start by talking about monday 
which is march 7th i did have one poshmark sale   on this day and it was this vintage nike 
golf green opryland opryland don't know is   it in tennessee i think it's in tennessee but 
opryland nashville nashville is tennessee right   pullover jacket in a men's size large this i got 
at the bins that's a lie this i got from a local   reseller when i bought out her inventory because 
she no longer you know wants to resell and so i   had a dollar and two cents into this i had it 
listed for like 35 got a really low ball offer   of like i don't know let's say 15 or something 
but we finally settled on 25 as the final price   um and because it was closet clear out i went 
ahead and dropped the price from 35 to 25 so that   he could also get discounted shipping and when 
all was said and done i made a profit of 18.98   on that item i thought it was pretty cool and 
it got like a decent amount of um attention on   a bunch of different platforms but ultimately it 
did sell on poshmark the next thing to sell was   over on mccarry and it was this h m floral ruffle 
shoulder pop over blouse in a size 8.

I actually   thought this was beautiful and if it were in my 
size i would have kept it in a heartbeat but it   was a little too big for me i got it from the same 
inventory buyout so i only had a dollar and two   cents into it it sold for 17 and after mercari's 
fees and my cost of goods i made a profit of 13.49   on that h m piece so you know while i probably 
wouldn't have picked this up myself if i were   at the thrift store i'm glad that it happened to 
be in this lot and that i listed it and was able   to make decent money for an h m item it just goes 
to show that sometimes style can trump brand this   i thought was really just beautiful the next item 
to sell was this pair of eddie bauer beige pleated   golf shorts and a men's size 42.

Everything that 
sold this day came from that inventory buyout   so again a dollar and two cents into these they 
sold for 13 on mercari so i made a profit of 10   when all was said and done if you've been watching 
my channel for the last month or so you know that   i have been harping on you to get your golf stuff 
listed if you have any golf clothes get it listed   now because that stuff is selling like hot cakes 
the next day that we'll talk about is march 8th   which was a tuesday i only had one sale and it was 
over on poshmark it was this pair of anthropology   pilcrow and the letter prosthetic coral skinny 
jeans in a size 25.

I've had these forever i   don't even remember where i got them but somehow 
i have record that i paid 5.99 for them and i   sold them for 28 so that gave me a profit of 16.39 
while pilcrow and the letterpress is a pretty good   anthropology brand it does not command the same 
prices that it used to a year or two ago and these   are you know color denim color denim just hasn't 
been very popular for about a year or two and so   you know yeah i've just been sitting on these 
for a very long time to be quite honest i feel   like getting 28 for those or like being able to 
sell those for 28 that was pretty great given the   fact that this kind of denim just isn't doing so 
hot lately on wednesday which was march 9th i had   a poshmark sale and it was this pair of torrid 
skinny jeans in a size 18. these i sold for 29   that was with discounted shipping so that was a 
posher va sale which just means that my chrome   extension posture va sent out offers to likers 
like four or five minutes after they liked it   and someone accepted so i have posture va to think 
for that sale i didn't have to sit there and like   stalk people who liked items they did that for 
me and sent out the offer in a timely manner   um i had seven dollars and seven cents into those 
jeans because i picked them up i want to stay at a   plato's closet and so i made a profit of 14.41 on 
those i know a lot of people swear by torah jeans   um and this i think was a pretty good sale you 
know twenty nine dollars on a pair of torah jeans   awesome i feel like i sit on them a lot longer 
than i would like to though like they take close   to half a year to sell for me not really about 
that life so i don't know maybe i need to try   pricing them not so high but i'm also not getting 
them for like that cheap i don't know i'm still   experimenting but if you would like to try posher 
va if you don't want to babysit your poshmark   closet and send out offers and you know share 
your closet and do all that kind of stuff then i   have a coupon code down below that you can try out 
it is becky park for you to save 20 off of your   first payment on posherva it's just been really 
great for me to you know be able to automate my   poshmark closet a little bit so if you're about 
that life if you're about that automating life   definitely try it out and then over on mercari i 
sold another torrid item i guess it was like the   day of torrid and it was this black ponte sheath 
sleeveless dress a v-neck dress in a size 26.   this sold for 23.

