Work from Home WORLDWIDE with these 7 Companies ALWAYS HIRING Entry Level Remote Jobs

Many of you have asked me for more entry
level remote jobs that are available with companies
always hiring that are not necessarily looking for people
based in the USA or Canada or the UK. So today I decided to share with you guys
seven new entry level remote jobs with companies
that are always hiring worldwide. So no matter where you're based, there
is definitely something in this video for you.

You really want us to grow until the end, because
even if no one might not be for you? Definitely. Number three, number four, or maybe number
seven is going to be for you because I'm covering very,
very diverse types of entry level remote jobs that you can do
if you want to work from home. So stay tuned. Hey, welcome. Welcome back to the channel. My name is Laura, and on this show,
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All right, guys. So the first company that I want to share
with you, where you can definitely go and look for entry level
remote jobs is probably probably.

Dot Com is a company
that specializes in online tutoring, and they hire people
who are ready to share their knowledge, no matter whether this is language
related or anything else . So let's take a look at their website and see exactly
what this kind of remote job is about. So when you come to Prep dot com,
you see they are mentioning here that they started as a company specialized in language training or tutoring online, and they share here
a lot about their language teachers.

But when you go to become a tutor, they actually give some really,
really interesting details. first and foremost,
they mentioned that English tutor at Charge ranges between 15 and $25
an hour, which is really, really good that you can teach anytime
and from anywhere. You can decide on your own schedule
and you can be anywhere in the world and that they allow you to attend training webinars
to allow you to grow professionally.

Now, when you scroll a little bit lower, the answer
a lot of frequently asked questions. And if you look under the one related to
what kind of tutors this we look for, they say that no specific certification
or teaching experience is required. As I was saying, and that you should just be enjoying
sharing knowledge and making a difference in students
lives, that you should have outstanding
communication skills and you should be willing to provide
a personalized learning, experienced experience to international students. Now, in terms of which subjects,
as I said, we're talking about over 100 subjects, not only languages,
but a lot of other topics as well. And then in terms of how much you can
earn, they say that on average we're talking about $550 a week,
which is well over $2,000 per month.

But that really this depends a lot
on how much time you decide to dedicate to tutoring on correctly
what kind of subjects your tutoring on and obviously how much you're charging
per hour spent. All in all, prep dot com. Really, really good place
for you to get started if you're looking for an entry level remote job. OK, the second one that I want to talk
about is 99 designs, and this one is obviously more tailored
towards those of you that are more design
inclined, more creative and that are looking for graphic design
or any other type of design jobs.

So when you come to 99 Designs website,
if you scroll a little bit lower, there is a call out there that says designers join now. And essentially,
what you will be able to do is apply to register with 99 designs
and become a freelancer with them. And the way you work on 99
designs is in two different ways. Either you get to work directly
with clients one on one or you get to submit your concepts into a design contest
and earn money doing that.

If you are selected
as the winner of that competition. When we go to their
frequently asked questions where it says How much can I earn? They basically say that you get to charge
whatever rates you choose to charge for your work
and that they only will take your membership fees,
which are more transaction based. In terms of
what kind of work is available, essentially,
they say that you get to choose the industry, the style and the design
category that you want to work with. They give you a free hand
to make your own choices over there. Right. Company number three is automatic,
and automatic is a company that I would recommend
more to those of you that are, let's say, technologically inclined. They mentioned already
from their landing page that they are passionate
about making the web a better place. And you will see already
on their home page that they specialize in technologies like WooCommerce,
WordPress, dot com, Tumblr and so forth. There are most well known
for their specialty in WordPress.

So if you are somebody who has
some knowledge in terms of WordPress, this is definitely a place
where you want to go and look for jobs . When you need to do
is essentially go to work with us, and then you will be able to find tons
and tons and tons of jobs that are some more entry level,
some more experienced. But they will be a 100% virtual and they will be willing to hire
from anywhere in the world. Company number four is we work remotely, and this one actually is a platform where lots of jobs
get aggregated from well-known companies. And they mentioned already
on their landing page that they are trusted by companies like Google,
Amazon Base Camp and so forth. And not only that,
but they do mention that they charge $299 for anyone to post a job. And obviously,
this already leads me to believe that the jobs that exist on
we work remotely are legit because otherwise no one
is going to pay $300 to post a scarf. At least that's what I believe. So what you need to do
is go ahead and check out the jobs that they have available.

pexels photo 4050319

You will see that for most of them,
it'll say anywhere in the world
in terms of location. Now, obviously, some of them require
some knowledge and expertize. Others are really entry level where you don't really need
a lot of knowledge. So if you go ahead and click on view
all 134 jobs, you will be able to see some Q8 tester jobs, some SEO editor, some entry level jobs that you can definitely do,
even if you are a beginner looking for your first remote job. The next company that I want to talk about
is Go transcript. And obviously, as the name says,
they are a transcription company. They are 100% human
generated transcription services company,
as they mentioned on their website. And they have very, very high
customer satisfaction. They seem to be taking a lot of pride
in that. They have over 144 million minutes of transcribed content,
and they support over 50 languages. So this is not only about you
speaking English, it works probably in almost any language.

