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AI Bots are only going to get stronger And more powerful in the future and the Sooner you start using them to make Money online the more powerful you're Gonna be and the easier it's gonna be to Beat your competition in whatever online Business you want to start that's why in This video I want to show you this brand New AI bot and how to use it to make Money online even as a complete beginner With no previous experience now before We actually go back to this AI software And before I show you how it's cool and How to actually use it you will need to Use you will need to go to another Platform called panelstars.com which is A website where you have a lot of Different AI Bots inside so this is a Completely different platform over the Panelstars.com but inside of this Platform inside of this website you can Get other AI pods to grow your social Media accounts whether that's Instagram Whether that's Twitter or Facebook Tech Talk whatever social media platform you Want to use it for and you can instantly Get more real I'm not sure how real they Are but you can get a real social media Engagement as you can see go viral in Seconds get more followers likes views And so on so you want to click on sign Up right over here and you can sign up By entering your first and last name by Entering an email address creating a

Password and just click on I agree to The terms and policy including create a New account and once to create an Account you are going to be able to log Into your account by pressing on the Login button right over here after you Enter your email address and your Password and that's going to take you to The order page and you can also see your Balance over here as you can see I Currently have 5.4 000 in my account I'm Gonna reload a page so you can see that That's actually real and then you can Place your order by choosing a category So whatever social media platform you Want to use this for and you can also Add your funds because without any funds You're not going to be able to get any Social media engagement so you can go to The ads add funds section over here and You can either choose PayPal or crypto If you want to use PayPal you just enter The amount over here you click on yes Understand and then just go to PayPal And pay that or you can just submit a Payment with one of their crypto wallets But anyways we're gonna come back I'm Gonna show you exactly how we're gonna Use these AI Bots but for now what you Want to do next is you want to find an Offer to promote if you want to find Some giveaways to promote and you can Either do that on cpagrip.com or you can Also use a tab mob I'm personally using

Tap mob as you can see for example Intel I made over three point three thousand Dollars something like that I currently Have 300 that I can withdraw and I Already were drawn one point nine Thousand dollars from this app because This is a CPA platform where you can Find a lot of different offers that will Pay you when someone submits their Remote address to enter some specific Giveaway for example this is a door Dash 100 gift card that someone can get by Submitting their email address and I'm Gonna be paid five dollars if they do so So I can just copy my link for this Offer and get paid five dollars per Email collected as you can see I've been Getting paid five to six dollars per Email on this app and that's how I Actually made over two thousand dollars With that mob and I'm also Gonna Leave a Link to this app in the description box Down below so you can get if you can Access it and the only way that you can Access this app is if you enter a Special code without that they're most Likely not gonna accept you and that Special code is gonna be 90495 so I'm gonna leave that as well in The description box down below or if you Don't want to use tap mop or if you're Not accepted for a tap bump you can also Use CPA grip which is another CPA Network where you can find a lot of

Different offers to promote so you can Just log into your account after signing Off we're completely free and then as You sign in you're gonna be able to go To offer tools go to my offers on the Left side and there you you can find a Bunch of giveaways that you can promote For example a 750 dollars people gift Card giveaway which pays you about two Dollars per email collected so you can Grab your affiliate link right over here Now after you grab your affiliate link Getter from tap mob or CPA grab for some Giveaway you will need to create a promo Design on canva canvas absolutely free Graphic design tool with a bunch of Different templates so you can just Search for for example giveaways and That's going to show you all of these Different templates that you can choose From so for example I can go with this One over here I can customize the Template and then I can just change the Text I can change colors and everything If you want to type in for example Link In BIO I can choose that I can change The background as I said you can Completely play around with all of these Designs and then you can just click on Share download and download the design Onto your computer now once you create a Promo design with canva for that Specific giveaway that you're promoting You will need to go and create an