I got it for five dollars and 14 
cents at a goodwill near my in-laws and so i made   a profit of 14.59 and that's all pretty quick i 
feel like i could have maybe held out for a higher   offer but honestly i was happy for the quick flip 
mercari's fees are pretty low so i was yeah i was   fine with that somehow these did not get put in 
my notes for my what sold video this week so i'll   just talk about it really quickly here these were 
a pair of base or bass i'm not sure how you say it   red slip-on leather sandals they had like a little 
bit of a wedge or like block heel and these were   in a size six these i actually just got for free 
from my mother-in-law she gave them to me and so i   was able to sell them for 15.99 once you factor in 
shipping and my fees that total drops to thirteen   dollars and four cents of pure profit because 
like i said my mother-in-law gave them to me   for free gotta love it i did have one direct sale 
to a viewer this week this went out to esmeralda   esmeralda you are amazing for making this purchase 
thank you so much it was this pair of sundry   sundries still don't know how to say it they were 
these camo pants and they were in a pretty recent   haul and i was talking about how the sun dry 
camo stuff just does so well for me and so um   esmeralda reached out and was like i really want 
those you know how much do you want for them so we   settled on forty five dollars shipped it cost six 
eleven to ship out to her i had three dollars and   ninety two cents into them because they came in 
a wholesale purchase that i did from a reseller   friend of mine so i ended up making a profit of 
34.97 esmeralda thank you so much i appreciate   you so much for your purchase and if you guys 
want to check out those haul videos i had about   four unboxing videos from that wholesale palette 
i will have them linked down below and the last   video was the last of the four so if you want to 
see what kind of stuff i got you know definitely   check out those videos moving on to thursday which 
was march 10th this was a really good sales day   for me and part of it is because on poshmark 
i believe i went through and sent out like   20 or 30 off offers on a bunch of stuff using 
the bulk offers to likers feature on poshmark   on ebay i think i was running a little baby 
sale i don't know it was just good sales day so   on poshmark the first thing that sold as a 
result of my sale was this bke standard fit   purple plaid button-up shirt for men in a size 
large this sold for 18 again i had a dollar   and two cents into it because it came from that 
local inventory buyout there were a lot of buckle   pieces in that inventory buyout and buckle is a 
brand that i personally tend to pass on because   it's just not my jam but it has been selling 
really well like the buckle pieces you know brands   like oh it's the one uh affliction affliction has 
been doing well um like the buckled jeans you know   there's been like bke and um i think there's some 
more that i'm going to talk about here soon too   um but you know the ones with like the very 
embellished back pockets the buckle stuff has been   doing well it kind of makes me think that i have 
to stop turning my nose up at it and especially   if i find it like the bins or something maybe 
it's something that i can just think a little   bit more carefully about in terms of picking it up 
but the but this shirt sold for 18 that was with   discounted shipping of a dollar and 72 cents so i 
made a profit of 11.66 which isn't much but this   sold pretty fast like within a few weeks of being 
listed my camera just ran out of memory so if   every single thing looks different that's why but 
the next item that i was going to talk about was   this new tags torrid roost swiss stop mesh sleeve 
tulip dress in a size 28 a lot of torrid actually   sold this week and maybe even in the week that 
we're going to talk about next but um this was   another item that i got from that inventory buyout 
you know she was a good picker she found really   good things that would sell pretty quickly so a 
dollar and two cents into the item it sold for 22   with discounted ship of a dollar and 72 cents so i 
made a profit of 14.86 on that and again that was   you know not something that was listed for a very 
long time the next item that sold was this massimo   supply co floral sleeveless dress in a size extra 
small massimo is a brand that used to be sold at   target i don't know that it still is i don't 
feel like i've seen it the last few times that   i've looked at the target clothes section but 
this was something that a friend of mine from   church gave to me for free i actually wore it in 
a video because i thought maybe i would wear it   more i thought i would wear dresses and like care 
about my appearance but i was like nope i'm just   never gonna wear this again so i listed it it sold 
