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So in the past if you wanted to make Money online you had to do all of the Work yourself but in this video I'm Going to share with you 10 brand new AI Bots that you can use that will do the Work for you so that you can still make Money online and actually beat your Competition because things that these AI Bots can do for you usually require Hours or even days of work and of course A lot of experience and a lot of Knowledge on the topic but with these AI Tools you can use them as your Superpower as your secret weapon to make Money online and beat your competition Because if they don't know about these AI tools you can basically crush them Just a quick disclaimer here if someone Replies to your comment like this Claiming they're me just know it's a Scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never tax you for Money you can track their accounts they Don't have a verification badge they Don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can check their Posts the engagement is fake their new Accounts and just know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them so the very first

AI tool that we're going to talk about Is called repurpose and by the way I'm Also going to leave all of these AI Tools in the description box and down Below so you can test them for free but Anyways repurpose is a tool that will Repurpose content for different social Media accounts so let's say for example You created one social media post Whether that's on Facebook whether That's on Instagram or Twitter now you Can use repurpose.io to turn that post And multiple posts for multiple social Media platforms and a you can make money Online with either running your own Social media pages and now having Content on different platforms or you Can charge for this service there's a Lot of creators that would love to have Someone repurpose their content for the Different social media platforms Creators are paying a lot of money for This so this is going to be the first One and obviously this is a very Lucrative business because social media Especially for example YouTube can make A lot of money for those creators I run Many different YouTube channels where as You can see sometimes I make hundreds of Thousands of dollars just from Advertising on those social media Platforms anyways the second AI bot that You can use to make money online is Called play HD play HD is literally the

Best text-to-speech software out there Where you can enter text and it's going To generate natural sounding voiceover So not those robotics on voiceovers that You can even get for free or sometimes Even if you pay for those robotic sounds Text and speech software but this one Actually sounds like an actual human Being it's reading something into the Microphone which is really really Impressive you can listen to some of the Samples that are on play HD website and You can try it out for free and you can Paste your script whether that's your YouTube script whether you want to sell The words of our services and different Platforms like voices.com or people per Hour on upwork it doesn't matter you can Even sell it as a service because people Can't even notice that it's an AI and Especially it's great that you can Upload a unique voice and that way you Generate a completely unique AI voice so No one will be able to replicate it if You're thinking like Dave but people are Gonna notice that for example this William Guy is literally everywhere so You can't really sell that well you can Sell a different voice you can upload Your own sample and then whenever you Type in something it's going to be read Into that particular voice it's going to Sound pretty much like you so you can Then sell that as a voice acting service

The third app the third AI bot that you Can use to make money online is called Pulse wise and this is actually Twitter Automation software it can do Twitter Automation now there are two ways you Can make money with this you can either Start a Twitter account yourself and Either build it up and then sell it or Promote something on that Twitter Account or you can of course charge for This service and you can get everything Done for you with plus why so you don't Necessarily have to do the work yourself There's actually a lot of people Providing the service on different Social media on different freelancing Platforms where they will manage your Twitter account they will post and Pretty much do Twitter automation for You but it obviously for them it takes a Lot of time and effort but for you you Literally just need to sign up for this Again for this app and it's going to do The work for you the next AI bot that You can use to make money online is Called go Charlie and this is a Copywriting tool that has a lot of Different tools that has a lot of Different features what you can use so You can of course get copywriting done For you for your landing page where you Can also get ads written for you and you Can also get emails and blog posts Written for you and there's a lot of

Different ways that you can elaborate This you can either build your own Website with all the different posts That are available or different posts That you can generate with this AI tool Or you can even sell this as a service Again so you can do a lot of different Things with this tool and I actually Made a couple of step-by-step tutorials On this channel explaining exactly how You can make money online with go Charlie and of course they also do have An affiliate program so you can promote It yourself and earn affiliate Commissions as well the next AI bot that You can use to make money online is Called ad creative.ai and this is a Great tool if you're running ads and if You're spending money on ads but if You're not doing that in my opinion the Best way that you can make money with ad Creative.ai is to actually just join Their affiliate program which actually Pays really really well so at the bottom You can click on affiliate right over Here and you can see that they will pay You as high as like three hundred Thousand dollars per month if you can Get five thousand signups plus they will Give you a twenty five thousand dollars Bonus now is this very likely to happen Probably not it takes a lot of a lot of Energy and time and resources to get Five thousand signups but even if you

