I was obviously very confident in my victory I was very well trained…but… there´s nothing we can do now nothing can be done about the fight that already happened. what I can do is is motivate myself to peform better the next time a couple of things happened watch the video till´the end and see my version of what happened we´re heading to the gym, to do some Strength and Conditioning training not the normal stuff..but more of a post fight transition training just so I keep training.

So, it´s gonna be totally adapted so… that shortly, I could get back to my normal training volume so it´s more of an adaption…muscular and neural wise so that I can slowly get back to my normal rhythm the curious thing is that it´s 9:15 a.m., I normally don´t train in the morning only in the afternoon and at night but I´m still on Abu Dhabi time so it´s very different for me to train in the morning and I´m actually liking it. Gonna try to maintain it wake up early..sleep early which was something that got in the way during this fight camp It was my first time ever fighting in the morning and I didn´t adapt well so I´m gonna try to maintain training in the morning not even he believed that he left the octagon with no injuries but his time will come man I´m anxiously waiting for that moment I don´t know exactly when…but it´s gonna happen what I have to do now is worry about two more victories and I should face him again thanks for cheering for me! God bless you! that´s it..don´t know who he is, but he was rooting for me it´s good to meet people like that and talk a little I´m always here in my city, so there´s always someone talking about my fights everyone seems to feel the same way..bummed but that´s it.

What I have to do is train hard I wanna fight as soon as possible. This year still so everyone kinda feels the same way. Anxious for the rematch and I´m the one that wants it the most! I´m barefoot because I have some blisters on my foot so I decided to come train barefoot I´m at home..so it´s ok but I´m pushing it by not having my shirt on also! I wasn´t even remembering I had my shirt off my shoe is in the bag…but I´ve got some blisters on my foot Monday…1 week after the fight..and I´m back at training get some S&G done with my friends what´s up man! I´m barefoot because I´ve got some blisters on my foot I had to use somebody else´s shoe and it was a little tight so we´re back at it! Second transition training session get his strength up again.

Work on his power also more basic work for now..so we can get to the specifics later warm up we keep working strong. Same focus. Nothing changed! ready? Go.. less weight so we can warm up your chest muscles what did you have for breakfast? I had eggs, avocado and some other carbs also ok. One more..let´s go! training in the morning? yeah…trying to maintain my body´s still on Abu Dhabi time but I wanna try to maintain that are you sleeping well? I´m sleeping the entire night and not even waking up to urinate and that deep sleep is the best thing man the details make the difference man getting used to training earlier sleeping earlier..that´s gonna be much better for you yeah, I´m gonna maintain that so we´re gonna work on your power first we´re gonna work speed and then we go for strength we´re inverting what we did last week 10 reps of each..or 10 reps and continue till´ muscle failure 3 sets of bench press I have to explode, right?..yes! 10 second rest we´re not focusing on power right now.

This is just a way to stimulate your muscle our focus today is on your strength..later on we´ll twist things around come on..let´s go rest between sets: 1 min. 30 seconds we´re working a lot more strength than speed today he never makes it easy! even though it´s only one week after the fight…I can´t loose performance! that one looked a lot better. The first one you we´re still warming up now let´s go to strength..get ready…go! the more I work on power..the harder it get´s when we work speed exactly…when we work on power, the more you fatigue your muscles the better so if you´re feeling it at the end..then that´s excellent! you´ll do 10 reps in the first set..but it´s almost impssible to go 10 reps in the second set because you´re maxing it out.

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You don´t have to put 100 kilos on the bench to work your chest muscles it´s better to work the correct speed and execution rather than putting so much weight and if somebody says that doesn´t work, then you´re a perfect example let´s go one more you´re gonna come twice a week..so we gotta have at least 8 to 10 weekly sets for each muscular group so since we´re working your peck´s today..we´re gonna focus on 10 reps max 10 second rest..get ready..3,2,1..go rest between exercises: 3 minutes we have 2 types of training.

Basic training and specific training basic training will give support to specific training and power and explosion is his strength training so the more muscle he has..the more power and consequently he´ll have more strength and speed we continue to work to perfection as far as what we consider good and correcting what we believe has to be corrected yes..that´s why we´re working well the basic part, so whe can later transition better into specifics and then we´ll move on to only specifics..with movements directed to MMA always trying to evolve in something warm up: 20 seconds of unilateral lundges two sets of dead lift 10 reps at max. speed 10 second rest 10 dead lifts: controlled rhythm or until muscle failure rest between sets: 1 minute 30 sec. on our next sets..we´re gonna go down a little slower and go up a little faster last one! third set 10 dead lifts at max. speed 10 second rest 10 dead lifts with controlled descent or until muscle failure there you go! Great job man! lift my legs up a little I either film or lift your legs! it´s a 40 minute training session. And it works.