for nine dollars with discounted ship so i made a   profit of 4.33 the next item to sell was this 
zara mini liveliness canvas tote crossbody bag   this i got from a friend at church as well 
a different friend and we kind of worked out   because she had some really nice stuff like some 
you know more like higher end brands and yeah some   really good stuff and so we decided that we would 
do a 50 commission so whatever profit i earned on   the items of hers that i sold i would give her 
50 and so this sold for 35 and i was left with   a profit of 28 so i owe her 14 so my profit 
on that is 14 this is probably like the lowest   value item that she gave me i mean she she gave me 
like red valentino and marc jacobs and like some   really good stuff like not a lot of zara but there 
were some zorro pieces too the next item was this   pair of new with tags worth gray softball pants 
they were like the capri you know softball pants   in a size large these sold for 13 and so i made 
a profit of 8.33 these i actually got as part of   a big bulk buy that i did at a local consignment 
store so my cost of goods for that trip that has   happened more than it's like almost been two years 
at this point um you know my cost of goods per   item was 80 cents so i don't think i subtracted 
my cost of goods from this total so it was eight   dollars and 33 cents minus 80 cents so that's how 
much i earned from that sale on ebay i had a few   sales the first one being this vintage lauren 
ralph lauren wool angora and rabbit hair and   cashmere blend button up cardigan in a size large 
this was really nice it was like i said vintage   but when i was looking at the tag i noticed that 
it was talking about like a collar and then even   when i looked at the inside of the cardigan itself 
i noticed that there were all these little buttons   and i realized that there was supposed to be like 
a fur collar that actually buttoned on to the   collar it was gone so i had to obviously note that 
take pictures of the buttons and make sure that   people knew that there was a piece missing to this 
cardigan nonetheless it still sold for 30 and that   was with promoted listings and so after my cost of 
goods which was a dollar and two cents because i   got it as part of that same local inventory buyout 
and after all of ebay's fees i made a profit of 20   and 61 cents lauren ralph lauren is such a 
great bread and butter brand it always performs   so much better than i think it's going to it's one 
of those brands i think people sleep on all the   time but it does really well so if you find it and 
especially if it's made of really great natural   materials like you know cashmere and rabbit 
hair angora you know wool all that kind of stuff   it's definitely worth looking at and if you can 
get it for cheap enough probably worth picking up   the next thing to sell was this pair of judy blue 
skinny fit high-rise jeans these were in a size 15   or if you go by waste in a size 32 they sold for 
35.99 which i think was my sales price i think i   had it priced originally like 39.99 they were 
promoted at three percent i had 6.99 into them   from a local actually i think that was from the 
goodwill near my in-laws and so my profit on those   was 15.96 the next thing to sell i was ecstatic 
when this sold because it literally is from the   very first time that i went thrifting with the 
intention of reselling like when i first started   reselling i just started with stuff in my house i 
actually talked about how that's exactly what you   should do in this video right here you know things 
that i wish i knew when i first started reselling   um in that video i talked about how you really 
should start in your own house start with things   that you're not investing new money into but it's 
just stuff that's taking up space and collecting   dust in your house anyway so when i had gone 
through all of the stuff in my own house i   started going to salvation army and goodwill and 
this came from my very first trip to the salvation   army where i was like trying to find stuff to 
resell online and i didn't know at the time that   apostrophe is a very low end brand doesn't have 
a lot of resale value to it at all i just thought   this was kind of cute it was this apostrophe black 
sequined beaded embellished button-up cardigan   in a size small i also didn't know back then that 
i should have systems in place like knowing how to   track how much things cost but um so i'm guessing 
here i'm going to guess i spent like 3.99 on this   i think that's probably around how much it was for 
tops and so this sold for 8.99 after my supposed   cost of goods and ebay's fees y'all i made a 
dollar and 69 cents off of that and i'm really   proud of that dollar in 69 cents because it shows 