Obviously, there are more than 50 languages out there,
but I'm sure you speak at least one that will be falling into their list
of covered and supported languages. So essentially, what you need to do
if you want to work with GO transcript, you're going to need to scroll
all the way to the bottom and then you'll see here in the section
called for transcriptionists. There is a link called Work. You go ahead and click on that one. And then they'll tell you that a top monthly earner makes about $1,215 on average, people make about 150 bucks per month
and that you can go ahead and apply now. They are a web based transcription
and translation company, and they hire pretty much anyone in freelance jobs
anywhere in the world.

So if you're a transcriptionist
who takes pride in your work and you want to make a difference
in the world, they want you? OK, so you will get paid reliably. You can do transcription jobs from home
as long as you have a good internet connection. You can work flexible hours,
lots of frequently asked questions with very, very solid answers that you can go and peruse through. I would say go and check out
go transcript. Definitely something in there for you. If you're just getting started and you're
looking for an entry level remote job, the next company I want to talk about
is Click Worker and Click Worker is a company
that specializes in A.I., and they build models for AI and machine learning like app
and icon like fly and bridge. We've talked about this kind of companies
before. So essentially,
click worker will hire people that can do small tasks, hence clique worker in order for them to train their models
and their algorithm.

So let's take a look at their website, and I'll show you
everything you need to know. OK, so if you want to know
more about who they are and what they do, essentially,
they mentioned already on their landing page
that they specialize in AI systems that become smarter with high quality,
multifaceted AI training data. If you're interested in learning
more about their their A.I. systems, you can go ahead and scroll down
and see all the details related to what they do and how they train models
related to computer vision and to NLP. So natural language processing. But you can just go ahead and click here
on earn money as a click worker, and that's going to take you to another
page where you can go ahead and sign up.

And it says that Click Worker is always looking for internet users
worldwide who can, for example, create or correct texts, participate in survey
or search and categorize data for us. So it should be pretty straightforward
to get works, to get work with them. The kind of jobs that you would be doing. Our text creation, categorization,
copy editing, proofreading, research surveys, mystery visits, app testing,
photo capturing, audio recordings and video recording. So lots of options for you in here. Pretty straightforward to sign up and lots
and lots of opportunities. Definitely. And the last one that I want to talk about
is people per hour, and this one I haven't spoken
about in a long, long time. People per hour is a marketplace. It's a platform similar to Fiverr,
where you can create a profile and offer your services to anyone who is looking to hire
freelancers like yourself. So if you want to do a specific type of remote job and even if you're an entry level
or if you are a little bit more experienced , you can go ahead
and create a profile on people per hour and you can offer your services
to startups or other companies who are looking to hire someone
specialized in whatever you have to offer.

So let's take a look at their website
and I'll show you more about them. So as you come to people for our dot com,
you will see that they have lots of categories
and types of freelancers. So if I'm someone looking to hire
a freelancer, I would just go in here and I would search for the specific
category of services I'm looking for. Now, if you are a freelancer
or you want to become one, you would go ahead here and click on freelancer,
tell them you want to be a freelancer and then sign up either with Facebook
or your email just for you to get an idea. Let's take a look at the kind of projects
that you can find here. OK, so we're talking content, writing SEO, website development,
logo design, voiceover and so forth.

Let's let's click on voiceover
just as an example. You see, there's somebody here
charging $60 to record a two minute voiceover in 24 hours,
and they've done some projects. They have already three testimonials. But then there's somebody charging $20
who has 95 testimonials for recording conversational North
American male voiceover. So there's nothing really special
about this person. I'm sure there is a lot special about him. As an individual, but about his offering,
he's basically just saying I'm offering a regular typical North American male voice as a voiceover artist, and this is what I'm charging you for
for that. And it starts at $20. So if you're able
to offer a specific accent or if you have someone that you can impersonate,
then you can definitely try voiceover. But there are lots
and lots of other things that you can do
or offer on people per hour, and you can get started right away
and get your first remote job.

You can start working online
or working from home and start making money
with the skills that you already have. All right, you guys,
that was it for today. Thank you so, so much for watching. Like this? VIDEO If you liked it,
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where no experience is required. And with companies
that are always hiring worldwide, I'm sure they'll be incredibly grateful,
as am I.

And as a sign of my gratitude,
here's a picture of a cute squirrel. With that being
said, I hope you create everyday magic. I hope you have a lovely day
and a lovely week, and I hope to see you here next time
on superhumans the place to be if you're looking to create a fabulous career
and master your life the next time. Bye..

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