Trust me! it´s not volume..it´s intensity! it´s manipulating the variable and maxing out we don´t have to be in the gym for 2 hours rest between exercises: 3 minutes this is our daily grind go hard or go home! you either work your ass off…or go home! are you ok? Yeah..I´m feeling great! 3 sets of front pulls 10 reps at max. speed 10 second rest 10 reps with controlled rhythm or until muscle failure one more…let´s go you´re adjusting well one more…let´s go it feels easier for me to work power rather than controlling the cadence of the movement that´s because you´re an explosive guy..and the sport you do works a lot of power what we´re trying to do is keep that explosiveness for longer periods of time I was thinking about doing a power drill at the end you´ll do bench, then go to the dead lift and then come to the front pull it´s gonna be a 5 minute drill it´s gonna be a good way to end the training session do you know why I like Felipe? Because he´s crazier than me! crazy because he likes to push me in different ways to my limit he´s always taking me to my limit..so that helps me motivate myself to keep evolving and that makes me reach performance levels that I didn´t even think I could reach and I trust him..so that makes things work very well alright man..let´s get it done! Time to grind! go hard or go home man! gotta make sure I´m fully recovered so I can do this last drill gonna take my time, breath..and I´ll start in five minutes just give me some time to recover before I begin! so we´re gonna start at the bench..I´m gonna lower the weight because I want to work power bench, 10 reps…deadlift 10 reps and then front pull also 10 reps we´re gonna work the entire body..and we´ll have a 25 second rest between each set so we´re gonna do maybe 3 sets got it? …Yeah! I´ve got my eyes on the prize man I´ve got this fire inside me right now…hate..but a type of hate that motivates me I told you that before..hate and revolt motivate me..it really does the truth is that the revolted one´s will always conquer more and I am revolted and ready to go be sure that my return will be triumphant I´m more focused than ever! um…

We had some days away from the media..not posting anything I was very upset..but it´s time to talk to you guys now at the end of practice today, I´ll let you guys know how it´s been and how I´m turning things around but I want this to be an inspiration for you guys let´s train! Final 5 minute drill 10 reps max. speed on bench press take your time..breathe 10 reps max. speed deadlift that´s what I want..work your power 10 reps max. speed front pull repeat the same exercises until the 5 minute mark you´re crazy man! you did a grat job man! The surprises at the end of practice are always the best! this is the man! Thanks for today´s session man! i´m worked man! i must´ve got my heart rate to 170 or so yeah..that´s the number we´re looking for in this type of training the ideal number is between 155 and 160 which is the zone that we´re shooting for the only place that I´m gonna do this type of training is here…twice a week that´s good enough for this period of time right? in this recovery phase, doing this everyday wouldn´t be good right? yeah..we´re focusing on letting your muscles recover from the stimulation that we´re giving it look at the board..that´s funny..it´s about how women should train when they´re grumpy during their period because the period affects women alot during practice, right Felipe? yeah..there´s a lot more liquid retention in their bodies..and that´s a variable, depending on each type of organism there´s a lot of hormone variation during this period so we have to treat that in a different way..as far as training they end up getting fed up a lot easier, so we try to bring different kinds of options for them we work different machines and drills we put into practice what was only on paper it´s very important to understand and respect women´s limitations during this monthly period men don´t know what that´s like..but we try to understand the best we can but we started paying attention that women would not appear in the gym for as long as 10 days when they were on their period so we began adapting practice to this situation understanding better so we can give them a better gym experience and it´s been working out really well it´s just a matter of adapting things what strong training session! Did you like it? yep! what matters is that all the hard work wasn´t lost the plans for the belt have been delayed a little, but..

we put in the correct work and that same work is gonna continue to be done you guys will see the results in the next fight this fight was a very atypical fight. Many things happened that got in the way of the positive outcome but that´s that and we continue focused on our main objective the results will come..inevitably never back down! Believe in your dreams and anything will be posiible! thanks man…let´s go!.

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