how much i have come as a reseller how much i've   learned and that's really the only way to do this 
i mean i get the question all the time from people   how can i get to your level not that i'm like on a 
really high level or anything but people are like   how did you learn how to do all this where can i 
go for all this information is there like a guide   the the way to do it is to just do it and 
make mistakes and make some bad buys and   um learn the hard way what happens if you don't 
look up comps you just gotta do it you learn   through trial and error you learn through watching 
videos like this you learn from experience and   from allowing yourself to make mistakes and 
that's exactly what this sale is reminding   me and is teaching me is that through putting 
myself out there through making mistakes through   just allowing myself to grow i'm here now you know 
sharing my information with you i have a ways to   go i have a bajillion more mistakes to make but 
man that's just really exciting to see that sale   and and to finally get rid of it like it's just 
nice to not have that in my home anymore the next   sale was a soft surroundings top that we're not 
gonna talk about because the buyer returned it   so these last two weeks had about three ebay 
returns and i feel like they always come in   groups of threes i know a lot of you don't want to 
sell on ebay because you're so scared of scammers   and you're so scared of returns and stuff really 
returns are such a small part of my business but   when they happen they happen in groups of three 
and then they don't happen for like months and   months and months you don't get any returns and 
then you get three at once and that's just how it   goes it's a part of you know being on ebay and i'm 
really okay with it it's fine you know sometimes   people get stuff it's not what they thought it was 
gonna be i take it back and i sell it to someone   who'll actually love it but then over on mercari 
i sold this polo ralph lauren purple t-shirt for   a youth size 2t which is toddler this is something 
that my son wore i listed it a while ago and it   finally sold for eight dollars so i made a profit 
of six dollars and 67 cents the next thing to   sell was this pair of new with tags choco brown 
lowdown flip-flop sandals in a size 7 for men   these i picked up at a local thrift store for 3.99 
can you believe they had their price so low and so   i was able to flip them for 30 giving me a profit 
of 21 and 84 cents they were listed for quite some   time like at least i'd say four to five months 
but i did list them in the winter so i'm not   surprised that they just sold you know towards the 
beginning of march as people are getting ready for   the spring and summer and as people are getting 
ready for trips and things like that that made   sense to me i had a kittens in sale kit is in 
sales they get once like every month or two but   this was a pair of skechers active purple 
polka dot line shorts in a size five these were   something that my daughter wore so i sold them for 
ten dollars i did pay for shipping which was four   dollars and fifteen cents i made a profit of four 
dollars and sixty-five cents which i am totally   okay with it feels really good to sell my kids 
clothes and give them new life and to also give   someone else's kids clothes at a fraction of the 
cost of what they'd have to pay you know retail   and then moving on to friday which is march 11th 
on poshmark i continue to have some decent sales   because of the fact that i had sent out so many 
offers the day before um the first thing to sell   was this pair of vintage ll bean relaxed 
fit blue jeans in a size 35 by 30.


These   sold for thirty dollars again with discounted 
shipping of a dollar and seventy two cents off   thank you posture va i had five dollars and six 
cents into those and actually that day at that   consignment store i remember there being a ton of 
vintage jeans and some of them were flannel lined   there were um you know some ll bean there was 
some levi's there was some eddie bauer so i got   it all and my average cost of goods that day like 
i said was five dollars and six cents my profit   from those jeans was 17 and 22 cents the next 
sale was this pair of newest tags american eagle   high-rise shorty distressed denim shorts 
and they were cuffed and they were in a   size 18 which is why i was especially intrigued by 
them because i know american eagle does carry plus   sizes but i don't feel like they carry a lot of it 
these sold for 25 using my closet clear out method   and i do have a video about that that i will link 
right here and down in the description below um   i had two dollars and 89 cents into those i got 
them last summer at a garage sale and that was my   average cost of goods for garage saling that day 
so my profit on those shorts was 17.

