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in this video we're having a look at some new 
remote jobs and marketing that are available right   now in 2022. so if you're ready for that make sure 
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and check out the first links down below hello   my friend welcome to living delightful freedom my 
name is Delania so without any further ado let's   just get right into it so the first one is for 
an essential oils company that is a startup and   it's called volant you will find their careers at and what they do is they provide   essential oils diffusers and things like that as 
you can see they've been featured in some popular   publications now if you scroll to the bottom of 
the page you want to go ahead and click down here   where it says careers so you can see what jobs 
they have available this is where they let you   know their story and everything like that i have 
a little video here about their handmade diffusers   and organic essential oils if you scroll down 
a little further you will see all of the jobs   that are available right now so they have a lot of 
remote marketing opportunities they have a content   creator job available email marketing manager 
shopify developer affiliate marketing manager   copywriter you can also go ahead and fill out an 
open application so if we actually go ahead and   check out this affiliate marketing manager one 
you want to click on that just for an example   of one of the jobs that are available here this 
is going to be a contractor position with a fixed   monthly salary by february 27th now the location 
of the company is in europe but you can actually   work from anywhere in the world so the job 
is to develop and execute a world-class   affiliate marketing strategy they're currently 
having a share sale account that runs on autopilot   their feeling is that they get next to no sales 
from it your job will be to execute insanely well   on jira sale and go beyond that to make sure they 
dominate their competitors with their affiliate   marketing okay your tasks are going to be to make 
sure they have the right setup devices strategy   that will make them attract top affiliates and 
generate massive amounts of real sales from it   help support overall direction of the company and 
other parts of their digital marketing strategy   like email seo and pr execute the day-to-day 
operations and scale it as much as you can   you need to be passionate about delivering real 
results you're creative and convincing you should   be someone who can write perfect english have 
a persistence of a salesperson can take a huge   workload while maintaining high quality output 
find creative solutions and are not afraid to try   approaches that are unprecedented has a structured 
and systematic approach has a good eye for detail   combined with quick execution is creative and has 
the ability to think outside the box is results   driven and ambitious they don't specify that you 
need experience for this so if you're someone that   has all of these qualities and can perform a 
job like this and this is something that you   can apply for and they say that this is a unique 
opportunity to join a fast-paced startup with   extremely high ambitions they're already one of 
the fastest growing d2c brands in europe and they   are going worldwide in 2022 they don't specify 
how much you will be paid so that's something   that you can discuss what they are offering is 
the opportunity to have creative responsibility   for your local market work with skilled marketers 
and entrepreneurs who have previous experience   with startup work from anywhere in the world 
as they are all remote workers attend quarterly   boot camps around the world all expenses covered 
competitive compensation so that's what they say   about that and you also get free volant diffuser 
and essential oils now you will find this job and   other marketing jobs on so this 
one is for and there's a platform   where you can buy sell and hold cryptocurrencies 
and they also do hire remotely so if we actually   scroll all the way down to the page you can go 
to the about us section click on careers this is   where they tell you all about their core values 
their integrity and everything you'll see all of   their categories right over here it says select a 
team most relevant to your interest and experience   to view job openings so you can check out any of 
these job openings that you may be interested in   for this video we're going to go ahead and take a 
look at their marketing department and as you can   see they have affiliate campaign specialist 
influencer marketing coordinator a ton of   marketing jobs available as well for this example 
the one we're looking at today is the social   media manager one you can just go ahead and click 
on apply so that you can check out all of the job   details for this one you do need some experience 
now if you don't have any of this experience you   can check out all of their other jobs that are 
available on this website too but for this one   you need three to five years experience in 
social media related roles native or fluent   english language is a must experience in the 
blockchain crypto spaces a plus a meme connoisseur   and creator keen sense of understanding of the 
crypto market in general you need to demonstrate   a clear and concise style of communication with 
a creative slash fun spin when relevant you need   to be well versed with twitter facebook reddit 
telegram bonus if familiar with youtube tick   tock and discord they have international 
work environment and flat organization   great career development opportunities and a 
growing company possibility for relocation and   international transfers mid-career competitive 
salary flexible working hours casual work attire   so click here to apply for this job now you can 
check out all of their jobs you can check out the   entire website if you're interested and this is 
going to be at so this one is going   to be on kraken is a crypto exchange 
platform and they actually have lots of remote   jobs available if we scroll down to the bottom 
come over to the about section at the bottom and   click on careers you can read all about that you 
work where you want 90 percent of krakenites work   remotely they believe people do their best work 
wherever their happiest they also have flexibility   and autonomy you also have the option to be paid 
in bitcoin also if you want to now you can click   right here to view all of their open roles 
this will take you over to their lever dot co   page which is where you can apply for any of these 
roles they do have a lot of jobs available to work   for this company and down here where it says 
marketing this is where they have all of their   marketing jobs available so they have content 
writing jobs they have content marketing lead   jobs they have global seo lead jobs international 
seo manager there are a ton of marketing jobs   available for this so you can come over here and 
take a look for example they have a social media   manager job available and this is going to be 
in the marketing department it is full-time and   remote you will design social media content and 
develop social relations to grow product awareness   acquire new customers and drive traffic slash 
conversion this role involves working in a dynamic   fast-paced and feedback driven environment to 
solve complex business problems so for this one if   you have experience in social media marketing this 
could be a great one for you they require two to   four years of hands-on social media marketing if 
you intimately understand social media including   twitter instagram tick tock and snap you live and 
breathe on social media understanding how social   engagement works and how to integrate crypto and 
mainstream social trends into content seamlessly   so this is great if you are well versed in 
crypto and you also have the social media   marketing experience this can be a great job for 
you as well and they do have other jobs available   with social media marketing for this company and 
these are jobs that are remote and they do have   full-time part-time positions as well so you can 
look through those this one is just an example of   one that is available in social media marketing so 
you can find some more marketing jobs over here at the next one hiring is a company called 
gradle enterprise and their website is   to find their jobs you have to scroll all 
the way to the bottom of the page click on   where it says working at gradle 
right over here under their about   section so right here they have a remote first 
workforce they talk about diversity and inclusion   what their company is all about and if you scroll 
down here you'll see their current opening they   have a lot of job openings that are worldwide some 
are for example this customer success managers usa   and this one is europe but if you scroll down they 
have a marketing one right here for an seo manager   and they want someone who has three to five 
years of seo website and digital marketing   experience experience reporting keyword and seo 
performance optimizing on and off page seo working   knowledge of html css schema markup and metadata 
experience with google search console and google   analytics working proficiency and communication 
skills in written and verbal english these are   preferred qualifications which are nice but 
not required so experience in semrush uber   suggests or similar seo tools experience editing 
writing and managing content creation for seo   experience bridging multiple websites under 
a singular brand ideally in an open source   enterprise environment via seo content systematic 
problem-solving approach coupled with effective   communication skills interest and ability to learn 
in a scaling startup environment what they offer   is collaborating closely and daily with remote 
colleagues distributed across the globe attractive   compensation and benefits package your location 
can be anywhere around the world with working   conditions that allow for seamless collaboration 
with your colleagues through mail chat and video   streaming while their team works remotely and 
is spread across their globe they deeply value   daily interactions and collaborations you need 
to include a cover letter along with your resume   and describe what you believe you'd be a great 
addition to the team you can find this one at if you like that video then i know 
you're going to like the next one so let's keep on   learning about ways to make money online thank you 
so much for watching and i'll see you there bye

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