Can aim for just 10 sign ups 10 sign ups And you're gonna have seven hundred Dollars per month in passive income from This tool the next AI tool that you can Use to make money online is vid IQ with IQ can help you grow your YouTube Channel get more subscribers get more Views but you can also promote it as an Affiliate if you're not a Creator Yourself you can promote it because Creators can benefit from that so I use With IQ to grow my channels I use it as A tool that helps me get more views in My videos and Views can actually earn Really high income High revenue on my YouTube channels so it obviously makes Sense that I would invest in a tool like With IQ and I also been promoting with IQ as an affiliate and as you can see so Far I made a thousand dollars in Affiliate commissions the next day I Told that you can use is pretty funny But it's called a super meme AI super Meme AI is a tool that will generate Memes for you so you can literally Generate a meme with one press of a Button and the way you can use this you Can build different social media Accounts for example you can build an Instagram page where you are posting Memes you can post those funny images Generated for you little just press one Button you get hundreds of different Memes unique memes that you can use and

Build an account and you can sell it Like for example this page what about 20 000 followers is selling for around 400 On social tradia this is a network where You can sell those social media accounts So you can just build them up build as Many of them as you possibly can and Then just sell them for hundreds and Hundreds of dollars and build a business Whether you're building those Instagram Pages with content that is done for you And then you just sell those pages Pretty quickly once you acquire a couple Of thousand followers the next AI tool That you can use to make money online is Victory.ai and this is a video editing Software that will edit videos for you So you can get for example YouTube Shorts generate for you with one press Of a button so the way you can use this Is for example just as an example you Can generate a YouTube script where to Go Charlie because this is a cooperating Tool you can generate a YouTube script You can then generate a voiceover with Play HD and then with a voiceover and a Script you can just go to victory.ai and You can upload the script and the Voiceover and they will the AI will Generate an entire YouTube short for you And then you can just post it to your YouTube channel so you're gonna have Unique content on your YouTube channel Which is going to be valuable for people

To watch and you can use that to get a Lot of views on that YouTube channel Which you can then monetize either with Ads you can also monetize it to Brand Deals or you can just sell the channel Once it gets a lot of views and it's Pretty easy to go viral with YouTube Short and the last AI tool that you can Use to make money online without Actually doing the work yourself is Called a mixo and mixer is a really Incredible tool because mixer will Generate an entire website for you from Just one single prompt so you can just Click on get started for free and then You can just give it a prompt you can Describe what your website should be About literally one sentence and it's Going to generate a unique high quality Website that you can easily use right Away and you can of course either use That website for yourself to make money Online yourself or you can sell that as A service you can sell those websites Which you can build with one press of a Button and even though people are Charging hundreds of dollars to build a Website you can just go there and sell It for 20 bucks it doesn't matter Because it doesn't cost you anything and It requires literally just one sentence So if you sell it in fiber or upwork or Any other freelancing platform when a Client tells you hey I want this type of

Website you literally just copy that Sentence and you paste it here and you Have a full website and you can deliver It to your client and make money online You don't have to sell it for a lot of Money only for 20 30 bucks but you are Going to stand out because you're Selling it for the cheapest plus you Deliver the fastest you can literally Deliver it in less than an hour because It doesn't require you more than two Minutes to finish it up so those are 10 Different AI tools that you can use to Make money online without actually doing The work yourself I'm going to leave a Link to all of these different websites And tools in the description box down Below anyways I really hope you got some Value out of this video if you did make Sure to drop a like and I will see you In some of the next ones

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