And 11 cents   the next thing to sell was another super old 
item like something that i've had for three   years at this point and it was this torrid paisley 
ruffle crochet baby doll tank in a size medium   you know like i said i've been talking about a lot 
of torrid in this week's sales and while i will   continue to pick up torah jeans even though i tend 
to sit on them a little longer than i'd like to   and torah dresses seem to do really well for me 
taurid tops take forever forever for me to sell   especially tank top type situations so i will 
no longer be picking up any sort of torah tank   top or even like t-shirt or you know things like 
that because they take forever to move like this   example you know i've had this for three years 
this was in a size medium that also didn't help   they're double zero size you know torrid uses 
vanity sizing so double zero i think means medium   that's a hard sell of a size for torrid but 
this finally sold for 11 i had a dollar into it   i remember from a thrift store that doesn't even 
exist anymore but they had to fill a bag sale on   that saturday when i got these so yeah i think i 
had a dollar into this so i made a profit of five   dollars and 33 cents after three years that comes 
down to like so little per day that i had to hold   on to this item that's okay it is what it is um 
the next thing that sold was okay it was a shirt   it was a nike dry fit black long sleeve athletic 
shirt in a men's size 3xl this sold for 15   i got it as part of that local reseller buyout 
and so i had a dollar and two cents into this   and i made a profit of 10.98 these kind of 
like nike athletic workout shirts these are   like the definition of bread and butter and what 
i mean by that is you can find these super easily   and they will sell super consistently and pretty 
quickly you're just not going to make a ton on   them you know you'll make ten dollars here fifteen 
dollars here sometimes even less than ten dollars   but it all adds up and once you get good at 
knowing what you have and um you know how to list   them it's a pretty quick process so it's easy to 
replicate it's just not super exciting just like   bread and butter isn't necessarily super exciting 
except that i really like bread and butter i love   bread and butter at restaurants so there you go 
um the next thing to saw was this pair of savain   savon don't know how to say it olive green 
cargo shorts and a men's size 42.

I got   these from the same reseller inventory buyout 
they sold for 12 i made a profit of 8.3 cents   over on ebay i sold this lot of three maxell 
professional industrial communicate series c90   blink cassettes um they were packages of 10 blank 
cassette tapes that i picked up from somewhere i   don't remember where they sold for 67.47 they have 
been listed for quite some time like i want to say   half a year or so maybe even longer i think longer 
actually and they were promoted at three percent   however a couple things went wrong with the sale 
one i thought i'd be able to ship these out media   mail because they are like media items their 
cassette tapes but i wasn't allowed to ship them   out media mail so i don't know if it's because 
it's not actual like like there's no content on   there so as a result they're not considered 
media like it's not like a record or it's   not like a cassette tape of someone's music but 
they're blank i don't know if that's why but um i   had put in the amount for shipping assuming it 
would be really low because i thought i'd be able   to ship it out medium mail so i ended up paying a 
lot more for shipping because these were big and   there were three of them and they were heavy so 
yeah i paid you know out of pocket like at least   ten dollars for shipping and then when the 
buyer received the items he said you sent me two   of the things that you said you would but you know 
the third thing is not the c90 blank cassettes   there's something else which i mean i didn't even 
ask for proof i didn't ask for pictures and stuff   i guess he could have been lying but honestly like 
that's on brand for me like i i didn't check i   didn't know i mean those were the only three that 
i had but i didn't check all three to see if they   were all the same thing i just kind of assumed 
that they were so i was like i'm so sorry can   i send you a partial refund of a third of what 
you paid me and he was like yeah that's fine so   that's what we did so i ended up making a profit 
of 19.99 on those items which is a lot less than   the 6747 that was my gross sale amount but 
you know when you make a mistake you gotta   do what you can to do right by the buyer like i 
do believe i just got those for free from someone   anyway so it's not like i had a ton of money into 
them but you know lesson learned just be really   careful when you're lotting stuff up to make sure 
that everything is the same or that everything is   what you're saying that it is and then over on 
mercari i sold this the north face osceto white   fleece full zip jacket in a size small this did 
have a few marks on it as is expected of you know   white clothing but it still sold for 28 i had 
two dollars into it because it was part of a   bulk mixed clothing box from thredup um it was 
like 100 pounds of clothing i want to say and   so after mercari fees and my cost of goods i made 
a profit of 22.9 cents on facebook marketplace i   sold this polo us assn which is that association 
i'm not even sure um polo shirt it was red with   like a big stripe across the middle i picked this 
up at a goodwill near my in-laws because it just   look of it so i picked it up for 5.99 it's 
still miraculously sold for me for 16.20   on facebook marketplace so i did still make 
a profit of nine dollars and 16 cents which   i was very thankful for because i didn't think 
i was going to once i checked comms once i got   home i was like oh my gosh like this was a 
bad buy why did i get this but i got lucky   on saturday which was march 12th on poshmark 
i sold this vintage clay i don't know if i'm   saying that right but it was this disney yellow 
aristocats top and it was so cute like it was   darling it was for little babies that are 12 to 18 
month olds it's over twenty dollars i had a dollar   and fifty cents into it because it was part of 
an inventory buyout that i did um of my friend's   stuff before she moved out of state and you know 
i got all of her stuff for so cheap she didn't   let me pay her very much for everything so i made 
a profit of 14.50 and that was after fending off   a lot of lowball offers like people wanted this 
thing for dirt cheap and i was like no this is so   cute you're gonna give me a lot of money for this 
and finally someone did the next thing to sell was   this chico's travelers square next sleeveless top 
in a size 12.

