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Guys I want you to take a look at this Video over here this person who posted This video didn't even record this Content himself in fact they just Reposted this post of another Instagram Page and gave them Credit in the caption Of this post the same thing with this Post over here and this is 100 legal and Legitimate as long as you give credit to The original Creator in the caption Otherwise they do have the right to take Your video down but if you tag them and Give credit this is 100 legit and legal To do on Instagram and what's happening Is because these videos already going Viral they are just replicating this Virality you'll see this video over here Got 12 000 views for a new Instagram Page that hasn't been posting that much And the amount of Engagement that They've been getting on this page by Just reposting content that isn't theirs They driving traffic to their Instagram Page where they're monetizing this page Through their DMS by selling a affiliate Program specifically a workout program For women they are getting thousands and Tens of thousands of views per post if You take an average of a point one Percent conversion rate on ten thousand People that's 10 people signing up to Their product per 10 000 views let's say Their product Solves for 29 that's what's the average

Workout product cost so it's got 29 Times 10 and if you're getting 10 000 Views a day that's a minimum of 290 a Day from this Instagram page through the Workout program that they selling and The best part is they're hardly putting Efforts into this because they're not Even taking the time out of their day to Create their own content they're just Replicating already viral content on Instagram and I'm going to show you how You can three times this by using the Power of Facebook reels Tick Tock and YouTube shorts and monetize all four of Those platforms at the same time the First thing you need to do is is to go And find the product that you're going To be monetizing your pages with I'm Going to be suggesting this Is no paid promotion I'm not an Affiliate for this tool I'm just talking About it because they have a monthly Membership where their clients pay a Monthly fee so their affiliate program Actually pays a reoccurring monthly fee Instead of a once offer amount which Brings in that passive monthly cash flow Low per referral that you make I've Personally tried out this program myself And it's actually very good you get a Mobile application with your daily Workouts your custom meal plan and the Various different calories that you need To burn per day in order to gain or lose

Weight depending on what your goal is so This program really caters for everybody It's a lot better than the ones I've Seen on ClickBank and digital 24 so for Today's video I'm going to use this Example you can come over to this Website or if you go and search on Google v-shred affiliate program it's First link in the description v-shred's Us affiliate program click on that and You'll be able to sign up over here with Your affiliate account your promotional Type and Get approved over here and you will then Get your affiliate link on your Dashboard once you've been approved as An affiliate for V straight if you don't Want to go this route you can't just Take any house and fitness product on ClickBank or just to Quickly show you as an alternative you Can come over to you can Sign in with your existing account or Create a new account it's available Worldwide I'm going to log in with my Existing account quickly once you've Signed into you will Land on the marketplace that looks like This I recommend come over to fitness And health somewhere in the middle over Here and there are tons of various Different weight loss programs that you Can go and promote personally my Favorite the ultimate keto meal plan a

Really good program to promote that Really converts well your affiliate link Is over here where you will earn a Commission of 85 percent which is around 26 dollars per sale and this program Does has upsells to reoccurring Memberships where you can also make that Reoccurring passive cash flow over there So now that you've got now that you've Got two good products in mind v-shred or A product step number Two is to go and discover how we're Going to put all of our content and our Pages together the easiest place to also Come and Outsource content is through you are allowed to repost Videos from Tick Tock onto Instagram and Facebook again as long as you give Credit to that Creator on Instagram so I'm going to go and search on tick tock Woman's workout program I'm going to Click on enter over here you can see Some videos of upper body workouts Dumbbell workouts women's deadlifts and All sorts of workouts that you can go And use and it's very easy you can go And click on any one of these videos Let's go and use this upper body workout That this page uses and as you can see They've gotten 158 000 views with a Total of nearly 5 000 likes so this Video has definitely proven to go quite Viral and reach quite a large audience You can copy the link of this Tick Tock

Come over to Google and go and search Tick Tock download Without watermark you must make sure That it is without the watermark Because if you posted with the watermark Facebook or YouTube will pick it up as a Repost and they won't push your content Out to a new audience scroll down and Use this website over here called tick tock tick tock downloader Without Watermark you can paste your Link over here click on download and This will download to your PC without a Watermark There might be one or two ads you can Just close these ads by clicking them Away once this video is downloaded you Can see it's been downloaded over here Without the tick tock Watermark you want To come over to Instagram and create a Brand new page very similar to something Like this motivational workouts or Workout videos if you aren't sure of What Instagram YouTube or Facebook name That you can use for your page you can Come over to chat gbt and ask an AI to Give you some great examples so you can Type over here for example women's Workout Instagram Page name ideas click on send to chat Gbt and take a look at this they give You a whole list of good name ideas that You can use for Instagram that already Exists such as fit femi she looked

Strong woman sweat since this woman who Lift power Queens lady lifters so you Can use any one of these names Um let's for example use workout Warriors you would then go and create an Instagram page called workout Warriors And for a logo you can just go over to and create a simple logo it's Really easy to do or you can just go to Pixels or any stock image websites and Use a picture of a woman doing workout Or a man doing workouts as your logo for Your page now that your page is complete You want to create an Instagram page Repost that post on to Instagram just Upload on your phone or your PC and what I recommend is just give credit to the Original Creator and comment Down Below In the caption Link in BIO to women's Workout program and you can leave your Link to the v-shred affiliate program or The program that you've now gotten on Digi store 24. secondly you can come Over to you want to Recreate that same page on And repost those same reels here's an Example page that I've created called Rocket growth which I was focusing on Growth of YouTube tiktok and Instagram And social media which I've reposted one Video and I've got about 180 views and Three likes so for the first video it's Not a bad amount of views but what you Need to do is keep posting I would say

Once a day for the first 30 days and Keep building that consistency and Traction that is really what the Algorithms of YouTube Instagram Facebook All social media platforms favor Is that consistency and that is how you Go viral and you can build quite a Sustainable and big business out of this One of my pages that I created about Three months ago called millionaire Mindset funded which is my trading Business where I also just post screen Recordings of Trades that I take and Update people on my trades which I've Monetized with a Discord where I have my Full in-depth analysis mentorship Signals and price actions course so over Here I do the same thing with Instagram Tick Tock YouTube as well monetizing That with my own product so instead of An affiliate product I'm using my own Product and if you post consistently I Mean the first three posts that I post Got about 258 likes 400 likes and 356 Likes Um which is taken off quite nicely I Will be honest also a reason why this Page did grow quite quickly was from my Main page which has quite a lot of Followers and a bigger audience so I've Just plugged in my own page in my bio And often promoted it in my posts And also the same thing with my own page I create my tick tocks and just repost

That on Instagram Facebook and YouTube And that way you can grow on all of the Platforms at the same time instead of Just one of them I literally put no Effort into Instagram it's just reposted Content that I create for tick tock and YouTube that I create into smaller clips For the short video platforms such as Reels and the same growth happens on Instagram just like this so this is Eventually where you can scale to if you Want to get more help with us or ideas On the type of business that you can Start in the specific Niche message me On Instagram down below I will answer Your messages I respond to all DMS and Also what will also help you out is I Will leave my Tick Tock growth playlist Over here the strategies that I teach There will really help out with growing On Instagram Facebook and short video Content platforms there's no upsell to Some crazy two thousand dollar course All of this is free content that I post On YouTube I don't sell courses in that Specific Niche my field is trading off Of YouTube so all of this is completely Free what I recommend you do is click on This playlist over here I'll see you Over there and also save it to your Watch later so that you get reminded of The different updates that I send you

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