Instagram account don't worry you don't Need to be famous on Instagram or Whatsoever you can create a brand new Instagram account like you can just make It now and it can have zero followers And it's still gonna work so here I have One of my old Pages which as you can see Has 45 followers but what I can do is I Can grow this page really quickly and Before you jump into conclusions Anything like they if we just go and buy Followers on let's say panel Stars They're not gonna be really engaged and That's true but the reason you're gonna Boost your Instagram account is because When there is a brand new Instagram Account with no followers it's very very Hard to get any attention and it looks Kind of scammy and spammy especially if You're promoting some giveaway but if Your Instagram page has 50 000 or a Hundred thousand followers and at one Single post that you publish on that Instagram page has like 20 000 likes and 10 000 comments then that's gonna look Pretty credible in as well you are gonna End up in the priority section when you Follow someone organically and when you Message them on Instagram it's gonna go At the top of the request because if you Don't have any followers or you have a Small forward account that's really Gonna go at the bottom and no one is Really gonna see that message but if you

Have a hundred thousand followers or More then you are obviously gonna get to The priority you're gonna get at the top Of their Instagram inbox which is really Cool and that's how you actually get Results with this method so what you Want to do then is you just want to go Back to panel stars and then you want to Go to the New Order section and then you Can select some of their Instagram Followers I do recommend going with Highest quality because you don't want Them to draw because like like the Bots Or whatever so you can just go with for Example highest quality recommended ones And then you can select one of these for Example I'm going to use this service And then you can just paste your Instagram URL so basically your Instagram URL is just instagram.com your Handle so in this case let's say for Example my page is David coach and I can Enter the quantity over here if I want To get a hundred thousand followers I Can just answer a hundred thousand Followers over here and then I can just Click on yes I confirm the order and I Can just place the order on the platform And pretty much depending on the service That you choose they're gonna start Right away they're gonna start filling Your account with followers right away And then you can also post that canva Post onto your Instagram page that canva

Design and then you can also get likes For that as well so you can just select The Instagram likes service so for Example I can go with this one looking Real non-drop and I can select one of These and I can answer my post URL and Let's say I want 28 000 likes I can just Answer that and click on place order so It's pretty straightforward and easy and Then you can grow your Instagram account Like that I'm going to reload the page Because we previously ordered followers For this page and it already started Growing and what you will need to do is You will just need to put your referral Link for one of those giveaways in your Instagram file create a call to action And just have one post with like 20 000 Likes and differently it really doesn't Matter just make sure that you have at Least a couple of thousand likes couple Of thousand followers and then you can Actually start to use this bot because As I said once you have more followers Your page looks more credible and you Will end up in a priority section when You message someone or when you follow Someone on Instagram so what you can do Is you can use this tool called Hotrichai.com which will write specific Personalized intro messages you can Outreach to other people and essentially You can just find a bunch of people that Are for example following other giveaway

Pages or if you're promoting a doordash Giveaway you can just go to Door Dash Instagram page and you can just start to Message people are already following This page and you can tell them that They can win a hundred dollars doordash Gift card if they came through the Giveaway that is on your Instagram page As well so you can just start dming them As well and you can also just pretty Much come up with a message like this Like pretty simple congratulations and Then enter their username so it's Personalized you have been invited to Join a completely free 100 Door Dash Giveaway and you can tell them that the Link to that is going to be in BIO or You can just send them the link right Away and optionally you can use hot Rich AI to come up with personalized messages For all of those different people so That you don't have to do that yourself It's going to speed up the process You're gonna have unique messages to Send to all of those different people With their usernames or with their names And they're gonna send all of those People to your Instagram page and when They see that your page is Big it has Like ten thousand thirty thousand thirty Thousand or a hundred thousand followers And that one single post what you Publish has like 20 000 likes and they Are way more likely to actually check

Out what you have to offer and because It shows social proof and they will most Likely click on the link in through the Email address and you're being paid for It and it also makes it easy that they Don't actually have to buy anything or Spend their money they literally just Have to submit the remote address and You're gonna be paid for that so yeah That's how you can use these AI Bots to Start to make some money online you Obviously can build a sustainable online Business around this but it's a quick Idea to make some extra money on the Side I really hope you got some value Out of this video and if you did make Sure to drop a like down below and I Will see you next time

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