This sold for 17 it was part of the   local reseller inventory buyout so i had a dollar 
and two cents into it and i made a profit of 12.58   chico's travelers can do well but this is a very 
basic just sleeveless top it probably had like   a cardigan that was part of a set with it and i 
only had the shell so you know being able to sell   it for 17 that was actually pretty impressive and 
then over on ebay i sold another pair of judy blue   button fly skinny fit high rise distressed jeans 
again they were in a size 15 or 32 waist judy blue   is actually a brand that i heard about on amber 
resells his youtube channel she did a really   great video about like the top 10 denim brands 
sold on poshmark and this brand made that list   i had never picked up the brand before and then 
i feel like i just started seeing it everywhere   after i watched your video and i picked it up 
because she said it you know was a really great   brand and she was right i have consistently sold 
it for 30 35 or more sometimes as high as 40 or 50   um these sold for 35 i had 6.99 into them from a 
goodwill near my in-laws and so i made a profit on   those jeans of 22.53 would love to see it and then 
i sold another chico's piece on ebay this was an   ivory polka dot lightweight sheer tunic dress this 
was in a chico size one it sold for 19.99 i had   two dollars and 92 cents into it i think i got it 
at a local consignment store i don't even remember   where did i get that i think it was a local 
consignment store but i made a profit of 12 and   26 cents the next thing to sell was this new with 
tags beta brand red peplum capsule v-neck top in   a size 2xl this sold for 29.90 on ebay that was an 
offer that i sent out to watchers and so after my   cost of goods which was 250 i got this at a local 
consignment store during a sidewalk sale i made   a profit of twenty three dollars and eight cents 
beta brand is a great brand it is very comfortable   work clothes you know clothes that you would wear 
um to the office but it has fabric that is usually   used in like yoga clothes you know so they have 
like these yoga pants for example that's one of   the things that they're known most for are these 
yoga pants but they look like trousers like work   pants and so you know you get to look professional 
but be super comfortable while at work i have had   really good experience selling their bottoms and 
even their dresses this was my first time trying   out a top of theirs and it did okay i mean like 
i said it sold for 30 dollars but it did take   quite some time to sell like at least four or 
five months so i don't know if i would pick up   their tops again i think if it were new with tags 
like this one was i you know i would especially   if the price was right but generally speaking the 
top seemed to do a lot worse than the bottoms the   next day that we'll talk about is sunday which is 
march 13th and on poshmark the first thing to sell   was this astr or aster again i don't know how to 
say the names of like all of the things i sold   this week but it was this lightweight printed open 
front jacket in a size small they sold for 12.   i was so happy to get this thing sold because i 
got it at one of my very first pop-up consignment   sales that i went to and i think i probably 
paid around four dollars for this i remember   i only went that year on half off day and i was so 
excited to find this i thought this was a really   good brand but i got it home there was no size 
tag i just had to kind of you know guesstimate   what size it was based off of measurements and 
no one wanted it no one wanted this piece but it   finally sold for twelve dollars i made a profit 
of five dollars and five cents i don't pick up   this brand anymore i have never had good luck with 
it i know some people still get kind of excited by   it and i don't know why i don't get it so yeah the 
next thing to sell was this pair of columbia nylon   khaki belted cargo shorts and a men's size extra 
large that was part of the local reseller buyout   i had a dollar and two cents into them they sold 
for 15.

I made a profit of 10.98 i do think if you   have these kind of outdoorsy pieces for hiking 
and camping by brands like columbia and the   north face of patagonia this is when you should be 
listing those items because people are so excited   about being able to go outside and hike and do all 
those outdoorsy things and they're stocking up on   clothes to wear to do those things the next thing 
to sell was over on ebay and it was this newest   tag onitsuka tiger black silver metallic graphic 
t-shirt and a men's size large i got this in a   men's thread up rescue box it was the most recent 
one that i did and so i had three dollars and 79   cents into it that was my average cost of goods 
for everything in that box it sold for 15 and   that was promoted at three percent and so i made a 
profit of nine dollars and nineteen cents on this   shirt and it was only listed for maybe a handful 
of days like it wasn't even listed for a week so   that was a nice quick flip the next thing to sell 
was this cabbie priority top floral sleeveless   draped collared pop over shirt in a size medium 
that one sold for 21.90 that was an offer that   i sent out to watchers it was promoted at 3 i had 
three dollars and ninety two cents into it because   it was something that i got in um a wholesale 
palette that i just purchased and finished   hauling on my youtube channel you can check that 
out um you know if you look through my last few   videos so my average cost of goods for all the 
sellable items from that huge palette was three   dollars and ninety two cents so i made a profit 
on this top of fourteen dollars and eighteen cents   and that also sold really quickly you know it 
probably sold within a week of being listed   the next thing to sell was this pink victoria's 
secret white wear everywhere multi-way push-up bra   in a size 32b this is something that i purchased 
from a friend of mine she had a bunch of stuff   and was like do you want any of this to resell 
um and we kind of worked it out where i would   kind of estimate like how much i thought something 
would sell for and what my profit would be and i   gave her half of that i think i probably gave her 
about five dollars for this it sold for 14.39 it   was promoted at three percent i'm in a profit 
of 4.37 i have had this forever it's a little   bit smaller of a size and i've noticed that 
smaller bra sizes have a hard time moving so um   you know good to know i don't know if you've 
experienced the same thing but i definitely don't   pick up smaller bras at thrift stores the next and 
last thing to sell was my third return of the week   wow i hit three returns in one week and this was 
also a soft surroundings piece it was this pair   of purple flare corduroy pants it was so sad but 
you know the person got them they didn't fit her   she was like do you by any chance have the same 
exact pair of pants in a smaller size and i was   like no because i am not soft surroundings like i 
have actually two other pairs in different colors   but they are the same size as these that are too 
big on you so nope can't help you so for the week   let's talk quickly about my numbers before we jump 
into the next week of sales but on poshmark i sold   17 items for a net profit of 204.76 on ebay 
i sold 10 items for a net profit of and nine   147.99 on rakari i sold a total of six items for a 
net profit of 88.68 on facebook marketplace i had   one sale and made nine dollars and sixteen 
cents and on kittizin i sold one item for   a net profit of four dollars and 65 cents so in 
total i sold 35 items for a net profit of 454.34 that is almost half of my goal you know my weekly 
goal is i think it's like 833 or something like   that um we were quite a ways away from it and if 
you noticed the majority of what i sold was bread   and butter and that is because the majority of 
what i sold was stuff that i received in inventory   buyouts and the majority of what i received in 
those inventory buyouts were bread and butter   pieces which i am happy to list i'm happy to sell 
but they are not the items that are selling for   big money which means i have to sell more to make 
my goals and it's not like i was listing more so   i'm kind of selling the same amount of stuff 
that i normally do but those items are lower   price items which is why i'm making less money 
so you know i'm getting through the pieces and   it works out in a sense because i just don't 
even have time right now to go out and source   i don't have time to go out and find 
good pieces because i'm so busy at school   and just busy with my kids and living my life so 
i'm happy with the sales that i had but let's go   ahead and jump into the next week of sales 
that we're going to talk about in this video   i am literally in my pjs right now editing 
this video and if i were to put the two weeks   together this video would be over an hour 
long so i'm going to split them up so i will   end on that note today of this was kind of a 
rough week but thankfully the next week of sales   that we're going to talk about we're a little 
bit better because of this new platform that   i still haven't really talked very much about 
yet but i promise i will in that next video so   if you haven't already make sure 
you hit subscribe so you don't miss   that upcoming whatsoever video plus a ton of other 
really great videos coming your way as well so as   always thank you so much for watching and hanging 
out with me i really really appreciate all of you   because i know there are a lot of things you 
could be doing with your time so that is it   for today part two will be coming up later this 
week and i will see you all in the next one bye

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